All Hallow’s Eve Party-2

A quick thought crosses my mind, “It will be interesting to see who is where when I review the videos and photos tomorrow after they leave. This is much wilder than my craziest fantasies.”

It seems like forever before the lady on my face starts to twitch and cum. She slides off and lies next to me on the deck, but it’s only a few seconds before whoever was pushed into the pool replaces her. Whoever is lying next to me scoots down, reaches out and gives my cock a quick squeeze, which almost sends me into orbit. That quick squeeze is quickly replaced with what must be her rubbing the clit of whoever is riding cowgirl. I feel the one riding my tongue tense up and I reach around her and grab her ass cheeks. I squirm a hand around until I can dip a finger into her sopping wet pussy and give her g-spot a quick rub before slipping the dampened finger into her tight ass. My thumb reaches into her box and resumes the massage there and my long finger starts a slow in-and-out of her brown hole. This quickly sends her over the edge as she tenses and lets loose a flood of sweet honey. About the same time, the cowgirl starts to quiver and this sends me over the edge and I buck up, trying to dump my load as far into her as possible.

I lay there and before too long the ladies roll off and we all drop into the water. No one says a word for quite a while before Horny says, “I need the restroom. What about you ladies?”

Suddenly I’m worried that they will be leaving and my night will be cut short. I shouldn’t complain, but my fantasies were that we kept at it until dawn. My worries are unfounded as it’s only a little while before the door opens and all three naked ladies are back in the hot tub with me. There are so many hands on me under the water; it feels like I’m being attacked by an octopussy.

Horny asks me, “You going to be ready for another round soon?”

“I think I’m gonna need a little chemical intervention to get up like you need. Let me get a pill. It takes around an hour to start to work. Have some more drinks.”

“You ready for another beer?” she asks.

“Not if you want me to be able to spend quality time in you ladies. I’m good.”

As I am taking my prescription, the girls come in and join me in the kitchen. Missy looks to be a bit out of it, but Jeannie hops up onto the island counter, spreads her legs and leans back. I take this as an invitation and move between her legs to start kissing her breasts. Horny sticks her hand into Jeannie’s crotch and starts a little dance while massaging the shaved box. I move up and give Jeannie a kiss on her mouth and step out to go put some music on. I have cued up a mix of Halloween songs, sound effects and some hard driving rock. When I return to the kitchen side of the island Horny has taken my place between Jeannie’s thighs and is licking away at her labia. Her horns are rubbing Jeannie’s waist and her mask seems to be getting in the way too, so I pull them off.

I step in next to them and put my arm around Missy and ask her, “How are you feeling?”

“Not bad, a little tired.”

“Did you want to go lie down in the bedroom?”

“No, sir. I’m enjoying the show; aren’t you?”

“I could watch this all night. Do you want on the counter?”

“Only if I get some head too.”

“That can always be arranged” I tell her as I pick her petite frame up and set her next to her friend and quickly plant my eyes between her thighs. It doesn’t take long for moans to start coming from her and Jeannie reaches over to start massaging Missy’s tits. Missy responds by pushing me away and rolling over to start French kissing her friend who is moaning now too. I’m enjoying just watching these lovely ladies, when Horny pushes my head into Missy’s little butt and reaches down to play with my balls. I start at Missy’s puckered hole and run my tongue down into her dripping pussy to be rewarded by a deep growl that certainly can’t come from this little woman.

Missy slides off the counter, plants her face in Jeannie and starts slurping and growling as she devours Jeannie’s bald beaver. I stand behind Missy and start to rub her clit. The magic pill hasn’t really started to work yet, but I slip my semi-hard dick in the crack between her cheeks. Horny hands me one of the sex toys and I slide that into her pussy and keep rubbing her little nub of a clit with one hand. I start to slip the toy in and out of her as she keeps licking on Jeannie. I hear the camera shutter clicking away and Missy moaning as I slide the toy from Missy’s little box and move it to her tight anus.

She tenses, so I ask “Is this okay, or do you…?”

She responds by growling, “Fuck my ass, but slowly, it’s a virgin.”

“You sure?” comes out of my mouth but she backs into me and the toy I am holding, and she starts to quiver and shake. This sets Jeannie off and she groans and arches her back before covering the countertop with her wetness. Missy and I back up, with her not willing to move from my grasp. Horny steps into Jeannie and slides another toy into her pink box and hits the button to start it buzzing.

Jeannie doesn’t move just lets out a deep moan before letting out a scream, “Oh, God, Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck me,” arching up and then collapsing.

Horny grabs my hand and leans in to whisper to me; “Bring them to the bedroom. I need you in me” and she heads over to the door.

I pick Missy up with the toy still in her tight ass and move her to the King-size bed. Horny has pulled the covers down and I lay Missy on the satiny sheets before returning to the kitchen for Jeannie. Jeannie is still on the counter and has taken the vibrator out of her and is slowly rubbing it on her clit. She slides forward and I grab her and pull her close to me. She wraps her legs around my waist and I stumble with her to the bedroom and we fall onto the bed.

