All Her Daddies Ch. 03

(TongueLust asked me for it and this is the third installment.)


She hated me calling her Princess.

Princess, as you the reader know, is the twenty one year old slut who has nine “Daddy’s” as she calls them. One of them happens to be my best friend who owns the bar that I first met her at. The other eight are prominent people in our college town who decided with my buddy to help this coed through college in exchange for sexual favors. The bar was the scene of a ten person orgy with Princess as the center of attention. I played photographer.

It was that camera that led Princess to my door to initially get the memory card housing the different pictures of her sexual exploits that night. By the time she fell asleep, I had her take two doses of cum and helped her cum a few times by taking her ass and fucking her mouth. She woke up the next morning and fucked me while looking at the pictures. I then gave her a good spanking and had her cum on my fingers before she passed out. It wasn’t until our next fucking where she told me how much she hated that name.

“Why do you hate being called that? ” I asked as we lay together in my bed. I could feel my cum oozing out of her pussy as I rubbed her clit lightly. Her eyes were glazed over, almost as if cumming four times that morning wasn’t enough. She took a moment to gather her thoughts before her blue eyes sparkled at me.

“I’m not a princess. I worked my ass off to get the scholarships and the money put together for the sake of starting college here. There was no way I was going to any school in Kansas.” She moaned quietly, almost a cooing as I suddenly slid two fingers into her sloppy cunt. She moaned loudly, calling me daddy again as she started grinding against my hand.

As she grinded against my hand, my teeth bit into her neck as I started sucking. Her scream was more of a moan again as she kept grinding. I could tell she was close, so I pulled my fingers out and detached my mouth from her neck. Her eyes flashed her anger before I started circling her clit with my fingers again.

“Patience….” I was at a loss. I didn’t want to call her Princess again because I didn’t want to fuck up the opportunity. I mean, how often a thirty three year old photographer gets to spend a weekend with a twenty one year old nympho. As I pondered what to name her, she spoke up.

“Daddy, I want to cum. May I please?”

“On one condition…”

“Anything, Daddy. Please. Your baby girl needs to cum for her daddy.” I didn’t respond. Instead, I started thrusting three fingers into her pussy as my lips fastened to her right nipple. She had these beautiful full nipples that almost looked like she colored them deep purple before she arrived. As I bit her nipple, she let forth a high pitched shriek as I felt her cum explode onto my fingers. She was frozen for a few minutes while I watched her. Whatever she wanted to be called, she was still gorgeous and I felt extremely lucky.

Then my phone rang.

Cursing out loud, I grabbed my cell from my nightstand and checked the number. Looked like it was Dan. Dan was my best friend for years and the one who invited me to his little party where I met Princess. I grabbed my phone and hit the button as Princess started to stir.

“Hey Dan, what’s up?” I asked letting Princess know who was on the phone. Since she was supposed to be in Kansas by then, she kept quiet.

“Hey Charles, how did it go with Princess…I mean Amber?” he asked. So I knew her real first name at last. Guess I will have to think of a new favor for Amber.

“She was very persuasive,” I said with a wink at her. She giggled quietly.

“I bet,” Dan said. “Did you get the chance to upload the pics before she took the card?”

“Yeah I did. Did you erase the email again?” Amber giggled again.

“No, but I figured you could enjoy them. I should have invited you to tap it, but you are into kinkier stuff then the other guys would have felt comfy with. On one hand, she’s our slut. On the other hand, we didn’t want evidence of us doing “extreme” stuff to her, you know? Just in case she reneges on our arrangement. Does that make sense?”

“I get it man. Lord knows I’m not rolling in the dough like you guys.”

“Cool, maybe when she gets back from Kansas, I can introduce you to her so that you two could do stuff on your own or somethin. What do you say?” I hesitated only to play the innocent act.

“We’ll see, man. So what are you up to today?”

“Well, since Amber’s not in town, I guess I’m gonna have to take the old lady shopping or somethin. Amber is one hot piece of ass. Going a week is gonna suck. I should be use to it though. She shares me with Bruce on Saturdays.”

“Dude that was a horrible picture in my head.”

“Relax, not at the same time pervert. She spends a couple of hours in Jack Parker’s motel and we each get three hours with her. Most of the time, we talk. She lets us vent about our lives and such. Did I mention she’s gonna double major in Psychology and Computer Tech?”

“All I know is that she swore me to secrecy about what she does. That was it. And I hope to get the memory card back when she gets back.”

“Okay, C, I can get them from her. Talk to you later.” As the phone clicked, I looked down and Amber was already on her knees on the bed ready for my cock.

“So, Amber…”

“Did Daddy Dan tell you that was my name?” she asked as she reached for my cock. Her fingers touched it and I felt a shock go through me. I moaned slightly before she looked at me again.

“Yeah, and considering you hate being called Princess, I think I need to call you something different.” Her eyes perked at the thought of that. Before she had a chance to react, I pushed her head onto my cock and felt her mouth enclose my cock in its silky sweetness. She started sucking as I started talking.

“He told me I couldn’t participate in his group because I was too kinky for you. Can you believe that?” This spurred her on to suck harder as I looked over at my computer. I saw a website on the screen for one of the kinky bulletin boards and had thoughts of taking pictures of me fucking her mouth. I let them go for the moment because I didn’t want to lose what I had at that moment.

“Do you have me hard, slut?” Her ears perked up as she pushed off my cock and smiled.

“That was dirty,” she said. “I think I almost came when you called me that.”

“Lay on your back, slut. I need to use your sloppy cunt again.” I slid on top of her and guided my cock between her legs as her fingernails found my back. Her pussy was still tight on my cock even though nine guys fucked her the day before. As I started slipping inside her, her eyes were closed. I grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head as we fucked. She seemed to enjoy that thought as we fucked.

“Slut, how long does each Daddy get with you?” She seemed thrown by the question until I started slowing down, almost like a natural lie detector.

“No, don’t slow down!” Okay!! Each daddy gets three hours a week.”

“And how much time would you have for me?” She opened her eyes and looked at me in the eye.

“I wanna spend the rest of my week with you. I want you to be my real Daddy. I want your dick inside me. I want your cum in my pussy, in my ass, down my throat, on my tits. Fuck me, Daddy!!!”

I started feeling myself climaxing soon after as she scratched my back again. I filled her pussy and collapsed on top of her before rolling off. As I opened my eyes, she was sliding her fingers inside her pussy and coating her fingers before licking them off. I was massively aroused before she turned to me.

“None of my other daddies let me do that. They want me for a suck, fuck and talk. I don’t even cum with them half the time. Can I come see you every time I need to cum, Daddy?” she asked using her cute voice. I smiled.

“Let’s get some lunch first, Slut.” As we both slid out of bed, I started doing the math in my head. I might get a ton of time with Amber, as long as I kept it a secret.


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