All Hallow’s Eve Invitation to Love-2

He positioned her horizontally on the seat as he climbed on her and found his place between her legs. Her hands trailed down his back, scratching ever so lightly as to not to leave any marks, she pinched a bit like a massage and then allowed her red fingernails to glide down his back. She pulled him closer to her, felt his hardness between her legs and the strength of his body upon her. So warm he was as he blanketed her. She pressed her lips upon his neck and she sucked, giving him a love bite as her tongue explored him. She was able to absorb all of him within her now. She had the freedom to taste him, and he tasted wonderful as her tongue glided over his neck and under his chin.

She could feel his hard cock through the boxers rubbing her very wet pussy. Her legs wrapped so tightly around him as her right hand struggled with the waistband of the boxers. “Why did he save the boxers for me?” she thought. She was able to move them over his very round ass, and squeezing the curviness of his muscular buttocks she pulled his hips towards her. Nibbling on his ear and probing a tongue deep within his as her other hand played with the hairs on the back of his neck. With the feel of his skin against her skin, she was going off again, but this time he was allowing himself to be pleased.

She wanted to make him cum as hard as he had made her cum. She wanted to take control. Rolling around like lovers do, she managed to position his body on his back as she straddled him. As she kissed him on his mouth, she pulled off the boxers and then allowed her mouth to travel downward until she reached his cock. She opened her mouth and just took him ever so gently – just a simple hello kiss. Tasting his pre cum on the tip, thinking, “Mmmm, he tastes so good,” her hunger for him was intense as she proceeded to climb on him again as their mouths met. She sighed as she felt the round head pressing into her wet flesh, felt her pussy parting, giving way to let him push in. Her eyes widened as her flesh opened up, and he slowly slid deeper into the entranceway of her pussy lips.

Such girth he had as she felt her lips spread for him. Slowly he entered as she descended her hips further down upon him, allowing inch by inch of his manliness to enter her. The ridges of his cock hitting her walls, the soft tissue played against his hardness creating such sensations. Feeling the width of his cock stretching her more and more until she felt his pelvic bone hit hers. Completely in, and then a moment of stillness as they gazed at each other, eyes smiling. Not a word needed to be exchanged for they knew what the other was thinking. Enjoying that first plunge in as the warmth of each other surged through their bodies. Leaning in, she devoured him with kisses; in charge, she probed her tongue deep within his mouth as her hair flung all about his face, tickling his nose. All along, her pussy glided slowly upon him in small circular motion. Her clit hit his tip as their juices intermingled, the musk filling the air in the back of the limo. Both enjoying as she danced upon him in a circular motion and then back and forth. She could not control her moans, and he as well was letting go. Deep and slow stokes, plunging within, and then pulling all the way out, and the two of them enjoying the sensations.

Her hips rising and faltering, she placed both her feet on the leather seat and began to fuck him in a sitting up position. As she fucked him, she watched his body wither beneath hers as she swallowed all of him within her pussy. The sight of her breasts bouncing up and down, he reached up, placing those wonderful breasts within his hands, squeezing and teasing them. She was driving him to a point of no return as her wetness and muscles surrounded his cock. Repositioning her legs in a kneeling position, she leaned in and kissed him long and hard, her nipples rubbing against his chest and her hair flinging about and her thighs hitting his only adding to the sensation of them being one. Abruptly she sat up on him again, and this time he placed his thumb on her clit and rubbed it in a circular motion as she continued to ride him. How her body rolled over him, like a wave crashing the shoreline, causing him as much pleasure as her. She took her fingers and placed them in her mouth, allowing her saliva to soak her fingers. “How sexy it would be to watch him watch me give him a blow job,” she thought. Then she reached behind her and reached for his balls, and he sent out a moan. How tight they were. How close he must be to that sweet release as she allowed her fingernails to explore him there. Feeling his balls hitting her ass with each plunge as her fingers were playing with them. The rhythm was rapid and she looked like she was bronco busting. The movement so on fire now. Breathing out of control again. Faster. More violent than before. Oh, God! Did she want that release for him and herself? Oh God! She wanted to cum with him!

