All in the (Step) Family Ch. 01-1

Damon watched the scenery pass by as his father drove the two of them home from the airport. Although Damon had been back home several times since leaving for college, he always felt a little nostalgic when he came back. Down that road to the right was where his best friend Sam lived, that house belonged to Ms. Stevens, who gave Damon a puppy for his 11th birthday, and in that house was where the Parkers lived, and they always had the best Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Damon was home for summer break, his last summer break before his senior year of college. He always came home for summer break, but this was different. This time his father was getting married. Damon could still remember the phone call.

“Married?” Damon asked, incredulous.

“Yes,” Clay said to his son, “Did I stutter?”

“Very funny dad,” Damon said, smirking, “But come on dad, you’ve known her for what, five months now?”

“Not that I need to explain myself to you,” Clay said, “But you know me, Damon, I’m not an impulsive person, but this is the first time since your mother died that I’ve felt a real connection with someone. I know it seems like we’re moving fast, but Sonja and I have talked about this, and we feel it’s the best thing for both of us.”

“I’m sorry dad,” Damon said, “I know I shouldn’t be judging you, I mean, hell, Alicia and I were officially a couple after just two months. But hey, if she makes you happy, then I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks, son,” Clay said, “I’ll see you next month when school lets out.”

“Alright dad, see you then.”

Damon honestly couldn’t blame his father. Clay had sent Damon a couple of pictures of Sonja, the woman he was set to marry and Damon had to admit she was smoking hot. She stood a statuesque 6′ 1″, had stunning green eyes, jet black hair with electric blue highlights and was covered in tattoos. What really caught Damon’s eye though, was her daughter, his future step sister Denise. She was just as beautiful as her mother, although she was a little shorter, had purple hair, and wasn’t as illustrated as her mother.

Sonja was a tattoo artist with 15 years experience, and three years ago had finally been able to open her own shop after feeling she’d done all she could at the shop she’d worked in since her days as an apprentice. She had three other artists working with her, all of them skilled in multiple styles. She designed most of her own tattoos, and had done all of her daughter’s ink as well. Sonja’s first husband, William died in a car accident when Denise was just six years old. She had tried getting back into the dating pool after a couple of years, but found she kept mentally comparing the men she met to her ex-husband. So she eventually stopped dating and just concentrated on her career and raising Denise.

“Hey,” Clay said, snapping Damon back to the present. “You still with me over there?”

“Huh?” Damon said, “Oh yeah, sorry dad. Just lost in thought.”

“You sure you’re okay with this?” Clay asked.

“Yeah,” Damon said, “Like I said before, if she makes you happy then that’s what’s important.”

“Well now you get to meet her in person,” Clay said. “Because we’re home.”

Damon stepped out of his father’s SUV and looked at the house he grew up in. “Home again, home again, jiggety jog.”

At 21 years old, Damon cut an impressive figure, he was 6′ 4″, and 230 pounds. He was part of the defensive line of his college football team and was coming off his best season ever. He had scored a record breaking 17 sacks in one season (breaking the previous school record of 12), earning him the nicknames “Damon the Demon”, and “The Quarterback Killer”. He had aspirations to enter the NFL when he graduated, and already had interest from the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers.

Clay was the same size as his son, but five pounds heavier and was a police officer like his father and grandfather before him. He and his wife Pam had been married for 13 years before she was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away when Damon was ten. The two of them had taken her death pretty hard, and, much like with Sonja, it took a few years before Clay even thought about getting back into the dating pool. He did date for a while, but never found anyone that he really felt any kind of connection to, so he concentrated on raising Damon and his work. He had some help coping in the form his older sister, Amy who had a daughter of her own, Bridgette, who was a year younger than Damon.

He met Sonja at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. He hated the term “love at first sight”, but that’s exactly what it was. He knew from the second he laid eyes on her that she was the one for him, and she felt the same way. Once they got to talking they found out they had a lot in common. They were the same age (with Clay being nine months older), had a lot of similar tastes in pop culture, and even more amazing they found out that their kids were born on the exact same day four hours apart.

One date turned into two, two into three and so on. Their friends thought they were moving too fast, but Clay and Sonja knew deep down inside that they were made for each other. After only three months, Sonja had moved in with Clay and they had informally (as in Clay never actually proposed) decided to get married just a month later. They had decided to wait for summer vacation so their kids could attend.

