All Her Daddies Ch. 05

It was a quiet few days before I heard from Amber again. Amber, for those who didn’t read the previous chapters, is a twenty one year old Kansas girl who entered into an agreement with nine guys including my best friend in exchange for money to live off of in the sleepy college town we live in. Amber, for all practical purposes, is their “daughter”. Each of the nine daddies pays into a fund that she uses to live in exchange for time with each daddy. According to the discussion that Amber and I had, each daddy gets three hours a week of time with Amber. The nine guys all are business men in the town we live in. My buddy Dan owns a bar. One daddy owns a motel where Amber stays at during the week so that all the daddies have access to her.

All this is fine and such, but the question is where I fit into all this. Unknown to the other nine, Amber has adopted me as her tenth Daddy. I was invited by Dan to come to one of the nine’s get togethers with Amber and take pictures. I own my own business also, but it’s run out of my apartment. I took pictures of the nine daddy gangbang of little Amber and sent the pics to Dan before Amber came over to, in her words, “buy my silence.” Fortunately for me, it turned out all the other daddies take it easy on poor Amber and don’t use her the way she craves. That’s where I came in.

The weekend of that get together, I used and abused Amber. I took her ass. I came down her throat. I spanked her ass. It was a great weekend and she was happy. I was ecstatic. I mean how often except in porn stories does a thirty three year old get to fuck and play with a twenty one year old nympho? Sadly, the weekend ended with Amber having to drive back to Kansas to visit her folks. It was a slow four days. Amber would text pics of her to me and shows me what’s going on until night time. At night, she’d call me as we started discussing where I would fit into her set up.

You see, the other nine daddies didn’t know that I had met Amber. Dan told me he would introduce me, so it made sense that I had to play the innocent. Amber had a spare memory card just so we could play it off. So that Friday, as we planned, there was a knock at the door. I looked through the key hole and found Amber there…with Dan. I opened it and welcomed them in even though I had to look surprised. After all, Dan thought Amber left here in a huff.

“Charles, I’d like to formally introduce you to Amber,” Dan said almost conceitedly.

Immediately, I bowed my head and took her by the hand and kissed it. She played like this was gentlemanly even though I knew where she loved to be kissed.

“Glad to meet you, Amber. So what’s going on, Dan?”

They walked in and sat down on my coach as I went to grab a few beers. Amber tipped me off that she liked a certain brand from my fridge earlier, so I wasn’t afraid to bring them out almost on auto pilot. Dan looked at it before he looked at me.

“When did you buy these?” he asked.

“Dan, I always drink these. Unless you pour me one at the bar, then I drink what you pour.” I felt confident in the way I played it off. I looked over at Amber again and noticed she was wearing a tennis skirt and a pink polo. Apparently, Dan had a tennis fetish of sorts.

As we started talking, Amber seemed to play quiet. I wasn’t sure if it was an act because Dan was nearby or if it was because she didn’t know what to say. I then saw her whisper in Dan’s ear. Dan looked over at her and nodded.

“Charles, I have a favor to ask. Amber is kind of turned on and I couldn’t get the room at Bruce’s. So can I borrow your bedroom?”

I was playing shocked, but I smiled inside knowing that Amber had a plan.

“Go ahead. I’m gonna disappear for a few anyway. Just make sure you lock the door if you leave before I come back, okay?”

“No problem, Amber has that memory card in her purse, so we’ll leave that too. I owe you.”

As I gathered my keys, I saw Dan head straight to the room before Amber winked at me. I then looked at my phone and saw her text.

Give me twenty minutes.

I strolled around the corner towards Jack Parker’s apartments and hung out for a little while. A text from my phone caught my attention again.

Daddy, I need you NOW.

I ran back to my apartment where Amber met me in the living room. She was still wearing the polo even though you could tell there was a mess on it. The skirt was also in place. I looked at her and she gave me that naughty smile.

“Daddy Dan always falls asleep after he cums,” she whispered before she went on her knees. My shorts were undone in quick order and soon my hand was behind Amber’s head pushing her on my cock. I love feeling the vice like grip on my cock from her throat and the way her throat vibrates as she gags. Her eyes looked up at me almost making me want to cum before she pulled off my cock.

“Daddy, my ass needs your cock. Daddy Dan only fucked my pussy a little,” she said before she bent over the coach and showed me that under the tennis skirt was her naked ass. I went behind her and without hesitation started sliding my cock over her ass. She started moaning before I slammed into her ass hard. I felt invigorated as I started claiming her ass again. Her hand went underneath to her clit and started rubbing while my cock pounded her ass.

I kept looking towards the bedroom which Amber wisely closed the door just to make sure Dan didn’t catch us. As I started getting ready to cum, I felt Amber’s ass squeeze me tighter almost telling me she got to cum like she wanted to. I was okay with that, knowing that she would have to be punished later when we got the time. I pulled out of her ass and she obediently went to her knees and pulled her polo shirt off revealing her perfect tits. I shot my load all over them and her neck before she took my cock in her hand and started licking off the tip.

“I want more, Daddy. But I know we need to get cleaned up,” she said in her little girl voice as she slid her mouth on me once more before she got up and headed to my shower. I stayed in the living room to tidy up a bit before she walked out in a towel and kissed me. My hand immediately went to her ass before we started hearing the sounds of stirring in my bedroom. She quickly ran back to the bathroom while I had the TV turned on to ESPN.

Dan looked like death warmed over. As he looked over at me, he looked around for Amber. “Where is she?”

“I guess she’s in the bathroom. I just walked in,” I lied.

Dan walked over to my bathroom door and knocked. “Princess, are you okay in there?”

“Yes, daddy,” she answered in her little girl voice.

“Princess, please don’t call me daddy. Just call me Dan, okay?” he whined.

It took a ton of work to keep from snickering when Amber answered back, “Yes, daddy.”

Amber soon emerged and hugged Dan. A small portion of me hoped there would be a little of my cum on her breath as she kissed him. As they headed towards the door, Dan looked over at me.

“Thanks, Charles. I owe you one. Maureen has been sick, so I couldn’t spend time with Amber there either. I hope soon maybe we all could go do something sometime.”

“No problem, man. See you later. Amber, nice to meet you.”

‘Likewise. Oh by the way, here’s your memory card. I did enjoy the way you took pictures. Think you could do some for me sometime?” she asked.

Dan fidgeted a bit. “We can do something later when you have time between classes.” I answered.

They left soon after before I got a text from Amber.

Thank you, Daddy. I will come see you in an hour after Daddy Dan drops me off.

I started breathing easier knowing we got past Dan. Soon, Amber’s ass would be red and I would have dumped more cum into my little slut.

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