All Hallow’s Eve Invitation to Love-1

Every year at the beginning of October, as the foliage in the neighborhood turns from green to yellow, red and orange, and the cool crisp air is about, she received her annual invitation to a Halloween party from long time friends. The same friends she has known since high school, friends she knew so well, knew to the very core. She had seen some change for the better others change for the worse. It was customary and expected that every year she go and make an appearance no matter what, even if for a very brief stay. This was an understood promise, made long ago in their youth. No matter what, they will celebrate this one holiday together. As the years pass, the parties seem to get more and more creative. It is impressive the amount of time that they devote into the preparation of the theme and the party. Every little thing, down to the last detail, is accounted for. Through the years, it has come to be expected that they will out-do the previous year’s party.

Arriving home the second Monday of the month, she spotted a bulky coffin-shaped envelope that was not foreign to her, and she knew it was the anticipated invitation. As she peeled the envelope open, she allowed the contents to drop into her delicate hands. A simple cassette, and nothing more, was enclosed. As the cassette played, an intriguing male voice spoke of the details of this year’s event. “On October 31st a limousine will arrive at your house at 8:30 pm. It will take you to your destination for the evening. Your costume must have a mask to conceal your face. There will be rules that you must follow along this journey. Your first rule is this: under no circumstances are you allowed to repeat or discuss this information with anyone” “Jeez, when did my friends become wealthy?” she thought. Looking closer at the invitation, she was unsure who had sent it, but it must be them. It is something they would do. “Well, they really went all out this time,” she said to herself, and that was the end of that until the night of the 31st.

For weeks prior to the party, she was unsure of how to dress, but managed to throw together something that was both comfortable and sexy. Halloween was a holiday that allowed her to dress as provocatively as she wanted to in public. A witch is what she decided she was going to be. It was easy enough. Your basic New York solution: black out, when in doubt. The long dirty blonde hair was curled loosely, and a sheer black veil placed over it. Next went on a black thong just in case she got lucky, or was in an accident. Besides, her ass looked good in it. She adjusted her thigh high fish net stockings. Not the cheap fishnets that have a big opening and are thick, but the thinner ones. So smooth against her skin, showing off her shapely legs and making her feel so sensual, so womanly. She then tied on a short and loose black wrap-around dance skirt, the kind that flows as the body moves. Next came a very clingy black halter-top, and last a black cape. So sexy she looked; there would be no problems in attracting a male.

A sense of uneasiness came over her when putting on the catlike black sequined mask. She liked her face to show, but she placed the mask on anyways, remembering the rules. Her amazing green eyes stared from the eye slits as she looked in the mirror. As she adjusted the veil around her head, she thought, “Hmm, this scarf is good enough to be tied with- or to tie somebody else with.” One final touch completed the look, a long pair of black opera gloves that crept above her elbows and over the upper arms.

“Whew’ she thought, ‘Just in time,” as she looked down from her bedroom window and noticed the limo pulling up. She threw on a pair of black stiletto heels, bolted down the stairs, and locked up. Her incredible body sauntered towards the limo as the driver, masked, came around and opened the door. He handed her a piece of paper and had her read it before she was allowed to enter. Eagerly she opened it and read the typed instructions:

Rules for Halloween Evening

1.Do not speak until you arrive at party. 2.If you do speak, you will be let out of the limo at that point. 3.You will have to follow all rules you are given tonight. 4.If you agree to the rules, simply nod your head at the driver.

“Boy, does somebody have too much time on his hands?” she thought with a smile. She knew that not talking would be a difficult challenge, but she was up for it. “My friends know me far too well, OK, I’ll show them that I can be quiet for a car ride. I’ll play along.” So with little reluctance, she nodded her beautiful head, and with that the driver moved aside, allowing her entrance into the limo.

