All Hallow’s Fiend-3

“Stop stalling,” I hissed aloud, steadying myself and marching the rest of the way across the dusty parking lot. I could see lights on inside that last house. More so an outbuilding. who knows what it used to be. Voices laughed out loud from in there. Joking. having fun. Taking a deep breath, I opened the heavy door and stepped into the room. Immediately after closing it behind me, all work and conversation came to a halt. All eyes became focused on me. It was like being the new kid in high school. Awkward. I saw Remi in the far end, talking to a half-demon. Half-clown. He stopped, and winked at me.

“HELLO NURSE!” he shouted, climbing over tables and people to get over to where I was. I smiled bravely and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you for giving me a chance. Even if you are feeding me to Paul.”

I saw the clown smile at me with his sharpened grin. he seemed to know something I didn’t. I didn’t like it.

Remi laughed, forcing my attention back to him. He took me by the arm and led me over to the clown’s table. The clown wrapped his hands around my upper arms and sniffed erotically at my neck, lashing out with a doubly pierced tongue. I couldn’t help but to swoon, feeling light headed and hot as hell. No man had touched me like that, or caused that sort of reaction in a very long time. And as he grabbed me around my waist, the feeling only grew more intense. he trailed one of his claw like fingers over my chest and neck, tracing over my trembling lips.

“I see…scars. Puffy, fresh, infected scars.Half an hour, lovey.”

His voice was something to be reckoned with. Deep. heavy, haunting. Trance-inducing. I looked over to Remi, who was fastening the buttons on his suit. he reached into his front pocket and handed me a small package.

“These are your contacts. White out. Your strength.”

“Um, thanks, I-“

“Just hurry up. I got to go over some stuff. It’s hella important.”

I nodded and walked away in the hands of the demonic jest who had a hand planted firmly on my ass. If I would’ve said I didn’t want it to happen, I would so be lying to myself. I wanted him to touch me more than I wanted to be here. he talked to me the entire time that he was putting the scars and make-up in place. I let my mind wander, actually dwelling on the story I’d already been obsessing over the past week or so. About Paul and the six women he destroyed. An attempt for a seventh victim. Carving, the cutting of flesh. watching them bleed and suffer, just for his own amusement. I smiled in my dreamlike state, feeling a light kiss on the back of my neck, a heavy hand brushing aside my hair. This demon had no idea of what he was doing to me.

“What are you smoking?,” came the deep voice.


He chuckled and swiped a makeup brush over the scars on my face and chest.

“You acted like someone was touching you. And you were definitely liking it.”

I turned my head around as he started on my arms. Expecting to see Remi, or maybe one of the others, playing a trick on the new girl. But there wasn’t a person anywhere. Only The demon and I. All the rest of them had left us. Jester laughed and tended to my scars, helping me affix the contacts into my eyes. when all was said and done, he pulled a floor length mirror over to us, and showed me his work. I jumped back, fully aware of what he’d done. Everything looked so real. My eyes only made it worse.

“You look hot, sweetie. don’t be nervous. There’s an mp3 in the gurney. a bottle of tequila on a shelf. Just take a bit and relax. You’ll do just fine tonight.”

He kissed me on the lips, quietly, and pushed a button on an intercom.

“Rem, she’d ready. want me to take her down?”

“Sure. Give her the rundown on all of it. We’re on in ten minutes. We got hell out here, dude.”

“Aight. Later.”

My nerves shot back in full force, and I was twitching more than ever. Clown helped me to my feet and over to a door in the middle of a far wall. He shoved it to the side, revealing a steep, metal staircase.

“Come on, honey, Only way down without being seen, now.”

I nodded and followed him into the dark. There was a long hallway that wound in and out of corners. Around low ledges. No other doors. No windows. Only a few bare light bulbs that were spread out above us. Plain dirt walls on either side of us. Low, dingy ceilings that were flaking with dust and paint. I could feel Clown’s arm settle around my middle, his fingers toying with the fastenings on my stomach and hips. I started to ask why I wasn’t told about this entrance. I figured it was probably for the best, and for some strange reason, I was no longer afraid. I was excited. eager to get into that room and enjoy the place for what it was worth. and for the money I’d get from it. I wanted to give the people outside something to think about. Think about the fact that when something this violent and notorious happens in a place, an energy or feeling is always left behind to keep it company. and I still had no clue of what he had looked like when he was alive. Truth was, did I really want to know?

