All in the (Step) Family Ch. 14-1

“Mom!” Damon called out as he spotted Sonja waiting just past the TSA checkpoint.

“Damon!” she said, waving.

He carefully hobbled through the crowd to her and hugged her. To anyone watching they looked like just another mother and son greeting each other. They had no idea that Damon and his stepmother had a very special relationship.

Damon, Denise and Bridgette were all coming home for Christmas break. It would be the first time since the wedding that they would all be together again. They had to forego Thanksgiving in order to get everyone together for Christmas.

They broke the embrace and she looked down at the cast on his leg. “So what did the doc say?”

“That I got lucky,” Damon said, adjusting his crutches. “It was a clean break. However, I am gonna miss the rest of the season.”

Just a week earlier, Damon had broken his left leg in the scramble to recover a loose football after a fumble. As he and several other players dove on the loose ball, his leg got trapped between two players and everyone in the pile of bodies heard the sickening snap and Damon’s scream of pain. But like he told Sonja, he was lucky it was a clean break, but it also marked the end of his season.

“That sucks,” she said, “But at least you got ten sacks this season.”

“Yeah, but I was looking forward to breaking my record, not my leg.” Damon said, frowning. Then he smiled, “I’m just glad to be home, I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Now come on, your sister’s plane lands in 15 minutes.”

They made their way through the airport till they got as close as they could to the gates where Denise’s plane would be landing.

“You sure you don’t want a wheelchair instead of hobbling around on your crutches?” Sonja asked as he eased himself down onto a bench.

“Nah,” he said, “I’m fine, save the wheelchair for someone who really needs it.”

“So did everyone like your new ink?” Sonja asked, tapping him on the arm as they sat.

Damon pushed up his sleeve so the whole tattoo was visible. “Yeah, they all got a kick out of it. They were even more impressed when I told them my stepmother did it for me for free.”

“Your moms got mad tattoo skills.” Sonja said.

“Yes she does,” Damon agreed, “A couple of the guys want to get tattooed by you. I told them they’d have to pay full price though, the family discount only applies to family. Although I bet they’d love to pay you the way I do.”

“I bet they would.” Sonja said, laughing.

They sat and made small talk until Sonja got a text from Denise that her plane had landed. She helped Damon to his feet and a few minutes later spotted Denise in the crowd of people. She was pretty easy to spot, having added teal highlights to her purple hair.

“Hey big brother!” she said, carefully hugging Damon. “Hi mom!”

“Oh sweetie, it’s so good to see you again.” Sonja said, hugging her daughter.

Again, to anyone paying attention they looked just like any typical mother, son and daughter greeting each other for winter break, but were a lot closer than any casual onlooker would suspect.

“Ouch,” Denise said when she looked at the cast on Damon’s leg.

“It looks worse than it is.” he said.

“Come on hopalong. Let’s get your bags and go home.” Sonja said.

“You’re gonna pay for that.” he laughed as they made their way to baggage claim.

A few minutes later after claiming both Damon’s bag (which Sonja had to carry) and Denise’s they were headed through the parking garage to the car. Once they got the bags into the car and they were sure no one was around, the three exchanged kisses that were far from the innocent peck on the cheek one would expect to be exchanged between family members.

“God I’ve missed you two so much.” Sonja said.

“I missed you too mom,” Denise said, “And you too bro. Especially this.” She said, rubbing the bulge in his pants.

“I missed you too, ‘Nese.” he said.

Just then they heard a car coming so they quickly composed themselves, helped Damon into the car and headed back to the house.

“Do you remember what I said about you and dad ruining me?” Denise asked.

“Vaguely.” Damon said.

They had all agreed no blatant sex talk, either in phone conversations or text just in case anyone was listening or nosy enough to peek over their shoulders while they were texting. Instead they came up with code words and phrases so even if someone was listening or managed to read their texts they wouldn’t realize what they were really talking about. Most of the time however, their phone calls and texts were usual boring conversations with little to no sexual innuendo. Denise had mentioned (in aforementioned special code) that Damon and Clay had stretched her out and “ruined” her for her boyfriend.

“Well I was right,” she said, “The first chance I got to fuck my boyfriend, I could feel the difference. Not that he’s small or anything, but compared to you and dad, it’s like going from a kielbasa sausage to a hot dog. In fact, because of you and daddy, I have to masturbate with my whole fucking hand now!”

“Did your boyfriend notice the difference?” Damon asked.

