All Her Secret Smelly Bits-2

“Be my guest. You’ve paid for it. Enjoy my filthy ass you pervert!”

John dabbed his index finger at various points around the rim her anus to test its stickiness, and then brought the slime covered digit up to his nose. He first sniffed at it then sucked it clean and savoured the taste for a moment.

“What would you say if I offered to lick your asshole clean Diane?”

“Ten pounds to lick it, or twenty to feel inside if you want — one finger only though!” came the reply.

“How about with my nose?”

“No way, that’s just too gross even to consider. And anyway, I don’t want to suffocate you at least ’til I’ve had my money!”

“OK, for twenty pounds, how far up can I push my finger? Can I touch your shit?”

“If you must. But be gentle.”

“OK, pull your buttocks open as wide apart as you can I will try to lubricate my finger by doing this.” John started to circle the tip of his finger around the raw, shiny rim of her anus to collect as much of her anal slime as he could. He then gradually worked it into the bulging balloon-knot of purple skin which concealed the entrance to her hole. After a moment of applying light pressure, the slippery knot of muscle suddenly relaxed itself and, pulling his finger away for a moment, he watched in fascination as her smelly little anus bulged outwards. The sticky, white creamy seal of her sphincter suddenly lost its tension and pealed open to release a pocket of foul smelling air. It vented over his nostrils with a vulgar hissing sound and he instinctively recoiled in disgust.

“What a stink!” exclaimed John as perved at the amazing view of Diane’s slightly open rectum deflating right in front of his face. As her hole closed up again, he quickly reapplied his finger and immediately felt himself being sucked deep inside. The squeeze on his finger was quite immense; she was fighting the intrusion with all her strength.

“Relax,” said John. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just explore a little.”

He gently started to wiggle his finger around the walls of the young Polish girl’s anus, testing the elasticity of her hole, while at the same time trying to experience the texture and slipperiness of her rectum.

“I wonder how far up here your shit is Diane?”

“This is so disgusting! I feel totally defiled. Please hurry up.”

He gave a further push and soon felt his finger nail dig into something firm and rubbery. He knew it to be the tip of her next turd. With some further investigation, he determined that was quite thick and firm and completely rounded off at the end.

“That’s quite a big one waiting to come out,” said John.

Looking down at his finger, he estimated that her shit was probably sitting about two inches up her asshole.

“Please don’t do that anymore, pull it out now.” He felt her squeeze hard in an effort to eject him.

“Sorry,” said John.

Her anus bulged outwards with the efforts of her exertion and his finger plopped out with a loud farting sound. It was followed by a tiny trickle of creamy brown goo which dripped down from her hole and onto the worktop below.

“I’m so sorry. This is so, so embarrassing.”

“I’ll wipe you.”

John went to grab a few sheets of paper from the adjacent cubicle and then dabbed around the rim of her asshole to clean off the slimy leakage. While he did so, he continued to explore the course textures and intimate contours of her wonderfully hairy, Eastern European genitals at his leisure. The closer he looked into her ass crack, the more he became aware of individual creases and blemishes, not to mention the proliferation of pimply hair follicles and coarse black stubble – where some of her anal pubes hairs had been broken off – growing randomly around her entire anal region.

Glancing down, and using the tips of his fingers to enhance the experience, he started to examine her feet He was intrigued by the contrast between the colour and feel of her genitals which were generally rubbery to the touch, compared with the soles of her feet — on which the cheeks of her bottom rested. Here the skin was discoloured from pink to yellow with a hard ridge of dry, rough, scaly, white skin around the heels.

He considered that it was probably the most shameful and embarrassing position in which a woman could be made to display herself. Unable to see her face or gain any clear impression of whether she was beautiful or ugly, all that a man could see of Diane from this angle was the hard discoloured skin on the soles of her feet, the enormous pale globes of her spotty buttocks and the huge brown hairy circle which surrounded the purple folds of her anus. Hanging below this now filthy, smelly hole, like a small furry animal, was the hirsute, camel-toed mound of her huge vulva. It was just possible to make out the wrinkled edges of her dark inner labia clamped tightly in the slit.

John looked back at Diane’s asshole to admire his handiwork. “All clean,” he pronounced. “Now it’s time to have a proper look at your lovely hairy Polish cunt. Please can you turn round and spread open your knees for me Diane?”

She said nothing in reply. All this time, Diane had been teetering on the balls of her feet in her efforts to follow John’s instructions and provide him the most explicit view of her asshole; and so it was with some awkwardness that she now turned herself around over the basin to face him. He could see that she was shaking. Leaning back against the mirror, she immediately drew her hands to her face.

“I’m so ashamed,” she whispered in a broken, husky voice. She was now crying.

“I’m sorry,” said John, “but all you have to do now is open your legs. You don’t even have to look at me. All I want to do is see your cunt and maybe smell it a little.”

“I feel so dirty. It’s so utterly humiliating,” she blubbed.

“Yes it is, isn’t it?” replied John rhetorically. “Now just open your knees for me, there’s a good girl, wide as you can, and show me just how hairy you are.”

Without another word, she drew her hands from her face and looking down to avoid his stare, placed one hand on each of her knees. She slowly spread them apart to reveal the most enormous black hairy bush John had ever seen.

“Wow!” John undid his trousers and pulled out his cock. “You don’t mind if I masturbate looking at your cunt you do you?”

“If you must.”

“How about you take off that jumper and show me your armpits at the same time? Bet they’re hairy as hell too!”

“Yes,” she said, without any trace of emotion,”you’ve already seen between my legs so I guess what else can be secret from you.”

With a simple crossing of hers arms, she grabbed the hem of the baggy jumper and swiftly pulled it off over her head. She was wearing a plain white cotton vest beneath – and no bra. John was immediately drawn to the hard points of her nipples pushing through the thin fabric – just a hint of the dark circles of her areolas beneath. But what excited him even more was his first sight of her under-arms.

“Keep up your arms up over your head Diane so I can see the all the hairs in your pits and round your vagina at the same time. Yes, open your legs a bit more and thrust out your cunt; see if you can show me a bit of asshole as well.”

Diane followed his instruction until she had completed the exact pose he was looking for. Long,dense tufts of greasy, matted black hairs sprouted from all directions in the sweaty, discoloured recesses of her genitals and armpits. It was a wholly disgusting and at the same time, highly erotic sight.

All the secret, private places of the little Polish girl were now on full display to him. He started to masturbate.

“You look like a monkey with all your bits on show like that Diane; must be so embarrassing.”

Diane turned her head away.

“Let me smell you while I wank.”

He leaned forward to sniff first under her arms and then worked his way downwards – pausing briefly to rub his face across her erect nipples – before settling himself in between her legs and feet for a few moments. The fishy, sweaty musk of her vagina was overpowering.

Finally, he pushed his nose through to her hairy anus and drew a deep breath. The smell of her anal slime was very strong.

“Ah! My God!” exclaimed John. “I think I’m going to cum!”


Author’s note: Most of my stories are based on real ladies who have contacted me through this site. If you would like to model for my next story – either by sending photographs or answering some very personal questions – please contact me.

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