All in the Blood-3

“No…this feels different. I think this is supposed to happen.”

Suddenly Kane fell on top of his son and started to shake while grindind low and slow. Then the hot, pulsing cock inside his son began to move all on its own. Then his milky cum exploded into his son’s body with little to no warning in great gushing spurts. All the boy could focus on was the wheezing, guttural groan of his father above him.

Then Flint’s belly began to swell more and more till it look so tight and big, they were both sure the boy wouldn’t be able to move.

“Christ…” Flint moaned.

The younger man began to pant alongside his father as he felt something moving inside his body. The cum swirled inside his belly and impossibly the entire combined sensation of being filled made the boy hit another orgasm.

It blindsided them both when their bodies finally ejaculated the last of their fluids and both were utterly catatonic.

“Fuck…what the hell was that?” Flint managed to wheeze out in between the aftershock of his orgasm.

His father pulled his deflated cock bit by bit then suddenly moved it out in one quick tug, making a vulgar squishing sound as it slipped out.

The older man blinked in amazement and something he refused to identify as lust, when he watching his son reached his orgasm again from just pulling out.

“Did you just…?” he blinked down at the boy.

His son covered his eyes with his arms.

“Shut up man.” he sniffed. “Urgh…my body feels messed up. Stop judging me.”

“Shhh, sorry.” he pulled his son’s arm away to look at him. “Are you alright?”

The boy hiccupped and sniffed but nodded. “Shit. Yeah, sorry…just a bit fucking overwhelmed right now.”

“Language.” he reprimanded instinctively.

“Seriously? Language? After what we just did?” the boy laughed like he wasn’t sure where up or down was anymore. “Alright, argh, just help me up, everything’s too tight right now.”

His father gently moved up and watched his son crawl on his hands and knees. Then he watched with a heady sort of dazed look when his boy started to open his twitching, red hole.

After a few minutes, the boy suddenly cried out in frustration as he buried his face down into the mattress.

“What the fuck man!” he pushed his ass into the air and thrusted back. “What the hell’s happening? Why won’t it come out!?”

“Here, let me help you.”

His father reached around and started to press into his son’s cum-filled swollen stomach.

Slowly, white hot fluid trickled slowly out of the boy’s body and dribbled down his thighs.

“Hmph!” the young soldier groaned.

His son placed his hand onto of his father’s then pushed down together onto his bulging belly and suddenly, as if a dam had been broken, the pink hole stretched then a torrent of milky cream squirted out on the bed. There was steam rising out of the fluid and they both kept pressing onto the boy’s stomach, coaxing the semen out as his father held him from behind.

It took a shocking seven minutes for the boy’s stretched body to retract back to half its size.

“Is that all?” the older man asked as his son tiredly collapsed on the soaked bed.

“No.” he huffed. “Got a good half still in there, I can still feel it inside me but I don’t think your spunk is coming out of me anytime soon.”

The older growled at himself when he felt his heavy organ twitch.

“Alright, get up, we need to take a shower.”

“Argh…can’t move.”


“Can’t we do that later? I’m sore fucking everywhere. Totally your fault by the way.”

The boy yelped when his father scooped him up and held him bridal style to the bathroom.


Flint felt uncomfortable as he watched his father bathe him.

No one had paid that much attention to him since his mother’s death and he most certainly didn’t expect it to come from Kane out of all people. But he couldn’t deny that the warm cloth scrubbing away at his sore skin felt somewhat calming, especially after the ordeal his body had just gone through. Flint wouldn’t be surprised if he was still in some kind shock.

“I’m sorry.” Kane suddenly whispered not looking at him and firmly focusing on the task of cleaning his son’s body.

“For what?” Flint asked tiredly as his eyes drooped low.

“The bruises.”

Flint blinked down at the hand shaped discoloration blooming on his hips.

“Oh…well sorry about the scratches then.” Flint replied easily.

And indeed there were long red lines running down his father’s back in multiple places.

They fell back into an easy silence as they both finished cleaning themselves up. Ten minutes later both father and son moved into Flint’s bed since the other one was well and truly ruined and they weren’t feeling hungry so they just settled for some water and crawled underneath the sheets together.

“I know you saw the locket.” Kane suddenly muttered from his side of the bed.

Flint blinked at the man and then shrugged. “So?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Christ, what’s with you and apologizing today? Can’t you just go the sleep?” Flint snapped.

Suddenly his father turned around to face his son and pinned him with clear grey eyes that seem to implore Flint too listen to him.

“All this…you shouldn’t have had to do it. When you first said that you couldn’t have sex with me, I understood that and I didn’t blame you for making that decision even if it meant we died. You shouldn’t have to sleep with your own father. You don’t deserve to go through that.”

Kane pulled out the locket with his daughter (his half-sister his mind supplied) in it and looked at Flint like he was readjusting his view on him.

“But I think you changed your mind not for me…but for Anna.”

Dear lord. That was most he ever heard his usually cool and silent father speak in one go.

Flint sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“I know I was never your first choice Kane.”

The words felt like barbwire around his throat.

If there was something a little sad in Flint’s voice, he ignored it. “You didn’t want me as a son and you didn’t stick around to help mum raise me and every time I remembered the image of her breaking her back again and again just to put food on the table I blamed you. I blamed you for not being there to help us.”

“Flint -“

“Shut up and just listen.” The boy snapped. “When I got older I realised you didn’t even know I existed and it just made me feel worse because if you didn’t know, then I couldn’t blame you. Logically you couldn’t be the monster I made you out to be.” Flint paused, pushing the urge to cry or something else equally embarrassing. “Then…I read your file when I realised I was assigned to your scout team. I can’t remember if I was excited or completely horrified to meet you finally.” There was a dark chuckle. “So when I was reading your file, I realised that you had a wife, a baby daughter and even a son only three years younger than me.”

Flint found it a little hard to breathe. Urgh, he hated heart to hearts.

“You had an entire family, you had another son, one you actually raised had cared about. You had a life…without me. And suddenly it was like I was orphaned all over again.”

Yeah, and maybe Flint was crying a little bit now but he refused to brush it away.

“In our line of profession, where we die young and fast, we can’t make a habit of hopelessly yearning for things we can’t have. It’s just a waste of time.” The boy swallowed the knot in his throat and turned to look at his father and said, “And I’ve wanted you for far too long.”

They probably the most honest words he ever say to Kane.

He rubbed his eyes feeling suddenly embarrassed and stupid.

“Forget about it -” The younger man drawled sleepily.

But then suddenly Kane was kissing him.

Actually kissing him. Like properly.

Flint floundered for a few moments, unsure about what to do but eventually he closed his eyes and let himself be wrapped up in strong arms that should have cradled him when his was a child but was doing it now in a totally different way.

They both pulled apart, a little dazed and it almost looked like Kane wasn’t even sure what happened.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” His father muttered while running his palm across his face. “I’m sorr -“

“What did I say about you apologizing? I don’t fuckin’ want to hear it.” Flint turned away trying to hide the mortifying blush crawling up his neck. He shot a quick look at Kane and quietly added, “It wasn’t that bad anyway, could’ve been a lot worse.”

The man’s lips twitched.

“Now that our ‘chic-flick’ moment is over, can we just go to sleep?” The young man complained while turning back to the window.

His father didn’t say anything but that was alright, the press of his warm body and strong arms spread across his back was enough.

“Oh and by the way, tomorrow I’m gonna fucking skin that Seelie bitch.”

His father huffed amused into his hair. “Not if I get her first.”



~Tohias Bane

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