All in the (Step) Family Ch. 15-2

“Okay, okay, you win. I’ll move back,” Michelle gasped after her final orgasm, “I can’t take anymore. You broke me. Plus I squirted so much I think I’m dehydrated.”

“I told you it would work,” Sonja said.

“I never doubted you dear,” Clay said, smiling.

“But you’re gonna have to help me. I’m gonna have to quit my job, sell my place and find someplace to live.” Michelle said.

Sonja just smiled, “We’ve got two of those bases covered. Don’t we Amy?”

“How much do you know about pop culture?” Amy asked.

“Enough, why?” Michelle asked, sitting up and using one of the few towels not saturated in sexual fluids to wipe the sweat off her body.

“You know about my YouTube show right?” Amy asked, looking around for another dry towel, “Well one of our hosts, Jake, is leaving, and we’ll need a replacement. You’d be surprised at how much YouTubers make.”

“And you’re gonna live with us.” Sonja said.

“You’re serious?” Michelle asked.

“You just fucked, or got fucked by me, my husband and my sister-in-law!” Sonja said, “Why would you NOT want to live here?”

“Our bed is big enough for three.” Clay added.

The three of them slowly got up and moved into the shower in the den, as they washed up they continued to make plans.

“I’ll go back with you and help you pack everything up, and get your house on the market,” Sonja said, “You’ll have to quit your job on your own of course.”

“Making room here for your stuff won’t be a problem,” Clay said. “We can easily make space for anything you might want to bring.”

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, Michelle headed back home with Sonja and Amy. They helped her pack up everything she needed and wanted to bring, she quit her job and got in touch with a realtor to put her house on the market. Once all that was settled, Michelle officially moved in with Clay and Sonja. There were still a few minor details that needed to be worked out, but it could all be done via phone calls and online.

By the time the story was over, everyone was either fully or partially naked. Denise had pulled all her clothes off and was still sucking Damon’s cock and Michelle was licking Denise’s pussy. Bridgette was busy sucking Clay’s cock, and Amy was licking Sonja’s pussy. Everyone was moaning in pleasure, and occasionally watching what was going on around them before concentrating on what they were doing (or was being done to them).

“Hey aunt Michelle,” Damon said.

Michelle was busy finger fucking Denise who still had her lips wrapped around Damon’s cock. “Yeah, honey?”

“Can I fuck your tits?”

“Of course you can honey.” Michelle said.

“But I’m not done!” Denise said, looking back, as Michelle pulled her fingers out of Denise.

“Denise you’ve fucked him more than anyone else!” Bridgette said, “Come over here and help me fuck dad.”

“Or you could come over here and let me eat your pussy.” Sonja said. “I’ve been dying to taste you since you got back.”

Denise looked up at Damon, “You owe me.”

She got off the couch and moved over to her mother and Amy, and Michelle carefully maneuvered in between Damon’s legs and sucked his cock, literally slobbering all over it, before wrapping her massive 44DD tits around it and slowly started moving up and down. Damon’s head flopped back as he just enjoyed the wonderful sensation of his first tit fuck.

Bridgette had gotten Clay’s cock equally lubed up and stood up, straddled the lap of the man she had gone most of her life thinking was her uncle, but this past summer found out was actually her father, and slowly lowered herself onto the same cock that had come inside her mother 20 years earlier to produce her.

“Oh god daddy,” she moaned, “You feel so good inside me.”

“You feel good too baby girl,” he moaned, “Now ride daddy’s cock.”

Bridgette braced herself on the back of Clay’s easy chair and started gyrating her hips on Clay’s lap, driving his cock deep inside her pussy, throwing her head back and moaning. She gasped a little when she felt hands wrap around her body and reach up to grab her tits. She looked behind her to see that Amy had come up behind her and leaned back to kiss her mother while she continued to fuck her father.

