“AM I?”-7

“Okay, we can meet tomorrow at Fletcher, Jensen, neidelon and Associates,” Kevin verified. “Ja…”

“I have an availability at nine. That’ll work?” Jack smiled.

“That will most definitely work,” Stephanie laughed happily.

“Yay!” Nadine cheered and pressed her large breasts and sleek belly against Stephanie as they embraced. “See you around, neighbor.”

“Yes, see you, neighbor,” Stephanie agreed happily.

As Stephanie was watching Nadine’s perfect buttocks jiggle as the neighbors walked away, both father and mother holding onto Jadine’s hands, Nina and Brooke were parked behind the baseball bleachers at Connor Park, steaming up the windows of Nina’s car.

“Ohmygod, I mean,” Brooke panted as Nina’s hot mouth sucked at Brooke’s half-dollar sized pale pink nipple.

Nina silenced Brooke’s words with a passionate kiss. While Brooke was sucking on Nina’s pizza flavored tongue, Nina was unzipping Brooke’s shorts.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, Nina!” Brooke squealed as Nina’s fingers thrust into Brooke’s sloppy pussy.

Nina tossed Brooke’s shorts into the front seat, then trailed kisses down from Brooke’s 30B breasts, over Brooke’s soft belly to Brooke’s sparse thatch of light blonde hairs. Nina knelt on the seat and spread Brooke’s thighs apart.

“Mm oh augh, ohmygod!” Brooke screamed in orgasm as Nina’s mouth and fingers pleasured Brooke’s wet pussy.

Nina’s other hand was down the front of her shorts and panties, frantically rubbing her own pussy. Brooke had a very pleasant taste of musk and sweat and salt. Brooke’s orgasm intensified the musky sweetness of the blonde’s pussy.

Nina licked and fingered Brooke to four screaming, thrashing orgasms before wiggling up to lie on top of the grunting, moaning girl.

“Oh Nina!” Brooke finally groaned. “Oh, I mean, ohmygod, oh, I, I love you.”

“Love you too,” Nina whispered and kissed Brooke softly.

“I, oh, okay, I’m, I’m going, I’ve never, I mean, shit! I never even thought of, I mean, how’d you know you gay?” Brooke babbled.

“Christine,” Nina admitted and kissed Brooke again. “But Brooke, don’t, you don’t have…”

“Oh no, no ma’am!” Brooke demanded, pouting. “Think you going to…and I don’t get to?”

Brooke wiggled and Nina wiggled until Brooke was lying on top of Nina. The two women kissed again, then Brooke wiggled down and took one of Nina’s hard nipples into her mouth. She bit down lightly and sucked forcefully at the nub. Then she pulled her mouth off of the nipple with a loud ‘pop.’

“Oh! My braces! I mean, I gave Jeff a blow job and he said I ripped a whole bunch of hair,” Brooke worried.

Nina smiled and wiggled her shorts and panties down to mid-thigh. She pointed down and Brooke squealed when she saw Nina’s bald mound.

Brooke wiggled forward and happily kissed Nina. Brooke’s crotch mashed against Nina’s crotch and Nina moaned into Brooke’s mouth.

“I got to…” Brooke enthused and wiggled to kneel between Nina’s legs. Brooke pulled Nina’s shorts and panties off and dropped them onto the floor of the car.

“Mm, oh, oh Brooke, oh!” Nina cooed happily as Brooke’s lips, tongue and fingers attacked Nina’s wet pussy.

“We do sixty nine?” Brooke asked after Nina squealed in orgasm.

“Not. Not in. The back. Seat of a car,” Nina gasped out.

She sat up and pulled Brooke to sit next to her. They again kissed, embracing each other tightly.

“Oh Sweetheart, oh, I wish, I hope one day we’ll have a big old bed, and all the time in the world,” Nina whispered, looking deeply into Brooke’s beautiful eyes.

“We will, why won’t we?” Brooke enthused.

“Because, good God, you live all the way up in…” Nina gently explained.

“How ’bout I come see you?” Brooke asked, squeezing Nina in a tight embrace.

“Sweetheart, you got a car?” Nina asked.

“I uh, no,” Brooke admitted.

“Bus from here to Jack’s Creek? Take you forever,” Nina smiled, wiggling into her blouse.

“I, I’ll figure out something,” Brooke promised, looking around for her own clothes.

“I know you will,” Nina agreed, wiggling between the two front seats.

Nina tossed Brooke Brooke’s clothes and started the car. She adjusted the ‘defrost’ and hoped the windows would clear soon.

“I will,” Brooke promised, wiggling into the front seat.

“I know,” Nina said, twisting around and locating the bag behind her seat. “I know you will. And, hopefully? We’ll get to use a bed; I’m not crazy about fucking in cars.”