“If he did, he didn’t say anything. I mean don’t get me wrong, he still satisfies me when we fuck, but he just doesn’t fill me up like you and dad do.” Denise said. “But what about you, did you ravish your girlfriend when you finally got the chance to fuck her?”

Damon chuckled, “Apparently, according to Alicia, I was more… intense than usual the first time I had a chance to fuck her. She asked what had gotten into me. I just told her I missed her, which I did, but I was also thinking about us.”

“Oh, by the way, we have a special Christmas present for you when we get home.” Sonja said.

“What?” Denise asked.

“You’ll find out.” Sonja said.

“Does it have anything to do with why dad didn’t come with you to pick us up?” Damon asked.


“I hate it when you do that.” Denise said.

When they arrived at the house, they helped Damon out of the car, got his crutches for him and grabbed their bags and headed into the house.

“They followed me home, can I keep them?” Sonja said when they walked into the living room.

“I suppose.” Clay said. “Especially the short one that looks like you.”

“Daddy!” Denise squealed and ran and jumped into her father’s arms and kissed him.

Damon hobbled over and exchanged a manly hug with his father.

“How you doing gimpy?”

“Very funny dad,” Damon said with a straight face, “I haven’t heard that one bef — Oh wait, yes I have.”

Father and son broke into fits of laughter.

“Seriously son,” Clay said, “How are you?”

“Not too bad,” Damon said, “But my season is pretty much over. I just hope it doesn’t screw with my NFL prospects.”

Ares came running up to Damon barking excitedly.

“Hey fuzzball!” he said, carefully leaning down to pet the dog.

“Well look what the cat dragged in.” said a voice from the kitchen.

Damon and Denise looked up in surprise when they heard the voice.

“Aunt Michelle?!” Damon and Denise asked simultaneously.

“In the voluptuous Nubian flesh baby!” Michelle said, flashing a smile at Damon and Denise.

“If this is your surprise, I like it.” Damon said, hobbling over to Michelle for a hug and kiss.

“That’s not the surprise,” Amy said, coming up from behind Michelle. “You wanna tell them or should I?”

“Guess who moved back to town?” Michelle asked, “I’ll give you a clue. She’s six feet tall, black, and has huge tits.”

“How many guesses do we get?” Damon asked, causing everyone to laugh.

“Is that my big brother’s voice I hear?” Bridgette said coming down the stairs.

“Hey ‘Gette!” Damon said, “Come here squirt.”

“So you finally gave in and moved back, huh?” Denise asked after exchanging hugs and kisses with Michelle, Amy and Bridgette.

“Yeah, they finally wore me down.” Michelle said. “I just moved back a couple weeks ago.”

“Well it’s more like we held you down and made you cum over and over again.” Amy said.

“Well yeah,” Michelle said laughing. “You should have seen your father’s face the first time I squirted.”

“You don’t warn people about that?” Damon asked. “You damn near drowned me the first time I ate you out!”

“And then you got back at me by shooting enough cum in me to impregnate every woman in this room… twice!” Michelle said. “Anyway, instead of going through the hassle of trying to find someplace affordable to live, your mom and dad offered to let me live here.”

“I’m willing to bet she’s not sleeping in Denise’s room, so who is?” Damon asked.

“Me, and hopefully you.” she said.

“Well my room’s closer to the stairs, and you know, bum leg and all.” Damon said, “So you can sleep with me in my room.”

“Good point,” she said, nodding.

“You guys watch my show, right?” Amy asked.

“Every week,” Damon said.

“Well, Jake is leaving, and we need a new co-host.” Amy said, referring to one of the co hosts of the weekly podcast she was a part of.

“Guess who?” Michelle asked.

“Cool,” Damon said, easing himself down onto the couch, “Now I get to see both of my sexy aunts once a week! Everyone’s already jealous that I’m related to Amy, and some of them have their minds blown by the fact that she used to be a model. They didn’t believe me at first, but a quick google search shut them up.”

“So Damon,” Bridgette asked, “I thought football players didn’t get a whole lot of time off.”

“Normally, we don’t, but since I can’t play, they made an exemption for me. I guess being last season’s MVP has its privileges.” he said, shrugging.

For the next couple hours they all caught up, going into more details about things they only glossed over in phone calls and texts. They stopped long enough to eat dinner that Michelle and Amy made. After dinner, Denise and Bridgette made their way upstairs.

