All in the (Step) Family Ch. 07-1

That night it took everything Damon had to not fuck Denise like he had fucked Amy earlier when he snuck down to her room for their nightly session. They were, after all, still concerned with keeping their relationship secret. Although Damon had no idea that Denise had told Bridgette — albeit by accident — about her and Damon. He did however turn up the intensity slightly, just enough for her to notice.

“What was that for?” Denise asked after they were finished.

“I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on you.” he said, and while that wasn’t completely the truth, it wasn’t a total lie either. Ever since his aunt brought him home earlier all he could think about was getting his hands — and other body parts — on Denise that night. “Plus our grandparents are gonna be here tomorrow, it’s tough enough trying to sneak down here with our parents just next door, but with our grandparents sleeping downstairs, it’s gonna be damn near impossible. I don’t know about your grandparents, but my grandmother is a very light sleeper.”

“We’ll figure something out.” Denise said, “I’ve finally gotten comfortable with that slab of beef between your legs.”

Damon smirked at her as he got out of bed and pulled his shorts back on. “Well, I’m gonna take my ‘slab of beef’ back to my room. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night bro.”

The next morning, Amy stopped by to drop Bridgette off before going with Sonja and Clay to the airport to pick up their parents. As luck would have it, their flights were landing within minutes of each other. Damon took Ares out into the yard to play with him and let him get his energy out. Denise watched them from the window when Bridgette came up from behind her and wrapped her arms around Denise’s waist and kissed her on the neck.

“You know, it’s gonna take at least an hour to get to the airport, then however long it’s gonna take to pick up both sets of grandparents and another hour to drive back,” Bridgette said, “We could… you know.”

Yesterday, while Damon was fucking Amy, the girls were putting together a plan to have a threesome with Damon. Denise leaned back into Bridgette as they watched Ares chase Damon around the yard.

“No, not yet,” Denise said, “We stick to the plan. We wait until after the wedding when we’ll have the house to ourselves.”

“You’re just being selfish,” Bridgette said, pouting, “You just wanna keep my cousin’s huge cock all to yourself for a couple more days.”

Denise turned in Bridgette’s arms. “Oh, quit it, I said I’d share him with you and I will.”

The two girls exchanged a quick kiss.

“Yeah, but only because you accidentally let slip that you were sleeping with him,” Bridgette said, “Would you ever have told me?”

“Maybe,” Denise admitted, “I don’t know. It’s hard to say, I hate dwelling on the what if’s of life. After all, we can’t change the past, so I don’t dwell on it too much.”

“Makes sense.” Bridgette said, nodding. She kissed Denise one last time and let her go. “Come on, it looks like Damon’s in trouble.”

Denise looked out the window to see Ares had tackled Damon down to the ground and was attempting to lick him to death. They laughed as they headed outside.

A couple hours later they heard the unmistakable sound of Andre Mather’s booming voice.

“Grandpa’s here.” Damon said to Bridgette, heading for the front door.

“Damn boy, you’ve gotten big,” Andre said to his grandson as Damon opened the door. “What are you eating?”

“Quarterbacks.” Damon laughed, then turned to his grandmother, Sheila, “Hey grandma.”

He had to bend down a little to hug his grandmother as she was a full foot shorter than him.

Right behind them was Sonja with her parents Jake and Shelly.

“Hey grandma, grandpa.” Denise said, hugging her grandparents.

“These are your parents?” Damon asked Sonja, “Because they don’t look old enough to be your parents.”

True enough, Shelly Palmer, despite being 25 years older than her daughter, looked at least 10 years younger, and still had naturally blonde hair. Her husband also looked much younger than his 77 years, only now was his jet black hair going gray at the temples.

“Oh stop it.” Shelly said, laughing.

“Damon! Come down here and help me with all this luggage!” Clay yelled from the driveway.

“What, you can’t handle all that?” Damon asked, “You’re a big strong guy dad.”


Damon laughed as he went to help his father.

While Clay and Sonja’s parents had talked on the phone a few times since Clay and Sonja told them they were getting married, this was the first time they met in person. Much like everyone else, they got along amazingly well, and within the span of a few hours were acting like they had known each other for years. Several hours, many embarrassing stories and one dinner later everyone was headed for bed. Clay’s parents took the pullout couch in the living room, and Sonja’s parents had the pullout couch in the den.