She noticed that there was only one person inside the limo as her body glided across the leather seat. It was definitely a male, and he captured her attention with his cool steel blue eyes dancing in her direction. He was wearing a Zorro mask, and that drew her attention to his face and his extremely kissable lips. Her green eyes trailed further down, and she noticed the very contemporary black tuxedo that showed his masculine body. Trying not to speak, all she could do was to smile and give him a coy wave. He returned a wonderful smile, a smile that any woman would melt from. Something in his eyes seemed familiar. The limo took off and began heading westbound on the Long Island Expressway. He was quiet, but his gaze never left her, and she did not feel uncomfortable. There was, however, a strong sense of familiarity about him. She had a feeling of belonging that she had never experienced in this lifetime. Something that is unexplainable until it happens – weird, but true. As he so graciously poured a glass of Moet for her and leaned over to offer it, she accepted it, and their hands glided across the others. The brief moment of touch caused a sensation, as if a bolt of electricity had surged through her body. She wondered if she had had the same effect on him. Their eyes locked and they exchanged smiles, and without a word or gesture he returned back to his place within the large limo and continued to gaze at her.

As they drove over the bridge into Manhattan, the city skyline captured her attention like it always did. She always got lost in that skyline, with all the lights shining like stars from the heavens. So magical this city, it is like she is seeing it for the first time again. As she turned to her companion, she realized that he was amused at her awe. He seemed to take pleasure in her fascination for New York City. He moved gracefully over to her and sat beside her. He took out a piece of paper and handed it to her. She began to read, “There have been many details made in the preparation of this very special Halloween Evening. It will be like no other you have ever encountered. Realize that no harm will come to you and that you will be taken home safely. There have been several rules that you have agreed to before taking this journey. You must follow all directions, spoken or otherwise, by the man sitting besides you. In no way does he want to cause you any harm or hurt. It is a matter of trust.” Dumbfounded, and about to speak, she stopped when he placed his index finger upon her lips. “Shhh,” he whispered. Something about the softness in his voice seemed so calming. It gave her reassurance that no harm would come to her; she read that message in his deep blue eyes that blazed so brightly. All she could see within those amazing eyes was love.

Lost in each other’s gaze, he placed his hand inside of her delicate hand and slowly began to stroke her palm in little circular motions, their eyes remaining steadfast as they continued to stare at each other. His hand began to travel over her wrists, stroking with soft butterfly strokes upwards. His hands were manly, strong, but not over powering, full of rough spots that showed that he worked hard for his living. She was lost in the moment.

His hand moved up ever so slowly, as if testing the waters. Her eyes could not turn away from his. As soon as his hands embraced her neck, she instinctively arched back as a soft moan escaped her. His fingers began to play with the back of her neck. He paused as if he was about to kiss her, but instead his mouth leaned into her ear as the first words were uttered softly from his lips. “Remember the rules, give me your hands, and trust”. She held her trembling hands in front of her as he slowly removed the gloves, revealing her fair skin and her manicured red nails. Submitting to him. Allowing him to move ever so gently within her being. Placing both of his hands within her cascading hair and releasing the sheer scarf that hours before she had taken time to arrange, he removed it ever so delicately. With a wry smile, he allowed his fingers to explore her locks as his face leaned in to smell her scent. He inhaled her fragrance through his nostrils, the warmth of his breath trailing down her neck as he continued to move downwards, his face buried deep within her head. Sitting up, his eyes stopped to simply look. It was as if he had been waiting for this moment for a lifetime; she felt as if he were a blind man, having sight for the first time. His eyes studied every inch of her face as he removed her mask.

He gently took her left hand and placed it over her right, and with her hands crossed, he took the sheer scarf and tied them together. Not too tight, but tight enough that she could not use them. Bringing his lips towards her ear, all he uttered was, “Trust”. Something about his voice reached her deep inside, spoke to her of such love, such trust, and such familiarity. His hands began to move gently over her body. Her eyes tried to remain open to watch his every move, only to be lost within his touch. He was taking all of her in. Using all of her five senses, he was causing her body to be stirred with excitement. Licking, smelling, hearing her moans, he placed his ear upon her mouth, and continued to touch her. She felt his eyes upon her as he watched her body begin to quiver from his touch.

