“Let me hug you,” she said.

He eyed her up and down, at once intrigued and touched with suspicion. She was a gorgeous woman after all, poised in his arms as the music and their dance ended- more curvy and voluptuous than he’d ever imagined a real woman could ever be. Her tight, sleeveless black dress perfectly hugged her hips and midriff, though truth be told it could have been a bit roomier in the bust. As it was, her visible cleavage went down nearly to her nipples, and her bosom seemed eager at any moment to spill over the edge to reveal itself in all its glory.

She beamed a warm, almost hungry smile at him, as she leaned back slightly to await his response. Then she pressed close to him, her lips rising to meet his in a kiss at first the barest of brushes and then blossoming into the sort of passionate touch certain to rob him of what little might remain of his reserve.

In some obscure corner of his mind, he thought perhaps it was not strictly appropriate to hug a woman so clearly in danger of slipping out of her dress and to be taking advantage of a situation, but his raging libido suggested this was an opportunity that wouldn’t present itself very often. He yielded in what he thought the most gentlemanly fashion, carefully hugging her and giving her what he believed was the appropriate amount of respectful distance so as not to appear too eager for what such contact between a man and a woman can reasonably lead to. And he was surprised when she would have none of that, throwing her arms tightly around him and pulling him close.

As his heart pounded, he felt the luscious mounds of her breasts compress against his chest. Resuming their slow dance steps even in the absence of the music from the now still phonograph, he rested his head against hers, and breathed deeply the heady perfume that she wore. With his eyes closed, he was quite sure that the entire room was spinning around them.

Slowly their bodies swayed this way and that, no sound to be heard but the occasional creak of floorboard under their feet, as she hummed contentedly and caressed his back with soft, delicate hands and pressed her cheek to his. Gradually her hands worked their way higher from around the small of his back, hooking up under his arms and sliding over his neck. Before long she was running her fingers through his hair. She began to playfully push his head, guiding him down to her neck, and then inch by inch moving it toward her ample cleavage. He glanced up to look into her eyes to assure himself that he wasn’t misinterpreting her intention, her desire, but she’d shut them and tilted her head back, blissful and content.

Under the encouragement of her hands atop his head, his chin was beginning to sink into the warm embrace of her breasts. Modesty suggested he ought to pull away, but the thought had just barely entered his mind when she pushed with more urgency, driving his face deep into her cleavage. The feeling of that soft, supple skin upon his cheeks was heavenly, and as he drew in a breath through his nose, the glorious, natural, feminine scent that filled his nostrils was more seductive than he could stand.

He let the delightful moment linger as long as he dared, then tried to draw his head away, but with a pressure upon his hair that begged him to linger, her hands prevented it. For the first time he felt a mild sting of fear course through him. Before he could act on it, she pushed again. This time he slid inside her bosom all the way up to his shoulders- his head and neck surrounded by the most wonderful part of a woman he could recall ever having felt.

No- This wasn’t possible, he thought. Even with breasts the size of hers he should have been peeking out into her dress beneath them by now. Instead, when he opened his eyes he found nothing but darkness, soft flesh pressing against his face and head on all sides as he stood before her, looking like the figure of a man without a head bowing to a lady.

She murmured with delight, giggling as she felt his fluttering eyelashes tickle the flesh between her breasts. As much as she’d like to enjoy this part longer, she knew she had to act quickly to get him deeper within her or he might pull free, and deny her of the best part of this erotic dance of conquest, and of her prize. She slipped her dress off her shoulders, fully revealing the hungry part of her that was now at work claiming her prey. The dress, glittering and enticing, drifted down her frame as she remained engaged with her man, pausing only briefly to worship at the soft curve of her hips, before becoming a puddle of material at her feet. It was at this moment that an onlooker would note that she had not been wearing any manner of underwear, betraying fully her intention that this liaison could have only one outcome. They would be one…

The gorgeous woman creature quickly tore open his button-down shirt and pushed it down off his shoulders, revealing his bare chest and trapping his arms by his sides. With him immobilized thus, she leaned toward him and drew him closer, cooing with pleasure as his slender shoulders were invited into the pink, fleshy maw between her breasts. His struggles to free himself becoming more violent now, the effect was to create a gentle jiggling of her breasts as they surrounded him, and sending a thrill through her as he stimulated her sensitive flesh.