“I have an idea for tonight,” Denise whispered to Damon when they had a free moment, “Just come to my room like usual.”

So Damon waited until he heard the familiar sound of his father snoring and snuck down to Denise’s room. As usual she was already naked waiting for him.

“So what’s this idea you had?” he asked her, pulling off his t-shirt and kicking his shorts off to the side.

“First things first,” Denise said, and took Damon’s cock into her mouth.

She had indeed gotten used to the “slab of beef” between his legs, and even though she wasn’t able to take his whole cock like her mother could, she made do with what she could fit in her mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed with Damon standing in front of her because that put his cock at the perfect level for her to wrap her lips around it.

Again Damon found himself comparing Denise to not only her mother, but his aunt as well. He also found himself wondering how good Bridgette would be at sucking cock, hoping he’d get a chance to find out. Then he concentrated on what was happening at the moment, and that was the blowjob he was getting from the girl, who in just a couple of days, would be his stepsister. He looked down to watch her lips slide up and down his cock, and the feel of her hand on what she couldn’t fit in her mouth.

Denise for her part had gotten more comfortable with Damon’s cock, and while she was concentrating on what she was doing, an image of Bridgette sucking Damon’s cock jumped into her head, with her helping. It would be just a few more days before their parents would go off on their Honeymoon, leaving Denise and Damon alone for two weeks. She and Bridgette had plans to have as many threesomes as they could with Damon… once he got over the shock of finding out that Bridgette was in on their secret relationship.

Just when Damon thought he couldn’t take anymore, Denise stopped and motioned for him to get his knees, he took the hint and parted her thighs, pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, threw her legs over his shoulders and started to lick her pussy like he had just swallowed poison, and her cunt held the antidote. She bit her lip and moaned quietly, playing with her tits as Damon expertly ate her pussy. He couldn’t help but wonder what Denise would think if she knew that just a couple of days ago, he had done the same thing to her mother, or his aunt yesterday, and wanted to do the same thing to Bridgette.

She bit back a moan of pleasure as Damon’s mouth worked its magic on her pussy. She was getting closer and closer. She knew it would only be a matter of… right now. She held Damon’s head in place and groaned quietly as she came, flooding Damon’s mouth with her “girlcum”. Damon of course swallowed as much as he could, the rest of it running down his face and dripping onto the floor. She sighed happily as her orgasm subsided and pulled Damon up so she could kiss him and lick her juices off his face. She moved back on the bed so Damon could join her.

“My idea,” she said, once the two of them were in bed together, “Is for you to go nice and slow. Don’t fuck me. Make love to me, take your time, that way we can be nice and quiet. No worries about waking up our parents or grandparents.”

“I like the way you think,” he said, smiling.

He mounted Denise and guided his prick into her and she moaned quietly as Damon inched his cock all the way into her. After repeatedly getting fucked by him, getting sucked and fucked by Bridgette two days ago, and his father yesterday, she found it easier to take his cock than that first night they fucked… was really just three days ago? It seemed like longer. Much like Damon, she felt like she was living in a real life porno. Hard cocks to the left of her, wet pussies (well ONE wet pussy) to the right of her. And they still had the rest of the summer to go.

She squealed in quiet pleasure as Damon fucked her with long slow strokes. She looked up at him and he lowered her face to hers and their lips met in a soul searing kiss. She loved the feel of not just his cock sliding in and out of her, but the feel of his body against hers, the warmth of his body mingling with her own body heat, his lips on hers, his tongue in her mouth, her tongue in his mouth. Everything about this moment made her happier than she’d ever been in her life.

Damon had no idea that his father had been in this same place the day before, and figured that Denise had just gotten used to his girth as he sawed his cock in and out of her. The quiet squeals and moans she was emitting as he picked up the pace just a bit was probably the most erotic thing he’d ever heard, and would stick in his head for years to come. In just a matter of days, he and Denise had managed to work together like a well oiled machine when it came to sex. Her body moved in sync with his, allowing him to go deep inside her. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Bridgette’s face when she finally got to experience this.

“Oh god, Denise,” he moaned, “I’m gonna… oh god, I’m cumming.”