On the other couch Sonja was eagerly licking her daughter’s pussy, as Denise moaned in pleasure and held her mother’s black and blue hair back so she could watch Sonja’s tongue snake out and tease her hard little clit.

“Oh god mommy,” she moaned.

“You taste so good, honey,” Sonja said, coming up for air. “I wish we’d done this sooner.”

“I think we all do,” Clay said, before Amy leaned past Bridgette and kissed him.

“Well we’ll just have to make up for lost time.” Amy said.

“You close, honey?” Michelle asked, as she continued to slide her tits around Damon’s hard cock.

“Gettin’ there.” he said, through grit teeth.

“Let me know when. I wanna taste your cum again.” Michelle said, picking up the pace a little.

“Just a little bit more….FUCK!” Damon cried out.

Michelle quickly wrapped her lips around his cock and moments later was rewarded with a mouthful of cum as Damon exploded in her mouth. She knew from experience she wouldn’t be able to swallow all of Damon’s load, so when she had to come up to swallow the mouthful of cum, she aimed Damon’s still throbbing cock at her tits. To her there was always something exciting about the contrast of a guy’s cum on her dark skin.

“Oh fuck mommy, I’m cumming!” Denise screamed from the other couch. She moaned loudly as she flooded Sonja’s mouth with a rush of orgasmic juices, as her body shook with pleasure. “Holy shit, I needed that.”

Michelle leaned up and kissed Damon before standing up and walking over to Amy. Amy saw Michelle’s cum covered tits and leaned over to lick her tits clean, before the two women kissed. Michelle gently pushed Amy down on the couch next to Sonja and Denise and dropped to her knees and started licking Amy’s pussy. Denise leaned over and started sucking on Amy’s tits. Sonja saw Damon sitting on the couch, watching his father fuck Denise, and moved over to him.

“Hey sweetie,” she said, wrapping a hand around his cock.

“Hey mom,” he sighed contentedly, turning to look at her. “So, you’ve taken dad’s cock up your ass…”

“And now you wanna fuck me in my ass.” Sonja said.

“Well you know, if you’re up for it.” He said, “Because like I told you last night, my leg may be broken, but my dick still works.”

“Let me go get the lube,” Sonja said, and ran upstairs.

“Oh fuck, daddy… Holy shit, I’m cumming!” Bridgette suddenly cried out. This was followed by an ear piercing scream of pleasure as an orgasm ran through her body. She gripped Clay’s shoulders tightly, threw her head back, and moaned loudly as her orgasm hit its peak and she slowly came down off her orgasmic high.

She eased herself off Clay’s cock and staggered backwards to the couch where Michelle and Denise were double teaming her mother. Denise glanced over and saw Clay sitting there, still not having cum yet, and practically dove onto her stepfather’s cock and engulfed it, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her mouth, along with the taste of Bridgette’s pussy.

Sonja came back downstairs with a bottle of lube.

“We’re almost out,” she said, shaking the mostly empty bottle.

“I’ve got… oh god ‘Chelle…” Amy moaned, “I’ve got a full… just like that… yes… bottle… *unintelligible moan*… at home…”

“I’ve got enough for now,” Sonja said, squeezing some directly onto Damon’s still hard cock and with a smile, stroked his cock to coat it with lube. Once that was done, she applied a bit more lube to her middle finger and reached behind herself and stuck her finger in her asshole, to lube herself up as well. She pulled her finger out and looked at Damon. “You ready?”

Damon just smiled at his stepmother and wiggled his eyebrows. Sonja laughed and turned and carefully lowered herself onto Damon’s cock and groaned with pleasure as her stepson’s cock entered her asshole for the first time. It felt just as good as the first time Clay fucked her.

“Like father, like son.” She moaned and carefully placed her legs on the couch, making sure not to accidentally hit Damon’s broken leg and started bobbing up and down on Damon’s cock.

