All Hallows Even Fall-2

She made sure Keith would only keep her airborne on the verge of an orgasm, lest she’d experience inhabilitating dizziness that would ruin the rest of the performance. Once she’d peaked and he’d cleaned the trances of arousal with his tongue, she was set back down to the floor, held firmly in his grasp as she regained her balance and spoke again.

“All of you lovely Hallows, feeling so hollow tonight, slowly becoming filled with that influential sin called pleasure.”

On that cue, the doppelgangers took to letting their hands caress each cheek and chest of the walking trance zombies she’d created. The women seemed to feel it more intensely as their breasts were caressed by hands that loved what they felt.

Camille laughed at how the pictures taken within the club might show what looked like a big cup of coffee with more cream than coffee mixed in at the top, but that cream was desperate to be mixed in.

“I don’t care if you don’t want me,

I’m yours right now.”

The subliminals track suddenly struck the minds of the four clones, each slowly turning their attention to the gypsy queen swaying to the center of them all. Camille smiled in anticipation as she felt playfully cornered, each of them approaching like predators, trying to out-do each other in how enticingly they approached their prey. Penny let her hips sway to and fro, showing off her recently-mastered belly-dancing skills. June rubbed her hands all over her body with every step, from her face down her neck, pawing at her own breasts, showing Camille how she felt the need to touch and be touched. Teri and Carlie approached in a coordinated effort, spinning slowly, capitalizing on their tutored specialty earlier that year. Pangs of pride rang with the queen watching her disciples turn and taunt with their bodies, hiding curves, sultry glances, peaks between the slits in their gowns; other pangs rang down between her legs as she watched them both.

Someone approached from behind, wrapping arms around her torso, just under her breasts, unable to articulate anything specific in her ear other than how good she felt with moans. She guessed it was June the ever-blooming wallflower at her back while the other three took turns teasing her with dances and touches. This part of the performance Camille didn’t direct meticulously, leaving them free to do whatever they could to seduce, or perhaps overthrow their queen. She prepared each in case that were to happen, but the how was a mystery being unlocked right before her eyes. She hadn’t felt this kind of planned-yet-unplanned excitement since she unlocked part of Teri’s inner desires, and now she was reaping the benefits of her teachings of each woman, loving the sweet taste of her own medicine.

Beyond them, Camille looked out to the crowd circling, still wrapped by their hands and dark silk, knowing the subliminals kept them moving, and gripping their hands together in a way they were suggested to grip their own ideal lovers, firmly, but not a painful squeeze. She watched their faces as the grips got more firm, watching the dancers, vicariously feeling what they saw, feeling the touch of other gripping hands respond in-kind.

She was lost to everything else so much she didn’t notice Teri at her front, lips pressed to her pulse point, Teri trying to relive their last coupling and giving her a hickie. Acting on instinct, she brought her hands between them, bracelets making a clashing sound at Teri’s face.

“I put a spell on you,” the determination in her young face dissipated the rest of the energy in her face. She took a step back as if to steady herself before collapsing to the ground. The energy Teri lost Camille gained in the form of initiative, spinning on her toes as Carlie did nearby, unaware of her awakened queen until she faced Camille again.

“Because you’re mine.”

“I put a spell on you.”

The song refrains nearly overlapped as Carlie stopped in her tracks when she heard and saw the spell being cast right before her eyes, beholdened to a smiling teacher yet again, a sign of pleasing and feeling accomplished and happy inside.

“Because you’re mine.”

“I put a spell on you.”

After bracelets clashed and hands waived in her face, she found herself dancing hand in hand with a familiar partner. It only lasted seconds, but that was all it took to be totally swept off her feet.

“I owe you big time for this, good girl,” she whispered to Penny before being released from Camille’s grasp, watching her back into June and being held from behind, only to make a symbolic gesture of a flower opening with her hands, that just happened to bring her wrists together again.

“Because you’re mine.”

“I put a spell on you.”

June heaved a heavy sigh and her arms fell to her sided at the spell flowing from her face to her feet like a flood of beatitude pouring from her brain.

“I swear, sometimes I even seduce myself,” she sensually gloated to her hypnotized look-a-likes.

The caress June felt in Camille’s gloating palpably made her shiver with pleasure, nearly falling into a deeper than controllable sleep. Camille had to hold onto her and whisper encouraging words of a pleased body and sturdy legs to keep her upright. When enough will returned to June for that, she received a kiss to her forehead before Camille regarded all of them.

“Keep dancing my pretties!”

“I put a spell on you,” a fresh hypnotic spell sent all the dancers back to the walking crowd, while Camille walked back to Keith, ushering him to his feet, taking his hand and beginning to waltz with him across the dance floor.

