A White MILF’s Sweet Revenge

For over two decades, Janice Collier-Rhone faithfully shared a house and a marriage bed with her husband Jay Rhone. When they met in college, Janice was five feet eleven inches tall, blonde-haired, alabaster-skinned and slender, the picture of American beauty. Jay Rhone, the tall, burly and handsome African-American college football player, was drawn to her like a magnet is drawn to metal. When they began dating, pretty much everyone on their college campus talked about it.

This was the 1980s, and even though the United States of America was no longer legally segregated, many people frowned upon interracial relationships. Janice and Jay didn’t let that stop them, though. They got married shortly after graduating from Florida State University. Janice Collier-Rhone earned herself a bachelor’s degree in accounting and Jay Rhone got himself a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He later went on to study law at the prestigious Florida Coastal School of Law, and became a criminal defense lawyer.

Jay Rhone and Janice Collier-Rhone settled down in the City of Miami, bought a nice duplex and got ready to start a family. They got hitched in a nice chapel in Tallahassee, right by the river. For their honeymoon, Jay and Janice went to Tijuana, Mexico. Their marriage had its ups and downs, like any relationship. Janice Collier-Rhone gave birth to a son, Selwyn, and a daughter, Stephanie. Growing up mixed-race in largely conservative Florida wasn’t easy for Selwyn and Stephanie Rhone, but they did their parents proud.

At the age of eighteen, Selwyn Rhone left sunny Florida for the bright lights of California and went on to study civil engineering at San Diego State University. The eldest heir of the Rhone household wanted to see the world and nothing his parents said or did could stop him from moving out of Florida in pursuit of his higher education goals. Selwyn’s example was followed by his sister Stephanie moved to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, and enrolled at the famous, historically black and all-female school known as Spelman College.

Janice Collier-Rhone, the matriarch of this little clan, was fiercely proud of her family. When she was out and about with her husband Jay and their son and daughter, lots of people stared. Even in sunny and racially diverse Miami where they lived, interracial couples got stared at a lot. Especially when the interracial couple in question involves a black man and a white woman. Miami might be liberal and diverse, the rest of Florida is button-down and staunchly conservative. One of the most ironic things about the Sunshine State.

Jay Rhone and Janice Collier-Rhone had done well for themselves, by all counts. Their nice duplex in the south side of Miami was all paid for, and they recently added a nice pool in the vast backyard. Their son and daughter were away at their respective colleges, and taking life by the horns. Jay and Janice were proud of their brood, but to be honest, they were having some problems. At first, Janice attributed the changes in her and Jay’s relationship to empty nest syndrome, which affected many middle-aged couples whose sons and daughters left the house for college.

If Janice Collier-Rhone were truly honest with herself, she’d have to admit that the passion had fizzled out of her marriage. Jay simply didn’t pay attention to her anymore. Janice felt bad about it because, well, having birthing a son and a daughter and raising a family, her body wasn’t what it once was. In college, Janice was a 5’11, 130-pound gal with model-like good looks. Two decades later, Janice was a 220-pound, busty and big-bottomed, decidedly mature and full-figured woman with a few gray strands in her blonde hair. Perhaps her husband Jay no longer wanted her.

Indeed, the last time Janice had sex with her husband Jay, the New England Patriots were still crawling about on their way to the Super Bowl and everyone thought that the defending champions, the seemingly invincible Seattle Seahawks would be the repeat champions. In other words, it had truly been a while since husband fucked wife, and Janice was not liking this one bit. Indeed, Janice was beginning to wonder if Jay had completely lost any interest in her.

One day, while wandering around the public library, Janice came across a BDSM novel written from the viewpoint of a female submissive enamored of a younger male dominant. This novel sparked Janice’s curiosity about the world of BDSM, and she began researching it online. Janice soon spoke to other people from her area who were also in the BDSM lifestyle. Thus, Janice began going to BDSM functions held in Miami, and met local people who shared her interests. Most of them were mundane, a few were creepy, but one of them definitely stood out from the rest.

Janice Collier-Rhone would never forget the night she met Stefano Guillermo Warren, a six-foot-tall, dark and handsome young man with an impressive figure, a sharp wit, and fierce eyes. Born in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, to a Hispanic mother of Argentinian descent and an African-American father, Stefano Guillermo Warren was smoking hot like only biracial guys could be. The best of both worlds. This lad Stefano was truly something else. Not just because of his exotic good looks either.

The beautiful young man had a maturity beyond his twenty four years and carried himself with a confidence that bordered on arrogance, something Janice found supremely sexy. The two of them struck a friendship, and soon began talking on the phone regularly. Stefano Guillermo Warren was a newcomer to the City of Miami, Florida, having transferred there from Bay State College in the City of Boston to attend FAMU, also known as Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Like the true southern lady that she was bred to be, Janice Collier-Rhone gladly offered to be Stefano’s guide in his new surroundings. Stefano didn’t know much about Miami, its culture or its diverse population. Indeed, Stefano came to Miami because he was bored of life in Boston. Things started innocently enough between Stefano and Janice. Casual conversation on the phone about college life, Florida politics, and the BDSM lifestyle.

Janice found herself drawn to the handsome, smart and charming young man. Stefano was friendly, easygoing and yet deeply masculine and undeniably attractive. The more Janice learned about Stefano, the more fascinated she became with him. Indeed, Janice followed Stefano on Twitter, and occasionally felt jealous when younger women fawned over Stefano’s spectacular physique. When Stefano and Janice talked about the realm of BDSM, she was surprised by how respectful he was towards women.

In the back of her mind, Janice Collier-Rhone always felt that dominant males were men who saw themselves as superior to women. That’s what Janice thought of the Alpha Male types. Stefano Guillermo Warren totally disabused her of that misconception. As the young man explained the dynamics of male dominance and female submission to her, Janice grew to understand that the submissive was always the one in control. Female submissive types allowed male dominants to dominate them, and not the other way around. This revelation completely changed how Janice looked at BDSM from that point forward.

