All in the (Step) Family Ch. 08-1

Not too long before Damon and Sonja’s mother, Shelly went for their nature walk, Sonja was at the airport to pick up her best friend, her honorary sister Michelle.

She stood just outside the TSA checkpoint eagerly watching the crowd until she spotted her. Michelle spotted Sonja at about the same time and the two women smiled and waved, and as soon as Michelle was past the TSA checkpoint she and Sonja embraced and giggled like schoolgirls.

“‘Chelle!” Sonja said, using the nickname that only she was allowed to use, “It’s so good to see you again!”

“Oh girl, I missed you too!” Michelle exclaimed.

Much like Damon had stated upon first seeing her picture a few days earlier, Michelle did bear a striking resemblance to Janet Jackson. She even had her hair braided similar to the way Janet had her hair in the movie “Poetic Justice”. Much like Sonja, she was tall at exactly six feet, and even without wearing revealing clothing, it was obvious to anyone with two working eyes that she was very well endowed, with a 44DD bust.

It had been seven months since the two had last seen each other, but they had known each other since they were ten. They met in the 5th grade when they were seated next to each other. They quickly became best friends, and conveniently lived just down the street from each other. They had spent so much time at each other’s homes that Sonja started calling Michelle’s parents mom and dad, and vice versa. They went to the same middle and high schools, and even planned to go to the same college. When they both got accepted to the same school, they made arrangements to live together in a small apartment off campus.

One night, during their sophomore year the two were sitting on the couch watching TV one night when Sonja turned to Michelle.

“Hey, ‘Chelle, can I tell you something?” Sonja asked.

“Sure, hon,” Michelle said, then looked at Sonja and saw the look on her face, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, no, maybe, I don’t know.” Sonja said.

Michelle turned off the TV. “Sonja, what is it? You know you can tell me anything. You’re my best friend, you’re my sister. You know I’m not gonna judge you. Whatever it is, I’m here for you.”

Sonja took a deep breath. “Okay,” she said, “I think I’m bisexual. I guess I always have been but never knew how to say it before. And goddammit, I think I’m in love with you.”

Michelle sighed with relief, “Is that all?”

“That’s not exactly the response I was expecting.” Sonja said.

“Shit, girl, I fell in love with you practically the second I laid eyes on you.” Michelle said, “But I get it. We were both ten, and I didn’t really understand my strong attraction to you. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long. I was just worried it would ruin the friendship we’ve built over the years.”

“Really?” Sonja asked, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, “Because that’s the same reason I didn’t tell you. But I couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I had to say something, being as close as we are, I’d hate myself if I went the rest of my life without saying anything.”

“You know, it’s that old saying about hindsight being 20/20,” Michelle said, “If I had known you felt that way about me back then, I would have said something. Well, maybe not when we were ten, but you know what I mean. Either way, I wish I’d known earlier.”


“Well we know now.” Michelle said, “So what do we do about it?”

“This.” Sonja said, and leaned forward and kissed Michelle for the first time.

They headed for Sonja’s bedroom and had sex for the first time, and although neither one of them was really sure what they were doing (and internet porn wouldn’t be a thing for another few years), they were able to bring each other to orgasm. Much trial and error went on over the next few days, but they eventually figured things out, and despite both girls having boyfriends, they kept this new level of their relationship to themselves. They kept up appearances in front of family and friends over the years, and even after both women were married, whenever they could find some time to themselves, they would shed their clothes, and hop into bed together.

Michelle’s husband, Phil, had been a firefighter, and died in the line of duty. They had only been married three years. Michelle had never remarried, but her best friend in the world had been there for her every step of the way to help her deal both physically and emotionally with the grief and pain of losing her husband.

Once Sonja had a baby to deal with, their times together became less and less frequent, especially after Michelle got a job promotion that required her to move out of state. But between letters, phone calls, emails, text messaging, social media, and the occasional visits the two kept each other updated on everything that was going on in their lives. Michelle even took time off from her job to be with Sonja after her husband had died, much like Sonja had been there for her.

Michelle had been overjoyed when Sonja told her about Clay, and it went without saying that Sonja wanted her there as her maid of honor just like she had been at her first wedding. Michelle also admitted she was jealous of Sonja for finding a hunk like Clay. Once they had grabbed Michelle’s luggage they headed to the parking garage.