“Here we are Nurse Morgan,” Clown hushed, opening the only other door in the corridor. The room was as it had been nights ago. Only different in a way. They had moved in equipment. Props. Lights and things. Heart monitors that they had gotten to work one final time. Oxygen machines that leaned against the earthen walls. An eerie sight for anyone passing through. Like a hospital that had been up and abandoned long ago.

“This is the way it was supposed to have looked. but the cops took it all.”

I looked back to him, and clenched at his tattooed hand for a moment. he told me what my job was going to be. How to work everything. All the switches and cables. It wasn’t going to be a hard thing to do. the hard part would be not losing myself in the process. My story? I was the seventh girl, left dressed as a nurse. Cut to hell by Paul and his black magic. That’s all I knew. That was all I needed to hear.

“Ok,” I told him. ” I got this.”

I closed my eyes for a second, thinking of every bad dream, every nightmare, every horror movie I had ever seen. Thinking of the worst and most terrifying moments from each of them. I felt Clown’s hands lifting my fragile gaze upwards, his pierced nose against my own. one more deep breath.

“You okay?” he asked.

I could hear the concern in his voice. And instantly, a deep and vicious laugh began in the pits of my throat. I sprang my eyes open, tilting my head to the side. Placing a finger to his lips, I smiled.

“Sssh…visiting hours…are over.HAHAHAHAHA!”

He backed away, his black eyes slightly widened as I stalked towards him. Forcing my body into almost unnatural movements. I saw the muscles in his throat tensing up. I jumped into his arms, and kissed him passionately on the lips.

“How’s that, babydoll,” I groaned.

He relaxed, licking at my tongue. damn him.

“You’ll do just fine. Keep that up, and you’ll be a nutcase just like us in no time.”

I blew him a kiss as he left, sighing happily. If I could maintain that mentality this week, I’d have it made. There were only small slivers of fear now. Most of it had turned into adrenaline. I could do this. If I can scare someone who makes their living at scaring people, I could do anything. And as long as I kept myself focused, nothing would shake me. I was ready. Fuck Remi. better yet, fuck Paul and his bitches.

Hours came and hours went. Every group that passed through was more skittish than the one before. And in no time, I was sitting on a couch in the last building, watching Remi and all the others talking, having a few drinks, laughing about the night’s exploits. Clown was seated beside me, smoking a cigarette, and holding onto a zombie chick with the other hand. She was saying something in his ear when Remi came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. he handed me a drink and called for everyone’s attention. It took only a minute for everyone to calm down. And in another minute, he was speaking out.

“What’s up everybody! Ya’ll did excellent tonight! I mean it. We pulled more than opening night last year. And this girl, right here.”

He pulled me up and squeezed me tighter.

“This girl right here, is going to make this year even better. Cuz I got an idea. We are going to have a very special guest this year. And she is going to be the one to invite him.”

Hushed whispers went from person to person. All debating on what the thing was that Remi was talking about. I was a little worried. I had no idea what to think of him. I took in a deep breath and chugged at my cup. He paused for awhile. Hesitating and thinking. And when he did finally speak, everyone was on their toes. he ran his nose along the side of my neck and looked out over the crowd. I could feel Clown’s dark eyes fixed on us.I could’ve sworn that somewhere in the room I had heard laughter. dark, hateful. Crazed.I quietly glanced around, trying to find the source of that laugh.

“Our nurse here,” he said with a chilled smile. “Is going to invite Paul. The night before our last show. On his birthday.”

I nearly collapsed back onto the concrete floor, my body going completely limp. Shock had taken me over, and I couldn’t even breathe. What the fuck had he just said? He wanted me to do what? With who? This wasn’t just anyone he was trying to bring up from the dead. It was the very man who caused all the chaos to begin with. Paul fucking Maddox.

“WHAT?!” I shouted, stumbling back into Clown and his girl of the night. He stood up beside me, putting his arm around my shoulders. He looked right at Remi, with a sinister grin.

“Don’t worry, Morgan. Remi ain’t got the stones to do it. That’s why he wants you to.”

“NO! Clown. No. I came here to make my money. Not to raise some psycho asshole from the dead.”

