All His-1

It’s dark outside when we pull up in the car.

“Tell me again,” you say, referring to an earlier conversation.

I turn to you, seeing your face set hard, your eyes are shining in the dim light the headlights provide.

“I’m yours Sir. I’m yours to use for your pleasure Sir,” I reply, my voice heavy with lust.

You nod, reaching up to stroke my cheek. I lean into your touch, letting my gaze drop from yours. Your hand moves down my cheek, your fingers tracing my lips, the line of my jaw, down my neck until you find what you’re looking for. Your collar around my neck. The outward display of your ownership of me. The more private display is hidden beneath my clothes.

Your collar sits snugly around my throat, not tight enough to cause any restriction to breathing, just tight enough to let me feel its presence with any slight movement, any breath, any swallow, any speech. Your fingers slip between it and my skin, pulling me to you with it, causing a slight change in my ability to breathe. I stay calm, my trust in you so complete my hands don’t move from my lap.

“Yes you are, my little sub. You are mine. All mine,” you whisper as your lips come down on mine. The kiss is brief, too brief. You leave me wanting more. As you always do. It wouldn’t matter if you kissed me from dawn til dusk, you always manage to leave me wanting more.

You let me go and get out of the car. With no direct instruction to follow, I wait in my seat. I would say patiently, but you know me better than that. My eyes are straining, trying to make out anything of our whereabouts. The car is facing what looks like a field, a wire fence separating us. To the right and left there is only darkness. I hear the sound of metal on metal and the crunch of stone as a door opens, then closes soon after. These sounds are filling me with curiosity and mild fear.

I jump, getting a fright when the car door opens, the darkness covering you until your hand is on the door handle. You don’t say a word, but I understand this as my cue to exit the safety of the car. It is a summer night, still holding the warmth of the day, yet my nipples are hard and I am covered in goosebumps as though a cool breeze has caressed my skin.

I’m wearing what you ordered me to. A light blouse and a knee length summer skirt. No underwear. Your collar. Sandals. Your brand. The last is never an option now. My thighs are slick with my arousal. I can’t even describe why. I’m completely in the dark as to what situation I’m entering into, but I can feel how charged you are. I can feel your dominance enveloping me as I stand before you awaiting your next instruction.

Your hand reaches out, cupping my left breast, your fingertips tracing what only you and I know is there. I press against your hand, my nipples growing even harder at your touch. My breathing is coming in rapid short gasps as I try to contain myself. Your expression doesn’t change, but I can feel the need in your touch.

“Go stand in front of the car, face it. Stand just in front of the fence. When I turn up the headlights, I want you to strip for me. Seduce me. Make me want you. Show me what is mine.”

I stand still, shaken by this command. We’re in what is effectively a field, in the middle of nowhere. There could be anyone around. Even as these final thoughts are running through my mind, I find myself moving to the front of the car. I reach the fence and turn around, shifting to the left slightly so I’m standing facing the middle of the car. I look around us, but my eyes are yet to adjust to the darkness, the lights shining on me make my blindness even more apparent for a while. Just as I’m starting to make out some shapes, what looks like a large building to the right, the headlights are turned to full. I blink in surprise, not expecting them to be quite so bright. They aren’t shining directly into my eyes, but the effect is the same. My surroundings are once again plunged into complete darkness.

I pause, realising I’ve been standing still while I should have doing as I’ve been told. I give myself a mental shake, and start to try to seduce you.

I move my hands up to my hair, letting it free from the clasps holding it up, letting it fall loosely around my shoulders , running my fingers through it, arching my back, pushing my tits out towards where you sit in the car. I let my hands move from my hair, keeping the ends clasped in my fingertips. My fingers are now brushing against my hard nipples, I let my mouth fall open with an audible sigh. There’s no other noise around.

My hands explore my breasts through the blouse, using the soft material to stimulate them. My hands continue a downwards path, over my clothes. I explore my body through them, letting you see the materials moving over my body, exposing my curves to you through them.

