All Her Daddies Ch. 04

Lunch was a simple salad. Amber seemed to be a health nut which could explain how her twenty one year old body was still tight. I do not do salads, but considering how she was looking at me I did. After we ate, we talked a little bit before I thought about the situation. Amber was still hiding in my apartment and the “Nine Daddies” had no idea that she was. At the same time, my deviant mind was conjuring up ideas how to use my new slut. It was then Amber looked in my face.

“Are you thinking something naughty, Daddy?” she asked me in her little girl voice.

My response was to stand up and beckon her with my come hither gesture. She got up and followed me into the living room where I took her in my arms and guided her over the arm of my couch. There she was bent over the couch, her pussy already wet with arousal and her ass exposed. I took a couple of quick swipes at her ass cheeks just to change the color while she moaned. I watched how the pigment made the skin a rosy hue before I crawled to the front and shoved my cock in her mouth.

She was shocked for a moment before she started sucking me off. Meanwhile I slid my hand down and started rubbing her ass a little before I had a better idea. I pulled out of her mouth before she started to whimper. I sat down on the couch and had her climb over so that her mouth had an easier time getting to my cock. I started rubbing her ass again before she moved up on her knees to tease me. I moved my hand to her hair and pulled her up. Her eyes were wide as I looked at her.

“You’re teasing me, slut,” I said, more dominating in tone. “Let me show you what I do when you misbehave.”

I pushed her mouth back on my cock and felt her start to gag before I pulled back a little. I then pushed again. The sound of her gagging was getting me going before I threw her carefully over my lap and began to smack her ass harder.

“Daddy, please!!!” she moaned.

I heard her moan more though as her ass turned red before I pushed her onto the floor and turned her back towards the couch so her tits were on the couch cushions. I then kneeled behind her and slid my cock to the hilt inside her. I fucked her raw. As we fucked, she started to moan louder until my hand found its way over her mouth as I whispered to her how much I love her ass and how her ass belonged to me.

It was animalistic. It was savage. Her lithe frame could barely handle the abuse. Yet she took it like a trooper until I heard her moan louder against my hand. I let her mouth go just to hear her scream in climax. A few more strokes and I pulled out to cum all over her pretty ass before I quickly grabbed my phone to snap a picture or two. She turned a few seconds later and took my sore cock between her lips for a few weak sucks before she looked up at me.

“Daddy was I a good girl?” she cooed cutely.

“Yes, slut, you are a very good girl,” I said as I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

As we both got up, we started to dissect her week. Amber had nine people that she spent about three hours with in between classes. As we started graphing out her week, we decided that she would come see me after she spent her nightly ritual with her chosen daddy of the day. That way she can have a good cum after she played and I would get her ass the way I want. We had the rest of the weekend and we got to spend the weekend using and abusing each other while I got to know her better.

Monday, she was dressed and in her car headed back to Kansas for the rest of the week. I was looking over the pictures before I heard my ringtone go off. I grabbed my cell and saw that Amber sent me a picture. It was a picture that she sent her other daddies of the view from above her head looking down at her tits. I smiled thinking about how much fun it was going to be the next weekend when she got back to start summer quarter.

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