“Sorry there’s no room left at the house,” Sonja said, “But with my parents and Clay’s parents there, plus Denise and Damon, there’s no spare beds left.”

“Ah, girl, don’t worry about it,” Michelle said, “It’s probably better this way, you know after seven months, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you.”

They reached Sonja’s car and tossed Michelle’s bag in the trunk.

“God, ‘Chelle, I’ve missed you.” Sonja said once they were in the car.

“I missed you too, babe.” Michelle said.

Without a moment’s hesitation the two leaned in and shared a passionate kiss.

“You know, no one is expecting us back at any specific time.” Sonja said as she started the car.

“I like the way you think,” Michelle said, matching the mischievous smile on Sonja’s face. “So tell me again about this stepson of yours.”

“Oh my god, ‘Chelle,” Sonja said as she threw the car in gear and headed out of the parking garage. “He’s 21 years old and he’s hung like a fucking horse. Just like his father. I mean you know I’ve had a few men since Will died, and while the sex was good it was never mind blowing. Until I met Clay, he has without question the biggest cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of well… having. And as for Damon, those pictures I sent you, they don’t do him justice. He’s six foot four, built like a fuckin’ brick wall, and has a huge cock like his father.”

“I still can’t believe you fucked your stepson,” Michelle said, feeling herself getting wet at the thought.

Sonja had told Michelle about her and Damon not long after they had fucked, as the two had made a promise years ago that there would be no secrets between them.

“I fucked my sister-in-law too.”

“What? When?” Michelle asked, wide eyed.

“Day after I fucked Damon,” Sonja said, “She called me over to talk to me, and at first I thought she was going to lecture me about rushing into things with Clay, but it turns out she’s bi too, and wanted to sleep with me. And hey, Amy’s hot, she’s a former model, and good lord that woman can eat pussy.”

“Not better than me, right?” Michelle asked.

“No one eats my pussy better than you.” Sonja said.

“You better say that.” Michelle said laughing. “And why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“I was gonna see you in a couple of days,” Sonja said, shrugging, “I figured it could wait. Plus I had just told you about Damon the day before.”

“You fuck anybody else in your family I need to know about?” Michelle asked.

“No. At least not yet, I’m thinking about doing my niece though. Hell, I might even give Denise a go.”

“Only you could throw out a comment like that with a straight face.” Michelle said, laughing.

“I’m not joking,” Sonja said, “I already fucked more than half the family, might as well finish the set.”

“You are such a slut.” Michelle said, “But how are you gonna keep that from your husband?”

“You let me worry about that,” Sonja said, “You worry about what I’m gonna do to you when we get to your hotel.”

“I can’t wait.”

A few minutes later they reached the hotel where Michelle would be staying, it was only a quick thirty minute drive from the house.

Once they got Michelle checked in and reached the room, Michelle dropped her bag and turned to take Sonja into her arms as the two exchanged a steamy kiss. Acting almost like two love starved teenagers they started peeling each other’s clothes off as they made their way to the bed.

“God, I’ve missed these fuckin’ tits!” Sonja said as she peeled Michelle’s t-shirt off. She expertly unhooked Michelle’s bra and freed her massive 44DD tits and immediately sucked one of the huge brown nipples into her mouth.

Michelle moaned in passion as she pulled at Sonja’s shirt and within seconds had her topless as well. Both women let go of each other long enough to strip completely naked and fell into bed, their lips locked in another heated kiss.

“Eat my pussy baby,” Michelle said, “I’ve been dying to feel your mouth on me again.”

Sonja made her way down her best friend’s body, and Michelle willingly spread her legs for Sonja. Sonja smiled as she set eyes on the first pussy she’d ever tasted, and dove in like her life depended on it, licking and sucking every inch of Michelle’s pussy with a practiced ease. Michelle played with her huge tits and moaned and groaned as Sonja ate her pussy better than any of the other partners, both male and female, that she’d been with.

While they had only had sex with each other even while they were married, once they had moved past the pain of losing their respective husbands, both women had gone looking for love in the dating world. They had both male and female lovers since then, but while Sonja had finally found something that worked with Clay, Michelle hadn’t found anyone of either gender that could fill the void in her heart (or her bed) like Sonja could. And right now, Sonja was filling the void between Michelle’s legs.

