“AM I?”-4

“Oh?” Freddie smiled. “I take it I passed?”

“Yeah, you passed,” Nina let an embarrassed giggle escape.

In the motel room, Nina gave a quick glance at her wristwatch. She deduced she had four and a half hours to drain as much baby juice out of Freddie’s balls before she would have to shower and dress for her date with Greg Knowles.

“Holy cow,” Nina said out loud when she saw what Freddie Loomis had in his jeans.

The large man was certainly proportional. His cock was a fat seven and a half inches long and very thick. Nina wondered if she’d be able to get her mouth around it, then remembered, she wasn’t there to put her mouth around it.

“Mm hmm, you, you are one sexy woman,” Freddie complimented and easily picked Nina up.

“Shit, this might not have been the best idea,” Nina suddenly flinched.

If Freddie decided he did not want to leave at four thirty, if Freddie decided he wanted more than just pussy from Nina, Nina had no way of defending herself. She’d been a second dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but had not kept up with the discipline. She couldn’t even think of first form as the large man easily held her in his massive arms.

“Do you stop digging? Fuck no! You just keep digging and digging until there’s just no hope of ever getting out the fucking hole, Nina,” Nina heard Ted’s words echo in her brain.

Freddie’s kiss was a gentle one. His caresses were soft, exploratory caresses. When he gently placed Nina onto the bed, she relaxed and spread her legs.

“Mm, augh!” Nina cried out as Freddie glued his mouth to her hairless mound.

“Dick, stick that dick in me,” Nina begged after Freddie had tongued her pussy to orgasm.

“Yes ma’am,” Freddie smiled and pressed his hard cock to the mouth of her pussy.

Nina screamed out as Freddie’s cock battered into her cervix. Her second orgasm was a painful one. Thankfully, Freddie was quick to ejaculate.

Nina found out that she could indeed wrap her mouth around Freddie’s cock as she sucked him to a second erection. She then straddled his hips and mounted him. Her brown eyes sqeezed shut as again, his cock pushed into her cervix.

“Oh God damn, God damn,” Nina chanted as she bounced up and down on his meat.

She did not orgasm until he again blasted her insides full of his sperm.

“What time, damn, I’m, hey Nina, I’m sorry, I got a tutoring session at three,” Freddie said, glancing over at the bedside clock.

Nina talked Freddie into one more session, doggy style. Then he dressed and left; bedside clock showing two forty nine.

Nina swabbed a –tip into a puddle of Freddie’s semen that had leaked out onto the comforter. She sealed the!-tip into a small sandwich bag and wrote ‘Freddie Loomis’ on the bag with a marker. With a shrug, she then licked the cooling puddle of semen from the polyester comforter.

She set the bedside clock alarm for four thrity , wedged two pillows under her ass and took a nap. At four thirty, Nina slapped the ‘Snooze’ button and napped. Then she carefully sponged her pussy clean and dressed to meet with Greg Knowles.

Over shrimp po-boys, which Greg dressed with an almost obscene amount of hot sauce, Nina found Greg to be a charming, funny man with a self-deprecating sense of humor. She hoped her pussy wouldn’t be too sore to enjoy sex with the handsome man.

“I uh, seriously?” Greg asked when Nina invited him back to her motel room.

“I, what, you uh, you don’t want to?” Nina asked, stomach knotting up.

“I uh, no, I mean, yes, but, you, Nina, you’re beautiful,” Greg stammered.

“So? Beautiful women like fucking too,” Nina smiled, opening the door of her Charger.

“Oh goody!” Greg said and Nina laughed.

Greg’s cock was six and a half inches long and was thick. He wasn’t as large as Freddie and thankfully, his cock wasn’t as large as Freddie’s. Greg moved to put his mouth on Nina’s pussy but she stopped him.

“No. I just want you to fuck me,” Nina husked.

Greg did his best to fuck Nina through the mattress. He managed to put four loads into Nina’s pussy before his cock refused to rise. Nina kissed him hotly and invited him to stay the night.

In the bathroom, Nina jammed a Q-tip into her sloppy pussy and gathered some of Greg Knowles’s DNA. She put the!-tip into a sandwich bag and hurriedly wrote ‘Greg Knowles’ onto the bag.

They shared a few kisses before rolling over and shutting off the lights. In the morning, Nina managed to get two more loads out of Greg before shoving him out of her motel room.

Austin Orr was a handsome blond man with an unmistakable drawl. Nina and he both shared a chuckle; he was from Oakleaf and she from Sweet Oak, which was in Oakleaf County. Nina saw the faint tan line on his ring finger, could see that Austin Orr had recently removed a ring from the finger. She shrugged; she wasn’t looking for a husband.

