All Hands-2

Jeff moves around behind her desk and moves her aside, sitting down on her chair. He looks at her and smiles. “Fuck me.” he says. Anne and Jane follow along behind him, since they don’t really have a choice, standing just between the desks near where they used to be sitting. Now that Amber looks she can see the piles of clothes and each work station where the girls had stripped. She knew Anne never wore any panties, she blushed at the thought as she looks at the piles of clothes. Then she snaps back to attention and looks at her manager. She moves up to him in the chair and undoes the belt on his pants, and then pulls down his zip, she can feel his cock already hard inside his trousers as she pulls it out and feels it pop to attention in front of him. She pauses as she looks down at it and back up at him. “Suck it.” he says and Amber blushes, then drops her face down to his cock and licks it tentatively, she had never done this before, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, licking it as she stands there in front of him, bent over and sucking on his cock.

She can feel his cock getting harder as she works on it with her mouth till he grabs her hair hard and yanks her upwards. “Ahh.” she says and then moves forward, straddling his body and lining his cock up with her cunt. She slides down onto him and groans as she feels him filling up her body. “Fuck.” she says softly and starts to work herself on his body. Pulling herself up and down and she feels him moving inside her. She fucks leans her hands on his shoulders as she takes him, she feels his hands move up to her tits and he starts to pinch them hard as she keeps on fucking taking him harder and harder till she feels him cum inside her body. She groans as she feels him growing softer inside her body her insides covered again with cum.

He pushes her off him and she falls awkwardly onto the floor. He laughs and tells her to lick his shoes. She looks up at him, tears misting her eyes and then starts to slowly lick his shoes as he stands in front of her. “Get your mouse.” he says to her. “Shove it up inside your cunt.” he says and laughs as she blushes, but obeys, picking up the mouse and forcing it up inside her cunt till it is buried up inside her and only the cord is hanging out. It feels really uncomfortable inside her body and she blushes as she can see the cord hanging out.

He laughs as he looks at her. “Nice.” he says. “Better always have that inside your cunt from now on. If I find you with out it…” he says and laughs. “Now what were we here for.” he says and looks back as the two girls he has on a leash. “Oh yes! Binder clamps and rubber bands.”

He moves over to Annes work station and opens up her cabinet draw, finding a small bag of binder clamps and some rubber bands. Opening the rubber band bag he pulls out two of the clamps and turns to his two girls, picking Anne and clamping the bands down onto each of her nipples as she cries softly in pain as each clamp bites into her nipples, then does the same thing to Jane too. Now that both girls are clamped he holds up the bag, still a few clamps in there.

“Come here.” he says to Amber and she moves over and stands in front of him. “Push your tits out, hands behind your head.” he says and watches as she pauses, wondering if she should push it here before slowly moving her hands up and putting them behind her head, then pushing back on her elbows to push her tits out. He picks up the clamp and teases it over her soft nipple. Smiling he opens up a binder clamp and then lets it bite down onto her nipple. Ambers eyes well up with tears as the pain radiates through her both. Her breathing hard as she tries to recover just in time for him to clamp the other nipple too. She cries out in pain as the clamps bite down.

“Fuck.” she says under her breath as she looks down at her now clamped tits. He picks up her keyboard and runs the cord through the handles of both the clamps on her nipples and then pulls it up close to her tits before tying the cord back on itself. He lets it go and the keyboard immediately pulls down hard on her nipples and she drops down to the floor in pain as it drags her nipples downwards. “Ahhh.” she screams her hands moving about to her nipples, cupping both her tits but not quite going so far as to try and release the clamps. “Ahh fuck.” she says as she kneels down on the ground, keyboard resting on the floor so it doesn’t hurt so much.

“Stand up.” says Jeff and watches as Amber looks at him and then slowly struggles back up to her feet, the keyboard swaying around and moving as she gets up causing new cries of pain till she finally gets to her feet and then puts her hands back behind her neck. “Good little cunt” he says and reaches down, cupping her pussy and rubbing her clit as she stands in front of him, unable to stop him using her most intimate parts. “Turn around.” he says and she turns around. He grabs her arms and pulls them down behind her back then a ‘zip’ noise as he zip ties her elbows together and then her wrists locking her hands behind her back so she cannot even try and take the clamps off her nipples after he leaves.