Damon grabbed his bags out of the back of his father’s SUV and headed into the house. He heard a low growling that turned into excited barking as Ares, the Siberian husky he had raised from the puppy Ms. Stevens had given him nine years earlier, saw him and practically knocked him over when he saw Damon.

“Oof,” Damon said, kneeling down “Ares I’m glad to see you too, but you’re not a puppy anymore!”

Ares barked excitedly and licked Damon’s face. Damon laughed and scratched Ares behind his ears. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw the double feature of Sonja and Denise.

“What’s going on?” Sonja asked. “What’s gotten into that dog now?”

Damon’s eyes went wide. The pictures he had seen didn’t do either of the women justice, they looked even better in person.

Damon stood up and brushed the dog hair off his clothes. “He missed me.”

Sonja smiled and walked over to Damon. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Likewise.” Damon said, holding out his hand.

Sonja smirked, “A handshake? Really? I think I at least merit a hug from my new stepson.”

Damon laughed and hugged her.

“Do I get one too?” Denise asked.

“Of course.” Damon said, hugging her too. “It’s gonna be weird having a sister, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better looking one.”

Denise laughed, “Yeah, I think I got a pretty good deal in the stepbrother department.”

“You know, you two were born on the same day.” Clay said, “Damon was born about four hours before Denise, give or take a few minutes.”

Damon looked down at Denise, “So I guess that makes me your big brother, literally and figuratively.”

“I’ve set up Denise in Amy’s old room,” Clay said, referring to the room his sister used to have, “And of course your room is still your room.”

“Speaking of which, give me a few minutes to unpack.” Damon said, grabbing his bags.

“Don’t take too long,” Sonja said, “I’ve got pizza coming.”

“Dave’s Pizza?” Damon asked.

“Of course.” Sonja said.

Damon looked at his father, “I like her!”

Damon headed up to his room followed by Ares and started unpacking.

Denise poked her head in. “Hey, mind if I come in?”

“Sure, come on in.” Damon said, pulling out his MVP trophy for the 17 sacks and adding it to his trophy case.

She looked around Damon’s room as he unpacked. She looked in his trophy case, filled with trophies dating back to his high school days, along with game balls and school newspaper clippings about his impressive performances.

“Impressive,” she said, “I guess when you make it big in the NFL, I can watch the games and say ‘That’s my big brother!'”

Damon laughed, “Yeah, all my friends say they’re gonna watch me when I make it to the NFL and say ‘You know, I knew Damon back before he made it big’. It always makes me laugh.”

“This house is so nice,” Denise said, “But how does your dad afford a place like this on a cop’s salary?”

“Oh this house and the land has been in the family for generations. My great-great-grandfather built this place. Well the main house downstairs anyway. Of course it’s been fixed up, updated and added to over the years, and four generations of Mathers men have been raised in this house. My great grandfather, my grandfather, dad and me. Dad’s already told me that the house will be passed down to me when the time comes.”

Truth be told he was glad to have a little one on one time with his future stepsister. She was absolutely gorgeous and from what he could tell had a nice body. Denise had come up to talk to Damon because she also wanted to spend some time alone with him. Much like Damon had found her gorgeous, she found him incredibly handsome, also admitting to herself that his pictures didn’t do him justice.

They made small talk while Damon unpacked, Denise revealing that she ran track, and both of them trying to be cool about checking each other out while talking, and thinking very un-sibling like thoughts about each other. When he was done unpacking, they sat on the bed and continued talking trying to learn as much as they could about each other. It turned out just like their parents, they had a lot in common.

“Hey guys,” Sonja called up the stairs, “Pizza’s here!”

A few minutes later the four of them were in the living room eating pizza and exchanging stories. Clay and Sonja talking about weird people they’d had to deal with in their jobs, Damon and Denise talking about school and their friends and teammates, and Clay and Sonja telling embarrassing stories about their respective children.

“So 17 sacks in one season?” Sonja asked. “That’s pretty impressive.”

“Yeah, well I got a good defensive line. They open up a hole for me, I zero in on the quarterback and…” He punched his hand, “BAM! That’s why I got this.”