I tried to back away from both him and Remi. Remi pulled me closer, pressing his lips against my burning ear. I whimpered, thinking of the situation. Reading Wicca books was one thing. Screwing around with a Ouija board, okay. Fine. But honestly wanting to bring a guy who raped and murdered six women back to life was asking for trouble. Anyone who was any kind of normal person could tell you that. Not only did it have the chance to work, but it could work in a way that nobody could fix. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. One, in particular was the only one that seemed to help my anxiety. Fuck it. If Remi wanted to be an ass, and put me up to doing this, then I could be very convincing. Not for the sake of the others, but for the simple joy of giving him what he deserved. Clown Pulled me away and spoke up.

“Don’t worry, Morgan. He’s just mad cuz he’s been trying for years and ain’t got nothin.”

I smiled to myself and stood upright, facing Remi and all of the rest of them. Walking up to him, I chugged the rest of my drink. He leaned in and kissed my neck.

“You want me to summon Paul?”I asked sweetly.

He mumbled an agreement and nipped at my ear.


Clown and his girl were heading for the drink table when he glanced back at me. Giving me a knowing wink. It was like he knew what I was up to, and would help if need be. I nodded silently and gave in to Remi’s advances. We all drank the night away. And as sunrise came closer and closer, I found myself dwelling on the seance only four days away. Raising the dead, on Halloween Eve. So Hollywood.At one point I rose to my feet, and felt Remi catching me in his large arms. I giggled happily and fell against his chest.

“Whoa there,” he groaned. “I think you need to go to sleep babe.”

He hefted me up like a baby and began walking towards the door.

“Where’s Clown Boy?” I slurred, hanging my arms around his neck.

“He left like forever ago. Do you, wanna sleep at my place or do you wanna ride home sweetie?”

Through the haze of tequila and rum, I managed to bring two thoughts together. One, I wasn’t about to explain to a five year old why I was falling all over the place. And two, If I didn’t lay down now, I would definitely throw up. I had just opened my mouth to answer him when I felt something. not a rumbling in my stomach, or of Remi’s free hand holding more than tightly to my ass. But something else. Hot, warm, and haunting. Like…A breath that wasn’t either of ours. Right behind me, blowing across my face.


And then I blacked out. I don’t know how, or why. But all I remember was thinking. Thinking about what was going to happen when I did that damned spell. And the taste of a hungry kiss searching my mouth with it’s own.

A woke up late the next afternoon in a haze. I was in what looked like a makeshift bedroom. A couch off to one corner. Sheets and a blanket crumpled up all around me. A box fan was sitting on the floor, blowing full power. My body felt like I had been sick all night. I flinched as I rolled over, the afternoon sun beating in on me. Where the fuck was I? Why did I have the distinct feeling Remi had done something to me last night? I jumped to my feet nearly falling right back down to the bed. My head was pounding and my ribs ached. I heard something in the darkest corner of the room, and looked over to see a passed out version of Remi, cuddled up with a dingy pillow. My clothes were a bloody mess, literally , as I moved over to the doorway. On his dresser, was a cellphone. I reached for it and slipped outside. The chill in the afternoon air brought back everything. The talking, the drinking. The plot I had been connived into doing. I prayed that Holly would answer. And I wasn’t disappointed.

“Morgan? That you?”

“Y-Yeah. I had a bit too much fun after closing. don’t worry, I’m fine. Can you come get me? I’ll tell ya all about it on the way home.Then I gotta come back.”

She agreed and hung up her line. I floated through the rest of my day. Hell, the rest of my days even. Remi never mentioned anything else about the first night. I never bothered to ask. I didn’t really want to know. Better off that way. When I wasn’t at work, I was looking up spells. Buying candles and other things that Holly’s mom had recommended. Of course I told them all I wasn’t really going to do it. I was only going to put on a show for them, like we did for the people night after night. A simple payback that had to be played out to the fullest. The day before I was supposed to carry it out, Clown came up to me one night after the last customer had left. he pulled me off to the side of the alley I’d come out of and grinned.

“I don’t know what ya got planned, Morgan. But, if you really wanna get Remi, you gotta do it right.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that?”

“If you could really make something happen. make Paul appear. Make Remi think it’s actually happening. You’re good, but Remi don’t freak out that easy.”

I lowered my head and wiped the fake blood from my mouth. what was I going to do? Clown lifted my face to his and smiled yet again. He had something.

“You really wanna do it? for real? There’s a site. Has killer spells. The resurrection one has testimonials. It’s never failed. Never. But just… be careful. This could really backfire.”

