All in the (Step) Family Ch. 11-2

“Apparently I got them from my grandmother,” Michelle said, reaching out to grope Sonja again, “The big tit gene skipped my mother and landed smack dab on my chest. I’m already a 36D, I think my grandmother was like a 44F or something like that.”

“36D?” Sonja asked, “Damn, I’m only a 30B.”

“You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” Michelle said, and leaned forward and took one of Sonja’s pert nipples into her mouth for what would be the first of many times.

After a few minutes, Sonja pushed Michelle back and paid her back in kind, sucking on Michelle’s big brown mounds.

“I can’t tell you how many times I touched myself thinking about this,” Sonja said, “Thinking about you, about us.”

“Same,” Michelle said. “I had some pretty intense orgasms imagining all the things we could do to each other.”

“I am so wet right now.”

“Show me,” Michelle said. “Let me see your cute little pussy.”

“Only if I can see yours.” Sonja said.

Both girls stripped off their shorts and panties and sat naked on the bed and for the first time openly admired each other’s bodies. It felt good to be able to look at each other without having to act like they weren’t.

“Show me how you play with your pussy,” Michelle said, spreading her legs, licking her fingers, and moving them to her neatly trimmed pussy.

Sonja mirrored Michelle’s actions and both girls started openly masturbating for each other. They were torn between looking each other in the eyes and watching their hands between their legs. Sonja plunged two fingers deep inside her and threw her head back and moaned. Michelle was furiously rubbing her clit, her teeth grit in concentration as she watched Sonja finger fuck herself. Sonja opened her eyes and slightly adjusted her position on the bed, so she could lean in and kiss Michelle as the two of them continued to masturbate.

Michelle got bold and reached between Sonja’s legs and pushed her hand out of the way, and plunged her fingers into Sonja.

“‘Chelle what are you… oh my fucking god!”

She quickly took the hint and slid her fingers between Michelle’s legs and they made eye contact as they masturbated each other.

“That’s it,” Michelle gasped, “Finger my sweet black pussy baby. Pump those fucking fingers in me.”

“Oh fuck, that feels so goddamn good,” Sonja grunted, “I’m so close ‘Chelle. You’re gonna make me cum. I’m so fucking close baby.”

“Me too,” Michelle groaned, “I’m almost there. Fuck, just like that, yes, yes, yes…”

Michelle hit her peak and had her first orgasm at the hands (literally) of Sonja. She hadn’t discovered her hidden talent for squirting yet, but she did have a very wet, very intense orgasm. She moaned and groaned incoherently as she contracted her pussy around Sonja’s pumping fingers.

Sonja watched Michelle as she came and almost as soon as Michelle came down, Sonja hit her own peak and squealed in pleasure as Michelle gave her the first of many orgasms. Much like Michelle, she didn’t say anything that resembled actual words, just grunts and groans of sexual pleasure as she came. While her orgasm was just as intense as Michelle’s, it wasn’t as wet.

Both girls pulled their fingers from each other’s pussies and looked from their fingers, slick with pussy juice to each other, back to their fingers, and then back to each other. Michelle looked directly into Sonja’s eyes as she seductively stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean.

“You taste good,” she said.

Sonja kept eye contact as she licked her own fingers clean. “So do you.”

They maintained eye contact while they licked their fingers clean, once they were done they leaned in and kissed each other again before collapsing down onto the bed, Sonja wrapped in Michelle’s arms.

“I really wish I was brave enough to say something earlier,” Sonja said.

“Hey, better late than never, right?” Michelle said.

“Really?” Sonja said, giggling a bit. “You’re gonna throw that old chestnut at me? You’re a walking cliché machine sometimes, you know that?”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

“Damn right I do.” Sonja said.

From that point on, whenever they were out and about they acted like nothing had changed. They were still best friends, and stayed with their boyfriends, but behind closed doors they explored their new relationship as lovers. A relationship that had survived two (now three) marriages, one child and two unfortunate deaths.

“Thirty one years, and it never gets old.” Michelle said, back in the present day.

“I still regret not telling you sooner.” Sonja said.

“Well I’ll tell you what,” Michelle said, “How about you eat my pussy, and I’ll consider forgiving you.”

“How about you forgive me as a wedding present and YOU eat ME?” Sonja said.

“Now who’s being a demanding little cunt?” Michelle said, laughing. “How about we eat each other?”

She leaned over and kissed Sonja before swinging her body around and lowering her dripping snatch onto Sonja’s face. Sonja happily started licking Michelle’s pussy just as she felt Michelle’s tongue on her clit. Unlike the times they’d spent in college learning the ropes of how to please another woman, now they had it down to a science. It was almost second nature to them no matter how much time had passed between seeing each other. Didn’t matter if it was a couple days or several months. Sonja and Michelle knew each other’s body just as well as they knew their own.

Within moments Michelle was expertly sucking Sonja’s pussy. She could feel Sonja writhing underneath her and again felt a swell of love that she could never adequately put into words, but knew the feeling. Outside of her wedding, the day she met Sonja was the best day of her life and she wouldn’t trade their friendship for anything. Much like with Sonja, it wasn’t just the sex, it was everything about their relationship.

Within the space of a few minutes both women could feel another orgasm building.

“You gonna cum for me bitch?” Michelle grunted.

“Yes… oh fuck ‘Chelle… I’m almost there.” Sonja gasped. “Lick that fucking cunt, baby. Make me fucking cum!”

Sonja squealed in pleasure and her body jerked and convulsed as her orgasm hit at almost the same time that Michelle’s did. Michelle threw her head back and cried out in pleasure as she squirted all over Sonja’s face. Both women rode out their orgasms and Michelle turned around before collapsing on top of Sonja and the two lay there for a solid minute just kissing each other.

“It’s getting late,” Sonja finally said, “I should probably clean up and get back.”

“Do you have to?”

“‘Fraid so,” Sonja said untangling herself from Michelle and getting up, “But I am gonna need some help cleaning those ‘hard to get areas’, if you know what I mean.”

“Well we can’t have that now, can we?” Michelle asked, laughing as she got out of bed and followed Sonja to the bathroom.

“And just where have you been all this time?” Denise asked when Sonja finally arrived home a half hour later.

“Top secret BFF stuff.” Sonja said, walking over to where Clay was sitting and leaned down to give him a kiss. “How was your golf game dear?”

“Mr. ‘I’m a little rusty’ over here,” Clay said, gesturing towards Sonja’s father, “Kicked both our asses. What was he, 3 under par dad?”

Andre nodded. Jake just smiled and shrugged, “Just lucky I guess.”

“Luck nothing,” Clay said, laughing. “I think we got conned. Good thing we didn’t put money on the game.”

The rest of the day passed without incident, they had some leftovers from the wedding reception for dinner and eventually retired for the night. When Damon was sure everyone was asleep he slipped into Denise’s room, and then slipped into Denise.

Little did he know, she had been plotting with Bridgette earlier in the day. After all, their parents were leaving for their honeymoon in two days.


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