Jeff laughs and gives her ass a hard slap, she jumps slightly and then cries out in pain as it makes the clamps on her nipples bounce around. “Now out cunt. This is my office now.” he says and turns back to his two girls, Amber looks at him and sobs, walking slowly and carefully towards the door whining and gasping as she does and the keyboard bounces off her knees as she walks till she gets outside the office. Outside the office the corridor looks pretty empty and she shudders as she looks down at her body. Perhaps she can get a friend to help take some of these bits off.

Earlier that day.

The six member board of the company was meeting, all the women in the board sitting in the board room going over the latest data from sales and other projections, the stats all look really good numbers going up, sales improving. The women are asking questions of the CEO Elaine and othe CFO/CTO about the numbers and possible technical challenges when a boy walks into the room. The board all stops and stares at him, clearly not a member of the board not entirely sure how he got in here in the first place.

“What are you doing here?” says Elaine as he appears. “This is a private meeting. Get out.” “Denise!” she shouts for her secretary.

The boy just seems to ignore her walking right up to Elaine as she stands at the front of the board.

“Hey!” says Elaine, looking a little worried now. “Denise!” she shouts. “Sam!” she shouts for her security guard.

The boy walks right up to her and smiles at her. “Few changes to the board today.” says the boy as he looks at Elaine. “Will let you know what they all are in a bit.” he says as he keeps staring at Elaine. “Now take off your tops.” he says.

“What the fuck are you doing here.” says Elaine as he gets close. “No changes, get out right now!” she says, not willing to even answer his command to take off her top, or the boards tops.

The boy just nods his head. “I see.” he says and then says loudly. “All of you girls need to go to HR.”

Suddenly all the women in the room find themselves standing up and facing Elaine. Elaine herself looks confused as she at least partly loses control at this point. She finds herself saying “What happened to bring you to HR?” Then she answers for herself. “We didn’t take off our tops when the boy asked us too.” she pauses. “Show me.” she says and then looks down shocked as she finds herself taking off her top and dropping it to the floor, as do all the other girls in the room. She looks around the room at all the girls, even with six girls a fair variety of bra types. Some lacy, one in bright red, one a basic set of balis and one girl not even wearing a bra (although she does have small tits).

The boy looks around the room. “Nice.” he says as he sees all the girls bras.

Elaine pauses for about thirty seconds as they stand there topless then she says “Strip” out loud and all the girls in the room proceed to take off all there clothes, dropping them on the floor and leaving themselves completely naked in their board room. “Tits, ass or cunt” says Elaine out loud to the boy.

The boy looks at all the girls and hmmms. “Ass.” he says and watches at they all bend over the board room table, asses pointing out. He pulls his belt off his waist and listens as Elaine says. “Ten strokes on our asses.”

He moves behind Elaine and doubles over the belt and pauses, then brings the belt down hard onto her ass and she cries out loud in pain as the belt immediately leaves a bright red stripe on her ass. “Ahh fuck!” she cries out but cannot seem to move, her ass on fire. “PLease stop. Fuck!” she says again as he beats her ass again hard. “This hurts so much. Fuck! Please” she says and then screams again as he beats her ass again. Something in her mind jogs or does something at this point. :”Oh fuck.” she says and then screams again. “We need to count.” she says and breathes heavily, crying out again and then shouting out “One!” She counts through the numbers as her ass quickly goes bright red all over and angry looking purple bruises on her soft flesh. The boys moves onto the next girl in the board, the cfo and beats her ass hard too, although she got the hint from Elaine and counts correctly along with all the other girls in the room till finally he has finished beating all their asses.

He moves back to Elaine who says “What item of clothing can we no longer wear.” although none of the girls have moved yet. He brings the belt up and down hard on Elaines ass another five times as she cries out in pain each time.

“Bras.” he says. “None of you girls can wear bras any more.” he says and watches as the girls suddenly find themselves released and get dressed back in their clothes again, although without a bra. They find themselves back in control of their bodies again.

“What the fuck.” says Elaine and runs for the door of the conference room as soon as she gets control back.

“All you girls need to go to HR.” he says loudly as Elaine bolts, as soon as she hears the words she stops and turns around moving back to where she was and starts to cry.

