“AM I?”-1

Christine Gernaud stood in front of the Burns & Burns Grocers grocery store in Kimble, Louisiana, fanning her sweating face. The heat was in the high nineties; the humidity was also in the high nineties. Her blonde hair actually looked light brown where it stuck to her scalp; the sweat made the yellow hair look dark.

Christine had her mother, Pam Gernaud to thank for her beauty. Just like her mother, Christine was blessed with thick, straight straw colored locks, large blue eyes, a button nose and pouting light pink lips. Her mother had also passed along her large breasts and cute bubble butt and slim waist to Christine.

Christine wasn’t thanking her mother for any genetic traits; she was cursing her mother for constantly running off with this trucker or that trucker, getting herself pregnant, then returning to Gary Gernaud with promises that she’d reformed. The last time Pam returned, Gary agreed that it would be her last time and put two slugs into Pam’s cheating heart before putting the gun into his own mouth and ending his misery.

Christine and four of her brothers and sisters were farmed out to the foster care system. Her first night in the Gueydan household, Christine’s nightmare really began. She found alcohol to numb the pain and deaden her shame. After all, Mr. Gueydan told Christine it was her own fault. And Mrs. Gueydan claimed that Christine brought it all on herself, always parading around, showing off the goodies.

Nina Crowder pulled into the parking lot of the Burns & Burns Grocers grocery store. The twenty seven year old woman shut off the powerful engine of her 2017 Dodge Charger and sighed as the last blast of cold air left the vent of the car. Oakleaf, Texas had enjoyed some brutal heat waves, but they rarely had such extreme humidity.

“Thank God it’s Friday; sit in the air conditioning whole weekend,” Nina promised herself as she rested her hand on the door handle.

When Tom Thibodaux of Thibodaux Investments had decided to open his own collection agency, he contacted Brad Prescott of Prescott Conglomerate, Inc. and asked Brad to assist. Brad was smart enough to know, he wasn’t smart enough to assist Tom, so routed Tom to Ashley Dunn, the manager of the Collections Department.

“Mr. Thibodaux, the first thing you’re going to need is an experienced agent to manage the department,” Ashley had stated. “And, the one person I would recommend, the one person I know would make your department a success is Nina Crowder. She has the experience, the know-how; hell, she helped me to whip this section into shape. And, she’s not afraid to hurt people’s feelings.”

“Oh, I don’t want…” Tom had said.

“You don’t want to be intentionally cruel,” Ashley had forged on. “But, people’s feelings are going to get hurt. Employees, clients, your clients’ customers; feelings are going to get hurt. And you don’t want a ‘buddy’ that wants to make everyone happy. You want someone that will separate the wheat from the chaff, get the job done.”

Nina had just had another relationship crater. She’d had yet another boyfriend dump her after promising a forever love; Bobby had even been talking about marriage and children before deciding to hook up with a leggy blonde bimbo that danced at Tijuana Jack, a gentleman’s club in Oakleaf, Texas.

So, when Ashley had recommended that Tom interview Nina, Nina had jumped at the opportunity. The face to face interview had gone very well; and the salary had made Nina almost gasp out loud. The only thing Nina had not liked was Tom’s insistence that his agents dress professionally.

“We’re going to be on the phone,” Nina had spluttered. “Who cares what we look like?”

“I care. We’re a professional company. Employees should dress and conduct themselves in a professional manner,” Tom said firmly.

So, Nina dressed in skirts and blouses or dresses; she hated the way she looked in pants suits. With her red hair cut in a short bob, pants suits tended to make her look somewhat butch. She even put her 28B breasts into a bra; the first day on the job, she’d not worn a bra. Tom had quietly called Nina into his office and pointed out that he could very clearly see her nipples through her silk blouse.

Her first six months in DeGarde, Louisiana, Nina had rented an apartment in Venice Apartments. After her ninety day probation period had elapsed and Tom had indicated that he was more than pleased with Nina’s performance and the performance of the collection agency as a whole, she had hired Deidre Doucet of Gold Standard Real Estate to find a home for Nina.

“Come on; ain’t going get no cooler longer you sit here,” Nina told herself and opened the door of her car.

A blast of fetid air blew Nina’s pleated skirt up, exposing her thigh high stockings and bald pubic mound to anyone that might have been looking. Tom Thibodaux might be able to tell Nina to wear bras or camisole tops underneath her blouses, but he could not tell Nina she had to wear panties. Going commando was Nina’s one act of defiance.

Nina quickly pulled the skirt down and smiled self-consciously at the cute blonde girl that flashed a smile at Nina. She locked her car and closed the door and grabbed an abandoned buggy.

