All Her Secret Smelly Bits-1

John has a disgusting fetish. He is excited by exploring and smelling the most unattractive, dirty, discoloured, rough textured, sweaty and usually hidden places of a hairy women’s body such as the soles and heels of her feet, in her armpits, around her buttocks between her legs and especially down inside the deepest recesses of her bottom.


The girl was around 19 years old and not particularly attractive, but she had been more than willing to accept the fifty pounds John had offered her to pull her pants down and show him what she looked like between her legs. It was more money than she had seen in over six months of sleeping rough in the park, and if she managed it carefully it would mean food and cigarettes for maybe the next six.

John had seen her slouched on the park bench many times as he walked by on his way home from the office. Each time she had looked up and asked if he could spare some change. But on this occasion he stopped and studied her more closely. She was of average height and appeared to be very skinny from the look of the loose, crumpled jumper and jeans that barely fitted her at all. Although her face was quite plain, what made her appealing was the dusky hue to her skin and the tumble of thick dark hair which cascaded around her shoulders. He imagined she probably hadn’t washed or combed it for quite a while — but the combination of her skin colour and mass of black hair suggested the probability that lower down, other parts of her body might be very interesting indeed. He tossed down a coin into her collecting tin.

“What’s your name?”

“Diane” she said simply and immediately John was able to detect some kind of eastern European accent. His heart started to race slightly.

“Spare some more change?”

“How much d’you need?”

“Whatever you got — some pounds…”

“Ok. But only if you want to earn it.”

“Earn it, how?” A pause while she considered the man. “I’m no hooker.”

“No it’s not that.”

“What then? You have job? What you want me to do?”

“I have twenty pounds for you if you’ll do one easy thing for me?”

“Twenty pounds! You joking? What thing?” her eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“Nothing illegal.”

“OK, no problem, whatever you want.”

“OK then. Show me down there,” John pointed at her crotch.


“I want to look between your legs — no sex — just to look.”

“You’re a pervert yes?”

“Kind of,” admitted John, “I just like dark hairy girls.”

“You think I’m hairy?”

“Well, from all the telltale signs, seems quite likely”

“What telltale signs?”

“Black hair for one, thick eyebrows, some dark wisps down the side of your ears…”

“You’re weird.”

“Yes – but am I right?”

“I’ll tell you for a quid.”

John fumbled in his pocket and quickly pulled out some change. “Here.”

She grabbed at the coins. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes you are right. I am pretty hairy.”

“You must have taken over two pounds there! You owe me some more information. Tell me something else.”

“Thick black hairs — everywhere, under my arms, on my legs, other places…”

“What other places specifically?”

“Between my legs. I don’t shave at all.”

“I knew it! Will you show me?”

“For twenty quid, yes?”

“Yes, twenty pounds. Here…” He showed her a hand full of crisp five pound notes.

“She stared right at him for a moment and then whispered: “Ok, yes you have deal, I’ll let you perv me for twenty quid.”

“Right up close and for as long as I want?”

“How close?”

“Well, I suppose close enough to see everything in detail. About like this,” John demonstrated by leaning in to her and stopping about a foot from her face.”

“That’s too close. It’s not like I take a shower every morning. You know what I’m saying?”

“You mean you smell. Ok, thirty quid then; as close as I want so I can smell you.”

“You don’t mean that surely. You actually want to smell me?”


“You might regret that. OK, deal. Thirty quid right now and I’ll show you everything. You got a place to go?”

“No. Will have to be here in the park. Maybe in the bushes over there?”

“No way. Only safe place I can think is the ladies over there.” She pointed at an old brick building hidden in the trees. She knew she was playing a dangerous game, but for some reason she did not fear this man. She badly needed the money and something in her instinct told her he was genuine; a pervert maybe but not a rapist. She had also seen the roll of notes in his wallet and considered the possibility that maybe there was more she could earn without too much more effort.

John was equally nervous — someone he knew might see them – but he was already far beyond doing the sensible thing right now. His heart was racing and his tummy was turning somersaults in anticipation of what she was about to show him. He just had to go through with it. He counted out from a small wad of five pound notes and handed her the thirty. She immediately took it and stuffed it into her jeans pocket.

