All Her Daddies Ch. 09

Amber’s nickname should be Hoover.

As her mouth closed around my cock, this thought went straight into my head. It was Tuesday morning when her mouth woke me up from a pleasant slumber. Normally, I am headed to work by this time, but her mouth persuaded me otherwise. Her lips started caressing my shaft ever so slowly before I had a chance to react. I looked down and saw Amber’s blond tresses concealing her act of mouth love. As much as I was enjoying the wake up, I had to take control fast.

I sat up and pushed the back of her head which guided my shaft down her throat. Almost on reflex, her throat opened and accepted more of my cock down it before she started to push back upwards. It was then I noticed she wore a simple blouse.

“Top off now, slut,” I said huskily.

Amber’s fingers went to work undoing her buttons before I saw her nipples revealed to me. It was then I recognized the shirt as one of mine. I wickedly smiled as she crawled onto the bed and started to straddle my cock. I could feel the warmth of her pussy about to engulf my cock. Quickly, my right hand came up and I pinched her right nipple gently, eliciting a groan as her pussy opened for me. My hands then went to her hips as I pulled her down fast enough to impale her.

The scream was beautiful. It was intoxicating. It was exactly what I needed as my slut started to ride my cock. My teeth found her neck as I bit along it. I could hear her moaning right next to me before she spoke.

“I’m cumming, Daddy,” she whispered.

I was right behind her. As she was cumming down from her high, I was filling her pussy…make that my pussy with cum. She sat there almost lethargic for a moment before we both turned and looked at the clock. She didn’t panic at the time, but I did since I had a photographic appointment in a half hour. I looked at her before she gave me her naughty smile.

“Are you feeling better, Daddy?” she asked in her girlish voice.

Within a few moments, I was in the shower and getting ready for my work day. As I lathered up, Amber came in. Luckily, she was in my dress shirt again and was staying out of the way.

“Okay, Amber, you have Computer Science today, right?”

“Yeah, then it’s Daddy Dave’s time. He always comes to get me from the campus and takes me to the motel.”

Based on the last few days, a red flag went up in my head. “What does Dave do for a living?”

She was already in Velma mode. “He’s the audio technician. As near as I can tell, he works for Doug. I am unsure as to what.”

I thought about it long and hard before I answered. “What time does he pick you up?”

“Around noon, why Daddy?”

“Because I am going to be home to watch this time. Just to make sure that you get there safely.”

Amber looked at me more seriously this time. “You don’t think…”

“I am starting to piece together why they want me quiet and why they want me to move closer to your campus. I don’t want you hurt, Amber.”

“I’m a big girl, Daddy,” she said walking over with her hips swaying just as I opened the shower curtain. “I know how to take care of myself…and you.”

As she knelt down to give my cock a deep kiss, I forgot about the photo appointment.

As I walked into my studio, my new receptionist looked at me funny. Julia was a local who went to the same college as Amber. She was up to my shoulders in height with darker hair. Figure wise, she was close to Amber although I was unsure whether she was anything like Amber between the sheets. The whole motive for hiring her was to have a reason for using the stipend the group was going to pay me so I didn’t have to move.

I looked at her back. “My alarm didn’t go off. Is our client here?”

She perked up. “Not yet, he called and said he’d be late.”

“Okay, I am going to set up. What was the client’s name?”

“Mr. Doug Lathrop is his name. Isn’t he running for City Council or something?”

Immediately, I froze. I texted Amber right after I sat down at my desk. Mr. Lathrop was at the party in question and he would have the most to lose. So why do a photo shoot when the election is about seven months away? Maybe this was a social picture something. It was then I heard my door chime.

“Hello, I am here for my appointment.”

There stood a man dressed in a dark business suit with two other guys on either side of him. I reminded myself that I had to play like I didn’t know him. I tried to play it cool as I walked forward.

“Hello, Mr. Lathrop. My name is Charles Washington. So what kind of pictures are we doing today?”

He acted as if he didn’t know me, or maybe he didn’t. As I started shooting pictures I was sure would be in the next reelection campaign, I started thinking about the irony. Here sat Doug, the Thursday Daddy according to Amber’s spreadsheet, while one of his employees is getting ready to bang Amber in a few hours. It was almost like a setup.