“That, don’t say that. God! That is such an ugly word,” Brooke snapped.

“What?” Nina asked, reaching into the plastic bag.

“Fucking, God, I, I just hate the way that sounds,” Brooke snapped.

“Making love,” Nina said softly and kissed Brooke. “I’m not a fan of making love in cars.”

“That, that’s better,” Brooke agreed.

“Anyway, happy birthday, Shiny,” Nina smiled, handing Brooke the heavy jar candle.

“Oh! You, you didn’t have get me nothing!” Brooke squealed, accepting the heavy package.

“Hey, it’s your birthday,” Nina smiled. “Go ahead, open it.”

Brooke loved the chocolate brownie scented candle but was confused about the three wicks. Nina fought against laughing when Brooke asked if she was supposed to burn one, then when that one burned out, light the next one?

“The silver heart pendant earned Nina a deep kiss and a promise that Brooke would never, ever take it off. The dangling heart earrings were put in immediately and Brooke flipped down the visor and looked into the mirror.

“Okay. I got five hours ahead of me; I got work tomorrow,” Nina reluctantly said, putting the car into reverse.

In front of Brooke’s trailer, the two kissed passionately before Brooke reluctantly got out of the car. Nina saw a single tear begin to slide down the nineteen year old girl’s cheek as the girl scampered up the steps to the front door of the double wide trailer.

“Oh, no, oh Sweetheart, don’t cry,” Nina begged, feeling her own tears begin.

Robin smiled when Nina came into the kitchen, commenting on how good dinner smelled. Then, over chicken alfredo, Robin listened as Nina gave a clean version of the day’s events.

“You take the Gratchley’s Beer tour?” Robin asked when Nina said she’d seen the brewery.

“Oh good God no!” Nina said. “Was getting sick just looking at the nasty place.”

“Shut up! I like Gratchley’s,” Robin laughed. “So, this Brooke girl; you going see her again?”

“I, God, I, I really like her,” Nina admitted. “But, shit! She’s, she’s only nineteen. And she lives all the way up in Arkansas.”

“Nina, nineteen? That’s old enough; you, you’re only twenty seven,” Robin said. “Not like you two are a hundred years apart. And, so you take long weekends to go see her.”

Robin put a gentle hand on Nina’s shoulder before taking Nina’s empty plate. Robin opened the dishwasher and stacked the plates.

“It’s meant to be? It’ll be,” Robin said. “And you need to put the glasses up top.”

Nina’s purse gave out a ‘buzz’ and Nina hurriedly grabbed her cell phone. Robin smiled as her roommate squealed and laughed just like a nineteen year old girl as she talked with a squealing, laughing nineteen year old girl.

“and when Jenna asked me where the candle come from,” Brooke enthused. “When I said it was for my birthday, they all just about died, trying to act like they all knew it was my birthday and they’d just been waiting on me get home.”

“I miss you,” Nina interrupted Brooke’s monologue.

“I miss you too,” Brooke whispered into the phone. “But I got your heart right here.”

“You sure do,” Nina giggled lightly. “Yeah, you sure do got my heart.”

“Aw!” Brooke sighed, then continued to tell Nina about Jenna running out to buy a cake and a card.

‘When, when can I see you again?” Nina begged.

“I, let’s see. Aw! My next day off ain’t ’til Thursday,” Brooke whined.

“Thought you said there was a Newhart’s right by your office,” Robin suggested when Nina complained about how long she’d have to wait to see her crush.

“Ah! Bet, bet she could get transferred here!” Nina squealed and grabbed her cell phone out of her purse again.

“You know, even when I was in love with him,” Robin said to herself as she thought of her husband. “I don’t remember ever acting like that.”

Stephanie did not know, nor did she care how Jack Jensen managed to do it, but there was a representative from the First National Bank of Arkansas present in his office when she, Keven Dorchette and Lori Knowles showed up for the paperwork. Before ten o’clock, Stephanie was the proud owner of 216 Conway Road and Nadine was there to show Stephanie the best places to find furniture.

“Hi, neighbor,” Nadine gushed as she hugged Stephanie.

“Hi, neighbor,” Stephanie agreed, returning the hug.

“Roselawn’s is nice; they’re a little proud of their selection,” Nadine prattled, pulling Stephanie by her hand to her 1964 Alfa-Romeo. “And O’Neil’s? Featured in better trailer parks and garbage, if you ask me. Last time I saw that much chrome? I was in Detroit.”

“By the way, I’m bisexual; does that bother you?” Nadine asked as she started her car.

“I uh, no, I, I’m bisexual too,” Stephanie admitted, putting her hand on Nadine’s thigh.

“Hell low neighbor!” Nadine whooped and the two women giggled.

