All Her Daddies Ch. 06

It was getting complicated trying to keep Amber satisfied. It’s not the bad kind of complicated where it gets too much to handle and such, but it’s the complicated where there is a plethora of information to keep track of. Let me explain.

Amber is the “daughter” of nine “daddies” from the sleepy college town we live in. These nine business men put their money and resources together to help support Amber’s lifestyle while she is in college. In exchange, she is their sexual plaything for a limited time during the week. So between her college classes, Amber gets to spend three hours with each “daddy”. Normally, this is complicated by itself.

Then there’s me.

I am a professional photographer by rights. That’s how I started in this story. I was invited by my best friend, Dan, to his bar to take pictures of the debauchery. It was tame for my taste, but a favor is a favor. As the previous stories show, that’s how I met Amber and we started fucking.

So if you take the time Amber is in class, add the time she is with her daddies, and subtract from a week, you have an idea how much time Amber has for me. So we make every moment count, especially since I am the only one who makes her cum. It turns out with all the Daddy/Daughter stuff; I am the only one who treats her the way she wants. She loves being a real slut. She loves the way we do things compared to the vanilla antics with her other suitors. So it is no wonder that she has to fake a social life just to justify where she is most of the time.

Bruce Parker owns the motel that Amber lives in most of the time when she is servicing her daddies. It was there we almost had a second close call. Ironically, it started with Bruce. Bruce is not really a friend of mine at all, but he was a friend of Dan’s. It was that premise that starts out our close call. I received a call from Bruce while Amber was in class.

“Charles, my name is Bruce Parker. I want to arrange a photo session with you.”

“Sure, Mr. Parker, when would you like to come to my studio?”

“Actually, do you provide location shoots?”

I paused for dramatic effect as I guessed what Bruce was up to. “I can, Sir, but I usually charge a fee since I’d have to move my equipment.”

“That’s fine. Are you familiar with the Hideaway Motel off of Colchester?”

“I had my buddies stay there a while ago for a bachelor party. Very fine place to relax.”

“Good, I have a…tenant… who wants to be photographed and I agreed to pay for it. Is that a problem?”

“No, Sir. I can even make sure you get the memory card so that you have the only copies.”

“That won’t be necessary. Did you do a photo shoot at Daniel Webster’s bar a month ago?”

Now I knew what he wanted. “That was a beautiful coed. She was a very good model except I didn’t get to keep the pictures. She actually came over and took the memory card and I just received it back empty.”

“She is the tenant. She’s a local college student and she wanted to have some professional pictures for possible future endeavors. I volunteered to pay for them.”

“Mr. Parker, just let me know the time to be there and I will arrive and take the pictures you desire as well as be discreet.”

I had no reason to be discreet. It was a known fact that Bruce Parker was a divorced sack of shit. I think the only reason Dan had him involved was because the other motel owners were married folks who were kind of fanatical Christians. Bruce had no problem using a room for a slut.

“Great, she’ll be ready for the shoot around 10 AM Saturday. Will that be a problem?”

Apparently, Bruce likes morning sex…or maybe he gets Amber whenever he wants to when the other guys aren’t there and she’s not at school. No idea really, not that I care. Saturday worked for me.

“Okay Mr. Parker. I will need her to consent though prior to me taking pictures. I don’t need a lawsuit.”

“It’ll be no problem. See you then, Charles.”

I started looking at the Excel Spreadsheet I put together for keeping track of Amber’s obligation, as I call it. By this time, I discovered that Dan had her Saturday Afternoons which made sense because his wife usually volunteered at the church on Saturday afternoons. Bruce had the Saturday morning slot. Only seven more schedule slots to discover.

I don’t want you to think I was going to look for dirt on these men. I really didn’t care what Amber did with them. However, by checking when each daddy had time with her, I could see when she might try to visit so I’d be ready. So no accusations of stalking.

Amber walked in a few hours later with books in hand, wearing conservative school clothes. It was after she put her books down that I noticed her blouse was open. I walked over and looked at her before she looked at me.

“Daddy, can I have some cum please?” she asked in her little girl voice.

“Not yet, slut,” I responded in my Dom voice. “I want you to raise your skirt and bend over the couch. I owe you a spanking.”

“But Dadddyyyyy….what did I do?” she whined.

Quickly, I pushed her over the arm of the couch and raised her skirt to find no panties. So far, this was perfect. I raised my hand back and slapped her ass once.