“Oh, ow! Holy cow!” Nina whistled as the scalding hot plastic handle burned her palm.

“Hey, lady, you uh, you buy me a pint of Albertson’s Gin,” the blonde asked.

“What? Albert, how old are you?” Nina asked the attractive girl.

“Nineteen,” Christine admitted. “Come on, lady, I got the buck; just buy me the pint, huh?”

“Buck; how much is a pint of this stuff?” Nina asked, ignoring the sweaty dollar bill the girl held out.

“Eighty nine; comes up to ninety seven with tax,” Christine said.

“Eighty, wow, the good stuff, huh?” Nina said. “Look, I don’t think so. Jesus, you’re only nineteen? I don’t need…”

“Come on, lady; shit, I don’t get back to the shelter by six, I’ll miss supper,” Christine begged.

“Shelter?” Nina asked, looking again at the girl’s clothing of man’s shirt and blue jeans cut off into obscene shorts.

“Yeah, I’m homeless,” Christine admitted, a slight blush coloring her face.

That slight blush gave Nina cause to hesitate. She didn’t know how long the girl had been homeless, but apparently the girl had not been hardened to the point that she couldn’t blush. But she had been beat down enough that she needed cheap alcohol. Nina could now see how badly the girl’s hands shook as she held out the dollar bill.

“Okay. Come on,” Nina said, nodding her head toward the store.

“They uh, they don’t let me in; manager caught me stealing couple apples,” Christine admitted.

Nina smiled and nodded. The girl’s blush was on her face again. And the girl was honest enough to admit that she resorted to stealing.

“Okay, go wait by my car,” Nina said. “Don’t touch any of the buggies; burned shit out of my hand.”

Inside of the store, Nina grabbed another buggy. This one had been out of the sun long enough to cool slightly. On impulse, Nina veered to the produce section and grabbed a large Fuji apple. She had done her major shopping earlier in the week, so just needed a few items she’d forgotten about.

In the liquor aisle, Nina found the Albertson’s Gin and wrinkled her face. The pints were eighty nine cents; a fifth was only a dollar fifty nine. Next to the gin was the Iron Barrel Whiskey. Nina selected a bottle of Iron Barrel Chocolate and a bottle of Iron Barrel Cherry Whiskey. She did a swing around and found the Burns & Burns brand sweetened condensed milk.

“Hmm,” the cashier said when she spotted the pint of Albertson’s Gin among Nina’s other items.

The woman even turned her head and scanned the parking lot through the plate glass window. She gave Nina a hard look as she continued to ring up Nina’s purchases.

At the door, Nina grabbed the bags from the buggy and marched into the brutal heat of the summer sun. Nina saw the girl had moved to the other side of her car; out of the unfriendly cashier’s line of sight.

“Lady, you uh, you didn’t take my dollar,” Christine said.

“Didn’t need your dollar,” Nina said, putting everything into her trunk.

“Aw, you didn’t get it?” Christine whined when Nina slammed the trunk shut.

“Yeah, I got it,” Nina said, hitting the fob for her car. “Come on, get in. I don’t know what they’re feeding you at the shelter but I’m making country fried steak at my place.”

“I don’t get there by six…” Christine said, slightly panicked.

“Kid, when’s the last time you had a bath?” Nina asked.

“I showered other day,” Christine hotly said.

“A bath, kid, not a shower. I even got a hot tub,” Nina invited.

Christine nodded her head and opened the passenger door of the car. She got in and buckled up as Nina started the powerful motor.

“You did get me the gin, right?” Christine verified as Nina pulled out of the parking lot.

“Yeah,” Nina agreed.

“So, uh, we going fuck?” Christine blurted out.

“God, am I that obvious?” Nina almost asked, looking at the blushing blonde.

“I uh, I figured we’d you know, eat, have a couple drinks, get to know each other,” Nina admitted, resting her small hand on Christine’s warm thigh. “That okay?”

“I uh, yeah,” Christine conceded.

Deidre Doucet had found Nina unit #202 in the Withers Condominiums in Jack’s Creek, Louisiana. The four condominiums looked like rustic bars with mottled tin roofs. Each building consisted of four separate units; the odd numbered units had two bedrooms and two baths, the even numbered units had three bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Nina did not know when, if she ever would, but decided the three bedroom unit would be good for her and her husband and their children.

Nina pulled into the garage, still chattering pleasantly. Christine sat numbly in the passenger seat, sweating profusely despite the cold air blowing on her.

“Lady, please, you get that gin?” Christine begged when Nina popped open the trunk of her car.