As Nadine and Stephanie were selecting the ‘perfect’ breakfast table and chairs from an Unfinished Furniture Outlet, Nina was finding it nearly impossible to focus at work. She managed, barely, to give the report for her division and give a coherent projection for the next quarter. Now, she was trying to interview a job hoeful to fill one of the five vacancies in her department, but was unable to follow the young man’s answers.

“Okay, not all of the people we contact are losers or deadbeats,” Nina interrupted his nasal answer. “Divorce, medical bills, loss of a job, whatever. Somehow they get behind on their bills. Tell me the difference between empathy and sympathy.”

“Thank you for coming in,” Nina interrupted him again. “Sir? I, you’re just not cut out for this kind of work.”

“Hi, Nina,” Tom said cheerfully, sticking his head into Nina’s office.

“Hi Tom,” Nina tried to match his enthusiasm, but couldn’t.

“Anything I can do to help?” Tom asked, closing the door of the office.

“Let me work remotely from Gratchley, Arkansas,” Nina wanted to say.

“I, I just, I don’t know what to do,” Nina confessed.

“Kimberly gets like that. One minute she’s happy and singing and just giggling to herself about nothing at all, then the next minute I’m the Devil Incarnate and she’s so ugly and how could I do this to her,” Tom commiserated. “Nina, you need a couple days off? Some, let’s call it ‘recharge your batteries’ time?”

They both heard Nina’s cell phone buzz. Tom gave a little shrug and Nina checked the text message.

‘I miss you’ followed by several red heart emoji’s was on the screen of Nina’s cell phone.

“Yeah, I need maybe one or two days off,” Nina said, getting to her feet as she texted ‘Coming to get you’ to Brooke.

As Brooke hurriedly packed her worldly possessions into garbage bags, while Nina’s Charger chewed up the miles between Jack’s Creek and Gratchley, Jack stepped into his living room to see Stephanie’s perfect ass perched at the end of his leather couch. He could see Nadine’s sculpted right leg on the floor and Nadine’s left leg on the back of the couch. He could hear Stephanie’s frenzied grunts and slurps and Nadiene’s heavy panting as Stephanie’s mouth brought Nadine closer and closer to orgasm.

Jack stripped out of his clothes and slid his seven and a half inches of thick meat into Stephanie’s very wet, very snug pussy. Stephanie’s squeal of orgasm was muffled as Nadine’s hand pressed Stephanie’s head firmly against Nadine’s thatch of pink pubic hair.

“Oh no, this, this is not a safe time for me,” Stephanie thought to herself before another orgasm pummeled through her insides.


Robin sat at the breakfast table, counting last night’s tips. She’d tried getting regular gainful employment; even working at the Newhart’s Restaurant that was five minutes away from Nina’s office. When she got her first paycheck, payment for the forty three hours she’d worked during the two weeks of staggered shifts that never seemed to leave her any time to do anything, Robin decided to go back to dancing.

The Desire Factory was close to Nina’s condominium. Robin was also a client of Tom Thibodeaux and was already building up a pretty nice nest egg. As she told Brooke, her titties and her ass wouldn’t work for her forever. She might as well get while the getting’s good.

“Nina, I can be a dancer?” Brooke asked, running her tongue over her straight white teeth.

“Yeah, sure. Brooke, you won’t even get in the hot tub naked even with a privacy fence all the way around. You really think you could dance naked in front of a bunch of strangers?” Nina smiled, arm cradling her five month paunch.

“Oh, shut up,” Brooke giggled and placed a loving hand on Nina’s belly.

Brooke swore, when she put her head on Nina’s baby bump, she could hear Christine Stephanie’s heart beating. Nina believed that Brooke wanted to believe that she could hear their daughter’s heartbeat so just smiled and combed her fingers through Brooke’s long blonde hair.

“Oh, and thought you said you was getting that garage door fixed,” Robin said, counting out four hundred dollars from her stack of money. “Swear, thing took like an hour going up this morning and I bet it’s still not all the way down yet. Okay, here’s this month’s rent. Four hundred.”

“I’ll call someone tomorrow,” Nina promised, then moaned as Brooke’s hand dipped over Nina’s swelling belly and into Nina’s panties .


Part of the inspiration for this story is the character of Nina Crowder. I introduced her in the ‘Tequila’ series and thought she was an interesting character. I’d intended to make her the main character in ‘2 Alliance Square’ but somehow Ashley Dunn and Tiffany Powell stepped to the forefront of that tale.

Another part of the inspiration was the character of Stephanie Cimo. In ‘1 Alliance Square’ she was a submissive and weak-willed girl that allowed her boyfriend to repeatedly use her. Sometimes people simply cannot break that pattern, and sometimes, a moment can provide the catalyst that enables the person to break free. Stephanie had two such events. One, when Glen went from emotional abuse to physical abuse. She found the strength to move to Louisiana and begin again. Nina’s desire to have a baby did cause a bit of a relapse, driving Stephanie into Ronald James’s spider web. Stephanie’s second catalyst came when she somehow found the strength to tell Nina to leave, to leave her alone.