“OK, now come and see what you paid for. I warn you it’s not pretty down there. I try to clean up in these toilets every night, but it’s not easy just sitting over a basin and trying to hold down those funny taps that only dribble out a bit of cold water.”

“Yes, I can imagine,” he replied.

As she led the way to the public toilet block, John’s heart rate quickened and his imagination started running wild. What would it look like — her unwashed, black, hairy cunt. He could hardly contain himself.

Inside, the building was quite old but reasonably clean. Fortunately it was very well lit from the direct sunlight beaming in through the high level windows. Good, he would be able to clearly see all the true, natural colours of her private areas.

Diane closed the door behind them and slid across a makeshift bolt. “I put this on myself so I can hide away in private. Sometimes, when it’s raining, I sleep on the floor. Nobody bothers me in here because they think the toilet is closed up for the night.”

“Perfect,” replied John approvingly.

“How d’you want to do this?”

John spotted an old metal framed chair tucked away in the corner. He went over and dragged into position. “Well, no fuss. I’m just going to sit down on this chair here while you stand in front of me and pull down your pants.”

“OK.” She positioned herself about two metres from where he was now sitting.

“No come closer so you’re in the bright light and I can see you properly”, instructed John, “and then turn around.”

“I thought you wanted to see my pubes?”

“I do, I do, but I want to watch you from behind first if that’s OK.”

“Ok, I’ll come a little nearer – but definitely no touching.”

“I promise not to touch you. Now stand right here Diane,” he said pointing at a spot on the floor only two feet away.”

“OK, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about my smell.”

“I want to smell you.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do, really, I don’t care how dirty you are.”

“OK, anything you want. Which part of me do you want to smell?”

“Your bottom.”

“Ugh really? That’s just too gross. I’d rather you didn’t”

“Please Diane?”

“But its just that…well you know, I can’t clean myself properly.”


“So?” she exclaimed. “So my ass is filthy! It just too embarrassing for words.”

“I want to see it too…”

“My ass?”

“Yes, but right in your crack, I mean with your buttocks spread right apart.”

He could sense she was starting to hesitate.

“How about another tenner, make it forty quid?”

“You really are a pervert you know that? Well it’s your money I suppose. OK, sure, I’ll spread for you. Give me the extra ten.” She reached behind her and opened out her palm.

“Here.” He peeled off another couple of notes. “Now just bend forward slightly for me.”

As Diane bent over, John leaned forwards and thrust his nose towards the centre seam of her jean-clad buttocks. He took an experimental breath. All at once the rank stench of her stale body odour, tinged with the acrid smell of ammonia washed over his senses.

“Jesus, you’re right.”

“You sure you really want me to do this?”

“More than ever!” he glanced at the swelling in his trousers, “just pull your pants down for me Diane and show me everything you’ve got.”

“OK, here goes I guess.” She tugged at her belt, which was all that was really holding up her jeans and then pushed them down over her hips to reveal a pair of threadbare cotton panties. They had presumably had once been white, but after wearing the same pair for over three months, periodically rinsing them through in the toilet basin, she had allowed them to turn various mottled shades of cream.

“My God!” exclaimed John in a hoass whisper. “Your pants are disgusting.”

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“Take them off,” ordered John.

“OK, don’t rush me,” and with that she hooked her thumbs into the panty elastic and slowly stuffed them down into the gusset of her jeans. She then let the grubby bundle drop down to her knees under their own weight. As they fell past his face, he was wafted with the pungent smells emanating from the inside of her bottom.

John now had a full on view of her naked buttocks. They were small, firm and round and slightly yellow in colour. If it hadn’t been for the smattering of small reddish spots dotted all over them, they would have been extremely attractive. But the smell was quite rank.

“That what you wanted — take a good deep breath eh?”

“You know that what I really want to see is your smelly little anus don’t you – see if it’s all hairy.”

“I think you might have guessed by now.”

“Just bend right over and show me.”

By now John was aching for her so badly – not to fuck her – but to see just how far she was prepared to degrade herself in return for just a few pounds.

“OK, if you really want.” She started to bend forward.

“No,no!” he shouted. “Stop, don’t show me just yet. I have a better idea. Can you kneel up on the basin and then lean forward against the mirror.”

