A White Man’s Burdens

No one knows what it’s like to be me. My name is Matthew Marquis. I’m a big white guy of Jewish origin who hails from the incredibly tough and resilient town of Stoughton, in the state of Massachusetts. I was raised by my absentee father and my guilt-inducing Jewish Mama. I finally escaped from my boring household when I went to Bay State University in Boston, Massachusetts. I stayed there for two years, got my associate’s degree in Travel and Hospitality Management before moving to the city of Marquis, in the state of Michigan. I enrolled at the Northern Michigan Institute of Technology, where I moved into the dormitories. I have always been a very ordinary guy. I’m not extraordinary in any way. I love Baseball. I go to college. I have a passion for cooking. I’m completely unremarkable. And I was actually a virgin at the age of twenty four, if you can believe that.

I like women, but they never see me as anything more than Mister Nice Guy. I’m the guy with lots of female friends yet never gets laid. Some people have even wondered if I’m gay or if there’s something wrong with me because of this. I’m painfully shy, and I’m not that comfortable with my body. I have a thing for skinny white women who look like Julianne Moore or Jennifer Aniston. Even though I’m a fat white guy, I don’t like fat women. I’m just another white guy who’s a hypocrite. And I actually vote Republican in spite of having some bisexual tendencies which I don’t dare to explore. Yeah, so, what are you going to do? I’m six-foot-four and weigh 260 pounds. I have black hair, pale white skin and light brown eyes. My hair is somewhat curly and sometimes I get mistaken for Italian. I used to play Baseball in high school but lost interest when it got competitive. I’m an extremely wimpy white guy, sue me.

Yeah, my entire life I’ve been playing it safe. It’s not my fault that I am so painfully ordinary. My parents were both ordinary people. A heterosexual white couple of Jewish origin who lived in the city of Stoughton, Massachusetts. What we like to call Tough Town, USA, even though it’s a lily-white suburb with virtually no crime. I mean, there isn’t even littering on the streets. Now, Boston, Dorchester and Roxbury, those are dangerous areas. People from Stoughton are a bunch of rich wimps. It’s in our genes. Oh, well. What are you going to do? That’s my favorite thing to say, if you haven’t guessed it by now.

One day, the urge to get laid got the best of me. I worked up the courage to approach a pretty-faced, large young black woman named Lori Williams in one of my classes. It turns out that this large black dame was exactly what the doctor ordered. Lori Williams came from the city of Saint Louis. She left the city long before Hurricane Katrina hit, a while ago. She had been touring the USA, leading a nomadic lifestyle before eventually deciding to pursue a college education. She enrolled at the Northern Michigan Institute of Technology where she majored in civil engineering. She had an interest in the culinary arts, which explained how we wound up in a class together.

As Lori and I saw more and more of each other, I found myself liking her. I remembered the words of my old buddy Stephen Vikmar, a young black man I knew from my days at Bay State University. Have you ever met a kind of guy who’s smart, yet a total bastard and insanely lucky to the point of making you mad? Stephen Vikmar was that guy at Bay State University. He was a really unusual character. A Haitian-American bastard who was a bloody Genius. All the tough classes the rest of us took and worked hard at were actually easy for him. He was also forthrightly bisexual, and people adored him anyway. He got all the women he wanted. Samantha Villeneuve, the tall and sexy young black woman whom I was friends with only had eyes for him. As did Melinda Muragon, the skinny white Jewish gal I had a thing for. yeah, Stephen got all the things I ever wanted. And he was black, too. I envied the bastard to no end. I wished I had his life. While I was stuck in the Friend Zone with most of the women on campus, he was out there banging them and having a blast. How I hated him.

Stephen gave me some advice a long time ago. He told me to accept life the way it came and to have a little fun. I hated the bastard for being a bisexual Trickster but he was right. He also told me that I had to stop trying to find a perfect white woman of Jewish origin to marry and make my Orthodox Jewish parents happy. He encouraged me to date women of different races and cultures. After years of trying to get with skinny white women, I finally gave up. I was a man and I had needs. I was tired of solo masturbation. Hell, I wasn’t even man enough to admit that I masturbated when I was talking on the phone with Stephen. I told him that my dick was on auto pilot. What a liar I am! I lied about things most men wouldn’t lie about. Stephen was a bisexual hedonist who admitted that he found both men and women attractive. He also discussed with me at great length his penchant for large women. That’s what gave me the courage to try one. If a man as cool as Stephen dated big women, then maybe it was okay for me too.

Lori Williams and I continued to hang out. I’m pretty sure that Stephen would have approved of her. Lori was a big and tall black woman with light brown skin, pale gray eyes and long black hair braided into neat cornrows. A six-foot-one, 250-pound gal who was a member of the Women’s Wrestling team at Northern Michigan Tech. She was high intelligent and a great conversationalist. Also, she was one of the most talked-about students at the Northern Michigan Institute of Technology campus. She was the quote unquote coolest black female student on campus. And she was hanging out with me. I wondered if she liked me or not. I called Stephen and asked him for advice. He berated me for interrupting him while he was having sex with a black woman of ample charms and her bisexual husband, but called me an hour later with good advice. He encouraged me to go for it and try to pursue a relationship with Lori Williams. Emboldened for the first time in my life, I went for it.