The next part she knew would be the trickiest, but once it was over everything would be, as it were, downhill from there. She planted her feet and bent forward, causing her partner to bend at the waist and allowing her to envelop him down to the middle of his chest. Once that was accomplished, it was a simple enough matter to hook her hands behind his thighs. In one smooth motion she pulled them toward her- guiding him inside her up to his waist, at which point she was able to stand up so that his kicking legs were pointing straight up. Seeing an apparently petite woman perform such a feat of strength was rather unnerving, and awe-inspiring. She leaned back as she stood there, finding that balance point with what remained of him poised above her, a look of supreme satisfaction playing about her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

From that point, gravity took over. Leaning her face away from his flailing legs, she reached around in front of his body to undo his belt and pants, freeing his jeans and briefs to pool atop her breasts as his body glided further and further down, into the wonder of her. With his clothes removed, and his arms powerless to protect himself, he stopped all movement the instant her exploring hand found his cock- now mere inches from being lost within her forever. Where his manhood had been limp and merely along for the ride up to this point, upon her touch it became instantly proud, angry and hard- a sword eager to run through any object that might permit it entry. Ever so gently she traced its length, wrapped her delicate fingers around it to take in its considerable girth. She gave it a few slow, languid strokes, and then sensing the growing tension that is prelude to an ejaculation, she moved her hand to encompass his tightening scrotum, and pressed her thumb knowingly against the base of his penis in just that certain way that will deprive a man of his ability to relieve his sexual tension. She maintained that tender grip as his waist and groin were enveloped and until she had to let go in order to continue receiving him.

As he continued his slow descent into his lover’s body, possessed up to his knees and with his lower legs kicking in a more lazy fashion suggesting that he had pretty much given up the fight, she found her way to a chair and sat. With her eyes closed and head tilted back in clear evidence that she was enjoying her conquest, and hooking an arm under her heaving chest, she squeezed her breasts tightly together.

This achieved many things. It increased the pressure on her disappearing lover and victim, causing him to struggle all the more deliciously. The pressure also made his movements feel so much more intense against her flesh, and it slowed his steady inward slide, giving her more time to take full advantage of those lovely sensations. Curiously, although she was taking into herself a creature every bit her equal in physical size, there was no apparent bulge within her body, as if by magic his body were shrinking as it made its way to rest within her.

With her free hand she began to tease her sex, stroking and tweaking her clitoris and soothing her soft vagina as she watched the last of her prey disappear. He was slipping down further and further, vanishing from the world inch by inch. She could feel the warmth of him against her skin, and deep inside she could feel that precious point of pressure as his powerful manhood traced its way through her. She couldn’t stifle a sigh at knowing that soon he would be gone, tucked away deep within her. No longer of this world, he would be her secret- her plaything. He would simply be hers- his body to nourish her and his mortal soul to serve as her loving companion until the distant time when it too would vanish like a bit of mist upon the morning meadow.

The thought of it- of having a whole person slip into the warm embrace of her body drove her wild. She worked her fingers faster in fervent supplication of the ache in her womanhood as his ankles began to slide inside- beyond the view, beyond the help of anyone in this world. Faster she worked, knowing she was close now. His heels followed the rest of his legs, now barely moving except in obedience to her requirement that he conform to her every need. Her breathing grew faster and perspiration beaded upon her delicate forehead as fingers flew and she glared at his helpless toes’ descent. She squeezed her breasts even tighter to keep him from vanishing just yet- refusing to let him vanish inside before she had quite finished- had quite earned that extra bit of ecstasy that was a bonus of her technique of feeding.

He couldn’t make any sense of what was happening anymore. When first he realized that her cleavage was not just a finite and beautiful tease of the pleasure a man could find with a woman, as his face and his whole head were taken prisoner, that which was reason within him exclaimed that he had to be hallucinating- that it were quite impossible for her to be capturing him thus. That sensible and rational way of thinking had long since departed by the time his toes were wiggling a timid goodbye to the world he was no longer a member of. Replacing that rational mind was a purely feeling mind- all of it focused on the sensations that were flowing over him in rippling waves. All around him was warm, soft flesh, kneading him in a tender peristalsis that was beckoning him to relax, to surrender, to join with that power and force all around him pressing so tightly he could scarcely breathe.

