All Her Daddies Ch. 07

(The most gratitude goes to my Princess (aka Tonguelust) for giving me the idea to start this series and enough motivation to continue it.)


The phone ringing woke me up as usual. I looked at the phone and saw it was Bruce Parker again. I ignored it and looked over to find Amber was already gone. I had to think for a moment before I remembered it was Sunday. As I crawled out of bed, I figured I would check my computer with the video feed to Amber’s motel room. At this point, I know that it would probably be invasion of privacy bull shit, but at the same time the arrangement my friend Dan was in started to sound like something huge. I figured in my groggy state I was doing him a favor, especially if any of these other people tried to use Dan’s involvement against him. Plus, keeping an eye on Amber was a bonus.

So I watched as Amber was in the room straightening up. I noticed she wore a grey sweater over a white blouse similar to her outfits she wears to school. I also noticed she donned glasses which was different. I then watched as she looked over at the door before she walked over and opened it. In walked a distinguished gentleman wearing a cardigan sweater and glasses. It took a few moments before I gave up trying to remember who he was.

I went back to trying to sort out some bills and such while I glanced and noticed that the two just seemed to be talking. Figuring he was one of those hire a girl and talk her to death kind of people, I kept checking my bills until I noticed on the screen that the camera was zoomed in.

Warning lights went off in my head as I watched what the camera did. I noticed Amber suggestively opening her blouse and the camera zoomed so close that I could see her nipples sticking out. I quickly surmised in the back of my head that Bruce Parker, who owned the motel and whose cameras I was hacked into, was watching this play out. Out loud, I called him a sneaky perverted son of a bitch until I remembered that I was watching the same camera. It was then I noticed Amber taking this guy’s cock between her lips.

Slowly, she bobbed up and down on his shaft. I could only imagine the words he was whispering to her as she did so. Having been the recipient of Amber’s oral abilities, I smiled as I pulled down the boxers I was wearing to pull my cock out. It was surreal watching a woman I have been fucking sucking off another man. I then watched as he hesitantly was about to put his hand behind her head to push her deeper. In my mind, I screamed how much she loved that as I imagined a number of times I did that. She was right. These amateurs treated her too much like a lady.

The phone rang and I looked to see Dan’s number. Apparently, I had to answer. “What’s up?’

“Are you busy right now?” he asked in a sort of hurried voice.

“No, just woke up. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, can you meet me at the bar?”

“Sure, I can be there in an hour.”

“Thank you, C. See you then.”

The phone went click and I looked over at the screen to see Amber was pushing her tits together while this “daddy” stroked his cock onto her tits. It looked like she was going to be horny later. This thought made me smile with the knowledge that I would get her pussy all by myself later. I took a quick shower and slid on some jeans and a T-shirt.

Within the hour, I walked into Dan’s bar. Dan’s bar, called the Spitfire, is a normal bar downstairs with darts and pool tables. Upstairs is where I first met Amber and found out about the “daddy” thing. Dan was in his office in the back. As I walked in, he shook my hand before having me close the door.

“Okay, what happened with Bruce’ pics?” I smiled.

“None. He basically paid me the sitting fee even though we didn’t get any ‘allowable’ pics,” I responded while quoting the word allowable with my fingers.

“I figured it wouldn’t have worked. She’s too smart for that,” Dan said almost proud.

“So is that all you wanted to know?” I asked as I thought it was a wasted trip.

“No, I mean….I still owe you a beer, right?”

“Dan, are you all right?” I asked as I looked around the room.

“Charles, I’m good. Just…”

“Dan, we’ve been buds forever it seems and I know when something is wrong. Just let me know we’re not being spied on and tell me what’s wrong.”

He looked around as if someone else was in the room, and then motioned for us to go upstairs. I followed him upstairs to the room where everything started and we headed outside to the balcony. It’s then he started talking.

“Sorry about that. I just didn’t want anyone hearing anything.”

“Dan, are you mafia or something?”

“No, one of Amber’s daddies is an audio tech.”

It made sense at that moment.

“So he has you room bugged?”

“I am never too sure, but why take chances?”

“Dan, I’m not…”

“Charles, you’re all right. All the group knows about you is that you were here for the party and that you tried to take pictures for Bruce. No one else knows anything about you. I, on the other hand, am a different story. It’s hard because I have to follow the wishes of the group even though I want to just find Amber, put her in a room of my own and nail her every chance I got. “

All I did was smile before Dan continued.

“Now, it’s like I have a three hour window to go to Bruce’s to do what I want to her for a lousy percentage of the profits here at the bar. Three hours a week with a hottie like that isn’t enough. But since I have to share time with her with eight other guys, it’s like being in prison.”

I looked at her. “Why do it then? I mean couldn’t the other eight do it on their own?”

He looked at me. “No. When we did the budget, we all agreed to contribute a portion to the fund. If I drop out, we’d have to fold. Amber has two years left of school. Just a lot of shit for three hours of pussy a week.”

I feigned concern. “Sorry that you’re going through this, man. She is a fine piece of ass though.”

“Yeah, it is.”

I took the beer he gave me and pounded it before heading home. As I reached my apartment, Bruce Parker called me on my cell again. I answered.

“Charles, can you come see me at my motel?”

“Sir, I just got done drinking. I really shouldn’t be driving.”

“Okay….how about tomorrow? I want to discuss what happened with you. It kind of got me in trouble.”

“Sure, Mr. Parker. I’ll be there around 10 tomorrow.”

“Thank you, you’re a lifesaver.”

I walked into my apartment to find Amber waiting for me. She was wearing the same school girl outfit she was on camera earlier, but she also had a concerned look on her face. “What the hell?”

