All in the (Step) Family Ch. 11-1

Author’s note: This takes place simultaneously with the events of Chapter 10.

Michelle and Sonja headed off to the spa day that Michelle had reserved as Sonja’s wedding present, while Clay, Andre and Jake headed off to play golf, Amy took Damon to her place to help put her dresser together (and fuck), leaving Denise and Bridgette with their grandmothers to have a girls day in.

“So spill it.” Sonja said, once they got going. She let Michelle drive since she knew where the spa was.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Michelle said, unsuccessfully hiding a smirk.

“Bullshit. How was he?”

“Oh my fucking god Sonja,” Michelle gushed, “You were right. That boy can fuck! God, I haven’t been fucked that good in a very long time. In fact, I’ve NEVER been fucked like that.”

“Told you.” Sonja said.

“Of course you didn’t warn me about how much he cums,” Michelle said, “I thought he would never stop the first time he exploded in me. Then I could barely swallow all of it when I blew him. Then again I suppose I deserved that because I didn’t warn him when I squirted all over his face.”

“So tell me about this spa day you booked for us.” Sonja said, changing the subject because she was getting horny.

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

“You’re so mean.”

They finally reached the spa and over the course of the next couple of hours they both got full body massages, relaxed in the sauna, got facials, pedicures and got their hair styled.

“God, that was great, I feel like a new woman!” Sonja said as they were leaving. “I needed that. I never realized how much stress the wedding was putting on me over the past week. Thanks ‘Chelle.”

“Anything for you,” Michelle said, “But that was only the first part of your present.”

“Oh really?” Sonja asked, as they reached the car. “What’s the second part?”

“Oh I think you know.” Michelle said, grinning.

Sonja drove as fast as she dared to Michelle’s hotel, and as soon as they were in the room they fell into bed, practically tearing each other’s clothes off as they did. They rolled over and over trying to pin the other down, finally Michelle got the upper hand.

“Quit squirming,” she said, “How am I supposed to sit on your face if you keep moving?”

Sonja finally quit struggling against her best friend and let Michelle lower her pussy onto her face. She eagerly started licking and sucking Michelle’s pussy. Sonja had a lot of different scenarios running through her head, a threesome with her, Michelle and Damon, a threesome with her, Michelle and Amy, a threesome with her, Michelle and Clay, a foursome with her Michelle, Damon and Clay, a fivesome (“When does it officially become an orgy?” she asked herself) with her, Michelle, Clay, Damon and Amy. Hell, might as well throw Bridgette and Denise in as well. What was it she had told Michelle the other day? Oh yeah, complete the set.

She pushed the thought aside and concentrated on eating Michelle’s pussy. The first pussy she’d ever had the pleasure of tasting. It was also the one she’d spent the most time with. If it wasn’t for the fact that she liked cock as much as she liked pussy, she would have happily spent the rest of her life with Michelle. Michelle braced herself against the headboard and looked down into Sonja’s eyes. Even though they’d been lovers on and off for the better part of 30 years, Michelle still felt a special thrill when she was having sex with Sonja. She couldn’t describe it, but she knew the feeling as well as she knew her own name.

Sonja locked eyes with Michelle, and felt the same thing. The two women had a bond that not many people did. It went beyond friendship and sex. She wouldn’t say Michelle was her soulmate (that would be Clay), but she was close. She was soulmate-adjacent. She loved her new husband, and had from the second she laid eyes on him, but she loved Michelle too. As a “sister”, friend and lover. She expertly probed Michelle’s pussy with her lips and tongue, as she knew exactly what to do to push all of Michelle’s buttons. She reached down between her legs and started pushing her own buttons.

Michelle’s breathing picked up as Sonja played her greatest hits on her pussy, and she knew she was only a matter of moments before she’d explode. She was grunting and groaning and grinding her pussy on Sonja’s face and finally let out a cry of “OH FUCK!” and started rubbing her clit as she exploded, spraying a torrent of pussy juice down onto Sonja’s face. Sonja opened her mouth and tried to catch as much of Michelle’s juices as she could. Michelle was still rubbing her clit, squirting all over her best friend’s face and whimpering in pleasure as she finally felt her orgasm subside.

She leaned down and hungrily kissed Sonja, and licked her juices off of Sonja’s face. “Your turn.” she said, kissing her way down Sonja’s body.