Yeah; kind of stupid of me,” Nina admitted, finding the bottle. “Could see you needed it pretty bad.”

Christine quickly unscrewed the cap and took a gulp. Nina watched, face soft as Christine shuddered then coughed slightly. Then Nina gathered her other bags and nodded toward the interior door with her head.

“Oh, got you this,” Nina said, handing Christine the Fuji apple as she settled the bags on the kitchen counter.

“Oh, hey, thanks!” Christine said happily.

“I mean, if you really hungry, go ahead and eat it,” Nina said. “Me? I’m going get out of this get up and then I’ll start on our dinner, okay?”

“Yeah,” Christine said.

In her bedroom, Nina pulled off her clothing, rolling the stockings down and off, putting the sodden silk blouse into a bag with her other dry-cleaning-only clothing. Her bra joined her cotton skirt in her hamper. Then Nina pulled on her Dallas Cowboys jersey and padded back to her kitchen.

“You like chocolate covered cherries?” Nina asked as the pounded round steak sizzled in the cast iron skillet.

“God! Don’t remember last time I had any,” Christine said, perking up.

“Kind of got this idea; I’m a whiskey kind of girl, by the way, what is your name?” Nina said, pouring two jiggers of Iron Barrel Chocolate and two jiggers of Iron Barrel Cherry Whiskey into a tall glass.

“Huh? Oh, I’m Christine,” Christine said. Christine Gernaud. You?”

“Nina Crowder,” Nina said, stirring in a tablespoon of condensed sweetened milk to the whiskey, then dropping a few ice cubes into the glass. “Here, try this; tell me what you think.”

“Mm,” Christine sighed. “Oh! That, that’s good!”

“Yeah?” Nina asked, fixing herself a duplicate.

Christine had never drank for flavor. She’d started off with drinking the mouthwash and the vanilla extract and the cooking wine in the Gueydan household. Beer and wine followed; schoolmates at Northside High School could usually steal those from their parents. After graduating from high school, after being thrown out of the Gueydan household when the State of Louisiana quit paying for them to house Christine, Christine drank whatever she could. She preferred the Albertson’s Gin; it acted quickly and lasted a good while.

“Here we go,” Nina said, putting a plate of food in front of Christine.

“Man, this is good, yeah,” Christine enthused, chewing and swallowing a hunk of meat.

“Thanks. My mom was an unbelievably bad cook,” Nina admitted. “So my brothers and me; we learned to cook. It was either that or starve to death.”

“Where’s your bathroom?” Christine suddenly asked.

The bathroom was a bit of a disappointment. There was no medicine cabinet; Christine had learned to raid medicine cabinets when she was in school. Two or three pills could sometimes take the place of alcohol and no one could smell pills on her breath. This bathroom’s medicine cabinet had Band-Aids, some hydrogen peroxide, some tampons and a bottle of Midol and nothing else.

Christine returned to the small dining room and saw that Nina had fixed a second drink for the two of them. She smiled and Nina returned the smile.

Christine looked at the small red headed woman. When she smiled, Nina Crowder was a very beautiful woman, with pale skin, narrow face with a very light dusting of freckles, and large brown eyes. Her nose was a little sharp, her chin was pointed, and her hair was cut into a short bob that just reached her jawline.

Christine impulsively leaned over and gave Nina a quick kiss on her lips. Nina smiled and returned Christine’s kiss.

“This is good,” Christine sighed as the alcohol burned down her throat and reached her gut.

“Mm hmm; there’s more potatoes and green beans if you want,” Nina said, scraping the last of her meal onto her fork.

“Yeah?” Christine asked.

They took their third drinks onto the screen in patio. Nina took the cover off of the hot tub, fiddled with the jets, then pulled two towels from a small hutch. Christine gulped her drink as she eased her too-large tennis shoes from her feet.

“You uh, Nina, you ain’t worried someone going see us?” Christine asked as Nina lifted her jersey up and off, revealing her nude body.

“Nope,” Nina said, pointing to the tall privacy fence that enclosed the back patio from view.

Nina became a little aggressive and unbuttoned Christine’s shirt. She raised up on her tiptoes and kissed Christine’s lips softly. Then Nina licked Christine’s lips with her pink tongue.

“Mm,” Nina cooed as Christine’s tongue stabbed into Nina’s mouth.

“Mm,” Christine groaned as Nina’s small hands lifted and squeezed Christine’s 31D breasts.