Bridgette had come down from her orgasmic high and snuggled up against her mother and they both watched Michelle greedily lick Amy’s pussy. Amy reached between her daughter’s legs and started gently rubbing her clit. Bridgette looked up at her mother and kissed her before leaning down to lick and suck on her tits.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Clay bellowed, and held Denise’s head in place as he exploded in her mouth. Denise (like all the other women in the room) was used to the amount of cum Clay could pump out, but it still amazed her that one man (or two men, because Damon also seemed to cum in bucket loads) could produce so much semen, but no matter how used to it she was, she still had trouble swallowing all of it. She came up for air to swallow, and Clay spurted a couple more times, cumming on her tits.

“Oh shit…” Amy groaned, grabbing Michelle’s head and wrapping her legs around her. “FUCK!”

Clay and Denise looked over as Amy came, loving the look on her face as she practically curled up as she came in Michelle’s hungry mouth. Denise then looked over to watch her mother ride Damon’s cock. Damon hadn’t moved much, due to his broken leg, but Sonja didn’t seem to mind. She was carefully balanced on the couch, her legs outside his, one hand on his right knee, and her other hand on the couch between his legs. She saw Denise looking over at them, sat up and leaned back, using the back of the couch to balance herself and continued to fuck Damon, only now so Denise could watch his cock slide in and out of her ass.

Clay got out of his easy chair and before Michelle could get up after making Amy cum, he grabbed her hips and slid his cock into her from behind. She gasped in surprise and moaned in pleasure as Clay started fucking her.

Bridgette turned to her mother, “Mommy, eat my pussy.”

“Of course baby,” Amy said, and kissed her daughter before getting in almost the same position Michelle was in and started sucking on Bridgette’s clit.

Denise moved over to the couch where her mother was fucking Damon and lightly ran her nails over both the inner thighs of both her mother and Damon. She leaned down and kissed her mother before leaning down further to suck on her tits. Her hands were busy between the legs of the two, one hand rubbing her mother’s hard little clit, the other gently massaging Damon’s balls.

Michelle thrust back against Clay every time he thrust forward, driving his cock deep inside her and was letting loose with moans that sounded almost like she was growling. Clay took a moment to steady himself, grabbed Michelle’s hips and started hammering his cock into her as hard as he could. At this point everyone knew what everyone else wanted so there wasn’t much need to talk. The house was filled with loud moans and groans of pleasure as they all fucked and sucked each other.

Bridgette pushed her mother’s hair out of her face so she could watch Amy eat her out, and the sight of her gorgeous mother between her legs was enough to push her over the edge and she again screamed in pleasure as she came again, her body convulsing as she flooded her mother’s mouth with more orgasmic juices.

Denise had stopped playing with her mother and Damon and was standing in front of them, just watching and masturbating.

“You wanna finish him off, honey?” Sonja moaned, “He can finish me off.”

“I’d love to,” Denise said smiling.

Sonja carefully pulled herself off of Damon’s cock, they helped him lay down, again being careful of his leg, and Denise straddled her stepbrother’s hips, and with Sonja’s help, impaled herself on Damon’s still hard cock, and when that was settled, Sonja sat on his face and he eagerly started licking his stepmother’s cunt.

Michelle screamed in pleasure as she had felt her orgasm building, and then it hit and she came in another gushing orgasm, soaking Clay’s cock and balls in a torrent of pussy juice. He kept his cock buried in Michelle, but he knew from experience that wouldn’t keep her from making a mess. He could feel the warmth of her pussy juice hit his hips and drip down his thighs. Michelle could also feel her juices running down her own thighs and sighed contentedly as her orgasm passed. Clay slowly pulled out of her and sat on the couch next to Amy.

“Let me finish you off little brother.” she said, and leaned over and greedily took Clay’s cock, still covered in Michelle’s juices into her mouth.

Michelle pulled herself up onto the couch next to Clay, and looked between Amy sucking Clay’s cock, Sonja and Amy double teaming Damon on the other couch and Bridgette, who was also looking between the threesome and the blowjob eager to see who was going to cum first. She gently ran her nails up and down Clay’s body as she watched the action around her.

