All in the (Step) Family Ch. 08-2

“Of what?” Sonja asked.

“That I’m not blood related to anyone in this room.” Michelle said, laughing, “You’re all so good looking.”

“Hey, you’re not so bad yourself.” Damon said.

She smiled, “Well thank you Damon.”

They spent the next few hours talking, doing a couple of last minute things for the wedding and Michelle and Sonja telling embarrassing stories about each other over dinner. Later that night after Sonja had taken Michelle back to her hotel and everyone had gone to bed for the night, Damon was about to sneak out of his room for his nightly fuck with Denise, when there was a knock on his door.



She quietly stepped into his room. “Stop with the Sonja crap,” she said, sitting next to him on the edge of the bed. “Call me mom like you did when you fucked me the other day. Speaking of which…”

She reached down and massaged Damon’s cock through his shorts. “Mmm, hard already.”

Damon’s cock was hard in anticipation of fucking Denise, but Sonja didn’t need to know that. She pulled his shorts down to reveal his hard cock in the dim light of the room. She looked at him and smiled, then, in one smooth move, swallowed his cock.

Damon moaned quietly, almost forgetting for a moment that his father was across the hall, Denise was down the hall (probably wondering what was taking him so long), and two sets of grandparents were sleeping downstairs. He had almost forgotten that Sonja had no gag reflex and could easily take his whole cock into his mouth. She expertly sucked his cock and Damon reached for her nightshirt and started pulling it up. She took the hint and stopped sucking his dick long enough to get her shirt off so Damon could fondle her tits while she went back to sucking her stepson’s wonderful cock. Damon hoped she’d leave him enough stamina to go fuck Denise when she was done.

Even in the dim light coming in from outside, Damon could see that Sonja was sucking his cock with as much enthusiasm as she had the other day. He wondered what brought this on, considering tomorrow she was going to marry his father, but it felt so good he pushed the question out of his mind. Sonja kept up her steady pace of sucking Damon’s cock, wanting him to fill her mouth with as many loads of cum as he could. She was still worked up from her earlier romp with Michelle, and while there wasn’t a repeat performance when she dropped Michelle back at the hotel, Michelle did admit that she’d probably be masturbating to the thought of Damon and Clay before she went to bed.

Sonja smirked as she didn’t have to just think about either of them. She had them right at her fingertips. She wanted Damon one last time before the wedding and then the two week honeymoon they’d be going on a couple days later.

Damon felt his orgasm rapidly approaching as Sonja’s warm mouth engulfed his rock hard dick. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Oh fuck mom,” he whispered, “I’m cumming!”

He grunted quietly as he exploded in Sonja’s mouth. She swallowed the first two loads of cum that filled her mouth, but the next two were too much and she reluctantly took his cock out of her mouth, and Damon spurted all over his stomach and her hand as she swallowed the mouthful of cum Damon had given her. When he stopped spurting, she licked his cock clean, and even licked the cum off his stomach. She leaned up and kissed him when she was done. Damon took the opportunity to massage her tits as they kissed. Sonja picked up her nightshirt off the floor and without putting it on, smiled down at Damon.

“Not that I’m complaining,” he said, “But what was that for?”

“I wanted some cock, and your father’s asleep,” Sonja said, pulling the nightshirt back on “It’s almost impossible to wake him up, I was hoping you weren’t as heavy a sleeper as he is. Now get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow.”

He waited a few minutes until he was sure he wouldn’t get caught and snuck down the hall to Denise’s room. He poked his head in her room and found her writhing on the bed, furiously masturbating. She glared at him when she heard the door open.

“Where the fuck have you been? Get over here and fuck me!” she said through gritted teeth.

Damon slid his shorts down and jumped into bed, driving his cock into Denise.

“Now, where the fuck were you?” Denise grunted at him as he started fucking her. “My pussy has been aching for you all fucking day.”

“Sorry, I was more tired than I thought,” he said, lying through his teeth.

“Too tired to fuck me?” she asked, “I’ve already come twice waiting for you. Don’t make me wait like this again.”

“Sorry, ‘Nese.” he said, “Won’t happen again.”

“It better not,” she said, wrapping her arms and legs around him, “I’ll accept your apology when you make me cum.”

Despite the fact that Sonja had already drained him once, he managed to apologize to Denise.


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