All in the (Step) Family Ch. 05-1

Author’s note: This takes place simultaneously with the events of Chapter 4.

After the events of the previous day Sonja was still worked up, she was planning on waking up Clay with some good old first thing in the morning head, but her phone rang just as she was contemplating wrapping her lips around her future husband’s cock. She grunted in frustration until she saw it was Amy calling.

“Hey Amy, what’s up?”

“Hey Sonja, I was wondering if you wanted to come over, you know a little girl talk?” Amy said.

“Sure,” Sonja said, “Just give me a little bit to take a shower and I’ll be right over.”

“Sounds good.” Amy said.

“Be right over where?” Clay asked sleepily, having only caught the end of Sonja’s side of the conversation.

“Amy’s,” Sonja said, putting her phone down and slipping out of bed, and grabbing some clean clothes before she headed to the bathroom. “Gonna head over there for a little girl talk.”

“As long as she doesn’t tell anymore embarrassing stories about me.” He grumbled.

“That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.” she laughed, leaning down to kiss him.

“Honestly, I’m glad you two get along so well.” he said, “Part of me was worried you two wouldn’t get along and I’d be torn between the woman I love and my family.”

“Well if you did…”

“Please honey,” Clay said, “Don’t ask me shit like that first thing in the morning.”

She laughed, “Okay, I won’t. I’m also glad we get along, I always wanted a sister. I mean I had Michelle, even though she was like a sister to me, it wasn’t the same thing as having an actual sister. Plus all our kids get along, it’s almost like our families were made for each other.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Well anyway, I’m gonna hop in the shower.” Sonja said.

“The least you could do is change clothes out here.” Clay said, a lecherous smile on his face.


“That’s why you love me.” Clay said.

“One of the reasons,” Sonja said, peeling off the t-shirt and panties she slept in. She stood naked in front of Clay for a moment, hands on her hips. “Happy?”

“Ecstatic.” he said.

A half hour later Sonja was headed out the door to go meet up with Amy. She was glad she and Amy had bonded so quickly, when Clay first mentioned he had a sister, Sonja was more worried about her approval than that of his parents. But when she met Amy she found Amy’s sarcastic humor to be on par with hers, and in just a few days the two women had become good friends.

Amy heard Sonja’s car pull up outside her house and met her at the door. It would just be the two of them as Bridgette had gone off to spend some time with her friends.

“Hey, glad you could make it.” Amy said, giving Sonja a quick hug.

“No problem.” Sonja said.

“Have a seat.” Amy said.

The two women sat down on the couch, “So what’s up?” Sonja asked.

Amy sighed, “Look, I never said anything before, because I saw how happy you made my brother, but…”

“Let me stop you right there Amy,” Sonja said, “We’re not rushing into this. I already got the same speech from my parents. I love your brother. After my husband died, I honestly thought I’d never fall in love again, that I’d never feel that spark. I dated a little after a couple of years, but until I met Clay I never felt that connection. I knew it the second I met him that he was the one for me.”

“That’s not what I was going to say.” Amy said, “I wanted to talk about us.”

“Oh, okay,” Sonja said, “Now I feel kind of embarrassed with that whole speech.”

“I must have run over what I wanted to say a hundred times in my head, but now that you’re here, it’s not all that easy. I feel all tongue tied.” Amy said, looking at the floor.

“Just spit it out,” Sonja said. “It takes a lot to shock me.”

“Okay,” Amy said, looking up. “I think you’re incredibly gorgeous and I’m kind of jealous that Clay gets to wake up with you every morning. I’m… oh fuck it.”

Amy leaned forward, took Sonja’s face in her hands and kissed her. Sonja was a bit shocked, but didn’t pull away. In fact, she leaned into the kiss.

When they broke the kiss they looked into each other’s eyes. “I’ve wanted to do that ever since I met you.” Amy said. “I was so worried I’d make a fool of myself. I was worried about how you’d react. I thought that you’d get mad at me, run out and tell Clay or…”

“I told you it takes a lot to shock me.” Sonja said. “I’m glad you did it though. I feel the same way. Like I said, I love your brother, and I’m still gonna marry him, but there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun. It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman.”

“Me too.” Amy admitted. “Sometimes it feels like forever.”

The two locked lips again.

“How about we do something about it then?” Sonja said, pulling at Amy’s shirt. “I’ve been dying to see that body of yours.”

“Let’s go up to my room.” Amy said, standing up.

“Lead the way.”

The second they got into Amy’s bedroom they embraced and fell onto the bed, locked in a passionate kiss.