Sonja eagerly parted her inked up legs for Michelle, grabbing another pillow to put under her head so she could watch Michelle eat her out. She loved watching when Michelle (or anybody really) licked her pussy. But especially when it was Michelle. Michelle wanted to give Sonja something to remember her by when she left on her honeymoon in a couple of days, so she threw everything she had into her performance between Sonja’s legs. Sonja was already soaking wet with anticipation due to playing with herself while she was eating Michelle’s pussy. She moaned in appreciation as she felt Michelle’s tongue expertly slide along the soft wet folds of her pussy, from her clit down to just above her asshole and back up.

Much like Sonja knew how to push Michelle’s buttons, Michelle knew how to push Sonja’s. She slowly pushed two fingers deep inside Sonja while simultaneously sucking on Sonja’s engorged clit. Sonja was watching Michelle, smiling and moaning happily, as she felt her “sister” pump her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. She always tried to revel in the moment, especially when she was having sex, but her mind kept jumping back to the idea of sharing Michelle with not just Damon, but the rest of her new family too. Much like Damon fantasized about all the women in the family watching him fuck his aunt, Sonja closed her eyes for a minute and pictured Damon behind Michelle fucking her, while she sucked Clay’s cock. Amy, Denise and Bridgette were standing next to the bed watching intently, the three of them masturbating furiously as they watched. Her eyes snapped open as she realized that the thought of having the whole family involved was making her cum.

Michelle could tell Sonja was about to cum and pulled her fingers out, and seconds later was rewarded with a wordless scream of pleasure from Sonja followed by a mouthful of pussy juice. Images of her whole family watching her cum filled Sonja’s head as she groaned and squirmed on the bed in orgasmic pleasure. Finally her orgasm subsided and she could feel Michelle crawling up her body. The two locked lips when they were face to face. Michelle rolled off and lay next to Sonja.

“I love you so much,” Michelle said, smiling as she took Sonja’s hand in hers, and kissed it.

“I love you too, ‘Chelle.” Sonja said.

“You know, I was tempted to fuck Damon when he came to pick me up earlier.” Michelle said, “But I knew I didn’t have enough time, so I just sucked that magnificent cock of his.”

“So THAT’S why you wanted him to come pick you up you slut.” Sonja said, giggling. “I’ve only had him twice so far.”

“And you’re gonna have him for the rest of the summer.” Michelle said, “Once you get back from your honeymoon that is.”

“Well if you’d move back here like I keep asking you to…” Sonja said.

“I’m seriously considering it.” Michelle said.

“Plus, I’m like 99% sure he’s fucking Denise.” Sonja said.

“Well that escalated quickly.” Michelle said, “They’ve known each other what, a little over a week now? How can you be so sure anyway?”

“I’m her mother,” Sonja said, “Call it a mother’s instinct.”

“When have they found the time?”

“Where there’s a will there’s a way,” Sonja said, “If we could find time back when we first started fucking, then they’ve found time.”

“What are you gonna do about it?” Michelle asked, getting worked up as an image of Damon fucking Denise flashed through her mind.

“Nothing. At least not right now.” Sonja said. “Right now, I’m gonna fuck my best friend.”

“No you’re not,” Michelle said, “At least not yet. Your best friend is gonna fuck you.”

Michelle rolled off the bed and Sonja took a moment to drink in every inch of Michelle’s lithe tattooed body. She knew every design on Michelle’s body since she had put them there herself. Michelle reached into her suitcase and pulled out her strap on. Sonja smiled and then laughed.

“Please tell me you didn’t put that in your carry on!”

Michelle laughed as well as she slipped the sex toy on. “I did. But I’m guessing the TSA was either too embarrassed to ask me about it, or it’s not the first one they’ve seen. Now part those creamy thighs of yours.”

Much like Sonja had done when Michelle got out of bed, Michelle took a moment to admire Sonja’s inked up body splayed out on the bed. She then crawled onto the bed as Sonja spread her legs for her best friend.

“You ready honey?” Michelle asked.

“I’m always ready for you.” Sonja said.

They locked eyes and Michelle expertly guided the strap on into Sonja’s eager pussy. Sonja gasped and moaned as seven inches of molded silicone filled her up. It was nowhere near as big and thick as Clay or Damon, but neither was the one Amy had used on her a few days earlier. That didn’t matter though, Sonja was happy just knowing that Michelle was on the other end of the sex toy. And Michelle knew how to fuck her better than anyone else, with the possible exception of Clay and Damon.