That moment his face tightened, his moans both loud and quiet. How she enjoyed watching a man cum as he loses all consciousness for that moment. The twitch of his cock within her as she began to feel the hot white cum hit her inner walls, sending her to join her lover in that realm of stillness. Their bodies shook together as she faltered upon him. Laying there with his cock still in her pussy and just enjoying the moment. Both of their bodies consumed with aftershocks only to heighten them by the other movement. His manly hands stroking her back and hair so gently while he placed soft kisses upon her forehead. She returned the love with similar gestures and then slowly moved her relaxed body up to lay next to him. He shifted his body onto his side instinctively and she fell into that spot that she knew she belonged. Her body fit so perfectly within his as they spooned and drifted off into a lovely sleep listening to each other’s heartbeat as it beat in sync. So relaxed, so peaceful, and so safe was that sleep. A sleep that neither one has experienced for such a long time. They belonged together. They were each other’s kindred.

The limo drove around for hours in New York City, but the two were lost within each other, satisfying one another’s thirst for each other. Several more times that night they made passionate love. Standing out from the sunroof of the limo, he took her from behind. Kneeling and bracing herself on the leather seat, she allowed him to take her doggie style as the limo drove around. Taking him fully within her mouth, she knelt before him on the floor of the limo. Even the most simple of love making but most intimate, was he on top of her. The power of control set aside and simply replaced with passionate love like neither had experienced before. In all of their experiences that evening, the love was present.

Just before daybreak, the two parted as the limo brought the lovely woman home. Several times she wanted to speak words of love to him, but she did not want this night to end. So she held true to her promise to follow the rules, and she realized she did not need to say the words that she had expressed to him in her actions. No words were exchanged between them. Never once did she see his face, for he would not allow her to do so. She knew all that was needed – the touch of his hand, the kiss of his lips, his soul touching hers.

As she left the limo she looked hard at him to remember every detail of him that she could. She smiled at him and mouthed the words, “I Love You!” She walked quickly towards her door, knowing that she wanted to go back with him but couldn’t. Something told her that she couldn’t, so she didn’t, and entered her house without looking back. No sooner did she close the door than there was a knock. Running towards the door, thinking that he was ready to reveal himself, she was disappointed to find only a bouquet of vibrant red tulips upon her doorstep. No sign of anybody. A note was attached that said,

Even though we can never change destiny, we have had our moment in time. I love you and always will! To me, you will always be Tulip, and as long as I know that tulips are around, you will always be with me.

Clutching the tulips, she held them tight – as if they were the babies she never had – and she carried them to her bedroom. Lying down, she took her last breath as she drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep within another world. So happy did she drift off knowing that she had a chance, no matter how brief, to be with her soul mate.

That night she died a mysterious death that nobody could understand. She was holding tightly to the tulips. Nobody could understand how she had received them since she had not left her house or answered the door for the last year. No card and no evidence of that night. They were like two ghosts within this forum that pass in the middle of the morning, afternoon, or night looking for each other but never embracing. Their souls travel through this world, not ever sure if they have ever met. Not even sure if either one was really real, or just a figment of their imaginations.

At her funeral, all her long ago high school friends were in attendance. They did not understand why she had not contacted them, because every year around this time they would talk. The incidents in the world caused their annual party to be canceled and nobody was able to inform her. To them it was all so strange that she died in a costume, since the annual party was not held that year. There were some who always wondered though. In a small unkempt cemetery, on the outskirts of Manhattan, two ghostly shapes can be seen one dark evening a year, twisting and entwining, but nobody ever seemed to want to talk about it.

Within the twilight zone, there is a place that is a fine line between reality and fantasy. This young woman had the most incredible sexual experience in her life, but did it really happen? Happy Halloween! I want to wish all of my friends at Syd’s Hot Tub a very Happy Halloween! I also have several special people to thank. Thank you, Gurlie who spent countless hours being my Editor on this story. Thank you Biggus Dickus for being my Co-Editor. A special thank you to Cerb and Md who read the story and gave me support. All of you have given me encouragement and support that you are not aware of.

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