Denise could feel Damon bottom out inside her, and then felt Damon’s cock throb and expand as he fired off jet after jet of his hot cum inside her, moaning quietly as he buried his head in her shoulder.

“Yes,” she purred in his ear, “Cum in my pussy baby. That’s it, fill me up.”

Damon thought he would never stop cumming as he had one of the most intense orgasms he’d had in a long time. For a long moment they stayed like that, with Damon’s still hard cock buried in Denise. He slowly pulled out and flopped onto his back, his cock standing proud like a skyscraper.

“I’ve managed to get it up again,” Damon said, “But I’ve never been able to stay hard after I’ve cum.”

“Well let’s not waste it then,” Denise said, “Besides, I wanna cum with that monster of yours inside me.”

She sat up, straddled Damon’s hips and slowly impaled herself on Damon’s tool. Within a few minutes of riding her future stepbrother, she felt another orgasm building up. She bit her lip and then covered her mouth as she came again, pussy juice gushing out of her and down over Damon’s cock and balls. Damon felt her pussy contracting around his cock and lost it. He had his second orgasm just as Denise started coming down off her orgasmic high, she squealed in surprise as she felt Damon’s cock throb inside her as he gave her his second load of the night. She smiled down at him as he looked up at her through half closed eyes as he hit his apex and slowly came down.

Denise slowly pulled herself off of him and lay down next to him. Damon felt his cock deflating as Denise snuggled into his side.

“I wish we could stay like this, but you’d better get back.” she said, after leaning over to kiss him.

He sighed, “Yeah, I’ve managed to sneak around Ares, but if he wakes up and I’m not there…”

“Don’t wanna displease the dog.” Denise said, laughing as Damon rolled out of bed and pulled his shirt and shorts back on.

He leaned back over Denise and gave her one last kiss. “No, we don’t.”

He quietly closed her door behind him, and headed back to his room, quietly maneuvered around a sleeping Ares, slipped into bed and within a few minutes fell back asleep.

The next day Sonja’s “sister” Michelle was arriving, so she headed to the airport to pick her up. Sheila took Bridgette, Denise and Amy into town to get manicures. Clay, Andre, Jake and Shelly stayed inside talking, while Damon was again playing with Ares out in the backyard near the pool. He looked up when he saw Shelly come out of the house.

“Got tired of all the guy talk?” he asked.

She laughed, “Yeah, figured I’d spend some time with my soon to be grandson.”

Ares came back over to Damon with the tennis ball they’d been playing fetch with.

“He’s got a lot of energy.”

“He thinks he’s still a puppy.” Damon said, throwing the ball. “The lady who used to babysit me gave him to me for my 9th birthday when her dogs had a litter.”

Apparently Ares had gotten bored, because when he bought the ball back, he dropped it and headed back towards the house.

“Well that’s that I guess.” Damon said. “I’m surprised you didn’t go with the girls to get your nails done.”

“I got mine done the day before we left.” she said, holding up her hand to show him. They walked over toward the pool when something caught Shelly’s eye. “What’s that?” she asked, pointing to an opening in the trees at the back of the property.

“Oh, that’s a little path that leads to a clearing,” he said, “My friends and I used to go camping out there, it made us feel all grown up. It feels like you’re really out in the middle of nowhere, when in reality the house is here and about two miles in the other direction is the highway. Wanna see?”

“Sure.” she said.

They walked for a bit in silence. The trees blocked out most of the sun making it slightly cooler along the path.

“You’re right,” she said, “It does feel like we’re out in the middle of the woods.”

The path turned a bit to the right and as they walked Shelly tripped over the roots of a tree and stumbled forward. Damon quickly reacted and tried to catch her. One hand accidentally hooked inside her shirt, popping a couple of buttons off while his other hand caught her arm. She steadied herself with her other hand against a tree and fell to a knee.

“You okay?” Damon asked as he helped her back to her feet. It was then that they both noticed that Damon’s hand had also accidentally caught her bra strap and pulled so it fully exposed her breast.

