All His-3

You barely give me any time to compose myself before rolling me over onto my back. You take the weights from the clamps chain and detach the chain in the middle, before pulling each single chain up to wrap around the spreader bar. You attach them in place so any movement to protect my ass or pussy is stopped by the intense pain I’ll feel in my nipples.

You go to the table and pick up the flogger and the black whip. I’m shaking my head, not sure if I can take any more. You start to flog my exposed flesh, catching my pussy every time. Intermittently, you use the leather whip, causing a sting strong enough to make my eyes water. You keep going and going, stopping only when your arm aches. Your fingers once more at my pussy. The wand is in your other hand and you start to finger me, slowly, letting my brain try to understand the difference in touch from the previous harsh treatment. My thighs and ass an pussy are still stinging from the combination of the whip and flogger, but I still want your roughness. It’s not long before you give me it. Pounding your fist into me, telling me not to cum, not to dare cum. Pulling out just as I’m about to. Working your fist back into me, letting me build and build again, before once more pulling out. I’m begging, trying to meet your hand, to follow it as it leaves me.

You push your entire fist into me once more, “if you want to cum, you have to first pull the clamps off. Then, and only then, you have my permission to cum.”

I don’t even think about it. I start to pull the spreader bar away from my body, letting the chains pull tight. At first I give up, letting them slacken again. But I can feel my orgasm building once more and I want it so badly. I pull against the chains once more, feeling the clamps sliding off my nipples to the very edge before releasing me. The suddenness, the pain, the intensity of the blood rushing back into them causes my cunt to contract around your hand so strong as I cum. I cum so hard I almost pass out. I’m in a state of satisfaction that I’ve never felt before. Your hand is on my face, bringing me back down from the high.

“I’m not finished yet, little sub.”

I groan, needing to rest. But I understand. This is for your pleasure, not mine.

You untie me from the spreader bar, giving me 5 minutes to stretch my muscles. I’m aching all over, still on a high from my orgasm. I don’t even watch you. I lie back with my eyes closed, listening to the sounds of you moving around. I lie and remember your cum in my mouth, licking my cum from your hand. My eyes are still closed as I feel you tie my wrists together once more. I can’t even try to object. You pull me to my feet and over to where I stood before. You kiss me deeply as you raise my hands up again, attaching them above my head.

I hold onto the top above this time, needing the extra support. You tie the spreader bar to my ankles again. Keeping me spread open for you.

In this position, there is no hiding.

You start with your hands, moving over my body, over every inch of me that you have already flogged. Caressing, stroking, scratching, nipping, spanking. You follow with your tongue in places, your teeth in others. Hard enough to almost break the skin at times. I’m a wreck now. A bundle of nerves, every button being pushed. Every single nerve ending is standing to attention, awaiting whatever is next.

You let me be for a minute. Deciding what next. I feel the softness of the flogger as you swish it lightly against my back. You don’t keep it light for long. Heavy, hard thuds follow before you let the ends snap against me. Moving around me, getting my entire body, over and over, again and again. I’m leaning into every stroke now. My eyes are heavy with lust as I watch you, as I watch you circle my body like a predator, your own eyes bright with desire, watching me take your cruel treatment.

The little black whip you decide next. You use this gently at first, which still produces a sharp sting. As you did with the flogger, you work my entire body with it. My marked, red, burning body. The whip leaves little red marks like claw marks, half crescent shapes, dotted all over my body. I scream and writhe under this one.

Then you swish the cane through the air next to me. I jump. You tap it over my body, leaving stripes wherever it touches. You rest it against my tits, across both, before bringing it sharply down on them.

My reaction pleases you, you like the way I screw my eyes shut and mouth the word one. You continue this up to eleven, watching me mouth each stroke number and watching the welts appear on my breasts.

Before the twelfth, you reach out and trace your brand again, as you do I can’t help but whisper, “yours Sir.” You bring the cane down directly over both nipples as I almost scream out, “twelve.”

I hear the buzz of the wand before I feel it. I don’t know if I can take it. Not that I have the choice. You press it against my pussy hard, getting me close to cumming then cruelly taking it away. I’m begging you, softly at first, getting more and more desperate until finally, as I’m about to give up hope of ever being allowed to cum, I hear those words leave your mouth, “cum for your Master.”

I let go, loudly, “I’m cumming Sir. Thank you Sir,” then from there I’m a mess of moaning and incoherent words.

“Keep cumming, as much as you can. You have permission my little sub.”

I don’t need any more encouragement than that. As the first subsides, the second is already there. I shake violently against my bonds. Struggling to keep upright. I’m hanging from my wrists after the second one and you let me down, laying me back on the cold concrete floor. My back and my ass is on fire still and this just heightens it, as you keep the wand on me, you trap me in place with your knee on the spreader bar.

I loose count of how many time I cum. When I think I can’t take any more you work your fingers into me, fucking me hard with two, then three, then four, then your entire fist again. The final time I cum, my back arches up off the ground and you feel every single muscle clench tightly around your fist. Taking the wand off, you slowly pull your fist out of my used cunt. I’m dripping wet still, my cum covering your fist and my lips, running down over my ass on to the floor.

You pull me up to my feet and the replace me on the floor on my knees, my face right above the puddle of my own cum. You quickly tie my wrists together behind my back before pushing your cock into my mouth. You’re hot and heavy on my tongue and I feel your precum dripping out into my throat. Your hands reach down to play with my tits, you feel every vibration from my squeals of pleasure and pain as you tug on my abused nipples.

Pulling out, you reach around my neck for my leash, and throw it over my shoulder. Moving behind me, letting me collapse onto the floor, you hold onto the leash and wrap it around my arms. Causing just a slight difficulty in breathing, enough to make me aware.

“Clean up the mess you made. Lick up your cum like you did mine.” You watch as I do it with no hesitation.

As I finish you pull me up and back using my arms, the leash attaching the collar to my arms and pulling my head back. Your cock pushes into my swollen, used pussy. That brings me back down, it brings be back to you, as you fill my pussy with your cock. You don’t move at first. You just push in, balls deep and wait.

I start moving before you do, begging you, “please Sir, please fuck me. Please use your little sub Sir, please, please…”

You take over, fucking the last please from my lips. I can feel everything, every thrust, every welt, every hand print, every bite, every nip, every bruise, every single thing you have done to me, I can feel.

“You are mine,” you growl from behind me, as you fuck my pussy hard. I can feel you getting close. Your groans become louder, harder, you start to let go, spanking my already sore ass, so hard, harder than you ever have, I can feel the handprint forming as you fuck me.

Then you cum. Hard. Powerfully. Primal. You’re cursing and groaning and clawing at my hips, pulling me back into you, making sure every last drop of your cum is inside me, marking me as yours.

We collapse onto the floor. It takes minutes before either of us can move. You move first. I turn my head to look at you. You’re surveying my body, your marks on my body. You’ve covered every inch of me in some sort of mark, no one could see me naked and not know what I’ve been doing.

You reach over to the table and grab your phone and snap a picture of me lay there.

You untie my ankles from the bar and roll me onto my back, enjoying the yelp I give as the cool ground makes contact with my skin and take another picture of my front. Your eyes continue their survey. You lean over me and bite my left nipple hard, making me cry out once more, before moving up to my mouth, kissing me hard until I’m wrapping my legs around your body as we kiss, lost in sub space still. Wrecked and marked. Yours.

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