“What brings you to HR?” she says as she stands there. “I tried to escape.” she says and sobs as she looks around at the other girls in the room. “Escape means a double punishment.” she says out loud and sobs again as she looks down. “Choose two, she says to the boy, tits ass or cunt.” she says as she looks at him.

The boy looks at all the girls, looking at him with fearful eyes. “Tits and cunt.” he says and laughs as the expression on Elaines face.

“Strip.” she says aloud and all the girls take off their tops and then line up, hands behind their necks, elbows back offering up their tits to the boy.

The boy moves over to Elaine and rubs his hands lightly over her bare tits as she stands in front of him. He tweaks both of her nipples lightly as she sobs softly. “Please.”: she says as he toys with her tits. Then he stands back. “No, no.” she says. “Please.” then she screams as the belt lands across both her tits. “Fuck fuck!” she says and then the belt hits her again. “One one! fuck it” she says out loud as the belt bites into her soft flesh. Each blow with the belt causes her tits to bounce around as he beats her tits till they are bright red and covered in painful bruises. He then moves onto the other girls, beating each of their tits hard as they count out loud crying and screaming in pain as the belt hurts their defenceless bodies. Once they have all finished having their tits beaten the move and get up on the board room table, spreading their legs wide open to show off their defenceless cunts , legs moving on top of each other so they have enough room, although all of their cunts are easily visible and easily beatable.

The boy moves between Elaines legs and looks at her soft vulnerable cunt, she clearly doesn’t shave at all although at this point hair or lack of it is not going to make much difference as the belt lands down on her body. He moves the belt up and rests it on her stomach and she gulps. “PLease please. You can done enough.” she says as he moves the belt. “Don’t do this.” she says and then cries out in pain as he brings the belt down hard right onto her cunt. “Ahhhhh.” she screams out loud in pain and thrashes about on the table a bit as the pain flows through her body. “Fuck me! One! Fuck!” she says and keeps counting as he beats her cunt till it is bright red and swollen before moving onto the other girls in the room, all of them screaming in pain as he hurts their pussies. At this point it is pretty clear that the secretary and the security are apparently otherwise occupied.

After all the girls cunts have been beaten Elaine says. “What is it we are not allowed to wear any more.”

The boys moves back around between Elaines legs and caresses her pussy with his finger, then shoves a finger hard up inside her unprotected cunt. “Going to be a good girl now?” he asks as he finger fucks Elaine on the table.

“Ahhh.” she says as the finger inside her beaten cunt is still quite painful. “Yes, please. I will be good.” she says, not moving as he finger fucks her.

“Good girl.” he says and steps back, bringing the belt back up again.

“No no, please I will be good. Please” says Elaine and then screams as the belt lands down on her cunt again, even more painful now it has had some time to swell up in pain from the previous beating. “No more, no more. Fuck!” she shouts as he beats her again. “I will be good, please I will be good.” she blubbers and then screams again as the belt lands on her cunt yet again.

“Good girl.” says the boy as he looks at Elaine on the table, her legs wide apart and cunt bright painful red. He brings the belt down hard again. “No. More. Escaping.” he says and punctuates each word with a hard stroke down onto her cunt.

“No no no!” she says as she screams between strokes. “No more escaping!” she says again.

“Good girls. None of you can wear panties any more.” he says and the girls all relax, moving up and cupping their sore tits and cunts. They cry softly as they put their tops and skirts back on, being careful with their clothes to not hurt their tits or cunts too much. Once they are all dressed, all of them with their hands trying to nurse their sore body parts. THey all look a little shaken, looking at each other not sure what to do now after the painful beating.

“Good girls.” says the boys as they all sit at the table again, although Elaine is still standing at the head of table where she was previously giving her presentation. “Take off your tops.” he says.

The girls all look at each other and gulp, then one of the girls removes her top and drops it on the floor. The others all look at each other and remove their tops too, their bright red tits now on display. In front of everyone Elaine pauses and looks at all the other girls as they take off their tops. She looks back at the boy. “Please?” she says as he just looks at her and slowly shakes his head. “No. No. I am a strong woman she says.” and shakes her head. “I cannot do this for some boy.” she says and makes a run for the door again.