Everything seemed a blur of pleasure to them both, Camille less so as she led the dance. Everything other than Camille was a spread of light and darkness in constant motion, thoughts unable to solidify as they fell to the motion. Camille steadied herself before the same motion affected her as well, concentrating on the performance and control high she was on, thinking of the apology she’d have to give Denise for making her smile sappily and drool on her equipment, and of course her harem boy toy.

“This is so romantic, don’t you think? Just you and me, surrounded by dancing.”

Keith’s sappy smile grew brighter, his body saying more than his mouth could.

“Yeah, I feel that way too. And don’t worry baby, I know what you want. I know how bad you want it. You certainly can’t hide that.”

Camille didn’t bother to navigate around Keith’s tent from the thong. She moved wantonly against it, just to see him squirm.

“What would you do for it?”


“What would you give for it?”


“What are you if it becomes mine?”


“What are you already?”


“Then it’s already mine?”

“Yes Camille.”

“Like you dreamily told me you wanted to do to me on our first date after I danced for you?

“Yes Camille.”

“That you dream about doing almost every night to me, for me?”

“Yes Camille.”

“Then it’s time to give it to me.”

“Keith silenced them both with a deep kiss, his tongue dominating hers for once, followed by gentle kisses down her collarbone, the valley of her cleavage, her belly button, and under her skirt again before she was lifted off the ground again, spinning her as she settled above again, bracelets brought together over and over again as more layers of her spell spread out while she was eaten out quicker than the last time. She could only breathe, move her hands, and quietly scream from two overlapping orgasms, and then another quickly produced because no one else knew her body and erogenous points better than him by then.

Before her muscles could contract because of him again for a fourth, she used her legs to grip him to force him to move differently while holding her. Somewhere along the line, he lost control of his legs and steadily collapsed to the floor, Camille resting her calves and thighs around his legs and he continued.

He gave her one more before she moved down his body until he was inside her, to which his suggestion to be silent managed to falter. They both used their experienced hips to quickly match and then try to set the pace the other would follow. Camille’s top advantage couldn’t be denied, and Keith just had to ride out wave after wave of intense grinding. Not having to worry about spinning, he had more control to really make her crazy from below. Her screams weren’t quiet anymore, and all she could do was not bang her bracelets together like a toy monkey’s cymbals in crazed bliss. But the spell was cast over and over, until eventually everyone there succumbed to one.


As the night grew late and the next day was very early, everyone transitioned from dancing to talking, everyone feeling good after the main festivities. The sound after Camille’s final orgasm dwarfed her screams with a thunderous, conscious applause of the show. What remained was a collection of saints still wrapped in black silk that had been cut for each person. Teri, June, Penny, and Carlie were yucking it up with everyone else, some still doing a little dance when they felt like it.

Camille watched from her throne as everyone continued to have fun, watching her dancers, wondering who really looked closest to her. She biasedly settled on Teri since she spent so much time developing her for competitive dancing and carefully watching, seeing herself in the girl. She wore the wig the best at least. Keith shifted himself at her feet, snuggling against the pillow, somewhat tired but still with a willing spirit that she teased at with her feet.

“I can’t believe you made that happen.”

“What’s that?”

“My mid-dance performance sex fantasy. I knew from the moment I first met you, you’d be in that dream. Hell, I dreamed about it earlier today, or yesterday, before I was late.”

“Then perhaps what I did was right on time, just like you were tonight.”

She watched his face come to terms with all the programming she gave him, as he shook his head and got hard again.

“Perhaps you’re ready for another round.”

“What? You mean right now?”

“You were willing to do it with a dance.”

“But that was a dance, Camille. A dance,” he chided her with nerdy enthusiasm. “Passions run high, sweat, effort, a beautiful act all culminating to…well, you know.”

“Of course I know. And with the way you put it, I’m not the only one in the mood now.”

“But we won’t be dancing w-“

“Won’t we?”

“What will they think?” He looked at the crowd.

“They think you still have your harem outfit on.”

Keith tensed and suddenly curled up in a ball to hide his attractive yet foolishly modest stark naked self. Camille’s foot teasing his ass cheek tickled and only made him harder.

“Not that it was hiding a lot to begin with.”

He looked up at her as she spread her legs and her inviting womanhood glistened in the standard club light, oblivious to everyone but them.

“Care for a little sin, my little saint?”

“How can I resist seduction incarnate?”

“How can you when…”

She brought her still-attached bracelets together, forgetting the sound system was still on. Everyone in the club laughed at the surprise and clapped in Camille’s direction, well-programmed from the subconscious command to pay little attention to her actions as she sank to the floor and got one more performance that only they would talk about later, and reenact All Hallows Day.

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