All in the (Step) Family Ch. 12-2

“That was not a coincidence,” he said to himself. “But that means… No she fucking didn’t! Did she? She must have, otherwise why would both of them… goddamn it she did!”

Denise and Bridgette headed back into the house after a couple of minutes, went into the bathroom in the den, stripped out of the skimpy swimsuits and heard Damon talking to himself. They opened the door to the shower.

“Yes I did,” Denise said, as she and Bridgette stepped into the shower with him.

Damon’s eyes bugged out when he finally saw Bridgette in all her glory. Not that the bikini hid much to begin with, but now that he could see everything… damn. She was the spitting image of Amy at her age.

“You like what you see?” Bridgette asked. “Because I do.”

She closed the short distance between them and Damon willingly pulled his cousin into his arms and kissed her. Denise felt a chill run through her as she watched the two of them lock lips and press their bodies together. She came up on Damon’s right side, and he turned to face her and kiss her as well. Then Denise and Bridgette kissed. Then they all shared a three way kiss. Both girls dropped to their knees and took Damon’s hard cock in their hands.

“You were right ‘Nese,” she said, stroking Damon’s thick tool. “He’s fucking huge! Bigger than my boyfriend, that’s for sure.”

“Wait till you feel it inside you.” Denise said.

“Yeah, but first I’m gonna suck it.” Bridgette said.

“No, WE’RE going to suck it.” Denise corrected her.

They both licked up the sides of Damon’s cock, meeting at the head and swirling their tongues over the head before exchanging another quick kiss. Denise took Damon’s cock and directed it towards Bridgette’s mouth. Damon could only watch as Bridgette eagerly wrapped her lips around his cock. Although he had only been looking forward to this for a couple of days, it still felt like he had been waiting a lifetime.

“Oh my god,” Damon moaned, “That feels so good.”

“Better than me?” Denise asked.

“Different.” Damon said, “Not better, not worse. Just… different… oh my god, ‘Gette… do that again.”

Bridgette had traced the vein on the bottom of his cock with her tongue on her upstroke and it sent shivers up Damon’s spine. Much like Denise (and Alicia) she couldn’t fit Damon’s whole cock in her mouth, but she made do with what she could wrap her lips around. She came up for air and Denise took over, swallowing her stepbrother’s cock. They took turns sucking his cock, whoever wasn’t working on a mouthful of cock was gently caressing his balls while looking seductively at him. Eventually Denise stood up and kissed him and they stood watching Bridgette go to town on his cock.

“Who knew my baby cousin was such a good cocksucker?” Damon asked.

“She is very good with her mouth,” Denise said.

“Yes she is,” Damon said. “Wait a minute? You two…?”

Denise smiled and nodded.

“I knew she was bisexual, but you…?”

Denise nodded again, “I like pussy and cock. I fucked my roomie Lisa, and I fucked your cousin.”

Damon knew he was close, but he wanted to fuck Bridgette, but not in the shower.

“Let’s take this upstairs.” Damon said.

Bridgette gave his cock one last lick before standing up and exchanging another kiss with Damon. They turned off the water and dried off as they headed upstairs to Denise’s room.

“God Bridgette, your body is amazing.” he said as the three of them got into bed. Damon in the middle, Bridgette on his right, Denise on his left.

“So is yours,” She said, running her hands up and down his torso. “I guess I can tell you now, I’ve always kind of had the hots for you. I know we joked around and teased each other all the time, but I’ve had a thing for you for a while. I wish I would have said something when I came out of my ugly duckling phase.”

“‘Gette, you were 15, I was 16. I’d only gotten as far as kissing Regina at that point, never mind sex. I wouldn’t have known what to do even if you did tell me. I mean it would be another two years before I eventually lost my virginity to Regina.”

“Well you know what to do now.” Denise said, “So go ahead and fuck her, I know you want to, I know she wants to and I admit, I wanna watch. I wanna see the look on her face when that huge cock of yours enters her.”

Damon turned to Bridgette.

“Do it. Fuck me, Damon.” she said.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” he said with a grin on his face.

The three of them adjusted their positions on the bed, Bridgette on her back, Denise to her left, and Damon poised above her, his cock inches away from her wet and eager pussy.

“You ready?” he asked.