Despite trying not to, Sonja found herself mentally comparing Michelle to Amy, and was now finding it difficult to pick a winner. The sex between her and Amy had been hot and heavy, and she had no doubt that it would be that way with Michelle… because it always was. But while each woman had something the other didn’t, she couldn’t honestly say one woman was better than the other. Then she pushed the thought out of her head, and concentrated on sucking her best friend’s cunt.

Michelle moaned and groaned as the familiar feeling of Sonja’s tongue on her pussy got her more and more worked up. In the last seven months she’d had a couple of one night stands, but as it had been for a while, the only way she could really get off was thinking of Sonja. It didn’t necessarily need to be the thought of having sex with Sonja, just the thought of Sonja and everything they’d shared over the years. While the two jokingly called each other sisters, they had the same deep personal connection that real siblings did.

Sonja slid two fingers deep inside Michelle and curled her fingers around and found Michelle’s g-spot causing Michelle to squeal in pleasure, and her body quivered in pleasure.

“Goddamn girl,” she moaned, “You always know just what to do.”

“I forgot how good your pussy tasted ‘Chelle.” Sonja said, flicking her clit with her thumb. “But you know what I want. Give it to me.”

“I’m so close,” Michelle moaned, “You know what to do, baby.”

Sonja pumped her fingers faster and faster in Michelle’s soaking wet pussy, causing Michelle to moan and groan like a wild animal, her body squirming on the bed, and then she felt it. She was going to cum.

“Oh fuck, Sonja… I’m gonna… oh fuck… fuck… I’m fucking cumming!”

Sonja smiled as Michelle didn’t just cum, she squirted. The first blast went into Sonja’s partially open mouth, the rest splattering on her chin, as Michelle squealed in pleasure, Sonja opened her mouth and got more of Michelle’s orgasmic juices in her mouth, but most of it covered her face.

Michelle was the only woman Sonja had ever been with that could squirt. It shocked the both of them the first time she did it as not even Michelle realized she could do it, but once she did, the floodgates were quite literally open. It didn’t matter if she was with someone or by herself, she always squirted every time she had an orgasm. Sonja could bring her to orgasm faster than anyone else besides herself, but that was only because Sonja knew exactly what to do to get her to squirt.

Sonja took two more blasts of pussy juice from her best friend before Michelle calmed down and her orgasm passed. Sonja gave her pussy one final lick before crawling up Michelle’s body and the two engaged in another passionate kiss. Michelle grabbed Sonja’s head, and held it in place and licked her juices off Sonja’s face. Then, with a mouthful of her own pussy juice, she kissed Sonja again.

“Your turn, bitch.” Michelle said and flipped the two of them over.

She moved down Sonja’s body and parted her tattooed thighs and much like Sonja, dove face first to the shaved pussy that she loved so much. Sonja threw her head back and moaned as Michelle’s tongue touched her already swollen clit.

“Yes ‘Chelle,” she moaned, “Lick my fuckin’ pussy. Make me cum, I wanna cum right in your fuckin’ mouth.”

Like Sonja, Michelle knew exactly what to do to give Sonja the maximum amount of pleasure as she licked and sucked every inch of her pussy. After all, she had been eating her pussy since she was nineteen. Michelle attacked Sonja’s pussy like a woman possessed. Licking, sucking, fingering and rubbing, everything she knew Sonja liked. She used her tongue to explore every inch of her best friend’s shaved slit.

For a brief moment Sonja had the idea of sharing Michelle with her new family, but just as quickly pushed the thought out of her head. This was just another secret she’d have to keep… or did she? Maybe for now. She had no problem with Michelle having other lovers, hell, she had plenty of others and was getting married tomorrow, but somehow the idea of sharing her “sister” with the rest of the family… they knew she and Michelle were close. Just not this close.

Much like Michelle, Sonja was moaning, playing with her tits, and squirming on the bed as Michelle brought her closer and closer to the end. She could feel her body responding almost automatically to Michelle’s tongue and fingers, and slowly but surely she could feel a powerful orgasm building deep inside her.

“Cum for me baby,” Michelle said, pumping two fingers inside Sonja’s cunt. “Don’t you fucking hold back on me! I’ve waited seven months to taste your fuckin’ pussy. Give it to me you bitch!”

“Oh god ‘Chelle,” Sonja moaned, “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum… oh fuck… yessssssssssss!”

Sonja didn’t squirt, but she did have a very powerful and very wet orgasm. Michelle sucked on Sonja’s pussy as her orgasmic juices flowed out of her as she moaned and groaned in orgasmic pleasure, her body twitching and spasming as Michelle drank down as much of her juices as she could.