“One,” she counted.

I spanked again and she counted. We kept repeating that until we reached twenty spanks. It was then I spread her ass apart and slid my cock inside. She started cooing at the attention as my cock penetrated her ass. It was the one hole in her body I knew I had a good chance of having to myself since the other guys never did anal. It turned out Amber loved anal. It didn’t take long for my cum to explode in her ass before Amber turned and obediently cleaned off my cock.

Later that night, we lay there talking.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she apologized.

“No apologies, Princess,” I said snickering. She playfully punched my shoulder.

“Hey, asshole.”

I followed up with a kiss that melted her.

“Just kidding, Amber. So a photo shoot, huh?”

“Do you remember when Daddy Dan and I fucked here?”

“I believe you thanked me properly that night. Dan still owes me a beer.”

“Daddy Dan told Daddy Bruce about it and they agreed that Daddy Bruce should chaperone. His motel was the perfect site.”

“To keep me from fucking you?”

Her eyes went up in a smirk.

“What makes you think I won’t fuck you there?”

“Amber, Bruce probably has cameras in the room. It’s not like I can sneak in and fuck you.”

“He doesn’t. That was one of the conditions the other daddies had for us meeting there. They didn’t want Bruce having cameras there so he could watch what the other ones do to me.”

About seven to nine hundred ideas filled my mind before Amber kissed me again.

“Daddy, do you want me to be extra bratty for Daddy Bruce on Saturday?” She emphasized the last question by spreading her pussy lips open and licking her lips as I pretended to wield a camera.

“Yes, slut. We are going to have fun with Daddy Bruce.”

Saturday morning arrived and I received a call from Dan prior to going out. He sounded frantic.

“Did you erase the memory card for real?”

“Dude, of course not. Besides, you’re the one who recommended me to Bruce. What was I suppose to say? Yeah I kept the pictures and I spank off to them every night? Please, Dan. You’re my friend. Bruce is now a client. So who else knows it was me that took the pictures anyway?”

You could hear him take a deep breath at the other end of the phone. “All of them.”

“All of them? Dan, what the fuck? I did the photo shoot as a favorite to you. Are you telling me now that eight other random dudes are going to call me so they have pictures?”

Dan started stuttering as he spoke. “Charles…n-n-n-no. Bruce was the only one who said anything about a photo shoot.”

“How do you know, Dan? Really, how do you know the other seven aren’t going to do the same thing? I can’t ‘donate my services’ to your little club. I’m charging Bruce full price so you know.”

“I expect you to. You are doing your job. I donated the space for our party, but they paid for their drinks except yours. We discuss all the financials when we get together every other week. Bruce brought up the idea of the pictures of Amber a few days ago. “

I made a mental note to figure out what day that was on the spreadsheet.

“Okay, I’ll do Bruce’s shoot. But I am not part of this business venture. What you guys do and whom you do is your business. Is that understood?”

There was a sigh of relief from Dan’s end of the phone. “Yeah, I still owe you a beer. How bout you visit me after the photo shoot so you can tell me about it?”

I laughed at him before answering. “Pervert.”

I arrived at the motel an hour later. When Bruce looked at me, I told him it was Dan’s fault. He seemed pleased with that answer.

“Dan’s always been a worry wart. He always worries that I’m going to spout off to his old lady or something. The model is in room 132 on the back end of the building.”

I walked around to where the door was while Bruce went back into his office. I started noticing the surveillance cameras as I reached the room. I still thought about the idea of Bruce spying on the rooms. I wouldn’t put it past him to knowingly neglect to mention to the other eight that he had cameras everywhere. It was good information to know. I knocked on the door knowing that Amber was on the other side.

Amber opened it and was about to kiss me before I gave her the signal that we were being watched. She winked at me as we sat down and started to discuss the “paperwork”. As she finished signing the paper, Bruce entered almost on cue and we started shooting. As Amber and I agreed on, we started with tamer shots until we reached the ones where she was wearing her white babydoll lingerie. I was able to catch Bruce out of the corner of my eye smiling before Amber flashed me a little shaven pussy.

Bruce’s eyes went wide as I calmly took the pictures like it was nothing. Bruce then grabbed my shoulder.

“What are you doing?” he yelled.