The character of Christine Gernaud is based on a friend of mine. After years of emotional and physical abuse, my friend constantly sought out men and women that would perpetuate the cycle of abuse begun by her father, therefore giving her the reason or excuse she needed to justify her drinking. She died of alcohol poisoning.

**Author’s Note: I write these stories for my pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. I thank you sincerely for reading my stories. I especially thank those that take the time to leave comments, good and bad. I also thank those that take the time to rate my words, those that ‘Favorite’ my work.

Christine Gernaud is a minor character mentioned in ’18 With The Wind Chill’ In the Incest/taboo category.’ The circumstances that placed her into the foster care system are more fully explained in ‘Cold’ in the Transgender & Crossdressers category.

Nina Crowder is first mentioned in the ‘Tequila’ series. Her character is also a minor character in 2 Alliance Square’ in the Lesbian Sex category.

Tom Thibodeaux is the main character in ‘Kneel’ in the Mature category.

Brad Prescott and Ashley Dunn are characters introduced in ‘2 Alliance Square’ in the Lesbian Sex category.

Stephanie Cimo is a character introduced in ‘1 Alliance Square’ in the Group Sex category. Her boyfriend, Glen James is likewise introduced in ‘1 Alliance Square.’

T. Dayton Hair Salon is first introduced in the ‘Explanation Of Love’ series in Lesbian Sex category. The salon is also featured prominently in the ‘Wealth’ series as well as other stories.

The T. Dayton client, Margaret Schaub is introduced in the ‘Oddball’ series in the First Time category. Her granddaughter Maggie is introduced in the ‘Wealth’ series.

Daphne Baggett and her daughter, TeddiAnn Baggett are introduced in the ‘The Broussard Sisters’ series in the Group Sex category.

Sophia Campion, the deaf girl and TeddiAnn’s best friend in the whole wide world is introduced in the ‘Ice Heart’ series in Loving Wives category. Their meeting and friendship begins in ‘The Broussard Sisters,’ Part 11. Sophia Campion has lost both mother and father and is being raised by her big sister, Nicole Dumas and Nicole’s husband, Fred Dumas. Sophia has no idea that she is dirt poor and that TeddiAnn is beyond wealthy. Sophia has no idea how much a haircut at T. Dayton Hair Salon costs. She’s TeddiAnn’s best friend and TeddiAnn’s parents are more than happy to pay for Sophia to join their daughter wherever TeddiAnn goes.

Harrison Smith appears in the ‘Knowing Your Strength ‘series in the Nonhuman category. He also appears in ‘It’s Hard To Find A Good Plumber’ in Loving Wives.

Freddie Loomis appears in ‘Week Of The Big Five-Oh’ in the Mature category.

Greg Knowles is the main character in ‘If He Ever Told Her No’ in Loving Wives.

Austin Orr is a minor character in ‘Well-Worn Path’ in the Group Sex category.

Tommy’s Po-Boys is introduced in ‘Acquisition’ in the Loving Wives category.

Side By Side Steaks is introduced in the ‘Wealth’ series.

Dr. Ellen Sweetman, Nina’s Ob/Gyn is a minor character in ‘Tuff As Nails’ in the Loving Wives category.

Michael Trahan, the head of the Financial Planning division in Thibodeaux Investments is a minor character from the ‘Explanation Of Love’ series in Lesbian Sex category.

Reynold Reynolds is a character first introduced in ‘Mending Broken Flowers’ in the Loving Wives category. He has appeared in a few other stories, most recently in ‘Let Myself Believe’ in the Loving Wives category.

Theresa Meyers, Stephanie Cimo’s receptionist/cashier is a minor character introduced in the ‘Bit Of A Bitch’ series in the Incest/Taboo category.

Zydeco Coffee is first introduced in ‘Zydeco Coffee’ in the Transgender & Crossdressers category.

Robin Simon, now Robin Brundette and her husband, Robbie Brundette are minor characters in the ‘Bit Of A Bitch’ series in Incest/Taboo.

Connie Trussaud, Stephanie’s client is a minor character from ‘Ozark Weekend’ in the Incest/Taboo category.

Kevin Dorchette, Stephanie’s Gold Standard Real Estate agent is also a minor character from ‘Ozark Weekend’ in Incest/Taboo.

Robin March, cousin to Brooklyn March is a character in the ‘Bit Of A Bitch’ series in Incest/Taboo.

The Desire Factory, the gentlemens’ club that Robin dances at is first introduced in ‘Buy Y’all Some Wine?’ in the Anal category.

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