All Hallows’ Eve Masquerade Pt. 03-3

Dashiel lovingly cupped her face and bent down for a kiss. The taste of her own juices lingered on his lips, and her body pulsed. She could remember when she used to be embarrassed at her own desires, but not tonight. Not after centuries of imagining what it would feel like in their arms again.

“Not a single woman I pleasured compared to you,” he whispered. “l’m going to need to taste you again before the sun rises. l’ve waited too long to be satisfied with plunging my tongue in you just once.”

Would they be gone before the sun rose?

“I love you,” she declared fiercely as she pulled him down for another kiss. She’d told each of them for the first time right before Slyvern had returned, fearing that she would not be able to tell them again.

Afterward, she’d only whispered it to the smoke that lingered after their annual visits. It had hurt to much to dare say it to them, afraid she’d see only pity in their eyes, afraid that they were angry with her.

Fingers slowly stroked her dampening pussy, and she looked to see Dagon kneeling between her legs, one hand on her and one hand stroking his large cock.

Damien nuzzled her belly and kissed it. “Will you suck my cock, Rubina? For such an innocent, you had the most sinful mouth. I’ve never forgotten.”

Without warning, Dashiel grabbed her by the waist and flipped her so that she was on her belly. Wanting to please them as they had pleased her, she opened her mouth and watched as Damien walked eagerly forward. The others touched her as she slid her tongue along his cock and teased him.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Suck my cock. My gods, now I have missed this.”

And she had missed them. Not just her body but also in her heart. They had told her that night that they’d never shared a woman before but that it had just felt right, and there was no jealousy or question that she belonged to all of them equally.

For too long, she’d helped others find their love while her own heart was broken.

And now it was whole again.

It a grunt, Damien slid into her mouth and inhaled softly as she sucked and played her tongue along his hard length. He was hot and pulsing in her mouth.

Behind her, hands glided up her legs and the mattress dipped. “Have I told you what I missed?” Dashiel asked huskily.

Mouth full, Rubina could only grunt and wiggle her body in anticipation. Roughly he lifted her hips and fingered her entrance.

“How snug your pussy felt around my cock.”

Sliding her head back, she looked over her shoulder at him. “I’ll still be snug,” she told him with a smile. “I’ve let no one touch me since you.”

Dashiel froze. “Not one? All this time, you’ve gone without any pleasure. “

She turned back to Damien and winked. “There are wonderful tools that can be used now. Very impressive inventions. I’ll be more than happy to show you this winter.”

Dagon groaned, and Dashiel eased himself inside her. Pleasure ricocheted as he stretched and filled her. “Fuck,” Damien moaned.

“Fuck is right,” Dashiel hissed. “Move again. That fells so good.”

They began to move, both thrusting and pulsing Inside her while Dagon touched her, skimming his hands over her body. It didn’t take long before another orgasm rose up inside her, but there was no mercy as they simply rotated positions,

Dagon filling her pussy and Damien filling her mouth.

They were filthy, and they were sweet, and when they’d all spent themselves inside her and on her, they cleaned her up and held her. She still shuddered from the sensory overload.

“I see you wasted no time in enjoying yourself.”

Immediately, the three men were up and placing themselves between her and the dragon god. Slyvern looked at them impassively. As if they could do anything to him.

Pulling her sheet up to cover herself, Rubina stood and faced him. “Is this your doing?”

“It is. My gift to you for finding such an excellent woman for me. She’s challenging me, and that is something that has not happened…” he smiled wryly. “Well, since you, but then, your challenge wasn’t quite as vocal as her.”

“What will you do to her?”

“Nothing. I have never forced a woman, and I will not start now. She has agreed to spend the winter with me. Six months, and for that, I will give you that time together.”

Six months. She didn’t know whether to thank him or curse him. It was more than she had before, but it was worse knowing that it would come to an end.

“Your marks will remain, and if you dare run, you will not like what I do to you,” he said coldly. “Enjoy the time you have together.”

With that, he disappeared, and Rubina collapsed on the bed. Six months. She almost couldn’t fathom it.

“My love,” Damien whispered as he sat down next to her and pulled her in his arms. “We will not squander this time we have together. We will find a way to be free to be with you.”

“How? How can we go up against a god?”

“We don’t have to. He’s interested in Pryanna in a way that he has not been

interested in a woman in centuries. If she satiates him, if she makes him happy, he may finally free us.”

Shocked, Rubina stared at them, and they all nodded in agreement. “You want to meddle in the affairs of a god?”

Dashiel kissed her shoulder. “You risked our lives for you. There is nothing we won’t do to keep you. Even if it means thawing his frozen heart.”


Return in December for Yuletide Hearth and see how Pryanna is handling the cold winter mountains in Slyvern’s clutches.

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