Horny grabs me by the shoulder and rolls me off her friend and announces, “You two have cum, it’s my turn. Someone take some pictures” and drops her head into my lap again.

The pill hasn’t really done its magic, but Horny proves her tongue has talents that match her friend’s. I hear the camera clicking again and notice that Horny has moved around to let someone worship her hot box. Horny reaches for the candy dish and works quickly to slide a rubber on my enlarging cock. She grabs my covered dick and rolls over on top of Missy to start on her box and wriggles around to allow Missy access to her pussy in a classic 69.

Horny looks over her shoulder at me and says, “Are you gonna fuck me, or do I have to go trick or treating again?”

This is all the urging I need and I slide over and slip my cock into her wet box. Missy divides her licks between Horny’s clit and my shaft. The feeling of my cock going in and out of wet pussy lips and having another set of lips working on me is indescribable. I stop before I lose control and grab a cock ring from the candy dish and try to wrap it around me.

Horny complains, “What are you doing? I need you back in me, now.”

My reply is, “Give me a second or it will be over before either of us wants” and I slap her sexy ass. “Enjoy Missy’s attention for a second.”

Horny moans and I look at her to see Missy still eating her pussy and Jeannie licking her ass and fondling her ample tits. Missy starts to groan and tenses up in another orgasm. I grab Horny’s arm and roll onto my back pulling her on top of me. I feel Jeannie grab my dick and aim it for Horny’s fuck hole and Horny slams down on me burying my dick deep in her. I hear a vibrator start to buzz and feel it enter Horny’s ass, buzzing me through the wall of that fine ass. Horny starts to groan and bounce up and down on me like a meth-crazed kangaroo. Horny keeps bouncing on me and the tempo keeps getting faster. I reach out to Missy and touch her face, finding it wet. I look at her to see she is crying and suddenly she rolls over and heads for the door. I want to roll over and follow her to see what the problem is, but Horny is not giving me any leeway, bouncing on me and working me ever faster. Jeannie is still working Horny’s brown hole with the buzzing toy and kissing and licking her sexy cheeks.

Horny starts to moan, “Oh, oh God, please make me cum, ooh, don’t stop, please don’t stop. Fuck, fuck me, oh, damn I’m cumming” and she starts to shake.

She tenses and collapses on me and kisses me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. Jeannie stops the vibrator and rolls next to me and starts to kiss my cheek next to Horny’s face which is still swallowing my mouth. Before long both ladies are lying at my sides and stroking my chest.

After a while the ladies get up to go to the rest room and I think, “Why is it when there is more than one female, they have to travel together to take a leak?” I take the opportunity to get up and go to the other bedroom where the home gym is to check on Missy. She is sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room, probably meditating. I sit down in front of her and touch her knee. She responds by opening her eyes, smiling at me and dropping her hands into her lap to hide her little pink box from my gaze.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Mm-hmm, just a little tired.”

“You were crying earlier. Why?”

She explains, “It’s been way too long since I had sex, but I wanted it to be with someone I have feelings for.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…” I start.

Missy leans toward me and places a hand on my knee saying, “It’s not your fault. I knew what would happen if I let them talk me into coming.” She looks me in the eyes and then asks, “Will you take that ring off your cock? Your pecker swaying there is distracting.”

I shuffle a little bit and reply, “What if I want to use it again? I might not be able to get it up again.”

Missy looks at me and asks, “Do you think you’re going to get in me again?”

“Like I have said all night long, no pressure, but you are one gorgeous babe and I will be glad to service you in any way you wish. Remember, Jeannie granted my wish that you and your friends have all your desires met tonight.”

Missy gets up from her yoga pose and I watch her go to the workout ball behind her. She turns and sits spread-eagled, leaning on the ball, and again drops her hand to hide her love-box from my stare.

She looks at me and asks, “Is that all you’re interested in? Sex? My eyes are up here. What color are they?”

I look up and tell her, “They are the most beautiful green. And yes, tonight is all about fucking and sucking. Is that a problem?”

She looks at the floor and says, “No, it was pretty clear what this party was about. I was just hoping for more.”

“More? More what, surely not sex?” I ask.

“No, there was plenty of that. Just, …”

I get up and stand in front of her with my still erect member swaying in front of her at about eye level and ask, “You want a relationship?”

“No, not with you at least. It’s obvious all you want is pussy.”

“You’re wrong about that, but I am willing to use any hole a lady is willing to offer” and grin when she glares at me. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. But it was honest. Why don’t you lie down on the mat and take a nap. Please let me know if you need anything, anything at all from me” and I leave to return to the bedroom.

I stop in the doorway to view the other ladies scissoring with the double dong they have buried in their cunts.