Every whiff of air he could get as he was being swallowed was filled with her musk, burning up his man’s brain with desire. He told himself this was wrong, that the man was supposed to be the pursuer- coaxing the woman into a place where submission to forces larger than either of them would overtake her, and she would succumb to his loving ministrations. While he was preoccupied with what remained of such intelligent thought, her body was rocking forward and back, the jiggling of her breasts massaging and squeezing him- the effect one of soothing him into a state of quiet, yet full sexual arousal. His penis was fully engorged now, wrapped in her slicked flesh- soothed, tickled and teased by every jiggling touch of her skin upon him. And she was certainly jiggling and shaking. He fell into rhythm with the unmistakable rhythm of her sex-crazed breathing, with the drumming of her heartbeat in his ears and pulsing against his skin, exulting in the sultry moan of her pleasure rumbling all around him. In spite of himself, it was making him happy to think that even as he was losing this battle with his captor he was helping her achieve such penultimate pleasure. She was pleasuring herself, and she was nearly there. And so was he…

The very instant he felt his toes—so recently lovingly relieved of shoes and socks—slip beyond view into the warmth of her cleavage, both he and she climaxed. He could feel her voice as much as hear it, her positive roar of victory in release, followed by softer squeals and laughs of ecstasy, riding smoothly into the moaning and quiet hum of afterglow. As his own mind-blowing orgasm faded and his body continued to slide inexorably down within her, curling into a tight fetal ball before finally coming to rest against something else- something firmer, but still flesh it seemed to his drifting mind. Indeed it was another curled form, moving softly as they came together as if to settle into a comfortable spooning with his own body. As the minutes passed, his fading awareness came to recognize from the curves he could feel, it was indeed a woman. With his legs tucked behind hers, his still confident cock found renewed life as it pressed into the crease between her thighs- into that soft place a man yearns ever to reside as was her womanhood. Coupled they were as he relaxed into slumber and his fading thought was of her as another lover the beautiful alien had tucked away before taking him. There were no words left to be said, no desperate entreaty for mercy to be offered up- only quiet resignation, and acceptance of the inevitable, that the strongest and most cunning of combatants had prevailed in their contest. Slowly he wrapped his arms around his new-found, precious companion, in the most loving embrace as he surrendered at last to the needs of their captor.

The victor of this battle allowed herself a moment to enjoy the aftermath, then released a contented sigh. It was chancy to linger too long after indulging her appetites. She stood and dressed, turning slowly to the mirror to admire herself. Aside from the post-orgasmic glow in her cheeks, the unmistakable sparkle of mischief in her eyes, and a bit of her lustrous hair needing a bit of straightening, the only sign of their sensual encounter, and that her little toy had ever been there, was the pile of clothes now lying on the floor. He belonged to her now. Just like all the others eventually would.

“What a wonderful world was this!” she thought to herself as she strolled among the many folk out taking in the beautiful autumn afternoon in a nearby park. These were such marvelous creatures- these humans, so perfect for her to get to know better, and to indulge her considerable appetites with. She saw the women- the mothers who passed her by as they pushed strollers and stopped to adjust the blankets covering their infant children. She saw the older children who romped about the grassy meadow, shouting and chasing one another in the midst of some impromptu game. She saw the men that lounged in the grass, or walked past, arm in arm with their female companions. And she felt an odd pang course through her. Was it a wistful sense- one of loneliness she felt?

Pausing to sit on a stone wall, she turned her concentration inward, focusing on those creatures she had so recently committed to their rest within the soft place of repose that was her tummy. They- a “he” and a “she” to be more precise, were asleep now but she could still listen close enough to their trapped souls which still lingered within her.

The girl had been her first- victim of a moment’s opportunity when no one else was close enough to witness her being taken, and the whole experience was so very thrilling and satisfying for her that the alien couldn’t help memorizing in minute detail every bit of their encounter. A new arrival to this world, the alien had been careful to craft her shape-shifting appearance after that of a specimen of humanity as she could determine by a review of human media of every type, the sort of beauty found in the most sensual and sought after members of the human species. She dressed herself in the most attractive, if casual of fashions, and spent much time imitating the movement, the speech, the subtlest nuance of personality that any would find eminently desirable and completely irresistible. Finally, she took for herself a name that was at once easy on the mind of any she shared it with, yet evocative of a sense of personal power that she was not one to be taken advantage of- “Alexis”.

Alexis sat on the stone wall as the steady parade of humanity swept past on a beautiful afternoon, feeling the cool breeze caress her cheek, and it brought back to her memory the moment she first set her gaze upon a girl sitting alone in the front of that crowded café- just inside by the broad window that faced the busy street without. She watched as idly the girl sipped at some variant of the coffee confections that were the cafe’s claim to fame, seemingly lost in reflection over something that gave a distant look to her face, her eyes. She was too far away for Alexis to read her thoughts, to find her amidst the many mental voices filling the ethers that surrounded them both in the midst of the coffeehouse. And Alexis was intrigued.