“Make up your mind mister. How am going to get up there like this with my pants down round my legs.?”

“Just try for me please. The view will be so much better.”

“OK, whatever.” She waddled over to the basin, clutching her pants tight between her knees and then with some grunting and cursing, launched herself up onto the cold melamine worktop. John followed her over with his chair, and repositioned himself below the basin.

“Can you lift your bottom up?”

“OK, OK I’m trying my best but I’m all tangled up.” Her jeans and pants were still bunched up at her knees making any kind of movement very difficult.

“It’ll be easier if you pull your pants right down.”

After steadying herself for a moment, Diane reached behind her and tried to wriggle her undergarments down around her ankles. It was a most awkward and unladylike manoeuvre, causing her to clench and unclench her buttocks as she struggled with her clothes.

“Push your ass right out in my face when you do that!”


She worked her knees into position around the porcelain basin and then cautiously bent her head, leaned forward against the mirror and pushed her butt cheeks up and out into space.

As she presented her naked, yellow buttocks in front of his face, John leant forward and positioned his nose within an inch of the dark smelly crevice of Diane’s bottom. Each time her crack opened slightly, he feasted his nostrils. It was unpleasant but not all smelling of shit as he had feared. He immediately recognised the stale odour of female anal slime. He knew the whole cleft of her buttocks must be coated in it. But it was not offensive to him at all, just so very, very musty and sweaty.

“Now open up your butt cheeks for me so I can inspect your asshole!”

“OK mister. Just be patient. I’m trying to stop falling off here!”

“I’m sorry.”

Diane recovered her balance and twisted round to look at him.

“What is it with you anyway – that you pay a girl to show herself like this?”

“Look I’m sorry, I really am. I can’t help it. Please don’t think I’m just a craved pervert or something.”

“But you are!”

“No. Look, some people are into, I don’t know, say rubber, or bondage or other kinky stuff. Just think of it like that, except I’m turned on by…other things.”

“Like smelling a girl’s dirty ass?”

“Not just that.”

“What else?”

“What do you mean?”

“What else turns you on, you creep?”

“Stop this. You’re making me uncomfortable,” said John. “I can’t talk about it.”

“YOU’RE uncomfortable!” replied Diane. “It’s not you that’s got to endure the utter humiliation and shame of what you’ve asked ME to do.”

“It’s not so bad.”

“What, you think I should be grateful? Some poor Polish girl whose hitched halfway across Europe to find a new life; who has no money and has to sleep on a park bench every night; who has a first class honours degree in psychology but who can’t find a job even working behind a bar, whose only offer of work in six weeks is to pull down her pants and spread open her naked butt cheeks so some rich pervert can stare up her dirty bum!”

“Look I’m paying you well for doing this.”

“I know. I know. I need the money alright. You know I do. I just want to understand some more. What it is that makes you want to humiliate me like this?”

John looked away for a moment. He had never before attempted to describe or explain his fetishes to anyone — even to himself.

“OK. Look, I’m not really sure I can explain it to you rationally. You’re a proud educated woman yes? Under normal circumstances, at home in Poland, you would never even consider doing what I have just paid you to do?”

“Damn right.”

“But I can make you degrade yourself like this, as no-one has been able to do before, because you need the money right?”

“Yes, I’m starving hungry.”

“And I need to satisfy my curiosity to see you naked.”

“To want to see me naked I can understand; but like this?”

“Yes. Exactly like this; at your most vulnerable. I want see you displaying yourself to me in the most degrading and shameful positions. I want to see all the parts of your body that embarrass you, that you would normally want to hide from a man: the unattractive places, the dirty places, the smelly places.”

“No woman would want to show these things.”

“I know, that’s what turns me on so much.”

“Tell me.”

“OK, well…” he paused to consider how much detail to go into. “I like to examine and take close-up photographs of all those private, hidden places on a girl’s body.”

“Just to look?”

“Yes, I’ve looked at many women in this way, from all different nationalities — it’s fascinating to compare them, all the colours and textures of their exotic private parts from black to brown to yellow and pink and everything in between. Now I want to look at the secret parts of YOUR body; for example where you grow embarrassing body hair; the areas of your skin which are discoloured, not smooth but maybe hard and scaly, or flaky ,or vividly coloured, or full of wrinkles, creases and stretch marks, or pimples and moles and blemishes or festering spots”

“Ugh. You mean between my legs I assume?”

