All Hallows Revenge-1

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Author’s Note: In this story, a drug called Staminamyacin is mentioned. To my knowledge, this drug and any drug similar to it is completely fictitious. Staminamyacin is a complete figment of my imagination. I do not have any knowledge or degree in medicine, biochemistry, or pharmaceuticals with which to base this drug off of. I just wanted to make that clear. Thank you.


Winifred Bearans slammed her locker shut and began walking out of Parker High School, glad that the school week was finally done and the weekend had arrived. She was actually most excited for the following Monday because it was Halloween. Winifred laughed every time she thought of her favorite holiday. As a Goth, she thought it was so stereotypical that she loved Halloween but she couldn’t help it. Even as an 18 year-old teenager, there was something about dressing up and giving and getting candy that she just adored.

As she walked into the school parking lot to her car, she heard a voice off to her side call out “Hey Winnie Pooh.” Winifred looked towards the direction of the voice, rolling her eyes as she did so because she knew just who that voice belonged to. She confirmed her suspicion when she spotted Shelley Johnston and her cheerleader clique hanging out in the alley between the auto-shop building and the main school building.

Shelley Johnston had been a transfer to Parker High School the previous year when she and Winifred were juniors and had immediately taken to picking on Winifred. Winifred had become a Goth during her sophomore year when she had a bad breakup with a jock. He had done the proverbial “be sweet to get them in bed and dump them if they don’t put out” thing and she had taken it hard. She had found that the Goth clique was the only group open and understanding enough of her sadness and pain and she quickly found herself joining their clique. Shelley picked on her because, by Shelley’s own admission, being a Goth made you a target.

One of Shelley’s primary ways to tease Winifred was to make fun of her name. After all, a name like Winifred Bearans made such a thing somewhat easy. Some of Shelley’s choice names were Winnie Pooh, Pooh Bear, Pooh Pooh, Winnie Bear, and even Wimpy Winnie.

However, Shelley’s teasing had given way to bullying over the course of this past school year. Shelley had begun to turn to humiliating Winnie as a means of picking on her. Namely, she had turned to sexually humiliating Winnie. Often, it took the form of Shelley and/or her clique coming upon Winifred in out-of-the-way areas of the school (mainly the girl’s restroom and the girl’s locker room) and stripping her naked and running off with her clothes, leaving poor Winifred to fend for herself and try to cover her voluptuous figure with large 38D breasts.

Other times, they preferred to tie or pin her down, tear her clothes off, and force her to become sexually stimulated, even to the point that they forced her to endure many orgasms. Often this was done quite literally at their hands (or more precisely, their fingers) and they even added their tongues to her forced pleasure (All the cheerleaders were either bisexual or lesbian, so it didn’t bother any of them finger or eat out their victim). They also had a penchant for using various sex toys for the same purposes. All the while, they recorded Winifred’s humiliation with digital camcorders and/or digital cameras and cell phone cameras (the cheerleaders were very good to either keep their faces off camera or have the back of their heads to the camera so they wouldn’t be recognized).

The worst torture (at least in Winifred’s mind) was when they stripped her naked and tied her down to a sexual implement (most likely a vibrator or big dildo) and left her to unbind herself and make her way home. It was the worst because they often rigged it so that her method of salvation forced her to endure the most sexual torture. In one instance, they had converged on her in the gymnasium, stripper her naked, and used the climbing ropes to bind her hands so that she was barely touching the ground. Then they had used specialty padlocking fetish handcuffs to bind her hands within the climbing ropes. The key that unlocked the padlock on the handcuffs was then dangled on another climbing rope a few feet away from Winifred. Lastly, Shelley had personally taken the T-stand that the special education classes used to play baseball and placed a vibrating two-armed dildo (one which went inside the vagina and curved upwards to press against the G-spot and one which pressed against the clitoris) inside the stand and set it under Winifred. The dildo in the stand, which actually fit snugly into Winifred’s pussy and on her clit as it was, was set up in such a torturous way that, whenever Winifred relaxed on her feet due to fatigue from being on her tiptoes or when she tried to push forward to try to grab the key in front of her, she pushed down firmly on the big vibrating dildo between her legs. Essentially, whenever she tried to afford herself a means of escaping or relaxing, she literally got fucked and fucked herself. Several hours later, after countless orgasms (Winifred had lost count because she had blacked out twice from exhaustion and overstimulation, but she had managed to count 50 in total before she succumbed to darkness the second time, after which she still had quite a few more), she had managed to get the key, unlock her handcuffs, and untie herself. Then she had slowly and in a completely unexaggerated bow-legged fashion, made her way home.