He did not go full force, but seemed to savor being there with her. He positioned himself on his knees in front of her, and she felt her eyes begging him to kiss her. Her red lips pouted as she bit her lower lip, her stare attempting to draw him in. He leaned in and his lips met hers. Such a soft kiss at first, his mouth puckered around her wanting lips. This time her lips surrounded his lower lip as she gently and playfully pulled on it, and his breath escaped and entered her being. She felt that shock within him. That sensation of that feeling of wanting to be with her and nothing, nothing in the world mattered at this point in time than to be with each other. Finally able to feel him as he allowed his tongue to invaded her warm, moist, and willing mouth. So hungry for him was she. His hands embracing her and exploring as the tips of their tongues played against each other. Then flat tongue on flat. Allowing her to taste him as she sucked his tongue deep within her mouth. Breath escaping from her rapidly and entering into his as she felt a soft breath of air enter her lungs. Filling all of him within her.

His hands moved to untie the cape, and allowing it to fall behind her body, he revealed her bare shoulders. His lips descended down her neck, and moved up under her chin, allowing his tongue to taste her, alternating every sensation of his mouth until he reached her ear. Pressing his mouth against her ear and biting it, he whispered, “I have always wanted you.” A sigh like no other escaped her. God, had she always want him also? She knew suddenly, hit with the realization that he was her kindred. The one that she has always waited for as she aimlessly roamed this earth. It was him and no other.

His fingers glided over her chest as he took his time to explore her body, his lips working feverishly on her ear, caressing it, soft, wet lips snapping gently over the lobe, his hot, damp breath filling her hearing. His lips opened and closed on her neck … hot wet, slick tongue leaving a trail that cooled as it dried as he moved ever so slowly down to her shoulder. Oh, this moment of getting completely lost within a lover; the feel of his fingertips, strong yet soft, gently caressing her bare shoulders, sliding ever so teasingly down her arms, every moment a tingly joyous agony. She felt her stomach twisting as his fingertips approached her elbows. His fingers slid from her elbows onto her belly…. She could feel it twitching down there as his fingertips approached her bellybutton, and started sliding back up. His hands easily untied the halter, and it was gently removed from her, revealing her round full breasts. Only this man could have brought her nipples to this state of attention. So hard they were, the shape of the tip of a pink eraser from a pencil, so sensitive as his body grazed over them. Sending out more moans, her hips could no longer control their movement, bucking and moving towards him. She wanted to hold him, but was feeling such excitement that she couldn’t. She tried to wrap her legs around him but he only pressed them back down, looking at her and shaking his head. His head traveled down over her chest as his flat tongue allowed the cool saliva to touch her soft skin. He allowed his head to rest for a moment, nestled between her breasts. He was just lying there so peacefully, taking in everything like a newborn lying on his mother.

His desire seemed to increase to the point of no turning back. His hands moved over her breasts. Left hand on the right breast, and the right one on the left, he began to knead those full breasts. How lovely they looked as he pushed them upwards, making the cleavage look like a woman of the renaissance period. Hungry to taste her again, he dived over them and alternated his attention between both nipples. Her excitement was beyond control. She felt as if she could cum with the attention he has been giving her. Right now with her nipples so hard so sensitive as he sucked and bit so gently on them, so much attention on those breasts of hers, his mouth pulling at them, sucking them. The wetness and warmth of his mouth against her breasts as her pussy searched to find his hardness. Again, he placed one hand on her right leg and with a force moved her. He wanted to please her and it was obvious.

He continued to allow his mouth to travel down her body. His nose inhaled her scent, his tongue made a trail of wetness down her stomach. He stopped right under her belly button and began to pay particular attention to that spot. He was hitting all of the spots that caused her such pleasure. With soft circular motions of his tongue he made sweet movements right under her belly as his hand released her skirt around her. Her ass rose to allow him to pull it off and throw it to the floor. Then pulling the halter top past her sides over her hips. How her sides from her breasts to her ass curved in. She was such a woman in his eyes, everything he had ever wanted. The top was tight to pull over her hips, but once past them he managed without removing her stockings and thong to wiggle it off of her past her feet. She was a vision before him

