She slid her pussy over my cock slowly a few times before answering, “My husband is white. You’re white, who would know?”

“I’d know. You’d know.”

She stopped moving while my cock was still inside her. “Do you want me to stop?”

The right answer was “Yes. Stop, this is going too far.” I couldn’t imagine the complications of getting her pregnant. It did send a shiver of fear in me, albeit a small one. What I said was, “Fuck no!”

Mercifully, she resumed fucking me. “Fill me with that baby batter, stud.”

I had no idea if she was teasing me or sincere. At that moment, I didn’t even care. I think I would have sold my soul to the devil for a sandwich at that moment if she’d wanted me to. I would like to think I was thinking it was mostly sex talk, but I sure as hell didn’t bother to erase any doubts I may have had. She fucked me into almost into a coma.

The next morning, I woke up spooning with memories of one of the best nights of my life. I opened my eyes and realized I was spooning with pillows. I was in bed alone. It wasn’t with Donna, and it wasn’t with Carmen. All of the events of that night came crashing into my head. “Fill me with that baby batter,” was suddenly echoing through my brain. I got out of the bed in a panicked state. I stumbled out of the bedroom and found my way to the kitchen. Carmen was cooking breakfast. She was dressed in a large T-shirt and panties.

She looked at me with a beautiful smile and perfect teeth and said, “Good morning.” The way she said that simple greeting might as well have been, “Good morning stallion.” I was still filled with anxiety, but damned if I wasn’t also aroused by that simple greeting.

I said, “Good morning. Is there any coffee?”

She kept cooking and replied, “Of course.”

I got myself a cup. It was good coffee. I felt the kick as I was drinking it. It was smooth like French chefs had their way with it, but also had the rush like Ethiopians wanted to put their stamp on it and make sure you noticed where coffee originated from..

Carmen finished cooking and we each had two gorgeous looking omelets. I’m not sure what was in that omelet, but it was like eating an angel. It was that good.

After my second cup of coffee, I just blurted out, “I’m worried about getting you pregnant. Or have gotten you. Shit. Could I have gotten you pregnant?”

Carmen’s bare foot caressed my leg as she laughed. “Leon, I’m on birth control. I suppose that can fail, but it is unlikely.”

I was immediately relieved. Thank God pregnancy wasn’t a possibility. “Why did you tease me?”

“Because it was hot.”

Hot for her or for me? I didn’t ask but I did think about it. Was it hot for me? I was worried for a few seconds about the thought of the risk of impregnating her. I went forward with it anyway.

That whole month was a fuckathon I’d never experienced. We didn’t fuck every day, it wasn’t possible. We did actually go over designs for the pool. She also had her period, which was a relief to that part of my brain still worried about the idea of impregnating her.

We did everything that was possible for two people to do. Carmen even made sure I knew she’d be receptive to anal sex. I knew that because she subtly hinted at when she said,” I love the feel of a cock in my ass. It’s so dirty.”

I was surprised, because no woman I had been with was ever enthusiastic about it.

Carmen said, “I know how important anal sex is to men. The thought of you losing your mind, turns me on.”

I re-evaluated Carmen at that moment. Not only was she good looking, she clearly had brains as well.

Carmen and I did everything possible two people could do. Was it love? No. Did I have feelings? Yes. Did I have guilt? Oh fucking yes, and in spades. I’d fucked my wife’s nemesis and I liked it.

Once again, I went to the airport to fly to Florida. I wondered why I was keeping the deception alive, since I’d had every intention of confessing when I saw Donna. I suppose it was just stalling. I spent a night there going over how I was going to tell her about my romp with her most-hated enemy. Yes, she’d given me the option of having an affair. Yes, she’d even encouraged it a couple of years ago. Still, this a discussion I was not looking forward to having.

I arrived in Phoenix and my luggage was there. I’d worried that the gods might decide losing my luggage would be a fitting bookend to this journey. Donna wasn’t there to greet me at the airport. As much as we both had traveled in the past, it just wasn’t possible every time and we got used to it.

I took a cab and went home.

My pirate flag was gone. It was something that was visible from the back yard. Now, it wasn’t there.

“What happened to the pirate flag?’

