All in the (Step) Family Ch. 09-2

Damon couldn’t believe how unbelievably lucky he was. First Denise, then Sonja, then his aunt Amy and now Michelle. He was determined to fuck Bridgette as well. Much like Sonja, he wanted to “complete the set”. But right now, his main concern was the Nubian goddess below him, and the tight, wet pussy he was mercilessly hammering. He let go of her arms over her head and braced himself with both arms on either side of her.

“Oh my god,” Michelle groaned as Damon picked up the pace, “I’m not just saying this, but you’re hands down, the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” Damon asked, not stopping or even slowing down.

“I told you before, I mean what I say.” she panted. “You’re fucking me better than any man I’ve ever fucked. Including my late husband.”

With that ego boost, Damon doubled down and started hammering Michelle’s pussy so hard, he was convinced they would break the bed, but he had no intentions of stopping. Not until both of them came. He was getting closer and closer with each stroke. The feel of Michelle’s soaking wet cunt, the sight of her gorgeous face, her sweat covered jiggling tits, the memory of her squirting all over his face, it was all too much to take and he let loose grunting so loud he was convinced they could hear him back at the house.

Michelle’s eyes went wide when Damon’s cock was thrust deep inside her and she could feel it twitch as Damon filled her with so much cum it felt like a firehose going off inside her. She lost it, she pulled Damon’s face down to hers and kissed him and simultaneously moaned into his mouth as her orgasm hit almost as soon as Damon’s died down. She felt her pussy contract around Damon’s huge cock and her juices shoot out of her. Damon felt the warmth of her orgasmic juices spraying out around his cock, but he didn’t move, mainly because Michelle had wrapped her arms and legs around him, so he couldn’t have moved even if he wanted to. And he didn’t want to.

After both of them had come down off of their orgasmic highs, he slowly pulled out of her and collapsed next to her.

“Jesus Christ,” Michelle said, “Now I know what a fucking Twinkie feels like. You came enough for three fucking people.”

“And you,” Damon said, “I swear, that pussy is like a goddamn waterfall.”

“There’s more where that came from,” she said, rolling onto her side and looked down, “Still hard, I see. Sonja told me you can go twice.”

“You want more?”

“Goddamn right I do,” she said, smiling.

“Then get on your hands and knees.” Damon said. “I wanna fuck you from behind.”

“You just wanna look at my ass.” Michelle laughed assuming the position.

“No, I just wanna bury my cock in that steaming hot cunt of yours,” Damon said, getting in position behind her. “Looking at your fine ass is just a plus.”

Michelle grunted as Damon lined up his cock with her still soaked pussy and slid all the way into her.

“Jesus, fucking warn me before you shove that goddamn monster in me!”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Damon asked. “Plus, you didn’t warn me when you nearly drowned me with eight gallons of pussy juice.”

“It wasn’t eight gallons,” Michelle said, “It was only seven.”

Damon chuckled and gave her a light slap on her ass. She was about to protest, but Damon grabbed her hips, and started slamming his cock in and out of her. Michelle grunted in pleasure as Damon’s thick cock filled her from behind, and again she was amazed how someone as young as him was better than men twice his age. She could already feel pussy juice leaking out of her and down her thighs.

Damon could feel it too, she was already well lubricated from being fucked twice and having her pussy eaten, and she still was dripping wet. How was she still so wet? He decided he didn’t care, because it felt so good. Michelle was tightening her pussy muscles around him when he pulled out and loosening up when he pushed inside her. He slowed the pace so he could enjoy the feeling of her flexing her pussy around his cock.

“Why’d you slow down?” she panted, “Fuck me harder!”

Damon grabbed her hips and started hammering her again, “Like this? Is this what you want?”

She grunted and squealed in pleasure and managed to moan out the word “Yes.” before the only sound coming out of her was wordless moans and groans of pleasure.

The only other sounds in the room were Damon’s own moans, the sound of flesh slapping flesh as his hips met hers, and the sound of the bed squeaking underneath them. As much as Michelle was enjoying this, she wanted to taste Damon again. She wanted to wrap her lips around that huge cock and not let go of it until he came. She let him go for a few more strokes and then pulled herself off of him, Damon’s cock exiting her with a wet squelching sound.

“The fuck?” he asked, as she sat up and turned to face him.

She kissed him and turned and lowered them onto the bed so she was on top. She slowly kissed her way down his body until finally she reached his cock still slick with her pussy juice and sucked it deep into her mouth. This obviously wasn’t the first time she’d tasted her own pussy juice. She’d licked it off the faces, fingers, tits and cocks of her previous lovers over the years as well as her own fingers and sex toys when masturbation was her only release. But now, not only was she licking them off the biggest cock she’d ever had, but the best cock she’d ever had. Normally she compared every man she’d slept with to her late husband, but she might have to start comparing any other men she might fuck to Damon. She already compared every woman to Sonja.

Damon’s head lolled back, and he stared at the ceiling as he enjoyed the feel of Michelle’s mouth and tongue on his cock. He must remember to thank Sonja for this. He felt himself getting closer and closer and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Michelle was determined to get a mouthful of Damon’s cum and he was going to deliver.

“Oh god, Michelle…” he groaned, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum…”

He grunted wordlessly as he exploded in her mouth. Michelle thought she was ready as Damon emptied his balls into her mouth, but she could only take two mouthfuls before she had to release him so she could swallow what was already in her mouth. Damon’s cock twitched in her hand as he fired off three more powerful jets that splattered on his stomach. She swallowed him again in hopes of getting at least one final mouthful and wasn’t disappointed as Damon fired off two final jets and was spent.

“Holy shit.” she moaned after she swallowed her second mouthful. “She didn’t mention that your second orgasm is just as powerful as your first.”

“It helps when my partner knows how to suck cock, and holy shit, do you know how to suck cock.” Damon said.

“Better than Sonja?” Michelle asked, crawling up Damon’s body and resting her head on his chest. She could hear his heart pounding, but slowing down slightly as he came down off his orgasmic high.

“I wouldn’t say better,” he said, “Different, but… I can’t explain it.”

Michelle chuckled. “I know what you mean. I compare every woman I sleep with to Sonja. Although I still think she eats pussy better than any of the women I’ve slept with.”

“Did you really mean what you said earlier?” Damon asked her, “About me being the best fuck you ever had.”

She propped herself up and looked him in the eye. “I told you before, I don’t hold back. When I say something I mean it. So yes, you are, without question, hands down, no questions asked, the best goddamn fuck I have ever had in my life. I’m not just saying that. I fucking mean it.”

She leaned up and planted a passionate kiss on him that he eagerly returned.

“Now, let’s get you cleaned up and back home. I have a big day planned for your mother tomorrow.” Michelle said, rolling off of him and standing up.

Damon followed her to the bathroom and washed up. He briefly wondered if Denise was waiting up for him, it had been a little over an hour, not including drive time, that he’d been gone. He was sure he’d get an earful about it tomorrow.

Once he was cleaned up, dressed and ready to go. After double checking to make sure he had everything, he turned to Michelle who was still naked and smiled as he drank in the sight of her naked body and committed every curve of her body to memory. He stored it away along with the mind-blowing sex they’d just had.

“You all set?” she asked.

“Yeah, although I’d love to stay.”

“I’d love for you to stay too,” Michelle said, crossing the short distance between them, “But it would raise too many questions if you’re not home when everyone wakes up. Like I said, I’ll be in town a couple more days. Now go.”

She gave him one last kiss, and ushered him out the door. Damon headed down the hall to the elevators with a little pep in his step. Even the thought of Denise possibly being mad at him couldn’t kill his good mood.


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