“I am taking pictures, Mr. Parker. We agreed that I was going to take pictures and I took the shot. Are you afraid of a little exposed vagina?” I said coldly.

He pulled back as Amber started to remove the top.

“No!” Bruce yelled. I was laughing under my breath.

“Daddyyyyyyy!!!!” Amber said in her little girl voice. “I thought you wanted good pictures.”

“Princess,” he started. “I’m not allowed to have those kinds of pictures of you. It was what your Uncles decided for me to have the photo shoot.”

As I filed away this information, I started to talk. “Mr. Parker, can I see you outside for the moment?”

Outside the room, I started talking. “Sir, I understand you wanted pictures taken. But I was under the assumption that these were for your personal enjoyment. If I am shooting pictures for a group or a magazine or something, that’s a different conversation entirely.”

His face turned white. “It’s not like that. The other gentlemen that you saw that night have very explicit rules about what I can and can’t do. I was given latitude to have her pictures taken, but there was to be no nudity. They were expecting more of a professional model type photo shoot. They didn’t want a Hustler spread. Does that make sense?”

“It does,” I started to counter. “However, the paperwork Ms… (Looking at the paper) Simmons filled out tells me that she was willing to do any shots she wanted for what you are paying me. Am I to understand that she is to remain clothed during the rest of the shoot?”

“Please, if you could,” he answered.

As I reentered the room, I saw Amber was absolutely naked. I feigned surprise as Bruce walked in and started trying to cover her up as I walked out. It was all an act, of course in an effort to give me a chance to walk into Bruce’s office and check out the camera set up. As Amber kept arguing with Bruce, I was able to get to his office and walk in. There on the far wall were his monitors for the cameras and one was in Amber’s room so I was able to watch what was going on. As agreed to by Amber, I was in the car headed home when Bruce called.

‘Charles, I apologize for her behavior. She wasn’t supposed to do that and…”

“It’s alright, Mr. Parker. Would you like to try to reschedule? I can send you the pictures I took before she started showing off if you’d like.”

“No, but I would like for you to forget that we tried this. I will compensate you for your time, but it would probably be better that we forget about this incident.”

“I understand,” I answered even though I knew better.

Amber arrived at my home around dinner time and we had a salad again. As dinner was finishing up, Dan called me again. Amber stayed quiet as I answered.

“So what happened? Amber told me Bruce and she had a fight.”

“All I know is that Amber showed her pussy (Amber giggled at this.) And when we went back in to do the ‘professional pictures’, Amber was naked. She is gorgeous.”

“I thought it would turn out that way. Bruce is the only single member of the group and we just didn’t want evidence of that kind.” Dan sounded creepy at this point.

“Dude, are you Mafia or something?” There was a quiet pause.

“No, Charles, but there are some guys in the group that have a ton to lose. Don’t worry about it. It’s probably best I didn’t get you into this, C. It’s not that she isn’t worth the trouble and all because she is gorgeous as you have seen. It’s just that maybe this was a bad idea to do something like this. I’ll talk to you later.”

The phone abruptly went click as I looked at Amber. Her face turned solemn as well.

“Is something wrong, Daddy?” she asked.

I guided her into my room where my computer was and showed her the video feed I was able to hack that showed the camera in her room at the motel. Amber looked in horror.

‘Those….bastards!!” she yelled before I kissed her. She started melting a bit before I showed her the spreadsheet I was putting together. She looked in interest as I showed her what I pieced together so far. She nodded her head before she looked at me again.

“I’m going to send you the one I made also. If we put them together, we may see the whole picture. I just don’t like the idea of being used like that and having my fucking on camera against my will.”

“I know, Amber.”

It was a little while later that I felt the comfort of her mouth gliding along my shaft as my phone started ringing. This time, I chose to let it go as she started taking me in her throat. I relished the way her throat opened on my shaft as she hummed quietly. There were a few more moments of sucking before she climbed on and guided me into her tight ass for a cowgirl fuck. My hands quickly found her nipples and started playing with them as we fucked.

“I want my ass filled, Daddy. Will you fill your slut’s ass? She needs it because she didn’t even get fucked today at all,” she responded in her little girl voice.

I filled her ass before she rolled off and fell asleep in my arms. It was then I grabbed my phone and saw that Bruce Parker tried to call. Figuring it was nothing, I thought about calling him the next day. It was with thoughts of Amber fucking me again that my eyes closed.

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