“What the hell what, Amber? I told you Bruce had a camera in your room.”

“I know, but did you watch? And how did you get it to zoom in like that?”

‘I didn’t. Apparently, he put that camera in your room and was watching you suck off the daddy from this morning.”

“Oh…” she said as she sat down on my bed. It almost looked like she was going to cry. I sat next to her and held my arms out before she started sobbing into my shoulder. I let her cry for a little while before she looked at me, her mascara running.

“Daddy,” she whispered. “I need cock.”

“Slut, you already had cock today.” I said sarcastically before she looked into my eyes. She then smiled.

“No, Daddy. I need your cock,” she whispered as her hands went to my jeans and she started to undo them. There was no hesitation as my cock was exposed to air for a brief moment before Amber’s throat started massaging it. Unlike her daddy from earlier, I put my hand behind her head and started fucking her throat as she moaned. I looked down as her eyes smiled at me. A few moments later, I had her off my cock and watched as she seductively undid the buttons on her blouse and pointed towards her chest.

“Daddy Jacob made a mess on my titties, Daddy. He didn’t even touch my pussy and I need to have it touched so badly.”

My response was to push her onto the bed and raise her skirt where I was welcomed with her naked, clean pussy. I started licking it slowly as she started thrashing on the bed. I used my fingers to peel back her petals in order to taste more of her. It didn’t take much effort for her to cum. It was as if she was edging for a while. Her juices tasted so succulent on my tongue as she leaned up on her shoulders.

“Are you gonna stick your cock in my pussy, Daddy? I need your cock so much. I need your cum,”she whispered.

I stood and starting rubbing my cock over her pussy before she begged more. I then plunged in, knowing my cock was the first one in her that day. My cock lasted little time as her pussy was still tight around me. My cum exploded inside her before I pulled out. A moment later, she was on her knees cleaning off my cock.

“Did you like watching me suck off Daddy Jacob, Daddy?” she asked before she took my cock between her lips again. “Mmmm…I love my cunt juices on your cock, Daddy. If I am a good girl, will you fuck my ass later? My ass needs you too, Daddy. I love being their slut as long as I am yours too.”

The last line threw me for a loop before she stood and walked over to my computer. I followed just as she was opening my Excel spreadsheet and started filling in information. She then looked up at me.

“So, you figured out Bruce, Dan and now you know Jacob.”

“Don’t forget Jack also,” I chimed in.

“He doesn’t let me call him Jack. He’s Pup Pup when we’re alone,” she said almost humorously.

She kept filling in spaces until I had the whole week mapped out. There on the screen were all nine of her benefactors including what day they each had her. Talk about blackmail material. She then looked at me.

“How many of these guys do you know, or know of?”

“Dan is my best friend. He owns the bar where I me you. Bruce Parker owns the motel you stay in. Jack Parker, no relation, owns the apartment around the corner. I don’t know Jacob, Michael, Steve, Dave, Jon or Doug though.”

Amber looked at me. “I have Michael’s appointment in a half hour. He likes it when he can fuck me after Jacob for some reason. So he’ll be fucking me with your cum inside me. After he finishes, my ass belongs to you til Sociology tomorrow.” She accented the last statement with a kiss on my cheek.

“I mean it, Daddy. This ass is yours after he’s done with my pussy,” she whispers.

My hand wandered up her skirt and felt her ass as she clenched. She moaned seductively before she grabbed her clothes and straightened them before heading to the motel.

“Daddy, I love it when you watch me by the way,” she whispered before she walked out of the door.

During the next half hour, I got some food in my system and saved the spreadsheet. I then watched as the camera was panned back out to show the whole room. I watched as Amber walked in with Michael. Almost immediately, I saw Amber remove her skirt and Michael seemed to pause. Then he stopped.

The camera zoomed in on his reaction. It was one of shock before he said something to Amber and she went to her knees. Her mouth took his cock and started sucking it. Michael looked around, almost suspiciously before his hand was behind Amber’s head. He started slowly fucking her mouth like I do until he looked down and moved his hand away. He then started stroking his cock towards her face and the camera zoomed in on his cock shooting all over Amber’s face. He then walked towards the bathroom as the camera zoomed out.

My cell went off and I looked to see Amber texted me. Her message said, “Fuck, he wanted to fuck my pussy clean this time.”

I smiled before I watched Amber strip down and walk into the bathroom. I smiled again thinking of what naughtiness Michael was getting in there. I shut off the feed and went to start working on some things. It was a few hours later when Amber arrived home, wearing a simple dress. She kissed me on the lips before my hands found her ass.

“Daddy, my ass needs your attention again,” she said in her sweet little girl voice.

Amber slipped off the dress and was already bent over the couch arm before I could respond. As I start getting my cock out, I started being nosey.

“So what did you do to Michael in the bathroom?”

“I took a shower with him, Daddy. He wanted my pussy clean so he could fuck me. He didn’t last long though Daddy and I need to cum sooo bad.”

I shoved my cock in her ass and started fucking her. As I started getting into it, I started spreading her cheeks apart to watch as her ass took my cock like a good slut. I then pulled out and climbed on the couch in front of her before feeding her my ass flavored cock. She took it in her mouth like a champ even as I slid my hand behind her head to force it down her throat. It didn’t take long for me to feel my impending climax and for Amber to look up at me. Her arms reached around and pulled my hips towards her as I began to explode. My eyes closed before I look down and saw her lips didn’t leave my cock.

“Open,” I whisper as she complied.

I then watched as she obediently pulled herself up and walked in front of me.

“Are you done with me, Daddy? I have to do some homework for class tomorrow. “

I smiled, not thinking about the next day.

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