She looked up at him, down to his cock, and back up at his face with pleading eyes. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. Denise grabbed a bottle of lube she had bought with her (that she’d thought she’d only be using for masturbation purposes), squeezed some into her handl, reached down and lubed up Damon’s cock before she helped guide it into Bridgette. She wanted her to be more prepared for it than she was. Bridgette squealed with excitement and shock when she truly realized how big her cousin’s cock was.

“Holy fuck,” she gasped as Damon inched all the way into her.

Denise couldn’t help but feel excited as she watched Damon’s huge cock disappear into Bridgette. She knew exactly what she was feeling, and could tell by the look on her face that much like the first time Damon fucked her, Bridgette had never felt a cock as huge as the one Damon possessed. Once Damon was all the way inside her, Bridgette’s face was flush with excitement.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “You were right, Denise. It feels like he’s gonna rip me in half.”

“Just relax,” Denise said, “Fuck her slow at first. Let her get used to it.”

“‘Nese, I know how to fuck.” he said.

“Yeah, but she’s never had a cock as big as yours in her. Let her get used to it like I have.” Denise said.

“Let me worry about that,” Bridgette moaned. “Go ahead Damon, fuck me.”

Bridgette was already wet with anticipation, and the lube made it easier for Damon to start sliding his cock in and out of her. Bridgette started moaning in pleasure as she slowly got used to being stretched out by a cock that was much larger than her boyfriends. Denise watched as Damon’s cock plunged in and out of Bridgette’s cunt, and started masturbating, waiting patiently for her turn to get hammered by her stepbrother.

“How does it feel?” Denise asked.

“Oh my god ‘Nese,” Bridgette gasped, “It’s everything you said and more.”

“She’s so tight,” Damon moaned as he fucked his cousin.

“She’ll loosen up,” Denise said, “Just like I did.”

“As much as I wanted this, I still can’t believe it’s happening.” Damon said. “Part of me thinks I’m gonna wake up in my room and realize the last few days have been a very vivid dream.”

“Well if it is a dream, enjoy it.” Bridgette moaned.

Denise leaned up and kissed Damon as she positioned her pussy over Bridgette’s face. Bridgette licked her lips in anticipation as she saw what Denise was planning and eagerly started licking Denise’s cunt. Denise and Damon were facing each other and kissed again before Damon leaned down to suck on Denise’s tits. She leaned back a bit to give him better access. She groaned in pleasure as Damon worked on her tits and Bridgette worked on her pussy. Damon never stopped thrusting into Bridgette, and couldn’t believe his luck.

First Denise, then her mother, then his aunt, then Denise’s grandmother, then Michelle, all his nightly sessions with Denise and now he could add Bridgette to his list of family members he’d fucked. Unbeknownst to him, he was the first one to “complete the set”.

“Let’s roll her over,” Damon said, “I wanna fuck her from behind.”

Denise grinned at him and moved off of Bridgette’s face.

“Don’t I get a say?” Bridgette said, frowning as Damon pulled out of her.

“No.” Denise said, “I got a better idea. How about I lay under you and you get back to eating my pussy, and I’ll lick your clit while my brother fucks you.”

“I like that idea,” Damon said, pulling Bridgette up, so Denise could get into position.

Once Denise was in position, Bridgette got on top of her in the 69 position and Damon slid his cock back into his cousin from behind. The bedroom was filled with the sounds of all three of the moaning (although Denise and Bridgette’s moans were somewhat muffled) and the sound of Damon’s hips colliding with Bridgette’s ass. He looked down and gave one of her cheeks a firm squeeze. She had a gorgeous, perfect ass. Just like her mother, he wondered for a brief moment if he could fit his cock in her ass, like he did with Amy, then pushed the thought out of his mind. Although he did make a mental note to pay his aunt a visit.

Denise, from her position on her back, got an up close look at Damon’s cock sliding in and out of Bridgette while at the same time enjoying the feel of Bridgette’s tongue on her clit. She made sure to lick the bottom of Damon’s cock a few times when he pulled out before going back to teasing Bridgette’s clit. She never thought letting a secret slip would be so rewarding. She had to make sure to keep her mouth shut about her and Clay though. She wasn’t sure how Damon — or her mother — would react if they found out. Of course she had no idea about the two of them, or that her mother set Damon up with Michelle.