“Yes, mostly between your legs but also elsewhere — such as around your breasts, under your arms, around your heels and on the soles of your feet.” John now found himself being carried away with excitement: “I want to smell all these places, feel their texture and roughness, pull on your pubic hairs, search out all your other embarrassing body hair, squeeze the puss out of any angry spots on your ass, stretch open all the creases and folds of skin around your genitals, expose your clitoris, pull out your inner lips, look into your Polish cunt hole and see if you have any warts, examine your tiny little piss hole, open up your smelly, yellow coloured ass crack and sniff all around your anus and slide my fingers around in the slime and sweat and dried on mucus which I know all women accumulate in those gloriously filthy orifices.”

Diane just stared incredulously.

“And if I could Diane, I would make you display these all these things in front of an audience of people you know, like your very best male friends, bosses at work, lecherous teachers from school, past boyfriends you have walked out on and all the other men who have always fancied you but you have turned down because you thought yourself too good for them. Does that explain it to you?”

That is the most grossly disgusting, perverted thing I have ever heard in my whole life!”

“You wanted to know.”


“And I’ve paid to do all these things.”

“Not quite. You’ve paid to look but not to touch.”

“How much do you want to let me do everything I’ve just described for as long a time as I want?”


“How expensive?”

“Another one hundred pounds!” she said without hesitation.

“Everything? For one hundred forty pounds?”

“Yes. Well you don’t want sex, so I guess there’s no harm in it. Just long as pay me right now, up front, I’ll show you every last little detail of my body you want to see.”

“And I can feel everything?”


“Your asshole, your cunt, your feet, your pits?”

“Yes! I said yes! Don’t keep reminding me of how filthy it is. Just give me the money before I change my mind.”

“OK deal. Let’s get started!”

“You want to see my bottom first yes?”

“Yes. Let’s start with your bottom and the soles of your feet; then completely strip naked and show me all around your cunt and your tits and under your arms.”

“The money first…”

John counted out five twenty pound notes and handed to Diane. She nodded and then slowly turned round again.

“Lift up Diane.”

“Like this?” she asked, as she raised her bottom high up into the air.

“Now spread.”

As he stared transfixed, she gently prised her spotty cheeks apart. John now had a front row seat on the hottest show in town. There before him, stretched wide open on display, was this wretched girl’s entire genital region.

“OK you pervert, this is what my asshole looks like…”

She was no model, but the view was amazing. Diane had the largest coloured halo around her anus he had ever seen in his life. It was several skin tones darker than the inner walls of her crack; a dirty yellow-brown stain of course skin, very spotty and coated in a translucent whitish paste. A thin forest of wiry black hairs sprouted randomly around the circle and down along the inner creases of her thighs. Dead centre, his eyes were drawn to the ugly, bulging knot of her slime covered sphincter, It was deeply ridged and surrounded by a ragged circle of curly hairs, some of which were stuck together in tufts, stiff with the dried-on remains from her last shit. Elsewhere, tiny shreds of white toilet paper were embedded into the sticky creases of her puckered ring. Further back, hanging down like ripe fruit, he could clearly see the wrinkled brown wattle of her generous cunt lips. They were peeking out from a huge growth of thick black pubic hair which was just brushing the surface of worktop on which she was squatting.

So this was what the inside of the Polish girl’s bottom looked like. Under the circumstances, she had done a reasonable job at trying to keep it clean. Although there was some evidence of smearing from where she had wiped herself — the anal hairs stuck flat against her skin at the top end of her crack – it was altogether not as dirty as he had been expecting.

“Wow Diane! Your asshole is magnificent, so colourful and hairy. Can’t wait ’til you spread your cunt for me!”

“So you’re not disappointed then?”

“The view is amazing! But I need to indulge ALL my senses to fully appreciate it.” He leaned in to sniff at her hole. “The scent of your ass is so intoxicating! Do you mind if I run my fingers round the edge of your asshole and play with your little anus hairs?”

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