All in the (Step) Family Ch. 05-2

“Holy fucking shit.” Sonja gasped. “I haven’t cum that hard in a long time. I mean don’t get me wrong, your brother fucks the shit out of me, but you… that was intense.”

“I don’t know if I’ve got any more left in me.” Amy gasped, staring at the ceiling. “I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so long since I’ve been with a woman, or maybe it’s just you specifically, but I wanted to make you feel good.”

“Oh you did baby,” Sonja said, turning Amy’s head to face her, “Now it’s my turn to make you feel good.”

“Can we just… just lay here for a bit?” Amy asked, “I’m exhausted.”

“That depends, are you expecting Bridgette home anytime soon?” Sonja asked, running a finger down between Amy’s breasts.

“She’s out with her BFF’s, and has her own credit card in a town with two malls in a five mile radius of each other, what do you think?” Amy said, laughing, reaching down to undo the harness and slip out of it, “You do remember your twenties, right?”

Sonja laughed “After the orgasms I just had I can barely remember 30 minutes ago, let alone 30 years! But yeah, I guess we could stand to lay here and recharge for a bit.”

For a long moment the two women lay quietly on the bed, Sonja gently running her hand along Amy’s body, down between her breasts, up along her side, and down her arm to her hand. Amy locked her fingers with Sonja and the two smiled at each other.

“I’m glad my brother met you.” Amy finally said, “And I’m not just saying that because of this, but because when he met you he seemed genuinely happy for the first time since his wife died. He put on a brave face for Damon, but that’s all it was. I know he felt the same way you did, that he’d never feel that… what was it you said… that spark again. You should have heard him when he was first telling me about you. It was like he was a teenager again, eager to tell his big sister about his new girlfriend.”

Sonja smiled and tried to picture her macho finance talking a mile a minute to Amy like an excited teenager. “I’m not a big believer in fate or anything like that,” Sonja said, “But I do believe that I was meant to meet him, and by extension Damon, you and Bridgette.”

“Well whether it was fate or dumb luck, I’m glad it happened.” Amy said.

“Me too,” Sonja said, leaning in to kiss Amy again, “But now I think it’s time I paid you back for that intense fuck.”

Amy laughed as Sonja reached for the strap on, “If you insist.”

Sonja adjusted the harness around her hips, “I do. Part those luscious legs of yours.”

Amy spread her legs and Sonja leaned down and gave her pussy a quick once over with her tongue and slid two fingers inside Amy, earning a moan of pleasure.

“Fuck me Sonja.” she pleaded.

Sonja smiled down at Amy and mounted her and slid the strap on into Amy’s eager cunt. “How do you want it?” Sonja asked.

“Just like I gave it to you. Hard and fast. Show me what you got.”

Sonja gave Amy a devilish grin, and started hammering her pussy with wild abandon. Amy squealed in surprise that Sonja went from 0-60 in two seconds, and then gave in to the feeling of another person pleasuring her. It felt so good to have another warm body in bed with her, even if that person was just days away from becoming her sister-in-law. Now that Amy knew Sonja was into women, she had no intention of making this a one time only thing, especially if this was what sex with Sonja was going to be like.

Sonja looked down at Amy eagerly taking everything she could give, and for a moment thought back to the first time Michelle suggested a strap on. Sonja had been a bit apprehensive about the sex toy at first, but she trusted Michelle more than anyone else, and after the first few times, it became a requirement to use it when the two of them were in bed together. Also as much as she enjoyed being on the receiving end earlier, it also felt good to be the one in control, the base of the dildo in the harness was rubbing against her very sensitive clit as she fucked Amy.

Amy leaned up to kiss Sonja, “Harder. Fuck me like I fucked you!”

Sonja doubled down and started fucking Amy as hard as she could, “Like this?” she asked through gritted teeth. “Is this what you want you little fucking slut?”

“Yeah,” Amy snarled back, “That’s it. Fuck the shit out of me. Ram that fucking cock deep into my greedy cunt. Fuck me like my brother fucks you.”

“You couldn’t take the way your brother fucks me.” Sonja grunted.

(You’d be surprised,) Amy thought to herself, (I’ve been taking that cock since I was 21.) She left the thought unspoken for obvious reasons, and instead responded with “Try me.”

Sonja was already giving Amy everything she could, and just as suddenly pulled out. “Flip over.”

Amy scrambled to get on her hands and knees, “Wait.” She said as she felt Sonja place the head of the strap on against her pussy. She reached over to her nightstand and pulled open the drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube. “My ass. Fuck me in my ass, it’s been way too long since I felt a hard cock in my ass.”

