All in the (Step) Family Ch. 10-2

“Harder goddamn it,” she grunted through gritted teeth at him, “You haven’t forgotten already have you? Fuck. Me. Harder.”

Damon grabbed his aunt’s hips and started fucking her as hard as he could, slamming his hips into hers as he drove his cock in and out of her gorgeous ass, watching his cock slide in and out of her, and hearing her moan in pleasure as he fucked her as hard as he could muster.

She reached up between her legs and started massaging her clit and was so worked up she came almost as soon as she touched herself. Her orgasm was so intense, her legs gave out and she collapsed face first on the bed, pulling herself off Damon’s cock with an obscene *SHLORP* sound. Damon didn’t let that stop him. He readjusted himself and easily slid his cock right back into her ass.

Amy gasped at the feel of Damon sliding back into her, but welcomed it. She turned her head as far as she could to look at her nephew. She didn’t need to say anything, Damon locked eyes with his aunt and started hammering her ass again. All she could do was nod slightly and moan “Yes” over and over.

For the next few minutes the only sound in the room were the sounds of Damon’s hips crashing into Amy’s ass cheeks, his moaning, her moans of “yes” slightly muffled by the bed, and the squeaking of the bed in time with Damon’s thrusts into his aunt’s ass.

Finally he felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm creeping up on him.

“Oh fuck aunt Amy,” he grunted, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, cum in my fucking ass!” she screamed back at him.

A second later he did just that, thrusting his cock all the way inside her and pumped jet after jet after jet of cum deep into his aunt’s bowels. Amy smiled and moaned happily as she felt Damon’s cock throb inside her as he came. Damon saw the smile on his aunt’s face as he pumped what felt like gallons of cum into her. Finally when he knew he was spent he slowly pulled his cock free of his aunt’s asshole and collapsed in a sweaty heap next to her.

Amy looked at him and smiled as he looked back at her. She leaned over and kissed him.

“We’re gonna have to take another shower.” he said when they broke the kiss.

“Yeah, I guess we will,” she said, moving over to snuggle next to him.

Sometime later the two had indeed taken another shower and were in the car, heading back to Clay’s house to drop Damon off and pick Bridgette up.

“You know,” Amy said, “I might need more help ‘moving some furniture’ in the next couple of weeks.”

“Just let me know when.” Damon said, grinning.


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