At night, as Janice lay in bed next to her husband Jay, she dreamed of Stefano. In her wickedly erotic fantasies, it wasn’t the portly, slumbering Jay next to her, but a very awake and very virile Stefano. Janice smiled wickedly in the dark, as she envisioned Stefano’s strong, manly arms around her. Stefano pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately, and Janice kissed him back with equal fervor. Janice’s hand slid between her thick thighs, and she fingered herself, masturbating to a guilty pleasure.

In Janice’s fantasies, she came home to find Stefano waiting for her. Clad in a sleeveless leather jacket, black leather pants and cowboy boots, Stefano looked like a legendary warrior straight out of science fiction and fantasy. Looking Janice in the eyes, Stefano told her to call him Master. Smiling, Janice offered herself to Master Stefano, and the beautiful, masculine young dominant took excellent care of her. Better than Janice could have expected, in fact.

Master Stefano gestured for Janice to come to him, and she did, on all fours. Tenderly Master Stefano caressed her long blonde hair, and stroked her face. Looking up at him adoringly, Janice offered Master Stefano the gift of her submission. Wordlessly, Master Stefano accepted Janice’s precious gift, and placed a shiny black leather collar around her neck. Master and submissive looked at each other, and exchanged a smile. Let the games begin.

Master Stefano bent his lovely submissive Janice over his knee, and gently caressed her thick white ass. Janice purred in contentment as Master Stefano palmed her behind. Without warning Master Stefano slapped Janice’s bottom, and she winced and cried out in pain. Laughing, Master Stefano began spanking her big white ass, and Janice licked her lips, loving the deliciously hot pain and wicked pleasure she felt in her derriere.

After spanking Janice’s ass until it turned beet red, Master Stefano put her on all fours. Bending Janice over, Master Stefano caressed her big white booty and kissed it, then spread her ass cheeks wide open. A soft giggle escaped Janice’s lips as Master Stefano began licking her butthole. Indeed, the dominant young man began munching on her ass as if it were the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. Master Stefano ate Janice’s ass, and she squealed in delight, for she loved every minute of it.

Master Stefano licked Janice’s sweet ass until she begged for mercy. Janice then turned around and looked at Master Stefano, and he winked at her and slid his finger into her butthole. Janice grinned and pressed her ass against Master Stefano, driving his digit deeper into her. Master Stefano smiled and added a second finger into Janice’s ass. Janice moaned softly, and begged her lover for more. Master Stefano grabbed a bottle of Aloe Cream off a nearby nightstand, and resumed fingering her butt.

Loving the feel of Master Stefano’s fingers up her ass, Janice begged him to fuck her. Laughing, Master Stefano slapped Janice’s ass, and then lubricated her hole. Without another word, Master Stefano pulled his dick out of his leather pants. Janice’s eyes lit up when she finally beheld Master Stefano’s dick. It was long, thick and uncircumcised. Without waiting for permission, Janice grabbed Master Stefano’s dick and took it into her mouth.

Master Stefano exhaled sharply as Janice began sucking his dick. Winking at her beloved dominant, Janice massaged his balls while sucking his dick. Master Stefano willed himself to be calm but couldn’t, for Janice sucked his dick with gusto. Although the young man tried to delay his pleasure, the much more experienced woman sucked him down and soon he gave up his seed. Groaning sharply, Master Stefano came, and Janice eagerly drank his tasty cum. Sighing happily, Master Stefano caressed Janice’s face, grateful beyond belief.

Janice wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and smiled at Master Stefano. With a wicked, come-hither grin on her lovely face, Janice turned around and shook her big white ass at him. Master Stefano grinned and stroked his dick, which hardened instantly as Janice swung her thick ass from side to side at him like a pendulum of temptation. Eagerly he came up behind her, and Janice pressed her derriere against his groin.

Janice bent low and spread her thick white ass cheeks wide open, and Master Stefano pressed his hard dick against her asshole. Pausing to add more lubricant, Master Stefano pushed his dick into her asshole. Just like that, they began making love. Janice sighed happily as Master Stefano’s dick invaded her asshole. She hadn’t gotten a proper ass fucking in ages. Well, Master Stefano definitely helped her make up for lost time.

Gripping Janice’s wide hips tightly, Master Stefano began fucking his beautiful mature white female submissive with deep thrusts. Janice moaned deeply and rubbed her wet cunt, loving the feel of Master Stefano’s thick, dark dick inside of her. They went at it for a good while until Master Stefano came, his dick spewing its masculine seed deep inside of Janice, flooding her bowels. Janice’s shrill scream filled the night, and she woke up, sweaty and agitated. For a moment, Janice looked about in the dark, confused, not knowing where she was.

Slowly, Janice Collier-Rhone calmed down. She was at home, in the same duplex within which she’d lived with her husband Jay Rhone and their son Selwyn and daughter Stephanie for the past two decades. Janice looked at her husband Jay, who snored loudly, and marveled at the fact that he was still asleep in spite of her loud, pleasure-filled screams. Jay Rhone snored like a bear, and try as she might, Janice still couldn’t get used to it, even after twenty years of marriage.

Grunting in frustration, Janice tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Thoughts of Stefano Guillermo Warren’s hot, muscular body and thick and wonderfully dark dick filled her mind. Smiling in the dark, Janice resumed fingering her pussy. Janice felt a wetness begin between her legs, and smiled contentedly. Why did she have to get awakened from such a wonderfully pleasant dream? Tomorrow, Janice would give Stefano a call and tell him about her dream. Whatever happened between them after that was okay by her.

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