All Her Daddies Ch. 02

(I finally finished the second story based on TongueLust’s comment. Thanks to her for the idea and the constant reminder that I told her I’d do it. Please enjoy and also vote.)

Princess snores.

That was the first rational thought I realized that morning when I woke up and saw the twenty one year old coed in my bed. She was still naked from the night before.

I started to remember the night before how Princess came over to confront me regarding the pictures I took of her “daddies” having their ways with her. She was trying to get the memory card prior to her leaving for Kansas and fucked me in an effort to buy my silence. On one hand, she is a great fuck and I can see what she offered to the nine guys who help her with her finances. Still, I had the memory card and when she woke up, she’d probably want it. It made sense to me to actually fulfill her wishes, with her watching.

I slowly shook Princess until she opened her sleepy eyes at me. She was startled at first until she realized who I was.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You fell asleep after we bargained. I woke you up so you could watch me erase the memory card.”

“So you didn’t yet.”

I shook my head. “I wanted to do the honorable thing and make sure you saw me do it.”

She slid out of bed not realizing she was still naked, or perhaps she didn’t care. As she walked over to the computer, she looked at me. “I want to see them.”


“Yeah, don’t delete them until we look at them. Is that okay, Daddy?”

It felt weird her calling me Daddy. She then straddled my waist and kissed me on the lips. I didn’t even mind the morning breath.

“Daddy,” she said in her cute little girl voice. “Can I see the dirty pictures you took last night?”

I looked her in the eyes before I spoke.

“Yes you can Princess, but you need to stay on my lap while we see them on the screen. Do you understand?”

Princess slid off of me and turned so she was straddling me reverse cowgirl style as I opened the file with her pictures on it. She then took over on the computer and set it up to do the slideshow. She then reached down and noticed my cock was already hard.

“Daddy, did you want me to slide you in my little pussy? I bet your cock would be happier there,” she said again in that voice. She then stood up and slowly poised me at the entrance to her pussy before sliding down. She cooed contently as her pussy squeezed my cock. She then leaned back as my hands found her nipples and started to tease them. As the different pictures showed on the screen, she started to rock on my cock. She was milking my cock as she rocked. I could feel myself getting ready to explode as she started to cum.

‘Daaaaaaaddyyyyyyyy!!!!” she moaned loudly as her pussy squeezed the cum out of my cock. My cock was spent as she slid off and turned towards me.

“Daddy, I made a mess. I need to clean it up like you always tell me, right?” she said as she bent down and started slowly licking up and down my shaft. My eyes closed instantly as she did. She then took me into her mouth and started bringing me back to life before I felt the desire to try something. I took my hand and placed it on the back of her head. She didn’t resist prior to me pushing her face until she was touching my stomach with her nose. I felt a slight moan on my cock as I let her pull back before she looked up at me.

“None of my other daddy’s does that to me. Please use my mouth like a slut.” She didn’t get to finish her statement before I slid my cock back in her mouth and started fucking her throat. Her eyes kept looking up at me and she kept taking the abuse. Soon I felt her gagging on my cock before I pulled out.

“On my bed…now…” I commanded.

She complied almost instantly before I smacked her ass the first time.

‘One,” she responded almost too easily.

“Do your other daddies spank you?”

“No, Daddy,” she answered back before I spank her again.

“Mmmm two.”

“Don’t cum,” I heard myself say. She looked back questioning me.

“Daddy, I am so close….please can I cum?”



I then shoved three fingers in her cunt and told her to cum. She screamed almost like she was being attacked as her pussy clenched my fingers before she collapsed on the bed. It was about twenty minutes of recovery later when she stirred once again. By then I was in my kitchen making some coffee and toast. She walked towards me still nude. A cute smile crossed her face.

“Can I have some coffee, Daddy?” she said in her normal voice.

She poured herself a cup and found the sugar and creamer before she sat with me at my bar. I noticed her ass was still red from the spankings and was ready to apologize when she stopped me.

“Don’t. It’s all right.” She took a drink before she continued. “One thing I hate about the others is that they treat me too much like a lady. I mean we fuck and such. There’s no kink to it though. The little get-together’s like last night are the closest I get to cumming the way I want. That’s why I wanted you to do me like that. I wasn’t disappointed.”

“So the pictures…”

“…are yours. Don’t erase them if you don’t want to. They look good. I didn’t know how hot they’d turn out. Consider it a gift to buy your silence.”

“Silence?” I asked. She smiled.

“My family back home in Kansas has no idea how I am making ends meet and I do not want to tell them. They’re conservative people. None of the guys in high school got to tap this and to be honest I was glad. Around here, I can explore and such. After college, I’ll probably settle down anyways.”

“So where does this leave me? I’m not putting any money in.”

“No Daddy and I don’t want you to. You are my dirty one. I want you to use me as much as you want around their schedule. I’ll let you know that I need you to use me, make me feel like the slut I am and don’t spoil me either. Does that make sense?”

“Hmmmm… that’s do-able. So when do you leave to go back home?”

“I’m not. I just wanted a break from them. Perhaps I should spend the weekend with you instead. Think you can keep it a secret?”

I guided her towards the bedroom. It was going to be a hell of a weekend.

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