Sonja was certainly learning more and more about Clay’s family than she ever thought possible. Just yesterday she’d fucked Damon on the living room couch, and now she found her future sister-in-law was into women.

Sonja and her best friend Michelle, whom she often referred to as her “sister”, had been the first woman she’d ever slept with. The two of them had gotten together frequently over the years and more often than not, ended up in bed together. Since then, Sonja had a couple other female lovers, but she always ended up going back to Michelle.

Amy’s first experience with a woman came during her modeling career not long after she had started sleeping with her brother. She was only 21 years old, when she and several other girls went to Hawaii for a photo shoot. For Amy, it would be the first really big job of her career. One of the other women on the shoot, who was a couple of years older than Amy, took an interest in her, and arranged things so the two of them would be sharing a hotel room. She set about seducing Amy, and for almost the entire two weeks of the shoot spent every night teaching her how to please a woman. Amy was a quick learner, and it was only then she finally admitted to herself that she was bisexual, but had kept the urges hidden for years, afraid of how her parents might react. She had plenty of chances to sleep with other women on future modeling jobs, remembering what her first lover had taught her. That was something she’d never told anyone, not even Clay. When she came out to him, she left out her experience in Hawaii. It was part of the reason why she was so supportive when Bridgette came out to her years later.

Sonja pulled Amy’s shirt off and allowed Amy to pull hers off, Amy freed Sonja’s tits from her bra first, and immediately latched onto one, sucking the nipple into her mouth, earning a moan of pleasure from Sonja, who was reaching for Amy’s bra to free her tits.

“I always wanted to fuck a model.” Sonja said, pushing Amy back and straddling her hips.

“I’m not a model anymore,” Amy gasped.

“Don’t bother me with details.” Sonja said before leaning down to kiss Amy again. “Just take the compliment.”

She moved down to lick and suck on Amy’s tits that were about the same size as hers. Nowhere near as big as Michelle’s, but they were nice and firm, with nice perky pink nipples.

She kissed her way across Amy’s firm stomach and looked with a frown at her jeans. “Nope, these have to go.”

She pulled Amy’s jeans off and saw a wet spot on her panties. “Are you wet already?”

Amy smiled and nodded, “I can’t help it, I’ve been thinking about you all morning.”

Sonja pulled Amy’s panties off. “Ooh, and you’re shaved too? Yummy.”

Without a second thought, Sonja dove between Amy’s legs and started licking and sucking on her clit. Amy squealed with pleasure and spread her legs as far as they would go.

“Oh my god yes,” she panted, “That’s it, yes, suck that pussy baby, holy fuck, yes…”

Sonja called on all her past experiences with women to pleasure Amy, licking all over her shaved slit. From the bottom to the top, top to bottom, side to side, and even tongue fucked her future sister-in-law. Much like her romp with Damon yesterday, she felt this was bringing her and Amy closer.

“Holy shit, no one’s done that… in a… oh fuck, in a long time.” Amy groaned, “In the top drawer, my vibrator.”

Sonja reluctantly pulled herself away from Amy’s honey pot, and pulled the sex toy from the drawer that Amy was pointing to.

“Oh you dirty girl.” Sonja said, “You’ve got all kinds of toys in here. Is this… a strap on?”

“Yes, now get back over here and finish what you started!” Amy said, sitting up rubbing her pussy.

Sonja tossed a couple of the sex toys on the bed and quickly shimmied out of her pants and panties. Amy had readjusted herself on the bed, and spread her legs invitingly for Sonja. Sonja got back to work on eating Amy’s pussy, and grabbed the vibrator and slid it into Amy’s warm folds turning it onto its lowest setting.

Amy moaned appreciatively as the vibrator entered her and Sonja’s tongue touched her clit again. Between the vibrator and Sonja’s mouth, Amy was squirming on the bed, moaning “oh my god” and “yes”, mixed in with a lot of groaning and squealing.

She knew it was only a matter of time before she exploded, and she looked down between her legs to see Sonja thoroughly invested in making her cum. Sonja seemed to know Amy was looking at her and looked up at her and made eye contact, she smiled at her.

“Cum for me honey.” Sonja said.

Amy lost it and seconds later screamed in pleasure as she did indeed cum, her body thrashing around on the bed as her orgasm ran through her body. Sonja pulled the vibrator free and sucked on Amy’s pussy, trying to get as much of her cum down her throat as she could. When Amy felt Sonja’s mouth on her, it intensified her orgasm, and if it was possible made her cum even harder.