“You wanna know the one question I was asking myself for the last couple of days?” Denise asked Bridgette.

“Sure,” Bridgette said, willing to let Denise pull her into an embrace.

Denise kissed her, “Who I was gonna sleep with first.”

“Really now?” Michelle asked, having noticed the girls heading upstairs, and followed them.

Denise and Bridgette looked at Michelle, back at each other and then back to Michelle.

“You know, I just thought of something,” Denise said, letting go of Bridgette and walking over to Michelle. “You fucked both of our mothers, you fucked our father, you fucked our brother…”

“But you haven’t fucked us.” Bridgette finished seeing where Denise was going.

“What do you think I came up here for?” Michelle asked, pulling Denise into an intense spine tingling kiss. She then gave a similarly intense kiss to Bridgette as she pulled both girls into the bedroom she now shared with Clay and Sonja.

Michelle peeled off her shirt and then her bra, letting her 44DD tits fall free.

“Oh my god,” Denise said, “Ever since all the family secrets came out I can finally admit that I’ve always been envious of your tits. I always wanted to get my hands on them.”

“Just your hands?” Michelle asked.

Denise took one of her aunt’s massive tits in her hand and leaned forward to wrap her lips around Michelle’s thick, erect nipple. Bridgette repeated her actions on Michelle’s other breast, and Michelle threw her head back and moaned in pleasure. She loved having her tits sucked, and as good as it felt to have someone’s tongue and lips teasing one nipple, it obviously felt twice as good to have both of her mammoth breasts being serviced at once. Over the last month she had Clay, Sonja and Amy (in the three possible combinations) sucking on both of her tits at the same time.

Suddenly Michelle grabbed both girls by the hair and pulled them away from her tits.

“I’m not gonna be the only one topless here. Both of you, shirts off now.” she said, “In fact, fuck that, take your fucking clothes off and get in the bed.”

Michelle dropped her pants as Denise and Bridgette eagerly pulled their clothes off. Michelle took a moment to admire their bodies as more and more flesh was exposed as they unashamedly stripped in front of her. Once they were both naked, Michelle motioned for them to turn around so she could observe every inch of them.

“You two are just as sexy as your mothers.” she said, as the girls turned to face her again. Now that all three of them were naked, Michelle got them in bed and started directing traffic. “Denise on your back, Bridgette, you sit on her face while I suck on ‘Nese’s sweet little cunt.”

Bridgette lowered herself down onto Denise’s face and moaned as soon as she felt Denise’s tongue touch her. It had been five months since she’d felt Denise’s tongue, and she was already soaking wet with anticipation, and thought she was going to cum right away. Who would have thought, those seven months ago when they first met for Clay and Sonja’s wedding, that not only would they hit it off as friends, find out that they were both bisexual, were both attracted to each other, and after the family secrets came out were not cousins by marriage, but stepsisters! Much like Damon and Bridgette, they only referred to each other as sisters behind closed doors, and cousins the rest of the time.

Michelle parted Denise’s thighs and for just a moment admired the sight of Denise’s pussy, it like the rest of Denise was almost a perfect mirror image of Sonja’s. She leaned in and licked it from the bottom to the top before sucking on Denise’s swollen clit. She tasted just as good as her mother too. Muffled moans of pleasure came from in between Bridgette’s legs as Michelle eagerly started licking and sucking on Denise’s pussy. Bridgette looked down past her own heaving tits to watch Denise greedily licking her pussy.

“God, I missed your tongue,” she moaned before looking over her shoulder to watch Michelle eating out Denise and then looked back down at Denise, “She eating your pussy good, baby?”

“So good,” Denise moaned before going back to work on Bridgette.

Bridgette leaned against the headboard as she could already feel an orgasm building. She grit her teeth and groaned as she exploded a moment later in Denise’s mouth.

“OH FUCK!” she cried out as her pussy juice gushed out of her into Denise’s eager mouth.

Denise did her best to swallow what she could, but she knew by now there was no way she was going to get all of it. Bridgette may not have been able to squirt, but she still had very wet and intense orgasms. She lay down next to Denise and licked her face clean, ending with a deep kiss before she looked down at Michelle.

Michelle looked up and watched Bridgette’s body shake as she came, never stopping her tongue on Denise’s clit. As both girls looked down she licked Denise from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit and then without a word, held up one finger.

Denise shook her head, “More.” she pleaded.

Michelle held up two fingers.

“More.” Denise said again.