Once Michelle was all the way in she leaned down and kissed Sonja before she started mercilessly fucking her. Again Michelle was amazed at how much of a thrill it was to be intimate with Sonja. She never got tired of it. She and Sonja had been having sex ever since they were 19 years old, but it never got old or boring or repetitive. Instead it only got better. She pushed every other thought out of her head, and concentrated on giving Sonja her wedding present. A good hard fucking.

Sonja looked up at Michelle and felt pretty much the same way. Despite the fact that the sight of Michelle pounding away at her was something she was used to, she sometimes couldn’t believe it was really happening. She felt incredibly lucky to have a friend like Michelle, and It wasn’t just the sex. Michelle was the first person outside of her family that Sonja really felt a connection with. She could tell Michelle anything. Good, bad and everything in between. Michelle wouldn’t judge her but would try to help her out any way she could. When she first met Michelle 40 years ago, she instantly knew they would be best friends for life. Literal BFF’s. Much like Michelle she cleared her head and concentrated on the here and now, and the absolute pounding Michelle was giving her.

Michelle suddenly pulled out and lightly slapped Sonja on her hip. “Roll over bitch. I wanna look at that fine ass of yours while I fuck you.”

“Demanding little cunt aren’t you?” Sonja said, flipping over and getting up on her hands and knees.

Michelle jammed the strap on into Sonja from behind getting a surprised yelp. “Bitch, there ain’t nothin’ little about me.”

“Shut up and fuck me.” Sonja grunted.

Michelle grabbed Sonja’s tattooed hips and started slamming the strap on deep inside of her. She ran her hands up Sonja’s body, from her ass to her shoulders and back down again. The other end of the strap on was rubbing against her clit and Michelle increased her speed and intensity for the benefit of both of them. Sonja was grunting and groaning like a wild animal, and occasionally forming words like “Oh god”, “fuck me”, “more”, and “yes”. She knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she came, she threw her head back, whipping her black and blue hair out of her face and looked back at Michelle.

“Fuck me harder, ‘Chelle.” she grunted, “I’m almost there… make me cum baby.”

“Yeah, cum for me baby.” Michelle grunted, grabbing Sonja’s hips and hammering her as hard as she possibly could.

Sonja squealed in pleasure and her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt her orgasm build and when it hit she buried her head in the pillow and let loose with a scream that would have probably been heard in the neighboring rooms had she not muffled it. Her pussy contracted around the strap on and she could feel her warm juices flow out of her and down her legs. Her body shook and she whimpered in pleasure as she rode out her orgasm. Michelle slowed the pace and Sonja’s body twitched a little before Michelle pulled all the way out and Sonja collapsed face first on the bed.

Michelle flopped on the bed next to Sonja who finally pulled her face out of the pillow. For a long moment neither of them said anything. They just looked at each other, trying to catch their breath.

“My turn.” Sonja finally said. She reached down and started tugging on the strap on, “Gimmie.”

Michelle and Sonja worked together to move the strap on from Michelle to Sonja. Michelle moved to the middle of the bed and Sonja parted her thighs and slid two fingers inside her.

“Ooh, nice and wet,” Sonja said, pulling her fingers out and licking them clean.

“Quit teasing me.” Michelle moaned, “Fuck me.”

Sonja crawled on top of Michelle, “Bitch, don’t tell me what the fuck to do. This is all about what I want, right? My present. I’ll do what I want, and you’ll fucking deal with it.”

She threw Michelle’s legs over her shoulders and rubbed the head of the strap on over Michelle’s clit making the other woman jump. She teased Michelle, running the head of the sex toy all over Michelle’s soaked and hungry pussy, but not actually entering her. At least not yet. She was gonna have a little fun. Michelle kept thrusting her hips at Sonja, and finally Sonja gave her a light slap on the ass.

“Stop it.” she said.

“Then stop teasing me,” Michelle moaned.

Sonja suddenly slid all the way inside Michelle in one smooth move. Michelle was so wet Sonja was willing to bet both Damon and Clay could easily fit their fat cocks inside her at the same time. She immediately started slamming the silicone cock into Michelle’s cunt, earning a throaty groan of approval. She pretty much folded Michelle in half, until her knees were touching her magnificent 44DD tits. Michelle was so worked up she knew it wouldn’t be long before she had another orgasm. She flashed back to fucking Damon yesterday and sucking his cock this morning and lost it.