Presently, Shelley had come up to Winifred and put her arm around her shoulders as the rest of the cheerleader clique surrounded them. “Leave me alone Shelley!” Winifred exclaimed loudly, almost in a shouting voice, as she threw off Shelley’s arm and continued to walk forward, only to be met by a wall of cheerleaders. “Why are you being so mean to me Pooh Pooh?” Shelley said in a syrupy voice of mock hurt. “I’m just trying to have a conversa-

“My name isn’t Pooh Pooh! It’s Winifred!” Winifred shouted in Shelley’s face. “You got that bitch? Now leave me alone!” Shelley’s face blanched at the unusually fiery outburst from Winifred and she firmly grabbed the Goth girl’s shoulders as Winifred tried to walk away. “That wasn’t very nice Pooh Pooh. Now you’re going to regret being mean to me.” Shelley said in a threatening voice. “Get her girls.” All at once, the cheerleaders swooped over the surprised Goth and physically picked her up. One girl put a hand over Winifred’s mouth to prevent her from attracting anyone’s attention and they stood with her hoisted in the air, waiting Shelley’s orders.

“Follow me!” Shelley called out to her obedient troop as she began walking towards the auto-shop garage. She led them into the garage through a still-open garage door and closed it behind them, lest anyone see what they were about to do to the poor Goth. She told them to put Winifred down and paused, looking around the garage and collecting her thoughts as to exactly what they should with this impertinent Goth bitch.

“Strip her!” Shelley called out authoritatively, leaving no doubt that she’d come to a decision about what they were going to do with Winifred. The cheerleaders wasted no time in following Shelley’s orders, as one girl pulled Winifred’s arms into a chicken-winged position and one firmly held her legs far apart while the rest set to violently tearing off her clothes.

Winifred, seeing that there was no hope in fighting the cheerleaders, looked over to see what Shelley was doing. She saw the head cheerleader picking up a tire jack and then look up to see long chains with large hooks hanging down from the ceiling. She watched as Shelley grabbed three chains and pulled them down further from the ceiling.

“Okay, bring her over here.” Shelley called out to the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders pulled the now naked Winifred to where Shelley directed. Shelley proceeded to grab one, then the other, of her wrists and yank them up to the where the chains hung. The chains were still quite high up and stretching Winifred to reach the chains brought the Goth to her tiptoes. Shelley tied two of the chains around Winifred’s wrists once, then twice, and attached the hooks to links on the respective chains.

Shelley then reached into her bag and pulled out two pairs of ordinary handcuffs. She opened both pairs of handcuffs and attached one cuff of each onto either of Winifred’s wrists. She then attached the other cuffs into a link in each chain. Seeing her victim effectively bound, she smirked at Winifred. “Let’s see you get out of this one bitch.” Shelley then placed the tire jack under Winifred and reached into her bag once again, this time pulling out two dildos. One looked very similar to the one she had used on Winifred in the gymnasium, a two-armed vibrating dildo, but the other was a very typical, albeit big dildo, and Winifred immediately began worrying where it would go. Shelley then took out a large assortment of string and began tying the dildos to the flat head of the tire jack. Winifred’s worries increased when Shelley took out a tube of lubricant next and began to drizzle it over the second dildo. After putting the lubricant away, she touched the two dildos and a semi-loud buzzing began to fill the room. Then, she pulled a ball gag from her bag and, sauntering up to the bound Goth, placed into Winifred’s mouth and fastened it behind her head. After this, Shelley took out a pair of nipple clamp and, after twisting Winifred’s nipples sensually to get them hard, clamped them on tightly, flicking a little trigger on each one to set them vibrating. Winifred gasped, first at the pain that lanced through her from the nipples clamps being attached, then at the vibrations that seems to go from her nipples straight to her pussy. Finally, Shelley began pumping up the tire jack. Winifred gasped in realization of what was happening to her. It was just like in the gymnasium, but now she would have two dildos pushed into her by a tire jack. Also, judging by the look of the position of the lubricated dildo, she realized that the second vibrating dildo was going to go up her ass. Shelley looked up at the sound of Winifred’s gasp and chuckled, “Oh by the way, these vibrating dildos are turned on full-blast. You’ll be ‘blasting’ off in no time with these.” Just then, the dildos impacted with her bare pussy and asshole. She gasped and squealed with the rush of sensations as the two-armed dildo plunged into her now dripping cunt and connected with her G-spot and hardening clit. The vibrating dildo in her ass caused much the same sensations. Winifred had done anal penetration before when she masturbated, so the dildo had really no problem getting past her sphincter and pushing into her tight rectum.