Despite the fact that Shelly was 75 years old, she still had nice firm breasts and as Damon was about to find out, the rest of her body wasn’t bad either. Shelly had gone on something of a fitness kick when Denise was born. Remembering what a ball of energy Sonja was when she was little, she decided to try and stay active so she could keep up with what she correctly assumed would be her equally rambunctious granddaughter. She started working out watching exercise videos on YouTube and then moved on to various fitness and workout DVD’s. It worked as she was able to keep pace with young Denise, and liked the way she felt, so even after Denise grew up, Shelly kept up with the workouts. It helped keep her firm and trim, so even at 75, most people pegged her for her late 50’s/early 60’s. Sure she had a few wrinkles, but not to the extent that other women her age did. Outside of family and friends nobody knew she was a grandmother unless she told them.

“Oh, sorry about that,” Damon said, feeling the blood flow to his lower abdominal area.

As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t pull his eyes away. Sure he had seen Denise, Sonja and Amy naked over the last few days, but the three of them had willingly taken their clothes off for him. This was a complete accident, but Shelly didn’t seem too embarrassed. In fact she seemed kind of proud. She looked from her exposed breast to Damon. He quickly averted his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t…”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I’m kind of honored. I didn’t think I still had it.”

“I… uh… what?” Damon asked.

“I see that lump in your pants young man.” she said, smiling, “I didn’t think I still had it in me to get a man excited. I love my husband, but we haven’t been intimate in years.”

Damon wasn’t sure what to say, so he didn’t say anything, he did however turn his attention back towards Shelly. She slowly undid the buttons on her shirt, and pulled her other breast free.

“Would you like to touch me Damon?”

(Ok, this seals it,) Damon thought, (I am definitely living in a fucking porno movie. First my stepsister, then my stepmother, then my Aunt, now my step grandmother. Does this run in her family or something? Hell for that matter, does it run in mine?)

He reached for her tits and found that they were still nice and firm with just the slightest bit of sag, her breasts were slightly smaller than those of her daughter and granddaughter, but no less enjoyable. He gently kneaded her tits, flicking his thumbs across her nipples. He looked back down the path and was grateful to see that they weren’t in direct line of sight with the backyard anymore.

“That feels nice,” she said, “I almost forgot what it feels like to have someone touch me. Jake doesn’t know this, but I masturbate frequently. Three, sometimes four times a week.”

Without another word, Shelly undid her pants and lowered them and her underwear down to her knees. Damon could see the results of all the working out she did. While she wasn’t as fit and trim as say, Denise, she wasn’t fat either. She had a slight paunch, but nothing that took away from the overall sex appeal she must have had in her younger days. Damon could even see she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed. Not shaved like Sonja or Amy, but it wasn’t a jungle down there.

She reached between her legs and started unashamedly masturbating in front of Damon. He felt his cock rise to full mast, and it felt like it was going to rip free of his pants. Shelly noticed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a nice young cock.” she said. “Go ahead and take it out for me. I can tell you need some release.”

Damon quickly dropped his pants and underwear down to his knees and started masturbating along with Shelly. Damon was again thankful they weren’t visible from the yard, because he could only imagine the sight they made. A 75 year old woman with her shirt open, her tits pulled free of her bra, and her pants down around her knees as she masturbated in front of the 21 year old son of her daughter’s fiance. Who also had his pants down around his knees, and was stroking his rock hard cock.

For a long time neither one of them said anything, instead they just watched each other, Damon’s eyes glued to Shelly who alternated rubbing her clit and sliding two fingers inside her pussy, and Shelly intently watching Damon’s hand stroke his hard, young cock. It had been almost 20 years since the last time Shelly and Jake had made love, and even then it seemed like Jake was just going through the motions. There hadn’t really been any passion behind it, and had been that way for about six months. She honestly couldn’t remember the last time Jake had really fucked her with the same passion they had back when they were first married.

Damon reached out and gently squeezed one of Shelly’s tits with his free hand. She smiled at him and guided his hand down her body to her pussy. She moved her hand over to his cock and much like he had done with Denise a few days earlier, they masturbated each other. Damon had one hand between Shelly’s legs, and one hand playing with her exposed tits. She spit into her hand and used that, along with Damon’s pre cum to lubricate his shaft as she stroked him slowly at first, but moving faster and faster.

Damon had to bend over slightly to get his fingers into Shelly’s pussy, but once he did, he could feel how hot she was. He started fingering her much the same way he did Denise earning moans of pleasure from the older woman.

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