He pulled her forward so that she was leaning into the leather seat, and he placed his hands finally to the place that was burning with desire. Her pussy opened up with no argument as his right hand was placed between her thighs. How wide they opened for him. His middle finger and thumb began to rub the material of her thong, only to slip his index finger on the side of it, and feeling her warm moisture he knew how excited she was. She was so ready for the hard cock within his pants, but again he wanted to make her cum first. It excited him to see her so willing for him. Feeling the clit, hard as a bulb, he placed his thumb there and pinched it, eliciting a loud moan from her. Her breathing was so fast as her arms tried to move over him, but she was not allowed to do so. He was in charge of her pleasure and she knew that. That excited her more.

He became impatient, his desire burning, and he placed his hands on the straps of the thong and removed them quickly. Stockings and stilettos were left on. What a vision she was before him, her green eyes half open. So sexy, he thought, so sensual is this woman. He placed her legs over his shoulders, wanting to explore her inner depths. The feel and sound of her stockings, hitting against him, her thighs pressed around his face, aroused him. He paused, trying to remain in control of what was before him, but could only send out a breath of a sigh from his burning desire. So warm was his breath hitting against her very wet pussy that it sent shivers through her. Retaining focus on her excitement, he stopped and for a long moment he placed his head on her pubic mound, just resting there – or perhaps teasing.

She was unsure of why he stopped, but it was driving her crazy with her desire. It was bringing her to so many highs, higher than any man had achieved. After a relaxing moment, he suddenly became animalistic, a side he had not expressed until now. His face plunged in and he began to lick her outer lips. Then probing his tongue deep within her soft walls, his lips pressed against her pussy lips. She moaned, alternating with heavy breathing. She wanted to place her hands on his head and she did, allowing her bound hands to stroke his head as he worked feverishly within her. Her thighs pulsed as her juices flowed over his face. He was right in there, no holding back as his nose was adding extra sensations, face moving to please her. She was at the point of no return.

Pulling back from her and smiling at her response, he placed two fingers within her, the soft wet walls soaking his fingers. He curled them, and finding her spot, began to fuck her with those manly fingers of his as his face descended again deep within her pussy. This time, his lips pressed against her clit, sucking that bulb and giving little nibbles on that spot. His left hand found her nipples and pinched them. Sending her over the edge, he continued to rub that spot that no man had ever seemed to find before. The intensity of his lips worked on her clit.

Her legs were shaking around his face, and her ass was off the leather seat as all of her muscles seemed to contract. One loud moan escaped her being as her body shook, and then a brief instance of silence. Her nectar flowed into his mouth because without realizing, in that moment, his mouth replaced his fingers and he drank to quench his thirst with her juices. He was so close himself and watched her face at the moment of that release, but remained steadfast at pleasing her first. So much like an angel she looked to him.

Aftershocks rocked her as he continued to drink all of her juices and her body and breathing began to calm down. So sensitive his mouth was upon her pussy, sending shivers throughout her body. Slowly raising his body above her, his face left soft kisses upon her body as he made a trail again towards her mouth. Stopping and staring deeply into her emerald green eyes, he smiled at her with his soaked face. Oh, that smile of his as his lips pressed against hers and she tasted herself on his lips. Just kissing him.

He moved back again, staring into her eyes and took her hands and untied them, placing them on his shoulders. The first time she was allowed to hold him, and she pulled him towards her and simply cradled him, holding tight. She did not want to let go of this man that it had taken her a lifetime to find. That moment felt like an eternity until bodies move ever so and he was in front of her.

He began to remove his tux. Nothing too obvious, but he was doing a sensual strip tease for her. He removed his jacket and tie, and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. He was in no hurry. Eyes locked. Slowly he unbuttoned his trousers, let out a wry smile, and removed them to reveal his silk patterned boxers. What a body he had, how strong the muscles were in his arms. So strong were those arms to protect her with and so gentle to please her. To her he was such a vision. He descended on her again and whispered, ” I want to be with you completely, touch me.”

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