The intense sensations of the dildos going at max speed inside her was almost too intense to handle and Winifred began moaning and whimpering as she quickly neared her first massive climax. “Oh…I almost forgot!” Shelley exclaimed. She pulled out a syringe that was filled with a clear liquid from her bag. She quickly approached the bound Winifred and stabbed the needle into her thigh and pushed the syringe pump, emptying it into her body. Winifred, in her blissful haze, barely felt the needle enter her thigh and could only barely pay attention to Shelley as she explained the substance that she just injected her with. “This is a new experimental drug my daddy came up with. I swindled a bit of a stash from him. He may be a top pharmacist, but he can’t resist his little girl.” Shelley giggled girlishly. “He calls it Staminamyacin and he says it’ll be the new wonder drug in sexual aid drugs. Rather than a dysfunction drug or an enhancement drug or an aphrodisiac, it’s a type of endurance aid. I can’t tell you all the scientific mumbo-jumbo, but in layman’s terms, it works by disrupting the regulation of the bodies’ sexual response in the brain and by blocking the reception of overstimulation, pain, and exhaustion messages sent to the brain. That means that, under the effect of this drug, a pussy will always stay wet and a cock will always stay hard as long as it’s being sexually stimulated and the orgasms will keep on coming and there’s no blacking out from overstimulation or exhaustion. I just injected you with enough of the drug to last you for about the next twelve hours.”

After she finished her little spiel, she returned to her bag once more and, putting the syringe away, took out a key and grabbed the third chain hanging from the wall. “Now, for the coup de grace,” Shelley said as she clipped the key to the hook of the third chain. She walked back into her bag and picked up a digital camcorder, pointing it directly at Winifred. Before she pressed play, she said “Now things look just like they did in the gym. You have to get that key hanging just in front of you in order to get free while dealing with the distraction of two vibrating dildos inside of you and vibrating clamps on your nipples. Any attempt to move forward towards the key results in coming down full force on those dildos. Plus, you have to deal with being on your tiptoes. Any attempt to put your feet down means coming down on the dildos as well. Oh, by the way, I just wanted you to know that we cheerleaders have a lot of fun putting your pictures and videos on the website we made for you.” With that, she pressed play on the camcorder and began filming Winifred’s sexual plight. All at once, catcalls, wolf whistles and jeers arose from Shelley and the other cheerleaders and a dozen flashes and tiny beeps went off as the rest of the cheerleaders recorded her situation with cell phones, digital cameras, and digital camcorders. The nipple clamps, dildos, Shelley’s words about the drug in her, and, interestingly, the rude comments and flashing cameras of the cheerleaders, all worked together to push Winifred over the edge as she had possibly the most explosive orgasm of her life. Expecting to need to come down after such an intense orgasm, Winifred was surprised to find her body still riding the waves of ecstasy and she felt another intense orgasm hit her before the first one fully ran through her. She screamed and hollered in mind-numbing bliss, but her body didn’t come down a bit as a third equally intense orgasm crashed over her.