“Do you stop digging? Fuck no! You just keep digging and digging until there’s just no hope of ever getting out the fucking hole, Nina.” She could hear Ted’s voice as she and Austin ate and chatted and got up to get more food.

“I know I should stop, but God, at the prices they charging?” Austin admitted when he sat down with his third plate.

“So, what you going tell your wife when she asks you where you been?” Nina casually asked, taking a bite of the delicious cinnamon roll.

“You mean, before or after I ask her how her girlfriend is?” Austin asked, unperturbed at the question.

“I’m getting an orange juice; you want one?” Nina smiled.

Austin also sported six and a half inches. Nina wondered if Austin could taste Greg’s semen in her pussy as he tongued her to orgasm. The thought that she was feeding a philandering husband another man’s semen did give Nina a dirty little thrill.

At six that evening, Nina swabbed her anus and put the soiled Q-tip into the third sandwich bag and wrote ‘Austin Orr’ on the bag. Her pussy was raw, sex was becoming painful. Austin shrugged; he’d managed four times with the petite red head. Nina then suggested anal sex and smiled proudly when Austin’s cock jerked to full erection.

After collecting the swab of Austin’s DNA, Nina swabbed her mouth, coating the!-tip with her own saliva and sealed it in a fourth bag with her own name on the bag.

“Hope you come again,” the clerk smiled as Nina paid for the room.

Nina smiled and thanked the woman. Then she sat in her car for several long moments. Finally she said a silent prayer that she’d been successful; she really didn’t think she could stomach doing this again and started her car.

Nina had enjoyed herself; each partner had brought her to orgasm. But her ass and pussy were sore; her pussy felt bruised. And her heart and mind were in turmoil, arguing with her over her actions.

As she drove past the Kimble Burns & Burns Grocers grocery store, Nina glanced at the parking lot. She felt the sting of tears; she knew Christine wouldn’t be there. The blonde beauty would never be there ever again, no matter how many times Nina searched for her.

Home again, Nina sighed in frustration. She still had not called anyone about the garage door and it was getting worse. Then she emptied the suitcase’s clothing into the washing machine, making sure to separate the Q-tips first. Those sandwich bags went into her freezer, inside of a larger bag.

“Now, the hard part,” Nina said aloud. “The waiting.”

The first day her period was to start, Nina was breathless. She checked and checked again but there was no spotting. The dreaded cramps had not begun. She still placed a pad in her panties, just in case and went to work.

By the fourth day, Nina was unable to contain her joy. The realization that she had no one to share this joy with did diminish her happiness greatly. Her mother certainly would not be happy to hear that her daughter, her unmarried daughter was pregnant with a stranger’s baby. Even though her mother was an atheist, Shirley Anne Wesson Crowder Carson Blumenthal insisted that her only daughter must live according to high moral standards. Shirley’s four sons and two step-sons were not held to these exacting standards; boys will be boys, after all.

“Stephanie,” Nina sniffled, rubbing the emerald heart pendant that dangled around her neck.

Nina wished she knew how to get in touch with the Texas cutie; she wanted to share her happiness with her lover. There was no listing of any Cimo in or around Oakleaf, even though Stephanie had said her father was still alive.

Of course, if Nina had known how to get in touch with Stephanie, Nina would have barraged her lover with countless entreaties to please come home. She would have spent hours on the phone begging and pleading and manipulating to get Stephanie to come home.

A few weeks later, Nina was able to get an appointment to see Dr. Ellen Sweetman, an Ob/Gyn. Dr. Sweetman confirmed Nina’s prognosis; Nina was just over six weeks along in her pregnancy.

Nina smiled happily as she paid the co-pay for her office visit. Each of the men she’d fucked had been good looking, intelligent men. Truthfully, though, she hoped it was either Freddie or Greg that had impregnated her. In hindsight, Austin Orr had been a mistake. Did she really want her baby to have a man that so casually cheated on his wife as the father?

Tom Thibodaux did congratulate Nina when Nina confided in him. He smiled when he disclosed that his wife, Kimberly was expecting their second child.

“So, our children will probably play together,” Tom smiled, then lost his smile and he lowered his voice. “You, are you going to keep it?”

“Yes, most definitely,” Nina smiled. “But, my kid picks up any bad habits? I’m blaming it on your kids.”

“And Kimberly will blame it on me,” Tom laughed happily.

Quarterly bonuses were awarded; everyone was alerted of which departments, which department heads would be receiving bonuses. And, all were not told, but all were aware that the financial planning department was not receiving any bonuses. Michael Trahan, the head of the Financial Planning Department would not be receiving any bonus for that quarter.