“Is there room for me?” I soon ask.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s just a little tired and had a few too many. She’ll be better after a nap.”

Jeannie, giggling, asks “A few too many what? Orgasms? Never too many of those” and reaches out for my ringed hard-on.

Since I am the host, I move in to allow my guest access to me and I watch as she buries my cock in her face and starts to work her magic on me. The dong has slipped from Horny’s box, so she gets up and moves behind her friend and puts her tongue in her rear while sliding the slippery love toy in and out of Jeannie’s pink hole. Jeannie starts cumming almost immediately and stops licking my sex tool. I take advantage of the break in action and put on a new rubber, hoping to get it damp soon.

Horny looks at me and asks, “Is it my turn again?” and rolls over for me.

“Your wishes have been guaranteed by your friend there. I guess so” and I slide my dick all the way into her in one thrust. She gasps as I hit bottom and start drilling in and out of her. I look at Jeannie and see her smiling at me while she lightly rubs her still swollen clit. She seems to be enjoying watching. It’s not long before my member slips out of Grandma as I lose my erection. I remove the ring around the base of my cock and collapse between the ladies. I reach over to massage Horny’s pussy and slip a couple of fingers inside her. She starts to hump my hand and groan, and soon is twitching and collapses too.


I wake to the sound of someone stirring in my bedroom and look to see my lady friends are also starting to stir.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I ask “Is that you, Missy?”

“No sir, it is eight AM and as you requested, I have breakfast for you and your guests.”

I look to see a brunette in a short maid’s outfit bending over to place a tray with plates, silverware, and bowls of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and jams on the bed.

“Sir, the coffee is ready in the kitchen. Do both your guests want a cup?”

“There are three guests,” Missy says as she appears from the other room, “And we will all have coffee, black.” The maid bows in her short skirt, exposing the tops of her lacy nylons and garter straps. Her bustier lifts her breasts and her nipples show hard under her sheer peasant-style blouse. She quickly turns to fill the order.

The maid returns with the coffee for the ladies and Horny asks, “None for the gentleman?”

The maid replies, “He does not like coffee. Your kids are up, being fed breakfast and will be ready for you to pick up precisely at ten. Master, are you ready for your shower?”

“No, I will eat first. Breakfast that is. And what happens after is up to my guests.”

We eat breakfast on the bed under the watchful eyes of the maid, who brings coffee refills and my juice glass. When we are done, we head for the shower in the en suite. The shower in this condo has been upgraded and easily holds several people. There are two rainfall shower heads and three walls each have several body nozzles. The ladies seem to appreciate the hot water and I appreciate watching them soap each other up before stepping in to join them. I ask if they need any help, but they seem to be ignoring me, so I start to lather myself. I turn when I feel hands on my chest to see the maid has joined us, still fully clothed in her uniform. She washes me while watching my guests wash each other. When she has completed soaping me she lifts her skirt, exposing her tiny sheer panties that barely cover her shaved snatch and hands me the soap.

“Is your box dirty, young lady?” I ask.

“No, sir, but it is lonely. Will you give it some attention?”

“Certainly. Jeannie guaranteed last night that everyone would have their wishes granted, didn’t you Jeannie?”

“You only got three wishes last night. I believe you used them up on us.”

I look at Missy and Horny and ask, “Were your wishes granted last night?”

They answer in unison, “Yes, we are satisfied.”

“I’m sorry, miss. I’m unable to give your lovely box the attention it deserves at this point in time. I have guests to attend to. I will see to you later. Please prepare the camera. The ladies owe me pictures in their costumes. The last time I saw the camera it was next to the bed.” I lean over and kiss the maid’s lips and rub her panties to let her know her time will come and she leaves to do my bidding.

When we finish cleaning each other, we turn off the water and grab the towels from the vanity. When we enter the bedroom all three of the lady’s costumes are laid out on the made bed and the maid, wrapped in a robe, is standing at the camera on its tripod and starts taking pictures immediately.

The ladies definitely put on a show while dressing and I sit on the bed enjoying every second of it. They kiss and fondle each other while slowly adding the skimpy clothing they started in when they came to the party. The lingering hands when the stockings are pulled up leads me to believe they will be partying with each other again. I see the maid in the mirror and she seems to be enjoying the show as much as I am, slipping her hand into her robe every now and then. When the ladies finish dressing, it is almost time to pick up their kids and I thank them for coming.

Horny steps forward and says, “Thanks for inviting us. We really enjoyed ourselves. It’s been way too long since we enjoyed a good romp in the hay. When can we do it again?”

“Well, I rented this condo for the month. I’m leaving for home tomorrow. My wife and I agreed that I can host an orgy every other Halloween and this was it. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.”

Horny seems puzzled and asks, “We?”

The maid takes a step forward, removing the robe to reveal her sheer, short wedding-style dress and says, “We both thank you for cumming.”

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