“Have fun fucking yourself silly, dumb cunt!” Shelley called out as the cheerleaders set down their cameras and walked out of the garage, taking Winifred’s torn clothes with them and closing the garage door behind them.

Winifred barely heard Shelley’s voice, which sounded low and hollow in her mind. She was almost beyond realizing the world outside of her own body as a fourth and fifth massive orgasm ran through her in quick succession. This is going to be a long day, she thought as a sixth orgasm shot through her.


Exactly eight hours later, Winifred, finally freed from the cheerleader-made sex device, shakily pulled up the garage door and made her escape from the school’s automobile shop, forgetting the collection of cameras and camcorders still left in the garage. It was fortunate for her that the school janitor forgot to lock the garage before he had left for the weekend. It was pitch black and cool outside and Winifred began the unfortunately well-known process of sneaking about town and into her home stark naked. The cool air felt good on her bare body, as it cooled the heat and wicked away the large amount of sweat that had collected on her body after her sexual extravaganza, but it also threatened to set her off again as the air hit her still-hard nipples and clit. After eight hours of constant sexual stimulation, from which even unconsciousness wasn’t available as a relief, Winifred’s body was extremely sexually volatile. A hand unconsciously drifted to her soggy, over-used pussy and another explosion rocked her body as her hand came in contact with her clit. In the process of her torture, her clit had swollen tremendously and now felt to be about the size of a golf ball. As she removed her hand and picked her pace when her house came into sight, she began thinking over her experience of the past eight hours. It had been three-and-a-half hours before she could even concentrate on getting to the key. Constant orgasms had plagued her almost from the moment the vibrating dildos had been put inside her and only ceased when the batteries died and the vibrations stopped.

However, by the time the batteries died, she was so physically fatigued that she sank onto the dildos and could barely bring herself to lift off the dildos completely every once in a great while, effectively fucking herself on the dildos in an almost unconscious manner. While it did still rack her body with orgasms, it wasn’t as intense as the vibrations had been, and she could concentrate somewhat on the key in front of her. However, the other part in Shelley’s sex trap plagued her almost immediately when she tried to get the key. As she reached for the key, she bounced up and down on the dildos, which caused even more orgasms to rattle her body. Having a ball gag in her mouth prevented anyone outside the garage from hearing her cries of strained ecstasy and coming to her aid. Having the drug coursing through her body prevented unconsciousness from claiming her and kept the orgasms crashing down pleasurably on top of her without any sense of pain, exhaustion, or overstimulation. It was the most agonizing ecstasy. It was the most heavenly hell.

As she reached her house and climbed up her makeshift escape ladder into her bedroom (thank heavens her parents had never found it, or she would’ve been stranded outside stark naked a long time ago), she thought about the young woman who did this to her. Looking outside her bedroom window, she looked out to the stars and swore an oath. I want that bitch to pay. By whatever great powers that may be out there, I wish for my tormentor to suffer as I have suffered. Do you all hear me? I will do whatever it takes to see that she pays for the things she’s done to me.

Feeling better after her little rant, Winifred fell, face-first into bed, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, not having even bothered to throw a blanket over her nude body.

Little did she know that the oath she had just declared would bring about a major change in her relationship with her bully.


It was Sunday night, and Winifred lay naked on her bed, contemplating if it was such a good idea to go out on Halloween after all. She had spent much of the weekend in her current position, lounging naked in bed or about her house. She stayed as such because she terribly needed to rest her weary body after its intense sexual episode on the previous Friday and her body, specifically her nipples and clitoris, couldn’t handle even the slight stimulation that clothes provided. She began to get depressed at the idea that she couldn’t participate in Halloween like she wanted to, but she thought it couldn’t be helped. Her body was still weak after Friday and if she couldn’t tolerate clothing now, then how could she think that she could handle wearing a costume tomorrow. Also, what if she were to run into Shelley or anyone from her clique? She knew her body wasn’t physically able to handle another onslaught, sexual or otherwise. Yes, it would be better just to stay in. She could tell her parents that she was feeling unwell, which wasn’t really a stretch of the truth.

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