I reach my skirt, turning around with my back to the car as I run my hands down my legs. The skirt only just long enough that I only give you a hint of what is beneath. I lift one foot and rest it upon the fence to unfasten my sandal. This parts my legs slightly, giving you a whisper of a view to my pussy. You see how I’m glistening with wetness, how my cunt actually seems open for you. I repeat this with the other sandal, giving you a cheeky glimpse again of what I know you want. Turning back around, I leave the unfastened sandals in place, giving me some protection from the tarmac of the ground. My hands are on my body once more, pressing against me, one hand is pushing between my legs, pushing my skirt against my pussy, pushing hard on my swollen clit. I know better than to do this, but it feels so good. I manage to tear my hand away, reminding myself that this is for your pleasure. My hands go up to the buttons at the top of the blouse. I undo them slowly, deliberately, my eyes trying to see through the bright light. You can see me searching for you, for your reassurance, for the safety you make me feel. But you know I can’t see you against the bright lights.

I undo every button, you can see the inner curve of each breast as the two sides part down the middle. I keep it on. My fingers move over the visible strip of skin to the waistband of my skirt, slipping between it and my skin. I ease it down over my hips to the point I can just let it go, it barely making a sound as it hits the ground. I’m stood in the open air, with two bright lights focused on me in a state of undress. Almost naked to anyone who would walk by. There would be no hiding illuminated as I was. Everything beyond was just darkness. I wouldn’t even know where to hide if I wanted to. Wouldn’t know where to go, which way to turn.

I part my legs slightly, feeling the air sweep over my wet pussy lips, cooling me down and simultaneously making me hotter. My legs are shaking from the adrenaline coursing through my body. My fingers grip either side of my blouse and I pull it back, revealing my body to you. Showing you what is yours. I let it fall to the floor, joining the skirt.

My arms hang down by my sides at first, before I pull them behind my back, gripping my elbows with the opposite hand. Pushing my tits out towards you. Turning ever so slightly, letting you see your permanent mark on me. Continuing to turn on the spot, showing you my body. Revealing every inch to you. You haven’t used any of your harsher toys on me recently, haven’t marked my skin with welts or handprints or paddle marks. Instead favouring the flogger for its ability cause the sensations we both enjoy so much without leaving trace. You’ve allowed my skin to heal from our last hard session. Rubbing cream into my skin on a nightly basis. The result is my skin is soft to touch, without a single bruise or welt or mark in sight.

My nipples are sensitive but not tender as usual. My pussy is feeling desperate for you to use it mercilessly, to fuck me hard, to use it to give you pleasure. It isn’t bruised or tender. You haven’t fisted me in over a fortnight, using two fingers instead to so expertly bring me to orgasm as you hold a vibrator against my clit. Denying me every time I begged for more. You’ve treated me gently, like I was fragile, like you didn’t want to break me.

I’m now frustrated beyond anything that simple denial could cause. This was a different kind of denial. The mind fuck type. The type that makes me start to worry our needs are no longer compatible. That you don’t want me the same way you once did. It has been a complete and utter mind fuck, that has me feeling uncertain and desperate to please.

I have my back to the car when the lights go out completely. Music starts to play. It’s nothing I recognise, my mind is too preoccupied to try to listen to it, all I know is that it’s loud. I’m listening for another noise amongst the heavy beat. I can’t hear anything. I don’t want to move for fear of getting lost so I stand still. I hold my position for you. I close my eyes, letting myself relax, hoping that will let me hear you. It doesn’t work.

I feel like hours have passed when I finally feel you against me. You move so silently, the first I know, you’re pressed against my back. I feel the softness of your shirt and your trousers against my naked skin. I know better than to turn to you. I let my body show you my relief at your presence. I press back against you, letting my ass roll against your crotch, feeling the unmistakable outline of your erection against me. Your lips on my shoulder, I enjoy the softness before I feel your teeth nip me. Your hands are on my body now, pulling me against you. One hand possessively around my left breast, the other curved over my cunt, pressing over my clit, the tip of your middle finger nestling in between my lips.

“Mine. All mine. You once said you want me to use you as hard as I like, no matter what you say. Well, I’m taking you up on that. Not that you’ll be able to speak at times. You can beg me to stop all you want, but I won’t until I’m satisfied. I’m taking your safe words away. You don’t need them. I want your trust along with your body,” you speak directly into my ear in a low tone. Your voice makes me shiver, your words terrify me.

I start to open my mouth to reply. I want to try to negotiate, however pointless it may be. You interrupt me the second I open my mouth, “this is not an option. This is not a request. Trust me.”