The alien creature determined this to be as good a time as any to begin the exploration of what would be required of her to satisfy her needs in this new world, and she crossed the crowded café, coming to stand just at the chair across the table from the pretty young woman, who glanced up to meet her eyes.

“I’m sorry, but the place is so crowded this afternoon, and seats it seems are at a premium. Do you mind having a bit of company?” Alexis asked as she indicated the vacant chair, with her most disarming smile playing about her lips and eyes. The girl paused, looking first at the empty chair and then back up at the newcomer, at length rousing herself sufficiently from her reverie to say in a voice that was half-embarrassed and half taken aback at how forward was the request- “Oh, certainly- please sit down.”

Introductions were made, and small talk engaged in as is appropriate for two complete strangers sharing a moment amidst a swirling sea of humanity. While they chatted about anything and nothing in particular, Alexis used the time to probe the thoughts and the emotions playing about within the heart and mind of her conquest. At one point the girl fell silent as the conversation came to a momentary break, and she looked at Alexis with a curious expression.

“It’s funny, but I feel as if we’ve met before.” She offered, searching Alexis’ face for some bit of recognition. The alien returned the gaze, reflective for a moment before responding. “I don’t think so, although there is something so familiar about you, to me.” Her smile betrayed only a hint of coyness- the sort liable to instill in another the need to know more.

More small talk- how and where they might have encountered one another in the past, until Alexis was able to plant firmly enough within the girl’s mind that this was someone she could trust, could feel completely at ease with, even possibly take as a newfound friend. From there it was but a short journey of social interplay for the two of them- the girl sufficiently corralled by her own curiosity and the course of their dialogue, and Alexis in clever fulfillment of her own agenda, to result in the pair leaving the café, and repairing to the nearby apartment of the young woman.

Up the stairs of the walk-up apartment building, passing the doors beyond which were other humans- behind doors betraying the sounds from within the apartments behind them of people engaged in a variety of domestic pastimes, the two women climbed. They all sounded so very interesting, Alexis thought, as she trailed the lovely form of the woman leading her up the stairs. The door to her apartment unlocked and swung open, and Alexis followed the girl inside and stepped slightly to the side to permit her to close and lock the door behind them.

Alexis took in the fragrance of the girl as they brushed past one another, stronger now the signature of this lovely creature than first registered as she sat with her at the café, appreciated more fully as that lovely, dusky perfume followed her up the apartment building stairs, and now so wonderful and strong that Alexis felt compelled to pair it with every recollection she would ever have about this creature, this encounter. And for a moment, as she watched the girl step lightly away into the apartment’s interior, she almost felt something a human might characterize as pity- regret that she had needs that would presently deny this creature of its independence, its uniqueness, and its very life. The feeling was fleeting, however, and as she followed the girl she re-focused her faculties upon making her newfound friend- her prey, feel completely at ease and intrigued at the possibilities of the acquaintance just made.

Curiosity, it is said, killed the cat, and in no less certain a fashion curiosity led to the eventual undoing of the young woman who invited Alexis into her home. An evening was passed in amiable conversation, as the young woman shared her taste in the music that played softly in the background, and there came the eventual consideration of where the evening would lead as it came to be time for bed. Seated as they had been, upon a love seat as they drank chamomile tea and took in the vibe of one another, there came a moment where, innocently enough- as a book of poetry was passed between them, hand brushed hand, flesh touched flesh, and the gossamer thin wall that had been holding back the flood of desire within them each was breached. Deliciously breached…

There passed between them over the next few hours the whole of what the human race had accumulated in the way of tender, intimate and erotic urgings- Alexis the eager and responsive student studying and learning at the hand of the tender young woman and returning the favor, as their first tentative kiss evolved seamlessly into a night of love-making the likes of which the girl was certain she had never enjoyed in her wildest dreams, much less in reality.

Lying a-bed and with bodies lovingly entangled, Alexis gazed upon the face of the girl, admiring the peace that radiated from her facial expression even in the midst of sleep. She found herself longing for that sort of simple acceptance of life on the terms presented of a moment- unimpaired by the knowledge that there was so much more in the universe to disabuse a creature of any semblance of hope and trust. But life was indeed complicated, and eventually the primal drives for survival reasserted themselves within her mind, and she set about satisfying her “need”.

