All Her Daddies

*Hello All. This is the first story I had written since September 2011. This is based on a comment Tonguelust made regarding her “daddies” and I was able to make a story about it. This contains a gangbang…but the real story happens afterwards. Please make sure you rate it at the end.*


She was pure sex.

I know you’ve heard that before and on a site like this…it’s common. But I’m not joking.

Pure sex.

When I walked into the VIP room of my buddy’s bar to take pictures…I thought it was a bachelor party or something. She was sitting at the bar when we all walked in. There were ten invited guests and myself. My job that night was to take pictures. I wasn’t part of the party. In fact…I had no clue why the party. All I saw was this hot woman sitting at the bar. She wore a plaid skirt like she was tryin to be a school girl….except no panties.

Maybe it was a thong…I can’t remember.

As she turned to the guests…I saw her top. It looked like a standard white blouse until she turned. The shirt was totally unbuttoned and tied and there was enough sheerness to tell she had on no bra. She looked like a total whore. I was guessing it was a bachelor party…but even strippers wear more. It was then I noticed the kissing she was doing. They were full blown tongue kisses. And each gentleman was grabbing her ass as they did. And as I sat at my appointed place away…I could hear her call my buddy Daddy.


He’s about my age. His birthday is about three months prior to mine. So he’s around thirty two. There was no way that whore could be his real daughter. I then heard her call some other guy daddy. It looked like Jack Parker who owns the apartments around the corner from my apartment. He was loaded…..maybe she was his mistress too.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the hot body was the collective’s sex kitten or sex slave or whatever. And this was a get together for all of them. I wonder why I was there then.

As she removed her blouse…I saw one of them slide the skirt up and get on his knees. The tongue sliding out surprised her as she gasped. It was a brief moment later when I saw two guys each grab a tit and bite it. She looked like she was in pure pleasure. So I did what I was trained to do. I started taking pictures. I tried to ignore my cock hardening as the different guys started ravishing her.

As each guy took a shot at her pussy or her mouth…I watched as they would go to the bar and grab a drink or grab a cigarette ignoring me. It was as if I was invisible to them. It was roughly forty five minutes of straight porn in front of me as I took pictures without a flash so I wasn’t detected. The men didn’t seem to mind at all. I did see her gaze a few times and it twisted to confusion.

Soon…I saw as each man circled around the whore and started stroking their cocks. There was enough of a gap between a few of them where I could see her kneeling there with tits pressed together. She was awaiting her offering as the men began to climax. Some of the cumshots were trace at best while some seemed like they hadn’t cum in weeks. She took it like a trooper with mouth wide open moaning until the last man finished. I then watched as they slowly collected their clothes and made ready to leave. A few looked in my direction and smiled. As my friend was one of the last two to leave…he offered me a drink. I politely declined. He then took me out to the balcony to talk.

He started explaining to me how the woman was a twenty one year old college student who needed money and how the nine other guys decided to help her by donating to a fund one of them set up. She was actually a nympho who didn’t mind showing appreciation to her “daddies” once a month. It was my buddy’s idea to take pics though since she was going back home for the summer. I told him I’d download the pics and send it to him so he could enjoy them. As I walked back in from the balcony…she stood there wearing a gray hoodie and gray yoga pants.

“Who the hell are you” she asked. Before I had a chance to respond…my buddy came up.

“Princess…this is Charles. He’s my best bud and an excellent photographer who does glamour shots all the time. He’s the one I told you who I hired to take pics for the others until you get back from Kansas. Do you remember?”

Princess? What a name for a slut much less a college student.

“Daddy….I never said anything about pictures.”

“You told Uncle Bruce it was okay.” Bruce was a local motel owner who was divorced three times. He was probably the first cum she took that night.

“But Daddy…..”

“Do you want me to not share them?” I asked. My buddy looked at me until I looked at him. He knew he’d get his pictures. Princess’ eyes brightened up.

“Well…” Princess started thinking.

“I’ll make sure he deletes them” my buddy offered. She seemed to be pleased with that idea as she turned and walked out. I then looked at my buddy.

“I’ll send them tonight” I whispered as I rushed out the door.


By four in the morning…my buddy got the pics he wanted before I tried to sleep. It was pretty difficult to sleep though with the rebar in my shorts. As I stroked…I thought about the way she sucked them off. It wasn’t duty like as you would imagine from some sluts. It looked more like she relished the attention and she actually loved it. Right as I felt my cock getting close….there was a text on my phone. It was my buddy.

“C…Princess on her way over. Thanks for the pics.” Uh oh.

As I tried to clear the cobwebs….I heard a knock at my door. I got up just wearing my boxers and walked to the door. I looked through the peephole and saw that hoodie again. Aww shit! I opened the door before she charged in.

