All in the (Step) Family Ch. 07-2

“Yes, it feels so good to have a man touch me again.” she moaned, then looked up at Damon, “Am I doing it right? Does it feel good?”

“God, yes,” Damon moaned, “You… you’re doing fine… just… just keep doing… doing what you’re doing…”

After a few more minutes, Damon could feel his orgasm approaching, “I’m gonna… oh fuck… I’m cumming!”

The first blast of cum shot out of his cock and landed in the dirt, followed by a second that landed near the first. Shelly shocked Damon by leaning down and wrapping her lips around his cock and swallowing the rest of his load, another three powerful spurts of cum that went straight down her throat.

“Holy shit.” Damon gasped as he pumped one final spurt into her mouth. “I was not expecting that.”

“It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a mouthful of cum. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.” Shelly said, when she released Damon’s cock from her mouth. “Now, let’s see about making me cum.”

She reached down and started rubbing her clit while Damon finger fucked her. It only took a couple of minutes before Shelly was moaning and groaning as her orgasm hit.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” she said, and Damon felt her pussy clamp down on his fingers, and her juices leak out of her and onto his pumping fingers. “Holy shit… oh god, yes, yes, yes…”

Damon slowly pulled his fingers from his stepmother’s mother and licked them clean as Shelly straightened herself up with a contented smile on her face.

“That was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve had in a long time.” she finally said, “I’ll be thinking about this the next time I masturbate, and every time after that.”

Damon laughed as he pulled his pants back up, “That was good,” he said, “But we’d better get back.”

“Right,” Shelly said, collecting herself.

She pulled her pants back up and tucked her breasts back into her bra, and buttoned up her shirt as far as it would go. They turned to go, but Shelly stopped short. “Oh, I think I hurt my knee.”

“Come on, my grandmother used to be a nurse, she can take a look at you when she gets back.” Damon said.

She had been focused first on her exposed breast, and then getting off with Damon that she didn’t realize she’d hurt her knee. But now that the adrenaline rush was wearing off, the pain from her knee started to affect her. Leaning on Damon for support they made their way back down the path to the house, once they emerged back into the yard, she covered herself where the two buttons had been ripped from her shirt.

As luck would have it, at the same time they emerged from the path, Sonja and Michelle arrived at the house, along with Denise, Bridgette, Amy and Sheila.

“Mom, what happened?” Sonja asked when she saw her mother limp in, leaning on Damon for support.

“I was going to show her the clearing where my friends and I used to go camping.” Damon said.

“Really, stop fussing, I’m fine.” Shelly said, “It was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I tripped.”

“Sit down,” Sheila, Damon’s grandmother said, “Let me take a look at it.”

“What happened to your shirt, dear?” Jake asked.

“Oh, when I fell, Damon tried to catch me and accidentally popped a couple of buttons off. It’s better than the alternative. If Damon hadn’t caught me, I would have fallen flat on my face.”

Sheila had rolled up Shelly’s pant leg and looked at her knee. “There doesn’t appear to be any bruising or swelling. Does it hurt when you bend it?”

Shelly bent and straightened her leg. “Not really, it’s a little sore, but not painful.”

“Just take it easy, take a couple of aspirin, and you’ll be fine.” Sheila said. “If it was sprained or broken, you’d be in a lot more pain right now.”

“So this is the good looking family you’ll be marrying into?”

Everybody looked at Michelle who had somehow managed to go unnoticed in all the concern over Shelly. Damon’s eyes nearly bugged out, Denise noticed it and kicked him in the shin. He gave her an annoyed look and gave her a sarcastic “Ow.”

“Mom and dad, you of course know Michelle,” Sonja said, before turning her attention to Clay, Damon, Amy and Bridgette. “Guys, this is my best friend Michelle.”

Michelle offered a broad smile and waved, “Hi.”


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