“Elaine, you need to go to HR.” says the boy as she tries to bolt.

Again Elaine pulls up short and moves back to stand in place.

“What brings you to HR?” she asks and then answers. “I tried to escape.” she says and sobs. “Escape means double punishment.” she says. “Strip.” she says and removes the rest of her clothes. “Choose two.” she says. “Ass, tits and cunt.”

The boy smiles as Elaine stops in front of him, her already painfully bruised tits and cunt on display. “Tits and cunt.” he says and Elaine sobs moving into the position to let him hurt her tits to start with.

The boy moves over to the CFO who is sitting quietly at the table, trying to look invisible, hiding her tits with her hands as she sits topless at the table. His hands slide down the front of her body and he cups her tits, squeezing them with his hands as she sits there. She looks down at his hands and then up at him and shudders. “Please don’t hurt me.” she says as he fondles her tits, although even that relatively soft manipulation causes her pain and she gasps softly with every squeeze. The boys captures her nipples and pinches down hard on both of them and she squirms in the seat, wiggling. Her hands move up and catch his giving them a tug, trying to pull them off her tits. “Hands at your side.” he says to her and she whines but moves her hands away from her tits and he hurts her. “I can do whatever I want to you, can’t I?” he says as he squeezes down even harder on her nipples. Tears well up in her eyes and run down her face. “Yes.” she says quitely as he hurts her squeezes her nipples hard.

“Good girl.” he says and lets go of her tits. “Now stand up. You are going to whip your ceo.” he says and gives her the belt. “If I don’t think it is hard enough I will beat your tits and cunt again, then you can have another go.” he says and the CFO looks at him and whines.

“Yes.” she says, softly almost inaudibly, standing up and taking the belt from him. She moves around to the side of Elaine and says “Sorry.” as she brings the belt up. She pauses and looks over at the boy who is just watching her then she brings the belt down across her friends tits as hard as she can. Elaine cries out loud and shouts “One!” as the belt bruises her already painful flesh.

The boy sits down in the chair the CFO was in and spins around so he can watch the show from the comfort of his seat as the CFO beats Elaines tits again. “You.” he says to one of the other women on the board, she is the cutest there probably, nice olive C cup tits (although a bit red now), shaved and bare cunt beautiful face. She looks up at him and he becons her over. She gets up from where she is sitting, one hand still over her tits as she moves over to where he is. “Hands at your side.” he says as behind her there is another scream and Elaine says “Seven!”

She drops her hands down beside her body showing off her bare tits to him, only wearing a skirt at this point.

“Good girl.” he says as he looks her over “Eight!” is screamed out in the background. “Undo my pants and guide me up into your cunt.” he says to her and she groans then moves up to him, undoing his pants and pulling out his cock. THen she pulls up her skirt and straddles him guiding his cock into her sore cunt. Slowly she lowers herself down onto him and gasps as he fills up her body. She groans in pain and the feeling of the cock stretching her cunt as she starts to slowly work herself up and down on his cock.

Elaine screams out “Ten” then climbs up onto the table and spreads her legs wide open, her already sore cunt on display. The CFO looks over at the boy busy and distracted with Rebecca fucking him and then at Elaine moving back between her legs and giving her cunt a half hearted spank. “One!” shouts out Elaine.

The boy is clearly a little distracted as Rebecca moves up and down on his cock, but not that distracted. “What was that? What did I say you, stupid cunt. Now i need to beat your cunt after this too.” he says. He moves his hands up and catches both of Rebeccas tits in his hands and grips down hard on them squeezing them painfully as she rides him. She stops as he painfully squeezes her tits, crying out her hands coming up automatically to hold onto his wrists as he squeezes her tits. “Keep going.” he says to her, “Hands at your side.” she groans and moves her hands away and starts to go back to working herself up and down on his hard cock, her tits hurting even more as she moves and he crushes them in his hands.

In front of him the CFO groans and says “Sorry.” to Elaine then brings the whip down hard onto her cunt and she screams out in pain properly this time. “Two!” she shouts out as the CFO keeps beating her already sore cunt till she finally gets to 10. “What am I no longer allowed to wear?” she asks, legs still wide apart, panting hard in pain.

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