He rolled up his right sleeve to show off a tattoo of him as a demon, with the words “Damon the Demon” on top and “The QB Killer” under the image.

“Hey, since you’re family now, does that mean I can get free tattoos?” he asked Sonja.

Sonja laughed, “Sure, I’ll give you the family discount.”

“Well it’s getting late, I think we should call it a night.” Clay said. “Sonja, don’t forget you and I have to go talk to the caterer tomorrow.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” Sonja said, “I don’t suppose you two would want to come along, would you?”

“Oh no,” Damon said, “I spent two and a half hours on a plane today. I’m staying right here tomorrow.”

“Yeah, me too.” Denise said, “I’m gonna need at least a full day of relaxing, maybe two.”

They all helped clean up and headed off to bed.

The next day after their parents had gone to meet with the caterer, Denise slipped into a bikini and headed out to the pool to work on her tan. Well that, and to see if Damon would take notice.

He did.

Damon spotted her from his bedroom window. He smiled to himself as he watched her walk to the pool. Now that he got a good look at her, he saw that she didn’t just have a nice body, she had an amazing body. Running track kept her in excellent shape. She could give his girlfriend Alicia a run for her money. Alicia was a member of the cheerleading squad, and she and Damon were doing the stereotypical football player dating a cheerleader thing. Being a cheerleader she had to keep herself in good shape and had a killer body, just like Denise. Just looking at her made his heart rate increase. He quickly changed into his swim trunks, grabbed a towel, his cell phone and bluetooth speaker and headed down to go for a dip.

Denise parked herself on a chaise lounge and looked up when she heard Damon and Ares emerge from the house. She looked up and smiled in appreciation as she drank in the sight of Damon without a shirt on, and she was impressed. He spent a lot of time in the gym and it showed as he was in great shape, his chiseled chest, abs, arms and legs were all on display to her hungry eyes. She knew there was something about Damon from the moment she saw pictures of him that her mother had sent her. She already found it hard to think of him as her future step brother. Now that she was seeing him wearing just a pair of swim trunks, she could feel herself getting wet. As they looked at each other they both had the same thought. “Play it cool.”

“Hey.” he said to her.

“Hey yourself.” she said.

“Hope you don’t mind if I play some tunes while we relax.” he said, holding up the speaker.

“Depends on what we’re listening to.” she said.

“Well,” he said, kneeling next to her, showing her his phone, “This is my workout playlist, this is my pregame playlist, and this is my everyday playlist.”

“Looks like my new brother has good taste in music.” she said as he scrolled through a few songs on each playlist. “Let’s go with the everyday playlist.”

Damon turned on the speaker, and set the playlist to random. Then he jumped in the pool and did a couple of laps as Ares ran around chasing squirrels. Damon grabbed the pool raft, and pulled himself into it and floated around for a bit before looking over at Denise. She was laying back soaking in the rays, and he let his eyes run over her body from head to toe, lingering on the gentle curves of her breasts, her flat stomach, her perfect hips, and her toned, smooth legs. She seemed to know he was looking at her and looked back at him.

“What?” she asked.

“I just can’t believe I’m gonna have such a beautiful step sister.” he said, smiling, and guiding the raft over towards the side of the pool. “I bet you drive the guys at school crazy.”

She blushed a bit and smiled, “Yeah, but the fact that I have a boyfriend keeps most of them at arm’s length.”

“Lucky guy.” he said.

“Yeah, well I bet all the girls are dying to date the Quarterback Killer.” Denise said as Damon carefully got off the raft and got out of the pool, grabbed his towel and sat at the picnic table next to Denise.

“Yeah, but I’m doing that stereotypical dating a cheerleader thing.” he said, drying himself off. He turned the music down so they could talk.

“Not the head cheerleader?”

“Nah, our quarterback is dating the head cheerleader.”

“Hey, would you do me a favor?” Denise said, grabbing her sunscreen. She handed Damon the bottle and flipped onto her stomach. “If you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” Damon said.

Truth be told he would have done just about anything to touch her smooth tattooed skin. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down her back, rubbing the sunscreen in. Denise was tingling with excitement. If nothing else, she would at least get to feel Damon’s hands on her.

“Mmm, pretty soft touch for the killer of quarterbacks.” she said.