“But it would get Remi…”


“That’s all I want to know,” I said sweetly, kissing his cheek and taking the address he’d given me.

I went home that night, all the excitement and adrenaline from the past week building up to my neck and then some. I read through the entire spell a few times, writing it down piece by piece. Until I was sure that I knew what to do. everything I had already bought would be needed. I stuffed it into a black bag and put it alongside my costume for the next night. The night that I felt would change everything I’d ever known about anything. When I went to lay down that night, I felt a pulsing between my legs. Whether it was coming from the anticipation of catching Remi in his own games, or from the idea, that I could very well be bringing into flesh a man that was only known for his brutality. His rage. His violent ways. The more the idea settled, the stronger the twitching and clenching in my thighs became. I wanted to see Paul. See for myself what the big bad wolf was all about. And somewhere deep in my mind, I was also hoping that it would happen. I wanted to see….I wanted…him…

My head was full of tonight’s things. The incident with Clown yesterday. The dreams of people after me. A man trying to get me. Childish shit for someone like me. But I had an odd feeling in my gut that it wasn’t just a thought. My mind was so damned distant on the way to the inn. Following a trail of nothings. All I could think about was Clown. The way even he seemed sort of hesitant in giving me the spell. The tension in his voice as he spoke to me. And Of Paul. Of all the things that Paul had done. All the carnage he’d caused in that damned house. All the violence in his head that he’d forced onto the women he brought there. I wondered how someone could commit such crimes. How they could become that way to start off. Was he that horrible looking that he couldn’t get a woman on his own? He had to steal her away and abuse her like he did so many? The worst question of all was the one I’d been asking myself all week long. Why in the hell, did I want to see him? Why did I think of him like I did, knowing the things that I did? It was so surreal. A dream that I was floating through, hoping for the best. Expecting the worst. With every brush of the make up, every adjustment of the clothes. I felt it all around me. An energy, that didn’t seem quite right. I clutched the bag closer to me as Holly drove, thinking of the contents inside.

I inhaled deeply, pushing away all the negative thoughts, realizing that if I went into this with a bad thought, it could really hurt me. In every way possible. After tonight, there was only one night to go through. And once I had gotten Remi off my back, I’d feel a lot better. An hour went by, in a fog, and I was standing in the operating room. I looked over all of the instruments, imagining Paul’s hand on each of them. Touching them, using them on the victims. Trying to comprehend exactly how he had seen things. I needed to make tonight count. Go out with a scream and a cry. I heard the almighty buzzer above the door sound off, and that mental switch I’d been toying with all week, had jumped back on once again. And once more, I was lost in myself. My time passed quicker than usual, and before I could bat an eyelash, it was all over, and I was covered in blood from head to toe. It was running down into my eyes, between my nearly exposed tits, and of course soaking through the uniform onto my thong. It oozed down my thighs, into the drain in the middle of the floor. I gasped as A door in the ceiling slid open. Remi poked his head in and smiled at me.

“Almost time. We’re gonna do it on the second floor. Last door down.”

I winked playfully at him, the highs of the night begging me to play some more. I grabbed my bag from behind a cabinet and slowly moved across the room. There was a hushed whisper from above me. I couldn’t make it out, but laughed and shook my head.

“Aww. remi, that’s cute. You sound like a girl. Ha ha.”

The smile on my face never left my mouth only widened. Even though my taunts hadn’t been answered. The feeling of worry slapped me in the face when I realized I couldn’t hear any of the others. I would’ve heard laughing, talking. Moving around the place. Something. But there was nothing. Not even a damned creaking board. I moved on into the kitchen, looking around at the different sets that I had always heard about, but had never seen. Decapitated bodies. Bloody floors and walls. Splattered carpet and furniture. A pure bloodbath.

“Fuck,” I shuttered, casting my sights on the rest of the house. The restraints and devices had been left dangling all over the place. Tapping against the walls as I walked by and disturbed them. Despite the emptiness, I didn’t feel like I was alone, or by myself. Someone was there. They had to be. I traced my nails over the ripped wallpaper, drawing lines over the folds and tears. I could feel a change in the air of that house. Unlike any feeling I’d got before now. I was worried, and actually excited, in a way. Not knowing if it was all in my head, or if there was was something going on here. There had to be someone. Tech people, turning off the displays and equipment. Something.

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