All in the (Step) Family Ch. 04-2

“Do you want to fuck me Clay? Because I want to feel your cock in me.”

“You sure about this, Ames?” he asked, using the nickname he had given her years earlier.

She nodded, “Yeah, I’m sure.”

They quickly readjusted their position on the bed with Clay hovering over Amy, his cock inches from her eager pussy.

“Last chance to back out.” he said, although he was now as eager as she was.

“Shut up and fuck me.”

Clay obliged and slid his cock into Amy and she let out a gasp of surprise. She had never felt a cock as big as her brother’s before, and although she had just had it in her mouth a few moments earlier, she didn’t anticipate how it would feel sliding between her legs. Much like Denise would experience years later with Damon, she felt like Clay’s massive dick would rip her in half.

“Holy fuck,” she gasped when he was all the way inside her, “I guess I can’t call you my little brother anymore.”

Clay started to fuck his sister with long even strokes, but within a couple of minutes, he was slamming his cock into her at her urging.

“Oh my god, yes Clay, fuck me harder… yeah that’s it bro… fuck your big sister good and hard… holy shit that’s amazing, just like that… oh yeah, harder!”

“Oh my god sis, you feel so fucking good.” he gasped as he kept pumping her, he leaned down to kiss her again, “You like that? You like the feel of your brother’s cock inside you?”

“God yes,” she said through gritted teeth, wrapping her hands around his neck, “I’ve never had a cock… as big as yours in me before… it feels fucking… oh my god… fucking amazing.”

Amy wrapped her legs around Clay’s waist and looked up at her brother, feeling closer to him than she ever had before. The two of them had always been close, they had their ups and downs like most siblings, but for the most part they got along pretty good, despite the two year age difference. But this… this took their relationship to a whole new level.

Clay felt the same way, when they were kids he always looked up to Amy, until he hit a growth spurt in his teens and it was obvious to everyone he was going to take after his father, by the time he was 15 he was already six feet tall and still growing. Most people didn’t realize that Amy was two years older because Clay was so much taller than her.

Clay could feel his orgasm approaching and knew now it would only be a matter of time, seconds actually before he exploded inside his sister. Amy felt her brother pick up the pace and looked expectantly at him.

“Oh god, Ames, I’m gonna cum.” he grunted.

“Me too,” she moaned, “Cum with me Clay.”

“OH FUCK!” he bellowed as he exploded inside his sister, seconds later Amy screamed a wordless cry of pleasure that echoed throughout the house as she came.

The two of them moaned and groaned as their orgasms built, peaked and slowly subsided. They both slowed down and Clay slowly pulled his cock out of Amy as he lost his erection, he collapsed next to her trying to catch his breath. Then his eyes went wide.

“Oh shit…”

“What?” Amy asked, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the room to stop spinning.

“I just came inside you.” he said.

“Yeah, so? Mom’s had me on birth control since I was sixteen.” Amy said, finally looking over at him.

“You’ve been having sex since you were sixteen?” he asked.

Amy laughed, “No, but mom thought I was, so she got me on birth control. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was eighteen.”

Now it was Clay’s turn to laugh, Amy looked at him quizzically. “At least you’re honest about it.” He said, “There was this guy I knew in high school who swore he lost his virginity when he was 14. We all knew he was full of shit because the next time he told the story, he was suddenly 12. Turned out he was still a virgin.”

“What about you? When did you lose yours?” Amy asked.

“Same as you, eighteen.” he said, “So about this…”

“We’ve got all summer.” Amy said, “After the way you just fucked me, this is not going to be a one time thing.”


That’s how it started between the two of them, they had sex almost every day all summer long until Clay went back to school in the fall and Amy continued on to a full time modeling career. They would have sex on and off for the next 30 years whenever the opportunity presented itself. They justified it to themselves saying it wasn’t cheating because they were siblings.

He had managed to keep it a secret this long, he figured he could keep the secret that he had just fucked Denise, and if given the opportunity, he would again.

Down the hall Denise was furiously masturbating to another intense orgasm in the shower, and a new fantasy was running through her head. A threesome with Damon and Clay. Once her orgasm passed she thought about how lucky she was. She had two men with huge cocks who were ready and willing to fuck her, and if she wanted a woman’s touch she had Bridgette. She liked her new family.

And it was only going to get better…


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