With her bonus, Nina contacted Reynold Reynolds and asked the private investigator to please find Stephanie Cimo. As Nina tapped out the retainer payment on her cell phone, she wondered if the morbidly obese man would even live long enough to cash the retainer; he was sweating profusely despite the ice-cold air in his office.

“So, how far along are you?” Reynold asked as Nina turned to leave his office.

“Just about two months; how could you tell?” Nina asked. “I’m not even showing yet.”

“Call it a hunch,” Reynold smiled and groaned as he got to his feet.

In the full length mirror that hung over her bedroom door, Nina pulled on her Dallas Cowboys Romo jersey and put a wadded up pillow in the front. She looked at herself, her pregnant self in the mirror and laughed out loud. Then, laying on the bed, Nina hiked up the hem of the jersey to just underneath her ‘belly’ and masturbated, first with fingers, then with her vibrator. She was quick to orgasm.

“Wasn’t too hard to find,” Reynold Reynolds disclosed a few days later. “Owns some make-up and hair salon in Myndee, Arkansas. Called ‘Salon Cimo.'”

“Wow, that was quick,” Nina praised.

Ronald James, father of Stephanie’s old boyfriend, Glen James had moved to Myndee, Arkansas just after requesting a divorce from Betty James, Glen’s mother. A week after his departure, three pregnant teenagers showed up at Ronald’s former residence, looking for Ronald.

Ronald had always extended an invitation to his only son to come live with him. Ronald extended that same invitation to Stephanie, Glen’s girlfriend. Ronald often invited his four daughters to come visit, to come live with him in Myndee, but none of his daughters wanted anything to do with their father.

Stephanie had modeled Salon Cimo after T. Dayton Hair Salon and Elegantre’s Cosmetics. She rented stations in her salon to none but the most attractive young women. They sold organic cosmetics and hair and skin care products. Each stylist was to wear dresses or blouses and skirts, never slacks or jeans. Over their clothing, the stylists wore an unbuttoned lab coat. Each station was illuminated by recessed lighting; there were no clocks visible anywhere, and hidden speakers played Classical music softly in the background.

To the left of Salon Cimo was Burke’s Shoes, and to the right was Zydeco’s Coffee. They received many walk-ins from these two shops; Stephanie congratulated herself for choosing the right location. The tire store at the end of the strip mall was her one bone of contention.

That and Ronald James. Daily, Stephanie Cimo cursed Nina Crowder for shoving her into the lecherous grasp of Ronald James. Each night, as Ronald James defiled her flesh, Stephanie’s hatred of Nina Crowder grew deeper and deeper.

“Ms. Cimo?” Theresa Meyers’s soft voice interrupted Stephanie’s cleaning of her work area.

“Yes,” Stephanie asked, putting the cordless vacuum cleaner into its wall sleeve.

“There is a new client asking to see you, Ms. Cimo,” Theresa said, voice low and modulated.

“I will be right there,” Stephanie said, striding to the partition that kept stations and clients separated.

The front of the shop had four comfortable couches forming three sides of a rectangle. Theresa’s station formed the fourth wall of the rectangle; she was seated next to the entrance of the shop. In between the first and second couch and second and third couch were glass shelves that displayed skin care and hair care products. To the left of Theresa’s station was the entrance, to her right were glass shelves of their cosmetics. The poised, beautiful blonde girl kept an eagle eye on the wares; she received a four percent commission on any items she sold, and received no commission on any items that were stolen.

“Yes?” Stephanie said, smiling as she stepped around the partition.

The smile froze on her lips as she stared at Nina Crowder. Stephanie stopped in her tracks and stared at the cause of her misery.

“You…” Stephanie hissed, venom bubbling up.

“I, is there somewhere we can talk?” Nina asked softly.

There were two customers idly flipping through magazines, one customer playing on her phone, and an employee sitting to Nina’s right. Nina did not wish to ‘out’ herself or Stephanie in front of Stephanie’s customers and employees.

“I, we, I have nothing to say to you,” Stephanie hissed hatefully. “You God damned bitch; I wish you were dead. Do you hear me? I wish you were dead.”

Nina tightened her face; she had expected this response. In her heart, she had hoped she would get a much more joyful reception, but she had expected anger, bitterness, vitriol. She stoically nodded her head and turned to leave.

“I wish you nothing but happiness and success,” Nina said quietly and pushed open the door of the salon.

Zydeco Coffee served Nina three piping hot beignets and fresh pressed coffee. She used five napkins from the table dispenser to wipe at her flow of tears. Wearily, she took her paper plate and Styrofoam coffee cup to the trash bin, then ducked into the bathroom. She had a five hour drive ahead of her.