“The minute you decided to fuck Carmen LaGaretta, I took it down.”

I stalled for time and didn’t respond directly,”It’s actually Carmen Sneider now.”

“I really don’t give a fuck. We had a deal. You fucked that whore for two weeks. Pirate flag goes ‘bye bye.'”

It was actually nine days, so closer to one week than two. I was about to correct her but she was on a roll.

“You’ll also find that a few Blu-rays are missing from your collection. Those in the trash and are likely in a dump somewhere.”

“That seems excessive, you could have donated them or given them away.”

“I wanted to smash them into pieces and leave them for you to find. You could be more appreciative of my fucking Gandhi-like level of restraint.”

Hearing that phrase thrown back, let me know how pissed she was. Did I overreach here by my choice of partner? I knew I was playing with fire by fucking Carmen, but I wasn’t expecting this ferocity, “Look, Donna-“

“I’m not done. Our delightful “analversary, is a thing of the past. From now on the only anal sex you’ll be getting is if I get to put on a strap-on.”

Well, looks like there’d be no more anal sex in my future. She looked like she was pausing for breath so I quickly said, “How did you find out about me and Carmen?” And then even quicker, “For the record, I was planning on telling you.”

“It’s Carmen and I, and I know because I called her and asked her to seduce you. I didn’t think it would be hard. Then I told her to fuck your brains out, or at least give it her best try. And also, blah blah blah, about the time you spent. I’m sure you had more sex sessions than I had with Craig. Oh, I’m also done singing with you during karaoke.” She added that last as though it was equally important, and to Donna, I’m sure it was.

My brain was exploding. There was a lot to process, but it seemed like my marriage might not be totally fucked after all. I went with the big one. “You called her and asked her to help you out? You hate her. Why would you ask her for a favor and why would you expect her to do it?”

“I’ll answer the second part first. She’d do it because she loved me asking her for a favor. It’s her dream. She loved seeing me humbled by coming to her for a favor. Now I’ll answer the first part. She was the only woman you’d actually fuck since you have this weird obsession with her. I knew you’d fuck her and we can get back to the relationship we had. Equals in a marriage.”

That was a huge information dump. There were so many things to consider. “Equals in a marriage,” was one. I’d never thought we were equals. I felt that I was the luckiest person alive to be with Donna. Then I thought about my experience with Carmen.

Carmen had given me no clue that was something that motivated her. Damn. I thought she was really interested in me. I guess she’s a better actress than she’s gotten credit for. It’s a shame she’d never won an acting award, not even an MTV award, although she was nominated.

“And the first part?”

“I couldn’t do it any more. You got crazier and crazier with the things you wanted to do. I wanted the torture to end, and it was torture. But you wouldn’t fuck anyone though. I tried and tried to make it happen. I realized the only way you would fuck someone is if it was Carslut.”

“Who’s Carslut?”

“Carmen, you ass!”

I was a bit stunned at the name “Carslut” for a moment. Carmen and I had never had sex in a car. I felt a tinge of regret, but was also realizing that was not where Donna was going with this. “Right. Yup, she’s a slutasaurus. Glad I got that out of my system. Whew.”

Donna said, “I’m glad that’s over now. I’m also glad you discovered how she pales in comparison to me in bed.”

I decided that not only was discretion the better part of valor, discretion was also likely the best bet for keeping my testicles as well as my marriage. “There’s definitely no one like you.”

She beamed at my confirmation of Carmen’s sexual inferiority. Then she said, “So enjoy the rest of the time with her. As agreed, you can hang out with her for a year while you design her pool. One fuck more than I had, and we are headed for divorce.”

I forced a smile, “I suppose this is the end of all of the things.”

“No. It’s the end of some of the things. I’ve decided there are a few we should keep.”

That night she was tied up and spreadeagled on the bed. I brushed a feather duster across her body. I’d missed this and was so happy to have it back. She was on fire. Donna was waiting for me to just take her.

I straddled her and darted my cock in and out of range of her mouth. It drove her crazy. I knew the feeling.

Even though I had given up the “all of the things” part of our marriage, I wasn’t too unhappy. I still had all of all of the things that mattered.

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