I take a second before responding.

“Yes Sir.”

Even as I say those words I feel myself getting more aroused. You’ve taken the final piece of control I held away from me now. You once called the safe words my crutch. It’s true, I’ve never needed them before but I feel like I need them now that I don’t have them. I’ve been able to take everything you’ve given me so far, I haven’t reached my limit of anything yet. But I’m now scared that I’ll suddenly lose that ability. I give myself a mental shake. Reminding myself that I trust you. That you wouldn’t put me in a situation you didn’t think I could handle. That you would look after me. I relax back into you, not realising how tense I’d become until I do so. You feel me melt back into you, taking that as all the confirmation of my acceptance you need.

Your hand leaves my soaking pussy, leaving a line of wetness travelling up my tummy and over my shoulders. Twisting into my hair, gathering it all in your fist, around your fingers. Taking such a strong grip of my hair that I’m made instantly aware of your position over me, of your strength, your dominance.

The burning feeling increases as you pull hard, “take your shoes off, step out of them to the right. Keep your arms behind your back.”

I follow your instructions, then feel you pulling upwards, pulling me onto my tip toes. I scream out, losing my balance which causes me to put more pressure on my scalp. You let go of my hair, watching me as I fall forwards, bringing my arms in front of me to balance with. I manage to stay upright, and quickly pull my arms behind me again.

I jump when I feel your hands on me again, looking up from the ground I look into your eyes. You look calm. I must look the opposite. You clip the chain leash onto my collar, letting it fall between my breasts. The cool of the metal makes me gasp, but I hold my position. My tits are thrust out with the way my arms are and I watch as your gaze drops down to them. Your hands coming up to rest over them, your thumbs circling my nipples, taunting me once more with your gentle touch.

Your gentle touch that soon turns to torturous pain as you grip my nipple in your fingers and start to torment me. Pulling hard, twisting, letting go only to flick or bite them. You watch me to see exactly what elicits a moan, and what gets you a scream. I know it doesn’t make any difference but I start to beg you to stop. I plead with you, “please Sir, please stop. Please, please, please. It’s too much Sir. Please Sir, please stop. Please just let me rest Sir. Please. Please.” You would normally continue a few moments more before turning your attention elsewhere. This time it feels like you continue for a lifetime. My nipples are becoming more and more sensitive, burning and tingling beneath your fingers. Finally it gets too much and I can’t help but cover myself. I think that’s what you were almost hoping for.

“Get your hands back behind your back or I’ll tie them there until morning,” you growl, your hand going around my neck and pushing me backwards until I’m pressed against the side of the car. Your grip on my neck tightens as I struggle to resume my position. Once my hands are out of the way, you keep your hand around my neck, using your other hand to slap my thighs a few times until I open my legs.

You then return your attention to my tits. Any time I try to beg you to stop, your grip on my throat tightens. It gets to the point that my need to beg you isn’t for you to stop but to fuck me. Your continued harsh treatment has got me desperate for you. My cheeks flush with embarrassment as I realise this.

“What’s wrong little sub? Enjoying this too much?” You taunt me, letting your hand drift down, “what will I find if I let my hand between your legs? Just what I thought, your slutty little whore cunt is wet. You are absolutely dripping wet.”

I let my head drop forward as you let go of my neck, trying to hide my shame.

“Tell me what you want. Look at me, and tell me what you want sub.”

I look up at you, but I can’t get the words out of my mouth, I can’t get my tongue to work, I can’t get myself to admit it.

“Tell me. I will not tell you again,” you say, ending your sentence with a sharp slap across my face.

“I want you Sir,” I try, whispering to him.

“Not good enough. Tell me exactly what you need right now,” he spanks my thigh, “or I’ll just have to assume you want to go home.”

I shake my head, letting him know that last bit is not the case. “Well, speak up,” he responds.

“I…I…I need you to fuck me Sir. I need you to fuck me hard Sir. Please Sir, please, I need you inside me Sir,” I manage to stutter out, my head immediately dropping again with embarrassment.

“And how would you like me to fuck you? With my cock? With my tongue? With my fingers? With my fist? Tell me sub, tell me.”