The mechanics of it were simple enough, however accomplished, to envelop and to absorb one of these human creatures, Alexis concluded as the last of the young woman disappeared slowly into the body of the beautiful alien. There had been a moment, when the girl had come halfway back to wakefulness, and finding herself trapped more deeply than in the most loving and passionate of embraces with another had looked imploringly into Alexis’ eyes for a few moments. Alexis’ soft gaze in reply, whispered hushing breathed upon her love’s lips, and soothing touch upon the mind of her prey to quiet her, soon softened the girl’s expression and her eyes drifted closed once again in helpless and erotically overwhelmed resignation to the process taking her softly from her life.

As the faint light of daybreak touched her cheek, Alexis luxuriated in the softness of a lover’s bed- curled around the quiet, still form at rest within her, and in her mind’s eye she watched the girl- what is termed her soul, more precisely, as it rose and flew lightly as a butterfly upon the wind, finally free from all the cares that had bound it to its host over its lifetime. Alexis mentally put her hand out, and the butterfly came to her, lighting upon her hand, and in that oddly trusting way that creatures do, allowed the alien to bring her close to her face for closer examination of the beautiful and iridescent colors that made her wings a thing of such incomparable beauty. Truly, Alexis realized, there is so much more to know in this terrible universe than she had come to know, so much more than survival- eat or be eaten, or conquest for whatever purpose. The soul of the girl she now possessed gently breathed that message home to her with every beat of her butterfly wings…

That was her first, and as Alexis watched the people passing by, she felt her hunger grow, and inwardly agonized at knowing she was every bit as much a prisoner of a cruel universe as any creature compelled to surrender its will to that of another…

As time went by, temporarily captive as she was on this god-forsaken bit of space rock as was earth, Alexis perfected her technique in taking her prey, always careful to maintain a low profile lest a good thing be spoiled and her possibly being found out and subjected to whatever brand of justice she feared these humans might exact upon her. One individual she could easily deal with, either to despatch outright, or to control its mind sufficiently to render perfect her record of remaining undetected- a whole collective of humans railing against her she was not at all sure she could survive.

She had discovered a variety of interesting things about the humans that moved about her, oblivious as they were to her true nature and purpose in their midst. The females of the species, for example, were every bit as passionate in their need for closeness and intimacy as could be found in a condition they universally termed as “love”, as any male. But they were different somehow. Males were more to the point, even to the point of brutishness and quite crude in their way of rutting after females. It seemed they cared little more than for the chance to plant their seed, no matter what they professed to disguise that bald-faced purpose. It was as though, once aroused by the mere possibility of sex, men basically lost their minds and were as easily led about as a bull with a ring through its nose. That certainly made her job that much easier, when deciding upon who to make her next victim.

But the pursuit of the female of the species she found to be far more interesting and rewarding, as the complexity of their feelings, their thoughts and motivations in seeking intimacy with another made her reflective and in a very real way more inclined toward protecting their newly freed souls within herself, much as one might catch themselves in mid-slap upon realizing that the bug that had landed on them was not some disgusting insect but rather a beautiful butterfly, and in registering that awareness become almost reverent in exercising the utmost in delicate handling of the creature as they set it free. Loving and possessing the female of the human species made her feel good inside- warm and with a sense that all she was experiencing among these humans might have a higher purpose than merely perpetuating her existence. She just needed to learn what that was…

What was it about woman-kind that fascinated her so? It was certainly something that males obsessed upon, as they sought incessantly to couple- a drive rooted so deeply in their genes that it could scarcely be overcome by the most stalwart of men. At length she concluded that the quality that made women so desirable was keyed to the universal requirement for growth, for change. And women had the capacity for making that change happen in the most fundamental of ways- they could nurture within themselves and bring into the world new life. An amazing thing, that- to be able to give birth to a new creature, to nurture and coax it not only into existence but then to mold and shape it as it grew to add to the richness of the mosaic Alexis had come to appreciate about the human race. The mere arrangement of genetic material in a developing life could give rise to the most impressive (or horrific!) of qualities and capabilities in the human being that resulted from a woman giving birth.

People possessed of incredible talent in every arena of endeavor surrounded her, and she watched them tirelessly, coming eventually to regret the impact she was having on this race as she predated upon its members. And it was as that quiet battle raged within her that the human race found its salvation- as Alexis determined to leave this speck in space and to never share knowledge of its existence with others who might come seeking nourishment at the expense of its souls…

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