“Where’s the camera?” she asked with no pleasantries. I blinked twice.


“I need the memory card. I can’t trust you.” She had a point. She only knew me through my buddy and for all she knew I could have sent them to Joe Francis or someone. Still…it was my camera.

“So you seemed all right with…”

“He’s helping me pay for my tuition. You’re just a slimy voyeur.” Slimy? I resent that remark.

“Well…it’s in my bedroom. I’ll go get it.”

“Fuck no. Lead me in there.” Normally I’d have to trick a woman into my room. She seemed like a true woman on a mission. When we got in there…she saw the camera attached to my pc. She was pissed.

“I thought you said I’d…”

“I was. I have other pics on there that I had to save first before I erased all of it.” I breathed in deep knowing full well I was bluffing. She uncrossed her arms.

“Prove it.” Fuck! I sat at my PC and started running a different file for a different girl that I took pics of a few weeks prior. She seemed to fall for it.

“Are you done with her” she asked as I closed the window.

“Actually…I am to an extent. I just need to send her the pics for her modeling portfolio” I lied. In reality…I was hoping for three or four more sessions where I could fuck her brains out. However…I couldn’t tell Princess that.

“No…I meant the card. I’ll return it when I get back from Summer Break.”

“That doesn’t sound fair. I erased them like you wanted me to….”

“Bullshit. Contrary to belief…I’ve been fucked over like that before and I know that you opened another file. I am majoring in Computer Tech.” It was as I feared. Her brains were as ample as her chest.

“Okay…” I reached into the camera defeated and pulled out the memory card and looked at her. By the time I had the car in my hand…she had her sweatshirt off. She was still naked underneath it.

“What the hell?”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t pay you for it. I need to buy your cooperation.” This was becoming more interesting. She took to her knees and fished my cock out of my boxers as I stood there like an idiot. She stroked it a few times before she looked up at me.

“You’re bigger than any of my daddies. Wanna become my new one?” she asked in a sweet voice like I was buying her candy. I couldn’t stop as she slowly started taking me into her mouth. It was better than Eureka the way she started to suck….watching as the first three inches went into her mouth before she slid back. She kept repeating that move taking a bit more before I got impatient.

I reached behind her head and pushed in deep watching her eyes open wide. Apparently…none of her “daddies” got rough on her. It was like they treated her like a delicate flower. Even in that gangbang I took pictures of…they pulled back. I started fucking her mouth like the true whore she was or portrayed herself to be. The tears in her eyes did not mask her gleam as she took my cock deep. It was as if she wanted to inhale my cock. It was too close to dumping my load before I started talking like an ass.

“Yeah slut….swallow all of it and you’ll get what you want…’ll get the card….but I’ll get to cum down your throat.” She didn’t rear back. She took my cock even deeper before I shot my load deeply down her throat. Her eyes were glued to mine as I felt her swallow….a few deep gulps and my cock was empty. It was then I saw her smile as my cock was pulled from her lips.

“Mmmmmm…” she cooed. “I want more.” She then pushed me backwards onto the bed before she took a few moments to pull down her yoga pants. I watched as she climbed onto the bed before her nipples grazed my chest. She then looked me into the eyes.

“None of my daddies ever cum like that. Your cock will feel so good in my pussy.” I felt her hand start rubbing my cock before she started moving around on the bed and planted her pussy within easy reach of my tongue…I almost dived right in before I remembered how many cocks were inside her before I sniffed and smelled body wash. The little minx took a shower before coming over.

My tongue touched her lightly before I heard her coo. Feeling brazen…I simply plunged my tongue in there. I started eating her out like I hadn’t fucked in years. I could feel her thrash about as she stroked me….pushing my cock back to hardness. Nympho wanted to fuck badly. Soon she moved onto my lap and impaled her pussy with my cock. Her arms fell back and left her in good condition to maul her tits while she rode me. She moaned loudly….I was unsure whether she was faking or not before she got off of me and buried my cock in her mouth again. I wasn’t sure how long she sucked me off….but she begged for me to cum for her. I had my own agenda.

“Have any of your daddies taken your ass?” I saw the look of surprise on her face for a moment before I pushed her off and got on top of her aiming my cock at my target. She faked like she was resisting until the first touch. I then heard her beg softly to slide it in until soon we were fucking and I was really close to filling her ass. Turns out she loved playing with her butt plug while having phone sex with her daddies. It was a little bit after that when I filled her ass. She lay down almost like she was my girlfriend or something. Soon I heard the sounds of her snoring. That bitch fell asleep!!!

As she lay there…I thought about the truth. I thought about how mad she might get if she knew I had two memory cards. Perhaps she might negotiate for that one too.

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