In high school, when she’d been eating on a regular basis, eating the school breakfasts and lunches, eating the Gueydan’s dinners, Christine had sported a 34DD chest. Her nipped in waist had made her large breasts look even larger, and had emphasized her rounded buttocks. Time on the streets had whittled the pounds and inches from Christine’s five foot three inch frame. Her hair had been trimmed to waist level the last time she’d had a hair styling done. Her hair now reached to below her buttocks.

Christine was grateful for the alcohol; she wasn’t sure how she felt about kissing another woman. She’d done some pretty shameful things for alcohol, but she’d never been with a woman.

Once, she’d sucked two old guys off for a few worn dollar bills and a pint of Albertson’s Gin. The two men had laughed and called her filthy names. The fat one had even slapped her on her face with his cock, smearing his dribble of semen onto her face. But they’d given her a few bucks and a pint of gin, so she’d withstood the shame.

Nina unzipped Christine’s shorts and ran her fingers over Christine’s blonde muff. Christine sucked in a gasp as Nina’s finger easily slipped into Christine’s wet pussy.

Nina slipped Christine’s shorts down over her narrow hips and down her slim legs. Then, with another kiss to Christine’s lips, Nina pulled Christine to the hot tub.

“Upsa-daisy,” Nina cheerfully said as she assisted Christine into the bubbling waters.

Carefully balancing her drink in hand, Nina kicked one stubby leg up and over the rim of the tub. Christine saw Nina’s bald mound split open and saw Nina’s puffy inner lips threatening to poke out. Nina used her free hand to balance herself as she lifted the other leg from the ground. Christine now looked at Nina’s slim, pale buttocks.

“Love coming out here,” Nina confessed as she floated over to where Christine perched. “Feel you know, naughty being out here, nude.”

“But, thought you said no one can see us,” Christine asked, glancing around nervously.

“They can’t but, it’s just the whole idea of it,” Nina confessed and kissed Christine softly.

Christine returned Nina’s kiss. When Nina opened her mouth, Christine stuffed her tongue into Nina’s mouth. She groaned into Nina’s mouth when she felt Nina’s fingers dancing across her breasts.

“Mm, oh,” Christine groaned as Nina’s fingers tugged at Christine’s right nipple.

The bubbling waters caused Christine’s large breasts to bobble. The ceiling fans were on medium speed, blowing cool air onto the covered patio. Christine’s light brown nipples were crinkled hard; the cool air cooling her wet breasts and shoulders.

Nina pulled her mouth from Christine’s lips and took a hefty gulp of her drink. Christine followed suit, draining her glass. Nina gently took the emptied glass from Christine’s hand and placed the glass on the lip of the tub. She then drained her own glass and set it on the lip, next to Christine’s glass.

Nina then rolled slightly in the steaming water and pressed her chest against Christine’s chest. Their lips mashed together in a passionate kiss. Christine wrapped her arms around the slender red head’s torso, pulling Nina tightly against herself.

Underneath the bubbling froth, Nina pressed her bald mound against Christine’s tuft of blonde hair. Both girls groaned in pleasure as Nina rubbed her crotch firmly against Christine’s crotch.

“Mm,” Nina crooned, bringing her hand between their mounds.

“Mm,” Christine grunted as Nina’s fingers entered her wet pussy.

Nina’s fingers brought Christine closer and closer to climax. They continued kissing as Nina fingered Christine’s pussy.

“Come on; you’ll love this,” Nina husked, pulling Christine from her perch.

“Mm,” Christine protested; she’d been right at the brink of orgasm.

“Don’t worry,” Nina giggled and pulled Christine toward a molded lounger.

“Mm, augh!” Christine cried out as a forceful jet of water pummeled her pussy.

Nina’s kiss silenced Christine’s cry of pleasure. Christine pressed her crotch firmly against the torrent of water as Nina’s lips and tongue kissed her and Nina’s fingers tugged and teased Christine’s nipples. After a second powerful orgasm, Christine slumped in Nina’s embrace.

Nina then pressed her own small breasts into Christine’s hands. Christine sluggishly did toy with Nina’s hard mounds for a moment before bending her head and suckling on Nina’s left nipple.

“Bite, augh, bite it,” Nina whispered.

Nina shuddered in pleasure as Christine did bite down. Christine then did the same to Nina’s right nipple. Christine moved her hand down over Nina’s taut belly, over Nina’s smooth mound

“Damn, how you get it…” Christine asked, feeling how soft and smooth the flesh was.

“Electrolysis,” Nina said. “Bite it again. I like my nips bbitten.”

“Christine bit down on Nina’s left nipple and pulled her head back. Nina grunted and shuddered, pulling herself back, stretching her breast out even further.

“Augh, God yes,” Nina cried out as Christine drove two fingers into Nina’s wet pussy.

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