Stepping into the small bathroom, Nina stopped and stared at Christine. She could not breathe as she saw the blonde beauty pacing back and forth in the tiny room.

Christine wore a wife beater shirt that displayed her ample chest to perfection. The hem of the graying white shirt did not meet the waistband of her low rider cut-off denim shorts. Her hip bones and flat belly were evident in her skimpy attire. When she turned, cheap flip flops slapping the tiled floor, the shorts displayed Christine’s delicious backside.

Her blonde hair was done up in a ponytail, dangling down to just below her beautiful ass. Her skin was tanned, a healthy tan, not the kind of tan achieved in a tanning salon.

“Chris, Christine?” Nina managed to croak out, sure she would faint.

“Huh? Sorry, lady, you got me confused for someone else,” Robin Brundette smiled tightly.

“Oh. My. God. You, you look just, I mean you two could be twins,” Nina stammered and ducked into a stall.

“Lady, you get me out of here, I’ll be anyone you want,” Robin hissed urgently.

“Talk,” Nina ordered. “You a fugitive? You can forget it.”

Standing outside of Nina’s stall, Robin hurriedly told Nina about her abusive marriage to her on again off again high school sweetheart. They’d married upon graduation because she’d gotten herself pregnant.

“Humph! Takes two to get pregnant,” Nina snapped.

“Tell him that, huh?” Robin agreed.

Robbie had a job at Huxton Nissan dealership, worked no less than forty hours a week, but never seemed to have any money. They’d lost the baby; Robin blamed herself and Robbie blamed her for losing the baby. Robbie also blamed Robin for ‘trapping’ him into a marriage.

“Then get a divorce,” Nina suggested, flushing the toilet.

“Lady, you don’t think I tried?” Robin said. “Jesus, left him like a hundred times but he always finds me. Somehow he always finds me and…”

Robin broke down and sobbed as she talked about the physical abuse, verbal abuse, and the emotional abuse. She couldn’t go to the police, his uncle on his mom’s side was the Sheriff and he had two cousins and an older brother that were cops. Robbie’s uncle on his father’s side was an assistant DA for Clarkston County.

Because he was chronically broke, Robbie had Robin dancing at The Captain’s Table, a gentlemen’s club in Myndee. He was constantly digging through her purse, taking her nightly earnings.

“Course, then he’s saying I’m cheating on him; how fucked up is that, huh?” Robin sobbed. “He’s one got me dancing there, then gets all pissed off ’cause I’m dancing there.”

“And you say he keeps finding you?” Nina asked, washing her hands.

“Yeah. Went to my Momma’s, next day, there he is. Went and stayed at Michelle’s? Not even next day he’s banging on the door,” Robin agreed.

“Got a phone?” Nina asked, letting the air blower dry her hands. “God, hate these things.”

“I uh, yeah, you need to use it?” Robin asked, digging her cell phone out of her purse.

“This locked?” Nina asked, taking the phone from Robin’s hand.

Robin unlocked the phone and Nina quickly scanned through and found the ‘Find My Phone’ app on the device. Robin’s mouth dropped open; she’d not known the tracker had been installed.

“Okay, so that’s how he’s been finding you,” Nina said. “There anywhere you want me to drop you off?”

“Where you going?” Robin asked.

“Home. Louisiana,” Nina said, handing Robin the phone. “But, Christine, shit, I mean Robin, you, you even know anyone in Louisiana?”

“I know you,” Robin said.

“No you don’t,” Nina smiled. “You don’t know a thing about me. For all you know, you could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.”

“Look, lady, none of my friends, Jesus, they all scared of him,” Robin begged.

“Shelter?” Nina suggested.

“Talk about frying pan into the fire,” Robin scoffed. “Went there one night. One night. Some psycho bitch starts screaming at me that I stole her bag and pulls a knife on me. Went to take a shower and two guys tried to rape me. And then Rodney, his ass hole brother shows up.”

“Shit. Just. Shit. All right kid, come on; we got about six hours ahead of us,” Nina sighed.

Robin was skittish as they left the bathroom. She looked around furtively as they walked across the parking lot toward Nina’s midnight blue Charger. Inside of the car, Robin hunkered down.

“What kind of car Robbie drive?” Nina asked.

“A ninety nine Maxima, this kind of dark green thing,” Robin said.

“All right; we need stop off anywhere? You need get anything? Clothes? Money?” Nina asked, starting the car.

“Got all my money right here,” Robin admitted, nudging her purse. “Just drive, lady.”

“My name’s Nina,” Nina said, pulling out onto Holland Drive. “Quit calling me ‘lady,’ huh? Shit. Makes me feel old.”

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