When Sonja could tell that Amy’s orgasm had run its course, she crawled up her body and kissed her. Sonja’s face was still covered in Amy’s juices, and Amy gredilly licked Sonja’s face clean.

“You’re a sloppy eater.”

“I told you it’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman.” Sonja said.

Amy flipped the two of them over, “That’s no excuse.”

“Then why don’t you show me how it’s done.” Sonja said.

“Fine. I will.”

Amy pushed herself down Sonja’s body, arriving at her shaved pussy, and parted her lips going right after her clit. Even though it had been a while for her too, she still knew exactly what to do, and much like Sonja had done to her, she didn’t just concentrate on her clit, but licked all over, paying attention to every inch of Sonja’s shaved pussy.

Now it was Sonja’s turn to squirm and writhe around on the bed, playing with her tits. Both Clay and Damon were good at eating pussy, and while she wouldn’t say Amy was better (Michelle would always be number one in her mind), she had a different technique that was just as good at slowly bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm. Amy grabbed the vibrator and slid it into Sonja, turned up to the medium setting and started fucking her future sister-in-law, running the thumb of her other hand over Sonja’s clit.

“Yes,” Sonja moaned, “Fuck me Amy, make me cum! I’m so fucking close.”

“Yeah?” Amy said, slowing down the pace, “You gonna cum for me?”

“Yes, let me cum, don’t fucking tease me!” Sonja moaned.

“Beg me.” Amy said, deciding to have some fun, and wanting to see how far she could go with Sonja.

“Please,” Sonja moaned, “Make me cum, I want to cum for you.”

“All over my face?”

“Yes,” Sonja said, opening her eyes and looking down at Amy, “All over your gorgeous fucking face.”

Amy suddenly pulled the vibrator out of Sonja and started sucking on Sonja’s cunt, and Sonja threw her head back and screamed in pleasure as she exploded in Amy’s mouth. Amy was not prepared for how worked up she had gotten Sonja, and was inundated with a huge gush of pussy juice as Sonja did indeed come all over her face.

Sonja’s body thrashed all over the bed, and Amy hung on for dear life as Sonja flopped around like electricity was running through her body. Finally she flopped back down on the bed, covered in sweat and panting like she had just run the New York City marathon. Amy had tried in vain to swallow all the juice flowing out of Sonja, but between the sheer amount, and Sonja’s spasming body, it was nearly impossible. Much like Sonja, more pussy juice had gotten on her face than in her mouth.

“Now who’s a sloppy eater?” Sonja teased Amy.

“Shut up.” Amy said as Sonja licked her face clean.

The two lay there in each other’s arms for a few moments kissing each other. Amy pushed herself up and Sonja caught on to what she was doing as they adjusted their legs until they were scissoring each other. They didn’t need to say anything, they just looked at each other and nodded. They started grinding their hips into each other, moaning and groaning as their shaved pussies rubbed against each other.

Amy couldn’t believe how worked up she was. She had invited Sonja over with the hopes that this would happen, but also worried that making a move on Sonja would end badly. The fact that not only did it work, but also that Sonja felt the same way only added to her excitement. She honestly had never felt this way about any other woman she’d slept with, with the possible exception of her first lover all those years ago in Hawaii.

As Sonja ground herself into Amy she too had to admit that outside of her many, many times with Michelle, she hadn’t been this worked up over another woman. Like she had told Amy she did love Clay, and she was still planning to marry him in just a few days, but when she realized she’d be getting an incredibly handsome step son and a gorgeous sister-in-law as well… that just made everything better. The fact that Damon was hung like his father, and that Amy liked women didn’t hurt either.

Amy grabbed Sonja’s leg and the two ground themselves together with more intensity, gritting their teeth and groaning with animalistic pleasure. Their eyes met and they leaned forward and kissed each other, they pulled their sweaty bodies as close as they could and continued to grind their pussies together, both of them eager to cum again. This time while staring into each other’s eyes.

Sonja felt it first, she was so very, very close. Amy wasn’t far behind.

“I’m cumming!” they both gasped at the same time.

Sonja threw her head back and screamed in pleasure and Amy’s voice joined in a second later as both women hit the point of no return and had explosive simultaneous orgasms. Amy was glad she didn’t have any close neighbors because she was sure the two of them could be heard not just in every room of the house, but outside of it as well.

“Oh god, that was… was…” Amy gasped as she started to come down off her orgasmic high.

“Intense?” Sonja asked.

“Very.” Amy agreed. “And I’m not done with you yet.”

Sonja raised an eyebrow, “Oh? What exactly did you have in mind?”