“Well for starters, you’re not an opposing quarterback,” Damon said, “and secondly we have massage therapists for the team, and I’ve learned a few things after having them rub me down after a game.”

“Well if football doesn’t work out for you I think you’ve got a future as a massage therapist.”

Damon laughed, “Fat chance, I already promised my father if the NFL doesn’t work out for me, then I’d take up law enforcement. In fact I’m studying criminal justice just in case.”

He had reached her waist and moved down to her legs, starting at her feet and working his way up. Denise tried to hide her disappointment that he moved down to her legs, but she sighed in appreciation as he slowly moved up her legs rubbing the sunscreen in. Damon had moved down to her legs, because he didn’t want to seem too obvious that he was just as excited as she was to get his hands on her.

For a while they stayed quiet, just listening to the music and Ares off in the distance barking at squirrels.

Damon was amazed at how toned and firm Denise’s legs were, running track really did wonders for her. For just a moment he wondered how her legs would feel locked around his waist. He reached the top of her legs and her bikini bottoms. He got a little bold and ran his fingers over the exposed flesh of her ass. She squirmed a bit but didn’t say anything, he took that as a hint and got a little more daring and ran his fingers a little higher to where her butt disappeared under the fabric. Again a slight squirm with a slight sigh added in. Damon could feel his cock getting hard.

Denise squirmed when he first touched her ass. She hoped he would pick up on her non verbal cues to go further, and he did. Damon slid his fingers under the fabric of the bikini, just a bit, not wanting to rush things, but testing the waters to see if she was okay with what he was doing, which she was. She arched her back a bit to push her butt up to give him the go ahead. He was slowly sliding his fingers further and further inside her bikini bottoms. His cock was now at full mast. He was happy that his grandfather had built a privacy fence around the property so no one could see him feeling up his soon to be step sister.

Taking the final move Damon slid both of his hands under her bikini bottoms and gave both of Denise’s ass cheeks a gentle squeeze. Denise reached down and started pushing her bikini bottoms off. Damon pulled his hands free long enough to watch Denise’s gorgeous ass come into view. He helped her pull them the rest of the way off and slid his hands between her legs, feeling her wet pussy for the first time. She was already soaking wet with anticipation. He quickly shed his swim trunks and slid his hand back between her legs, using his other hand to undo her bikini top, she pulled the top off and tossed it off to the side.

She flipped over exposing herself to Damon and he smiled in appreciation. While she didn’t have the biggest tits he’d ever seen, they were nothing for her to be ashamed of. In fact, they fit Denise’s body perfectly. Her whole body was perfectly proportioned. He looked between her legs to see she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed.

“I was hoping you’d do that.”

“I was hoping you’d let me.” Damon said.

“You like?” she asked, sitting up, smiling and shaking her tits at him.

“What do you think?” he asked, nodding towards his now rock hard dick.

“Holy shit.” She said, “That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life.”

She would later admit she’d only seen two other dicks in person before his, so her sample size was kind of limited, but Damon’s eight and half inch cock was the biggest she’d seen so far.

“Can I…?” She asked, reaching for it. Damon nodded. His cock twitched as she took it in her hand, and was just barely able to wrap her hand around it.

Damon was equally impressed now that he was seeing Denise fully naked. He reached down to fondle one of her perfect tits and found that they were nice and firm, her nipples were like little pencil erasers, and she moaned appreciatively as he gave her tit a gentle squeeze.

They sat there gently fondling each other before Damon cupped her face in his hands and slowly pulled her face to his and gave her a gentle kiss. Denise moaned in anticipation as she felt Damon’s tongue slide into her mouth. She eagerly kissed him back, as he pulled her up off the chaise lounge and into his lap. She pressed her body into his and they both moaned as they felt the warmth of each other’s bodies. Denise ground her pussy on Damon’s cock without actually having him penetrate her.

When they broke the kiss, they both needed a minute to catch their breath.

“Wow…” Denise said.

“Talk about breathtaking.” Damon said.

“Can I tell you something?” she asked, not making any move to separate from him.

“Of course.”

She bit her lip, and took a deep breath. “I thought you were really good looking the first time I saw your picture. Then when I saw you in person yesterday, I realized you are so much fucking hotter in person.” she finally said, “And last night, after we went to bed, I… well I masturbated thinking about you, hoping something like this would happen.”

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