She looked up at Sonja and could only manage to get out the word “cumming” before she exploded. Sonja pulled out and watched as Michelle grunted and squirted all over the bed, her legs and of course Sonja herself. Sonja wiped pussy juice off her body and licked her fingers clean until Michelle finally stopped gushing. When Michelle let loose with a long shuddering breath Sonja lay down on top of her, pressing her body, now covered in sweat and Michelle’s pussy juice against Michelle and kissed her best friend.

“Holy fuck,” Michelle gasped, “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that fast before.”

“You know, I think you’re right,” Sonja said, “Usually you last a lot longer than that.”

“I guess the last couple of days got me worked up.”

“Thinking about Damon?” Sonja asked, rolling off Michelle and removing the strap on.

“Yes. I can’t help it. He’s better than any man I’ve ever had.” Michelle said.

“He’s right up there with his father, that’s for damn sure.” Sonja said. “You wanna know what I was thinking about?”


“Our first time.” Sonja said, “Do you remember that?”

“Like it was yesterday.”

Both women cast their minds back to 1991 and the apartment they shared when they were in college. They were sitting on the couch watching TV one night when Sonja turned to Michelle.

“Hey, ‘Chelle, can I tell you something?” Sonja asked.

“Sure, hon,” Michelle said, then looked at Sonja and saw the look on her face, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, no, maybe, I don’t know.” Sonja said.

Michelle turned off the TV. “Sonja, what is it? You know you can tell me anything. You’re my best friend, you’re my sister. You know I’m not gonna judge you. Whatever it is, I’m here for you.”

Sonja took a deep breath. “Okay,” she said, “I think I’m bisexual. I guess I always have been but never knew how to say it before. And goddammit, I think I’m in love with you.”

Michelle sighed with relief, “Is that all?”

“That’s not exactly the response I was expecting.” Sonja said.

“Shit, girl, I fell in love with you practically the second I laid eyes on you.” Michelle said, “But I get it. We were both ten, and I didn’t really understand my strong attraction to you. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long. I was worried it would ruin our friendship.”

“Really?” Sonja asked, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, “Because that’s the same reason I didn’t tell you. But I can’t keep it inside anymore. I had to say something, being as close as we are, I’d hate myself if I went the rest of my life without saying something.”

“You know, it’s that old saying about hindsight being 20/20,” Michelle said, “If I had known you felt that way about me back then, I would have said something. Well, maybe not when we were ten, but you know what I mean. Either way, I wish I’d known earlier.”


“Well we know now.” Michelle said, “So what do we do about it?”

“This.” Sonja said, and leaned forward and kissed Michelle for the first time.

Michelle was shocked at first, but leaned into the kiss and gently cupped Sonja’s face in her hands. They broke the kiss and sat there, looking into each other’s eyes. Then they kissed again, with a little more passion. They got up and headed for Sonja’s bedroom. They kissed again.

“I’ve dreamt about this for so long, but now that the moment’s here…” Sonja said, “I’m so nervous. I mean I’ve never done this before.”

“Neither have I,” Michelle said, “This is new for both of us. But I trust you more than anyone else in the world. Let’s just take it slow.”

Sonja nodded and kissed Michelle again.

“You’re a good kisser.” she said when they came up for air.

“Better than your boyfriend?” Michelle asked.

“Much better.”

“That’s because he doesn’t love you like I do.” Michelle said.

“Am I better than your boyfriend?” Sonja asked.

“Oh baby, you blow him out of the water!” Michelle said.

They kissed again and Michelle nibbled her way down Sonja’s neck, causing Sonja to throw her head back and moan. Michelle kept working her way down along Sonja’s chest until she reached the top of Sonja’s shirt. She looked up at Sonja and they locked eyes.

“Can I?” Michelle asked, gently tugging on the shirt.

Sonja could only nod and let Michelle pull her shirt off. This wasn’t the first time Michelle had seen Sonja’s tits. They had to share a bathroom and it was unavoidable that they’d see each other naked, and had on several occasions. However they both had to fight the urge to do anything other than silently admire each other. But now things were different. Michelle gently cupped Sonja’s tits in her hands.

“God I’ve wanted to get my hands on these for so long,” Michelle said, “Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to not grab you and suck on these gorgeous tits of yours whenever I saw you naked?”

“About as hard as it was for me to not grab yours,” Sonja said. “You’ve got the most amazing tits I’ve ever seen.”

“Wanna see them again?” Michelle asked, and before Sonja could answer, Michelle peeled her shirt off and exposed her tits to Sonja’s hungry eyes.

“God ‘Chelle,” Sonja said, reaching out and fondling Michelle’s chest. “How did you get so lucky?”

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