It was three hours later before Mr. Lathrop saw the proofs of the pictures we took and we agreed that I would send them to his receptionist. As I escorted him out the door, he handed me a business card and smiled. I looked at the business card and saw on the back that there was something hand written. It said Friday, 8:00, Dan’s Place. I had to think about it for a moment before I thought to call Dan.

“Hello,” Dan said.

“Why would Doug Lathrop have me take pictures of him, then give me a card inviting me to your place at 8:00 on Friday?”

“Where are you right now?” Dan asked.

“I’m at my studio, about to head home for lunch. Why?”

“Call me after three. We need to meet somewhere. Can I meet you at your place?”

“Sure, but why?”

“I’ll explain later, C. No worries.” The phone then went dead.

It was a little while later when I got back to the apartment. My lunch break was going to be spent making sure Amber was safe. I logged onto my computer and the link to the cameras. Except, there was no link. I tried to reboot and everything for about twenty minutes before I got really worried. I then called Jack Parker.

“Parker Motel,” he answered.

“Jack, it’s Charles Washington. Is it okay to talk now?”

“Actually, I am in the middle of something. I can call you later,” he responded.

As he spoke, I saw a text on my cell asking what was wrong from Jack. I texted back that I couldn’t get the feed on the computer for the room. As we started talking about a “party” he texted me back saying that the camera was dark on his end also, but Amber made it there safely. I then wrapped up my phone conversation and sent a text thanking him. He then texted saying that it’s better to call his cell if something like that happens because he is unsure if his phone was tapped.

I was back at the studio when Dan called me from his cell. “C, can I meet you at your studio?”

Dan walked in about fifteen minutes later all shaken. He saw the new receptionist and then asked if I needed a smoke. It was outside when he started talking.

“Okay, so the card said my place on Friday at eight?”

“Yeah, why is that a big deal?” I asked.

“Because I think that is when he is going to try to get you to stop fucking Amber,” he answered.

I was stunned before he spoke again.

“The worst part is now he knows where you work. I am sorry I got you into this, C.”

“I’ve been through worse,” I said mildly sarcastic. “So what do we do? Doug is running for City Council in seven months. He’s blackmailing you and Jack to keep you two quiet and has me on a stipend for the same. Why does he need us if he could afford to keep Amber to himself?”

“I don’t know, C. What I do know is that you need to be more careful. Amber needs to also. Maybe she should lay low for a while. God, this feels like Mafia to me.”

That night, as Amber’s ass was being torn open by my cock, I was thinking if her ass was worth all the trouble. It was when she pulled off and took my cock into her mouth for me to cum that I regretted thinking that thought. The look on her eyes with my cum seeping out of her lips was priceless. It was then I smiled at her before I started talking to her.

Amber was shocked by what I told her. “You mean you couldn’t see me today?”

“The link was interrupted.”

She winced a little before her hand started to stroke my cock. “I knew he was an audio tech. I didn’t think he was smart enough to jam a camera feed. How was Daddy Doug’s photo shoot today?”

I moaned a little before my cock hardened in her hands. “It was bull shit pictures. He invited me to Dan’s club on Friday night for a meeting.”

She took me back between her lips for a few moments before she spoke again. “We’ll talk about this later. Right now, Daddy, I need your cum in my pussy.”

“Didn’t Dave cum in there, slut?”

“He likes my oral too much, Daddy. He likes to call your little slut Hoover because I suck him off so well.”

She punctuated that remark with a really good suck. I moaned louder before I got up and pushed her back on the bed. I started toying with her ass while my cock slid into her tight pussy. As I fucked her and fingered her ass, I thought about how lucky I was to have a hot girl to fuck like this even though the situation was fucked up. Her pussy felt good. I was thinking about how much cum I was going to dump in there before she spoke.

“Let me know when you’re gonna cum, Daddy. I want to shoot it on my ass. Please????”

It was then I pulled out and shot my load like buckshot all over that slut’s ass. She then handed me her smart phone to take a picture. Talk about slutty. She then turned around and took my cock in her mouth so I could be cleaned off.

As she slept that night, I still thought about this mess I was in. I also secretly hoped that Hoover could wake me up again tomorrow.

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