Finally Sonja’s orgasm passed, and she tried to catch her breath as Michelle kissed her way up Sonja’s body, pausing to lick and suck on one of her hard nipples, before getting face to face with Sonja. She kissed Sonja again, and Sonja licked her own juices off Michelle’s face, just like Michelle had done to her earlier. For a long moment the two ladies lay there just kissing each other and enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies.

“I needed that.” Michelle finally said, “Thank you.”

“Mmm, thank you.” Sonja said, a contented smile on her face. “I missed you so much ‘Chelle. You should move back here.”

“I’ve thought about it.” Michelle said, rolling off of Sonja and laying on her back next to her best friend. “But every time I do, that little devil pops up and reminds me of the hassle I’d have to go through of quitting my job, finding a new one, selling my house, finding a place to live here, and the cost of moving. You know all that adulting shit we didn’t have to worry about when we were 20.”

“Yeah, but think of it this way. You won’t have to wait another seven months to fuck me.” Sonja said.

“That is a definite plus.”

“And wait till you meet my new family. Speaking of which, they’re probably wondering what the fuck is taking me so long.” Sonja said getting out of bed, “I know I said they weren’t expecting us back at any specific time, but we really should get going.”

“We’d better wash up first.” Michelle said, also getting out of bed. “Wouldn’t be good to show up with pussy juice all over our faces.”

Sonja laughed as the two took a few minutes to wash up, fix their hair, reapply make-up and get dressed.

“Now, let’s go meet this family of yours.” Michelle said.

“One more thing before we go,” Sonja said, and pulled Michelle in for one last kiss, “Okay, now I’m ready to go.”

They got back to the house the same time Denise, Bridgette, Amy and Sheila did, the four of them having gone off to get manicures that Sheila insisted on paying for, and the same time that Damon and Shelly came out from the path behind the house where they had their mutual masturbation session. After everyone finished making a fuss over Shelly, Michelle spoke up.

“So this is the good looking family you’ll be marrying into?”

Everybody looked at Michelle who had somehow managed to go unnoticed in all the concern over Shelly. Damon’s eyes nearly bugged out, Denise noticed it and kicked him in the shin. He gave her an annoyed look and gave her a sarcastic “Ow.”

“Mom and dad, you of course know Michelle,” Sonja said, before turning her attention to Clay, Damon, Amy and Bridgette. “Guys, this is my best friend Michelle.”

Michelle offered a broad smile and waved, “Hi.”

“My sister from another mister if you will,” Sonja said.

“You’ll forgive me if I don’t get up and give you a hug.” Shelly joked, “It’s good to see you again Michelle.”

“You too mom,” she said, having called Jake and Shelly mom and dad, much like Sonja had called Michelle’s parents mom and dad, ever since the two were around 11 years old.

“The pictures she showed me do not do you justice.” Damon said, desperately trying not to talk directly to her massive tits.

“Well thank you, and you must be Damon. The — what was it you called him?”

“The Quarterback Killer.” Sonja said.

“That’s me.” Damon said, proudly puffing out his chest.

“And is that, Denise?” Michelle said, “Good lord girl, you look more and more like your mother everyday!”

“Hey Aunt Michelle, good to see you again.” Denise said. Even though Michelle wasn’t Sonja’s actual sister, Denise gave her the honorary title of aunt, even though Michelle was actually Denise’s godmother.

“Girl, come over here and give me a hug!” Michelle said laughing. After the hug she turned her attention to Clay, “And this sexy hunk of manhood must be Clay. Damn girl, you told me he was big, but I had no idea. I’m so jealous that you’ll get to wake up next to him every morning from now on. Any more like you?”

“When you said she was outspoken hon, you weren’t kidding.” Clay said laughing, “But yes, I am the man who’s taking your sister off the market.”

“I’m sorry,” Michelle said, “I have no filter. I’m just letting you know that right now, I’ll say what’s on my mind.”

“Then you’ll fit in perfectly with this family.” Andre said, “I’m Clay’s father, Andre and this is my wife Sheila.”

“And no, there are no more like him,” Sheila said, “He’s one of a kind.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Amy said, “I’m Clay’s older sister Amy, and this is my daughter Bridgette.”

“I can see where you and Clay get it from, and by extension where Damon and Bridgette get it from.” Michelle said, “I am very jealous.”

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