One day, while Lori and I were sitting in the cafeteria, I told her how I felt. I told her that I liked her. Then, I waited for her answer. She smiled and kissed me. I was ecstatic! I was so happy! A woman had finally kissed me…on the lips! Oh, man. I’m going to call my Mom! No, wait! I’m going to call my Dad! Actually, I didn’t get to do either one. Lori took me by the hand and invited me to her room. Even to my naïve mindset, that could only mean one thing. Oh, yeah. The sexy big black woman wanted a piece of my big white male action.

We went back to her place. I was very excited. Lori sat me down on her bed, then excused herself for a moment. She left the room and came back a few moments later. This time, she was naked. I stared at the big black woman’s sexy naked body. I liked what I saw. Her pretty face. Her large breasts. Her thick body. Her wide hips and her plump ass. Me see? Me like it! Lori smiled, loving the effect that she was having on me. She joined me on the bed and kissed me. Then, she began undressing me. I felt self-conscious about my body since I’m a chubby white guy. Lori reassured me and told me that I looked good to her. Heartened, I undressed. I stood naked before her. A six-foot-four, 260-pound white guy with six inches of hard dick. Yes!

Lori and I rolled around on the bed, and I loved feeling her body against mine. She stopped me. I was puzzled. What now? Lori asked me if I was a virgin. I nodded. She smiled, and told me that there was something she liked to do to virgin guys. It was something fun and erotic, but I had to do what she said. I nodded happily. Lori took leather bindings from a nearby drawer and bound me hand and foot on the bed. Then, she put a gag in my mouth. I found it weird but kinky. She told me to keep my mouth shut and that she’d take care of the rest. I did as I was told. I was going to lose my virginity, yes!

A few moments later, Lori came back. When I saw what was in her hands, I swallowed hard. A strap-on dildo! Lori smiled wickedly at me and told me that she loved fucking virgin white guys in the ass with her strap-on dildo. I gasped. I struggled in my bonds. The leather bindings were stronger than they looked. They actually held me. Lori grinned and came up behind me. She leapt on me, and wrestled me down. With her strong hands, she pried my white butt cheeks wide open, and pressed her dildo against my asshole. With a swift thrust, she went in. I roared in pain through the gag as Lori’s dildo went up my ass.

She held me by the hips and began to fuck me hard and fast. I screamed and begged her to stop. She laughed and told me that she loved fucking uptight guys like me. Guys who were too damn ordinary and too damn shy, not manly enough to go out and get females. She wanted to make a real man out of someone like me. First, though, she wanted to make me her bitch. And she did. As I screamed and protested, she laughed diabolically and rammed the dildo up my white male ass. She grabbed me and flipped me on my back. She told me that she wanted to look into my eyes while fucking me in the ass. Lori had a devilish look in her face as she plowed into my ass with the big strap-on dildo. I cried like a little bitch. Tears flowed from my eyes as she fucked my ass with the dildo. My tears only seemed to encourage her. She berated me while plunging the dildo into my ass. She fucked me until I couldn’t take it anymore and she pulled out of me, disgusted at how weak a man I was.

Afterwards, Lori Williams unbound me. I lay there, crying. She let me rest, and told me that she was sorry for hurting me. She told me that she had a fetish for doing guys with strap-on dildos and sometimes went overboard. She seemed so sincere. I actually fell for it. She smiled, and told me that she wanted to make me feel better. So, as I lay there, she sucked my cock. She got me nice and hard. I even came. Then, she got on all fours and offered me her pussy. I shook my head. Since she fucked my ass, I wanted to fuck hers. I slid my cock into Lori Williams ass and pushed my dick inside her. I fucked her good. Sliding my six inches of white man power into the black woman’s ass felt good. I loved it. I came inside her, multiple times. Then, I pulled out.

Lori lay by my side. I was still mad at her for fucking my ass with her strap-on dildo, but felt that since I got fuck her ass any way I wanted, we were even. She kissed me, then left the room. She told me she’d be right back. I lay there, happy and satisfied, if a little sore in the behind. A few moments later, I heard screaming. It was Lori! What in hell was happening here? She screamed and shouted that someone had done terrible things to her after holding her against her will. Pretty soon the whole dorm was awake. Cold sweat poured down my spine. The bitch! She set me up! I tried to leave the apartment, but I realized that she had taken my clothes. I tried to make a run for it, but ran into the campus police. They didn’t even let me explain myself. They just cuffed me and took me away, a naked white guy, in front of everybody. Two female police officers comforted Lori as she looked at me and wept crocodile tears.

I looked at my female attorney’s face and she looked grim. I sighed. The judge came in, and uttered my sentence. I was sentenced to life in prison for doing unspeakable things to Lori Williams against her will and for holding her prisoner in her own dormitory. The case was sensational. The rich white guy accused of doing unspeakable things to the black female athlete. I was called a racist, a sexist and a menace to society. Not even my high-powered female attorney could save me. My own parents thought I was guilty. I went to jail, and became someone’s bitch. I cursed the day I ever met Lori Williams every time another inmate had his way with my poor white ass. One day, Lori came to visit me. And guess what? She wasn’t alone. Stephen was there as well. That’s when I realized it. He had masterminded the whole thing. How I hated this bastard! Laughing, they both walked away. I swear, someday, I will get out of this place and have my revenge on those who destroyed my life.

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