Damon knew he wouldn’t last much longer and he knew Denise would also want to be fucked before they were done with him. He had gone twice with Denise, Sonja and Michelle, so he knew he’d have no problem going from Bridgette to Denise. The thought pushed him over the edge and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“OH FUCK!” he yelled and a moment later he grunted in pleasure as he came, pumping several thick loads deep into Bridgette. Well, mostly into Bridgette, Denise pulled his cock out and his last couple of loads landed on her face. As Damon moved to the side and flopped onto his back to catch his breath Denise leaned up to Bridgette’s pussy and sucked most of Damon’s cum out of Bridgette. The thought of what she was doing gave her a thrill that triggered her own orgasm, and she screamed in pleasure as she had a bed shaking climax. That triggered Bridgette and she moaned loudly from between Denise’s legs as she had an orgasm of her own.

Damon just watched idly stroking his cock as his cousin and step sister had almost simultaneous orgasms. Finally, after both girls had hit their peaks and then came back down, Bridgette rolled off of Denise and then adjusted herself so she was laying between Damon and Denise.

“So, to answer your earlier question, Damon,” Bridgette finally said, “This is what we’re gonna do for the next two weeks.”

“I have no problem with that.” he said.

Denise looked over at his cock, sticking up like a flagpole. “You ready for more big brother?”

“What’d you have in mind?” he asked.

“Well,” Denise said, getting up and crawling over Bridgette, “I figured maybe I could sit on that huge cock of yours while Bridgette sits her sexy ass on your face and you lick her sweet pussy.”

“Works for me,” he said as Denise straddled his hips, “‘Gette?”

“I’m not gonna say no to that,” Bridgette said, sitting up and straddling Damon’s face, “Let’s see if you eat pussy as good as you fuck.”

“Oh he does,” Denise said, lowering herself onto Damon’s cock, “Oh yes, I cannot get enough of this cock!”

Bridgette squealed in pleasure as Damon’s tongue touched her swollen clit and leaned forward bracing herself on the headboard of Denise’s bed. Since she had her back to Denise, Denise could only watch as Damon licked his cousin’s pussy while she rode his cock. Bridgette looked down, past her sweat covered tits to make eye contact with Damon who was as good with his tongue as he was with his cock, just like Denise had told her. She leaned back and Denise wrapped her arms around her and grabbed her tits. Bridgette twisted her head around as far as she could to kiss Denise as the two of them rode Damon’s cock and face.

Several minutes later after Damon had gotten Bridgette off and then exploded inside Denise the three of them lay in a sweaty heap, Damon in the middle, Denise on his right and Bridgette on his left.

“So, not that I’m complaining, but why did you tell her?” he asked Denise.

“I didn’t mean to, but…”

So the girls told him everything about their first shopping trip, from subtly to openly admiring each other’s bodies, their confessions of being bisexual, the sex when they got back to Bridgette’s place, and Denise letting slip that she’d slept with Damon.

“That was the first time I ever admitted to anyone besides myself that I’d thought about fucking you,” Bridgette said, “Our little shopping trip yesterday was to buy those bikinis.”

“You mean those eyepatches held together with dental floss?” Damon asked. “I mean come on, one of my socks has more material than both of your suits put together!”

The girls laughed, “Well that was kind of the idea.” Denise admitted, “We knew you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes off us, just like we couldn’t keep our eyes off you.”

“Especially that bulge in your swim trunks.” Bridgette said, “You didn’t hide it as well as you think you did.”

“Well look at it!” Denise said, pointing to Damon’s semi hard cock. “That’s not exactly the easiest thing to hide. Speaking of hiding, we can’t afford to slip up again.”

“What do you mean ‘we’? YOU slipped up and told her about us.” Damon said.

“Whatever,” Denise said, slapping him playfully on the arm, “But seriously, this has to stay between the three of us. If our respective parents found out about this, they’d hit the fucking roof.”

Speaking of their parents, when Clay and Sonja finally called after arriving in Hawaii and working out the six hour time difference, Damon and Denise told them everything was fine and once again told them not to worry about them and to enjoy their honeymoon. For the next two weeks Damon, Denise and Bridgette got together almost everyday and had threesomes in every possible combination and position in almost every room in the house and out by the pool. A couple of times Amy called and asked Damon to come help her “move some furniture” which of course was code for “come over here and fuck my brains out”, leaving Denise and Bridgette to have fun without him. They also made time to see their old high school friends who they still kept in touch with. Regardless of what (or who) they did during the day, Damon and Denise always fucked each other silly before they went to bed at night.

As much fun as those two weeks were, eventually they were over and Clay and Sonja came back home, and as hard as everyone tried to keep their secrets, the dam was about to break.


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