Amy reached behind her and grabbed the strap on. “You ever used one of these?”

“Yes, but it’s been a while.” Sonja said. “Clay doesn’t know I have one hidden away.”

“What other secrets are you keeping from my brother?” Amy asked, slipping the sex toy on.

Sonja smirked, “Well if I told you then they wouldn’t be secrets now, would they? What about you, what secrets are you keeping?”

“Hey, just because Clay and I are close, doesn’t mean I tell him everything.” Amy said, tightening the straps. “For example, I don’t know he’d feel about the fact that I’m about to fuck his fiancé. Now get on your hands and knees.”

Sonja assumed the position and Amy moved up behind her and slid the silicone cock inside her. She threw her head back whipping her hair out of her face and started to fuck Sonja with the strap on.

“Tell me how you like it.” Amy said, “Tell me how my baby brother fucks you. How you want me to fuck you.”

“Hard,” Sonja groaned, “Slam that fucking cock into me baby. Fuck me as hard as you fucking can!”

Amy obliged and started slamming the strap on into Sonja as hard as she could. She grabbed Sonja’s hips and picked up the pace, fucking Sonja harder and faster with each stroke.

“Yes!” Sonja screamed, “Fuck me Amy. Oh my god, fuck me harder, harder!”

Amy knew that after the last few months, Sonja was used to the feel of Clay’s huge cock inside her, and since she also knew how it felt she knew what Sonja was really craving. She was craving it herself, she hadn’t fucked her brother since January, and since then had been limited strictly to masturbation. More than once after she quit modeling she had thought about getting back into the dating scene, but kept getting cold feet. Always doubting anyone would want a 40+ year old ex-model who now co hosted a weekly YouTube show about pop culture.

She pushed that thought aside and concentrated on the sight of her strap on dildo penetrating Sonja’s very wet, very receptive pussy. Sonja was groaning incoherently and reached back, rubbing her clit as seven inches of molded silicone filled her up, being pumped into her by a woman that in just a few days time would be her sister-in-law. Sonja felt a mini orgasm work its way through her, and could feel pussy juice leaking down her thighs as Amy continued to relentlessly hammer her.

“Amy… oh god… my legs… I can’t…” Sonja slumped down, face first on the bed, causing the dildo to slide out of her with a wet slurping sound. “My legs can’t hold me up.”

“Then roll over and let me look at that pretty face of yours while I fuck you.” Amy said, “I want to look into your eyes when I make you cum.”

Sonja rolled over onto her back, and spread her tattooed legs, “Whatever you want baby. Just get that cock back in me.”

Amy obliged and slid the sex toy back inside Sonja’s well fucked cunt, and leaned down to kiss her, pressing their bodies together, and for a few moments didn’t move.

“You still want it hard and fast?” Amy asked.

Sonja bit her lip and nodded. Amy braced herself and started slamming the strap on in and out of Sonja again, slowly at first, but picking up the pace until she was hammering Sonja with everything she had. Both women were dripping with sweat and still weren’t done, but Amy wasn’t sure how much more she had left. She wasn’t going to stop until she made Sonja cum at least one more time, but after that, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to go much longer, if at all. She didn’t want to stop, but she might not have a choice. Right now though, all she was thinking about was how sexy Sonja looked beneath her as she hammered her mercilessly.

Sonja was feeling pretty much the same way, while she loved the feel of Amy fucking her with the strap on, but was unsure how much more she could take, or give. She wanted to repay Amy with a good solid fucking when she eventually did cum, but she wasn’t sure she had any gas left in her tank. Especially now that she could feel another orgasm building, just a bit at first, and building to what would be another body and bed shaking orgasm. The look of sheer determination on Amy’s face, she sound of the bed squeaking under her, the feel of seven inches of molded silicone filling her up, the fact that the woman fucking her was her fiancé’s sister, and the memories of what she did yesterday with her fiancé’s son all became too much for her to take, and her orgasm hit.

She tried to scream out “I’m cumming!”, but all that came out was an unintelligible scream of pleasure. Her body thrashing under the onslaught from Amy as she continued to hammer Sonja who wrapped her legs around the pumping hips of Amy and thrust her own hips up, her cunt contracting around the dildo inside her as what felt like gallons of juice leaked out of her now spent pussy.

Amy stopped fucking Sonja as she rode out her body shaking orgasm. Sonja pulled Amy down and kissed her, moaning into the older woman’s mouth as her orgasm continued to run through her body. Finally when Sonja felt like she could breathe normally again, she let go of Amy and Amy slowly pulled out and flopped on her back next to Sonja.

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