Michelle held up three fingers, and Denise nodded. Michelle then leaned up, still holding up the three fingers and looked at Bridgette. “Open.”

Bridgette opened her mouth and Michelle jammed all three of her fingers in her mouth. Bridgette closed her mouth and started sucking on them, but Michelle held up her other hand and simply said, “Stop.”

She then started moving her hand in and out of Bridgette’s mouth, effectively finger fucking her mouth. After a few seconds of this, she pulled her fingers out, looked down at Denise and told her the same thing, “Open.”

Denise opened her mouth and Michelle put her already saliva soaked fingers into Denise’s mouth, and repeated the same thing she did to Bridgette. Sliding her hand in and out of Denise’s mouth until she finally pulled it free. She held her fingers up and all three of them looked at the saliva glistening on her fingers. Michelle then moved back down Denise’s body and slid all three of her fingers deep inside Denise’s pussy. Denise sucked in a deep breath as she felt her aunt’s fingers penetrate her. Bridgette reached down between her own legs and started to rub her clit, but Michelle shot her a look.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she asked, “Did I say you could play with your cunt?”

She kept her hand buried in Denise, and stuck three fingers of her other hand in her mouth, got them nice and lubricated and jammed them into Bridgette, causing her to gasp in surprise and pleasure. Michelle shifted to the middle of the bed, finger fucking both Denise and Bridgette, alternating her in and out motion. As she was thrusting into Denise, she was pulling out of Bridgette and vice versa.

Almost as soon as Michelle headed upstairs Clay plopped down onto the living room couch and started channel surfing.

“Anything interesting on?” Amy asked as she walked into the room and joined her brother.

“Nah, same old shit,” he said, “The same Christmas specials they’ve been showing since mom and dad were kids and a batch of new shitty Christmas movies, that are sappy and cheesy as hell.”

He turned the TV off.

“It’s nice to have everyone back.” Amy said. “I thought this holiday season, especially Thanksgiving, would be like last year.”

For years Thanksgiving and Christmas usually consisted of Clay, Pam, Damon, Amy, Bridgette and occasionally Clay and Amy’s parents. After Pam’s death, it was Clay, Damon, Amy, Bridgette and rarely the grandparents. Then Damon went off to college, and the year after that Bridgette was gone. That was the first Thanksgiving that it was just Clay and Amy. Then Sonja came into Clay’s life, along with a shitload of incest, and this year Thanksgiving consisted of Clay, Amy, Sonja and Michelle. The food was good, so was the sex. The sex that convinced Michelle to move back.

“Can I ask you something weird?” she asked, snuggling up to him.

“Weirder than all the other shit you’ve asked me over the years?” he asked.

“Well, yeah, actually,” she said, “In all the times we’ve fucked, have you ever wondered what it was like from the other side?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, not sure where she was going with this.

“Do you ever wonder what it felt like from my side of things?” she asked. “Because I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a guy fucking a hot chick. I mean I kinda know what it’s like having fucked Bridgette, Sonja and everyone else with my strap on. But I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have an actual cock, and what it would feel like to fuck the girls with it.”

“So you’re asking if I ever wondered what it would be like if I had a pussy and was being fucked?” he asked. “Well now that you mention it… no, I’ve never thought of that. You’re weird.”

“Yeah, but you love me.” she said.

“I have to, we’re family,” he joked, “But all this talk of sex… and judging by the sounds coming from upstairs…”

Clay reached down and undid his jeans and pulled out his semi erect cock. Amy reached down and slowly started stroking her brother’s cock, getting him fully erect in seconds. She slid off the couch and pulled Clay’s pants completely off before slipping out of her shirt. She got between his legs and sucked Clay’s cock deep into her mouth like she had so many times before. Almost every time Clay fucked his older sister, he always flashed back to their first time 30 years ago when Amy had caught him masturbating, and how it turned into a semi regular thing for the rest of their lives.

Amy also thought about it, but not as often as Clay did. She also thought about how much better their lives were now that they didn’t have to keep their relationship a secret, for years she had kept up the lie that her ex-boyfriend Randy was Bridgette’s father, when Clay was actually her biological father. She pushed that aside for the time being as concentrated on doing all the things that she knew Clay liked when her mouth was wrapped around his cock. She looked up at him as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it off to the side and brushed her hair out of her face so he could watch his cock side in and out of her mouth. She smiled up at him as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and teased the head of his cock with her tongue.

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