All His Fantasies

Paul hung up his coat when he got home. His kids were at their grandmothers house for the weekend, so it would be just him and his lovely wife, Cynthia. She’d said she’d have a surprise for him when he got home tonight, and he was eager to find out what it was. He found a note on the stand by the door that she was waiting for him in their room.

He smiled and started up the stairs. He saw her shirt on one of the stairs, and decided to take his own off, along with his tie. Atop the stairs, he saw her bra, and her pants, leading a trail to their room. He eagerly undressed, and by the time he reached the door, he was naked, his thick 7 inch cock rock hard.

“I’m coming for you babe,” he said as he opened the door…and there was no one there. Another note, along with a silk scarf lay on their bed. “Put this on,” read the note. Curious and excited, he put it on, “OK, I’m blindfolded, now what?”

“Stand up and put your hands behind your back,” said a voice in answer.

Paul stood, “Mmmm, you wanna play huh? Ok” and he put his hands behind his back. Someone walked behind him and snapped a pair of cold, metal handcuffs on his wrists. A soft breath blew in his ear from behind.

“Tonight, all your fantasies will be real,” the voice said, nibbling his ear. “Are you ready?”

Paul shivered. The voice didn’t sound quite like Cynthia’s, but he was very turned on. “Yes, I am.” He said. He was then pushed against the wall, bending him over.

“Hey, wait, what’s this?” He askd, suddenly a little unsure. Then he felt something press against his anus, and he gasped. “No, not that please.”

The voice giggled. “I thought you’d like it. Isn’t that what you said?”

He had a brief flashback to telling Cynthia that he would, but he never thought she’d actually do it! He started to squirm, slipping away, making the blindfold slip a little. He rubbed his head against the wall to make it slip off more, to reveal a stunning brunette standing in front of him, wearing nothing but the 7 inch strapon that she wanted to impale his ass with. “Who’re you,” he asked.

“This is Alyssa,” he heard his wife say. She walked out similarly clad in nothing but a strapon. She slipped an arm around Alyssa, rubbing her 32D breasts against Alyssa’s 36C’s. “I found her for us, what do you think? She’s going to help us fulfill all our fantasies.”

Paul couldn’t help but be stunned. “You’re as beautiful as my wife,” he told her.

“Thank you. Now get on the bed on all fours,” Alyssa told him.

He was still so mesmerized by the two beautiful women that he obeyed. Cynthia got behind him. “Dont worry sweetie, this won’t hurt much, and you won’t make any noise.”

He was about to ask why, when Alyssa suddenly grabbed his hair and forced him to suck her fake cock, making it hit the back of his throat. He tried to moan a protest when suddenly he felt his ass invaded again, this time the cock gotin him. He moaned into the cock louder, trying to pull away. Cynthia swatted his ass. “Yeah see, I told you he’d take em both.”

Alyssa grinned. “Yeah, he’s really liking mine, aren’t you?” She slid it out of his mouth. “Y-y-es I am,” he said, gasping for breath and moaning as his wife kept thrusting into his ass. “Wanna switch?” Alyssa asked.

“Sure,” Cynthia said, smiling and kissing an ass cheek, leaving a red lip mark. “That means you’re mine, you know that, right sweetie?”

She looked at him as she and Alyssa switched places. He nodded, and she slapped her fake cock on his cheek, which he obidently took in his mouth as Alyssa started fucking his ass. He moaned, feeling so turned on by the double teaming.

After they’d both had their fun with his ass, they pulled out of him, and Alyssa took his handcuffed hands and pulled him so he was laying on his back. Alyssa crawled over to Cynthia, who opened her legs, accepting Alyssa’s fake cock in her pussy, kissing her deeply.

Cynthia turned to Paul and said sweetly, “Enjoy the show.” then turned back to Alyssa, kissing her and moaning as Alyssa fucked her pussy as good as Paul would. Paul could only watch, he couldn’t even jack off like he so wanted to. His hard cock quivered has their moans filled his ears, watching his wife as she writhed in orgasm around the fake cock, kissing Alyssa.

When Alyssa had finished, she pulled her cock out of Cynthia, and took it off. “Did you think I’d forget about you,”She said to him tartly. Alyssa mounted his cock and sank down, taking his full erection in her. Cynthia straddled his face, and made him clean up her sweet cum, a task he always enjoyed doing. He moaned louder and louder as Alyssa continued to ride him, harder and faster, then jumped off as he got close to cumming. Cynthia too, leaned over and they licked and sucked him until his cock burst, licking up the hot streams of cum as best they could. Cynthia got off him and unlocked the cuffs.

“I love you,” she told him. “I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Oh I did,” he said, and wrapped his arms around the women.

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