All His Fault

It was all Uncle Frank’s fault that Nancy was so horny that morning. He had spanked his 18 year old niece the night before for making a mess in the kitchen. Then, to add to her punishment, he put a suppository up her ass and made her do 30 minutes of corner time. The last 10 minutes were pure hell, standing there bare ass naked, clinching her ass cheeks, trying not to fidget, getting the paddle across her skinny little ass every time she moved a fraction of an inch.

That morning Uncle Frank had spanked her again, and then did something new to arouse and embarrass and humiliate her.

Uncle was constantly experimenting on her with different types of enemas and suppositories. Nancy loved it when he took his time, giving her 2 or 3 warm water enemas, sometimes using a bottle of warm Champaign the last time. G-d, she loved it when Uncle playing with her pussy and rubbing her swollen little belly, letting her suck his cock, before she took a shower and then receiving his thick cock in her ass.

When Uncle was really horny and wanted her in the ass, he would give her a Fleet enema, the small chemical bottle kind they sell in all the drug stores. Nancy couldn’t hold it for more than a minute or two, and then she would wipe and wipe herself. Then Uncle would be in her, with not much lube, making it hurt when he stuffed his cock up her tight little ass. G-d, she both hated and loved it when he ripped her a new asshole. She could feel every inch of his cock just after an enema, could feel every spurt of his hot cum when he climaxed.

That morning, Uncle had spanked her again, and while she was still over his knees and smarting from the hairbrush, Uncle did something different. After playing with her smooth little pussy for a while and getting her really crazy, he spread the cheeks of her tight little ass and put something different into her, not the Pocket Rocket vibrator and not his finger or the familiar enema tube.

The nozzle was small, about the same size as the Fleet enema, but it felt different. Then he squeezed the small bulb and shot something into her rectum.

“Its liquid glycerin, the same stuff as the suppositories. I found it in the drug store yesterday when I was picking up a prescription. When I come back, you’ll have to tell me how long you could hold it.”

Then Frank Morgan helped his skinny little 18 year old niece off his lap, told her to stand in the corner as long as possible.

Well, Nancy lasted almost 20 minutes, without trying too hard, because Uncle Frank wasn’t there to keep her honest. Then she took a shower and got back into bed. Without permission, Nan decided to sneak a workout with the Pocket Rocket before her Uncle came back. Which turned out to be a gigantic mistake!

Nancy looked up from the bed to see her Uncle standing in the doorway, arms crossed, watching her, a smug look on his face.

“Did you have permission” Uncle asked his niece.

“Um … no Sir…but I couldn’t wait … please … Sir …I was so horny.”

Uncle told the little girl to put the Pocket Rocket down, to shut it off, to put it on my nightstand.

“Now, get out of bed Nancy.” He is so serious, and the little 18 year old was afraid.

She’s naked, of course, and pissed off that she had been so stupid.

‘Damn it why did you catch me….you weren’t supposed to be home for another hour ….’

“You little slut, you stupid, horny little tramp, you just can’t keep your hands way from your pussy. You’re worse then your mother when she was your age.”

Nancy looks down at the floor and blushes. ‘Did he fuck my mom in the ass when she was my age,’ Nancy asks herself. Then I take my belt from my trousers, and double it over.

“Get over by the wall, a foot away, you know the position.”

‘G-d, I hate it when he punishes me like that,’ you say to yourself as you stand two feet away from the wall. First you spread your legs, then put your arms up over your head, and then lean forward. You know you have to support yourself, and you know you’re going to get the belt not only on your tight little ass, but on the backs of your legs all the way down to your knees.

I start with the belt, the belt of heavy braided leather, the one that leaves a pattern on your ass.

Thwak! Thwak!

‘Christ, it hurts, and he’s only hit me twice,’ you think to yourself.

I keep it up for about five minutes, more than enough to get you whimpering. Then I get the clothes pins and clip them on your little pink nipples. They’re already hard, and you gasp as I snap each one in place.

“You’re a pathetic, horny slut. If you had your way, you’d stay in bed and jerk off all day long.”

Thwak! Thawk!

“I’m sorry Uncle Frank, really I am.”

“Not good enough.”

Thwak! Thawk!

Every once in a while I snap the belt straight up, into your split wet cunt.

“Oh, G-d, not that … please … not that …”

“You’re pathetic when you beg,” and I whip you in the cunt again.


“Now, get on the bed, on your back.”

My cock is rock hard and I’m dying to fuck you. In a flash my trousers and underwear are off. You spread your legs and I’m kneeling between your skinny thighs. Then I’m in you, in your tight hot cunt. You bring your knees up to your perky little tits and I fuck you with slow, deep strokes.

“Put you legs over my shoulders,” I tell you, and I go in deeper, harder, making you whimper.

“Slut, you can’t get enough.”

I keep up the pace, then start to fuck you faster. Then I stop for a moment and reach to the nightstand for the pocket rocket. Its coated with your dry cunt juice. I turn it on and press it against the pucker, to try to force it up your ass.

“Ahhhh … please … it hurts. Don’t make me take it dry. Please.take it out and lube it.”

I take the rocket and press it against your lips.

“Lick it. Get it nice and wet so it will go in easier.”

Nancy has given her Uncle a few rim jobs so she knows ass tastes like. I push it into her mouth, and she tastes her pussy juice, tries to get it was wet as possible.

Then I force the rocket into her tight rectum. She winces in pain as I put it in an inch or two, deep enough to feel the vibrations through the membrane, to let her feel the vibrations in her vagina as I start to fuck you again.

Then I lean forward, as I fuck my skinny nice harder and harder.

“Uncle Frank, please, my legs, they hurt in this position …”

“Wrap them around me … hold me tight … my lovely slut”

You wrap your legs around my waist and I let all of my weight down on your chest. Without having to be told, you hold your arms over your head with your wrists crossed. I hold your wrists in place as I grind my chest against your nipples and press the clips into your tiny tits. You feel the pain … you love the pain …


It only takes five or six more strokes, very hard, very deep, and you start to climax. I feel the trembling in your legs as you squeeze me tight. I stab you with my cock as hard as I can, three more strokes, slowly, deliberately, in your tight wet cunt, and then four or five more, very quickly …

“Oh … oh … oh my G-d” is all I say as you feel my hot cum inside of you.

I collapse on your chest and smile. When the trembling stops, I kiss you gently on the lips.

“Thank you, my love.” There is nothing else to say.

Finally my cock is soft, and I roll off of you. Then you kiss my chest, kiss your way down my body, and finally start to lick your pussy juice off my shriveled penis. You take me in your mouth and I start to get hard again. I put my hand between your skinny legs as you gently suck my cock. Your pussy is wet with your juice and my cum. I rub the slippery mixture against your clit as you tease me, as you work your tongue into my pee hole.

“Please, Uncle Frank, I want you again.”


The vibrator has slipped out of your rectum. I stand at the edge of the bed and you move closer as I position my cock against the pucker of your tight little asshole. My cock is wet from your mouth. I press and you exhale and I gradually push my way into your incredibly tight butt. Fucking you in the ass is like having a virgin every time. When I’m all the way in, I reach around and grasp one of your tits. I squeeze your sore nipple and you gasp.


I squeeze your nipple harder as I start to fuck you in the ass. You know this time I’m going to last and last and last. I slide my other hand between your legs and start to rub your clit. You know you’ll cum two or three times before you finally feel my hot cum in your ass …

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