“Anyway you want Sir, please just fuck me Sir,” I’m desperate now. I can feel my pussy tingling and contracting, wanting you, needing you.

“One day, you’ll regret saying that.”

I don’t take it in though, as your fingers are exploring my pussy the way only you know how. You’re pulling my lips, finding the opening. My lips are swollen with lust, my hips are moving back and forth trying to encourage you deeper. But you take your time. One fingertip grazes over my clit and I feel it all through my body. My legs are shaking, my nipples are still stinging. Without warning I feel your fingers inside me. Three fingers shoved deep into me. I feel my pussy being gently stretched by you as you move them in and out. I can almost feel an orgasm building when you take them away.

“Oh please, please Sir, please do that again. Please Sir,” I beg, letting my cries of disappointment free.

“You’ll need to be more specific. What do you want me to do?”

“I, I want you to finger me again Sir,” I whisper shyly.

“I think it was something else about it that you enjoyed more, isn’t it slut?”

I’m nodding, trying to give myself courage to speak the words, “please use your fingers and your hand to stretch me Sir.”

You shake your head, “stretch where sub? You want me stretch your arms? Stretch your jaw? Where sub?”

I can tell you’re enjoying my discomfort now. I’m shifting from foot to foot, unable to meet your gaze. You grip my chin in your fingers and lift my face to yours. “Where sub?”

“Please use your fingers to stretch my pussy Sir? Please, Sir, please?”

I barely get out the last please before I feel your hand at my pussy again. Not just three fingers this time. You rub your hand back and forth, coating yourself in my juices before starting to push into me. I start to feel full and then feel that incredible, indescribable pleasure that comes as you start to reach the widest part of your hand. You pull back slightly, watching me as I try to follow your hand.

“Fuck my fist whore, if you really want it, then fuck it.”

My eyes meet yours and I understand I’ve got not option. I need this. I start to move up and down on your hand. You keep steady as you feel me pushing down onto your hand. I want more, I want to fall off the edge into the orgasm I know I can get from your fist. I keep moving, fucking your fist harder and harder. I can feel your entire hand is inside me. To your wrist.

“Please may I cum Sir? Please Sir? Please?” I beg, continuing to fuck your fist.

I get no response. “Please Sir, please, please, I can’t do this for much longer. Please Sir? I can’t hold back Sir. Please Sir, ple…” I can’t finish my sentence as I get to the point where I need you to give me permission, where I need you to tell me to cum. I can’t speak. I can only focus on my pussy, already contracting lightly around your hand.

I’m still moving on you, but I start to realise you’re pulling away from me. Your knuckles slip from my pussy and I am almost sent over the edge by that. If it weren’t for the hard, sharp spank you landed on my thigh I would have came instantaneously. My pussy muscles are still contracting, trying desperately to fuck something. I let out the cry of frustration I feel. Angry at you for getting me so close, for taking it away. I’m looking at you with anger, my breathing still rapid, my chest rising and falling, my arms still trapped behind my back against the car.

You see the look in my eyes and simply smile at me, “I told you. You’re mine. And those orgasms you so love to have? They’re mine too. Accept it.”

As he’s speaking the anger dissolves and I recognise his control over me once again. I feel the frustration in how empty my pussy feels. Wanting him to fill it again. Wanting him to give me permission for what I need.

I lower my eyes to the ground, “yes Sir.”

He grabs hold of the leash still dangling between my tits and pulls sharply on it. I’m forced to bend forwards. I only just remember to keep my hands behind my back. I try to walk quickly to keep up with you, but you stop and wrap the leash around my neck a couple times, gripping the handle and a fistful of hair instead. This makes me keep up.

I’m trying to see where we’re going, but I can’t make anything out. You stop and pull open a big heavy metal door, pulling me upright by the hair at the same time. The space inside is lit with hanging lamps. It looks almost industrial. Smooth cement floor. Concrete walls. There are beams running the entire length of it, with hooks along a few. There are pillars every so often all up the centre in two rows. In the middle of the room are two tables and a bed. To the sides I see other beds and tables. It’s some sort of bunker. A very well protected, hidden away bunker. I start to realise just how remote it’s likely to be. How unlikely there is to be anyone around. This relaxes me at first. But then the reality of that settles in. No one around, means no one to hear me.

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