It would turn out to be Damon, a muffled “FUCK!” erupted from between Sonja’s legs and Denise cried out next as he reached back and pulled her down on his cock as she felt his cock throb inside her as he filled her pussy with several jets of his hot, thick cum.

Clay was the next to lose it, letting off a loud bellow of pleasure as he filled his sister’s mouth with his second load of the night. As usual Amy tried to swallow as much of her brother’s cum as she could, but had to come up for air to swallow, and Michelle quickly dove on Clay’s cock to get the rest of his load. Bridgette kissed her mother and sucked some of Clay’s cum out of Amy’s mouth.

Sonja screeched out her pleasure next as Damon’s talented tongue knew all the right ways to tease the orgasm out of her, and she rewarded him with a mouthful of her pussy juice. She arched her back and braced herself on the back of the couch with one hand and grabbed her tits with the other. That left Denise, who after seeing her mother cum, lost it and let a long shuddering breath out.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffuck!” she moaned as she came, also needing the back of the couch to brace herself as Damon (who was somehow still hard) finally fucked her to the orgasm she’d been wanting from him since her parents started telling her about how they convinced Michelle to move in.

Sonja and Denise got off Damon, and helped him to sit up, and everyone just sat catching their breath for a few minutes. Sonja, Damon and Denise on one couch, Bridgette, Amy, Clay and Michelle on the other.

“I have the best family ever,” Denise finally said. She looked over at Clay, “I’m so glad my mother met you.”

“You’re not the only one,” he said, “I meant what I said when we got married. I never thought I’d ever find anyone who would reignite that spark inside me until I met your mother.”

“From the minute we saw each other we knew it was meant to be.” Sonja said, “Even though I don’t believe in fate, I couldn’t deny that the second I laid eyes on that man, that I knew I had finally found the man of my dreams. Nothing against your father of course. I loved your father, ‘Nese. I still do. He will always hold a special place in my heart. But I think Clay and I were always destined to be together.”

“Same goes for me and your mother, Damon,” Clay said, “I will never forget the time I had with your mother. I mean she gave me you, but Sonja and I, we have something special too.”

“You don’t have to explain it to us, dad,” Damon said, “Like I said when you first told me you and Sonja were getting married. If she makes you happy, then, even if none of this had happened, I’d still be happy for you. But for the record, I am glad this happened.”

Everyone got a chuckle out of that, but they realized it was late and they were all tired.

“I know I don’t have to ask, but you guys don’t mind if Bridgette and I sleep here, do you?” Amy asked. “I’m too worn out to drive home.”

“‘Course not,” Clay said, as he got up, “You and Bridgette can sleep in your old room.”

Sonja and Denise helped Damon to his feet and up the stairs. He and Denise retired to his room, Clay, Sonja and Michelle went into their room, and Amy and Bridgette headed down the hall to the room that used to be hers (and later Denise’s until she started sleeping with Damon).

The rest of Christmas vacation was filled with the adults embarrassing the kids (and each other) with stories and pictures of Christmases past. Clay still had to work, because as he said “the criminals don’t take the holidays off”, Sonja also still went to work, but because she set her own hours, she wasn’t locked into a set schedule. Amy and Michelle and the other host of their podcast were working on integrating Michelle into the show for the new year with an unscripted show introducing her to the audience. Damon, Denise and Bridgette also met up with their high school friends who had also managed to come home for the holidays. Of course when time allowed they had sex in various combinations. They had all joked that if it wasn’t so damn cold outside they could still fuck by the pool like they had during the summer.

Eventually though the holidays ended and Damon, Denise and Bridgette had to go back to school, but they were all mentally preparing for Spring Break followed by Damon and Denise graduating as they were both in their senior years. As was becoming a family tradition they all had one final family orgy the day before they left.

Denise had said she had the best family ever, and no one could disagree with her.

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