“Oh, you are a dirty little girl.” Sonja said, slathering the strap on with a handful of lube and then rubbing her fingers between Amy’s firm ass cheeks, easing a finger into her backdoor.

Amy moaned as she felt Sonja’s finger pierce her asshole and relaxed as Sonja slid it all the way in. Then Sonja pulled her finger out and eased the head of the strap on into Amy. Amy gasped in pleasure as all seven inches of the silicone sex toy entered her asshole for the first time in a long time. She’d use her fingers or one of her smaller vibrators or a butt plug in her ass when she masturbated, but it had been a while since she had the strap on (or even better her brother’s huge cock) in her backside.

Sonja pushed until she was all the way in, and stopped.

“The fuck you waiting for?” Amy asked, “Fuck me, goddamn it!”

Sonja smirked, whipped her black and blue hair out of her face, grabbed Amy’s hips, and started hammering her future sister-in-law’s ass. Amy grunted in pleasure and threw her head back, and turned to look back at Sonja.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” Amy grunted. She had gotten her second wind, and she wasn’t planning on wasting it.

“Don’t tell me how to fuck,” she said, she readjusted the way she had her legs, so she could better fuck Amy’s ass, “You’re not the first bitch I’ve ever fucked.”

She then proceeded to fuck Amy as hard and fast as she could, even reaching forward and grabbing a handful of Amy’s reddish brown hair and pulling back, until Amy’s head was almost bent backwards.

“That’s more like it,” Amy snarled.

Sonja let her hair go and grabbed both of Amy’s ass cheeks and continued to drive the strap on deep into her bowels. Amy grunting, groaning, moaning and squealing in pleasure each time Sonja’s hips collided with her ass.

Sonja for her part was worried if she’d be able to keep up with Amy now that she had her second wind. Much like Amy, she had no intention of this being the only time she and Amy would share a bed, thinking much like Amy did, that if the sex was always this good, then she wanted more of it.

Amy reached under herself and was furiously rubbing her clit and was so close, she just needed a few more seconds…

“Holy fucking shit! I’m cu–AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD!” she screamed as her orgasm rocked her body. Her pussy gushed as she continued to rub it and Sonja had to hold on for dear life as Amy’s hips bucked as the orgasm continued to run through her body.

After a full 30 seconds of Amy screaming and squirming, her orgasm passed and she eased herself off the strap on, turned around and grabbed Sonja, planting a passionate kiss on her. Sonja returned the kiss with equal passion.

After another full minute of the two women just kissing, Amy pulled at the strap on. “Get that thing off, I wanna taste you again.” Sonja quickly slipped the sex toy off, and Amy lay down on the bed. “Sit on my face.”

Sonja swung around and sat on Amy’s face so that she was in the 69 position and as she felt Amy’s tongue on her clit, she parted Amy’s lips and started licking her as well. Muffled groans of pleasure emerged from in between both women’s legs as they ate each other out, Sonja threw back her head and moaned as she felt Amy slide two fingers into her, and returned the favor, driving two fingers into Amy’s soaking wet pussy. She went back to sucking on her clit. Amy was pumping her fingers into Sonja and sucking on her hard little clit, wanting to make her cum one more time.

Sonja was thinking the same thing, she had pulled her fingers out of Amy and was licking her for all she was worth, and then she felt it. Another orgasm.

“Goddamn, Amy… I’m… oh fuck…” was all she could get out before she exploded into Amy’s mouth, and since she was on top, her pussy juice gushed straight out of her and into Amy’s hungry mouth.

Almost as soon as Sonja came down off her orgasmic high, Amy felt her pussy tingling with anticipation, and didn’t hold back, screeching in pleasure as she came one final time. Sonja tried in vain to get as much as her sister-in-law’s sweet nectar in her mouth, but the awkward position and the amount of fluid flowing made that easier said than done. She swallowed what she could, which was enough for her.

Finally they readjusted their position in bed, and lay in each other’s arms, exchanging quick little butterfly kisses.

“Welcome to the family.” Amy said.

“Are we gonna have more ‘girl talk’ sessions like this?” Sonja asked.

“Oh hell yeah.” Amy said.

“And this stays between us?”

“Like I said, Clay and I may be close,” Amy said, “But I don’t tell him everything.”

As they made their way to the shower a few minutes later though, they both wondered how many secrets could they keep?


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