Martin and I arrived at the boutique hotel late on Friday. The owners were kind enough to stay past the normal closing time of the front desk to accommodate our check-in. They brought us to “E” room giving a quick tour of the grounds and the room. We were there for Martin to have meetings with a few businesses he worked with. I had tagged along to enjoy a vacation.

We are in our mid-forties and had a serious/non-serious relationship off and on for the last year and a half. We are at the point of enjoying our time together without restricting what we do in the time we are apart. I didn’t expect anything to happen at the hotel because there are five rooms total, “A” through “E”. I really needed to relax for the week.

The next morning we woke up to Martin’s alarm. Still recovering from traveling Martin started falling asleep again. I moved over to take his cock in my mouth. It’s a ritual that we found works well for Martin to start off the day receiving morning head. Seems obvious that most men would like this but it went further for him. Martin’s description turned it into a good luck charm of sorts. I had long discovered I am obsessed with having a cock coming in my mouth so I wasn’t going to complain.

He showered, dressed in a fairly casual outfit and left for the first of his all day meetings. I fell asleep for a while. I woke up late in the morning, took a quick shower and headed straight to the pool. I took a quick dip and then planted myself in a shady spot on a chaise. I slept for an hour before waking to some noises. I saw a man at the front desk checking in. He was handsome, maybe a couple years older than me and an inch or two taller. His neatly trimmed dark hair, goatee and glasses were complimented by a striped casual button down shirt and white shorts. His muscular calves showed a nice dusting of dark hair matching what I could see above his unbuttoned collar. I noticed there was no ring. This could be interesting. Using my peripheral vision while pretending to read I watched as one of the owners lead him to “A” room. Shortly after I started walking back to my room. Just after unlocking the door he came through his. I smiled and we both said hi when he passed.

Martin and I went out for dinner that night. We saw the man from “A” room as we returned. We saw him a few times in passing on Sunday.

Monday, I started waking Martin in my favorite way again. I moved under the sheets to lick his cock. I cupped his balls and licked the front up to the head before taking it in. He started moving to fuck my mouth so I let him. He gave me my reward quickly before leaving me for his shower and another meeting. I followed my previous routine with a quick shower in the late morning then heading to the pool. Stepping out of my room I was face to face with “A” room. He smiled.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Good morning. Headed to the pool?” I asked. He was wearing swim shorts and a tank top making it a less than intelligent question. It was something to keep the conversation going, hopefully.

“I am. I need some time to relax today. I’m Alex by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Alex. I’m Brian.” I replied. “Let’s head to the pool.”

We made some small talk at the pool before jumping in. It was too small for laps so we both got out after cooling off a bit. We sat next to each other. I sat back on the chaise while he sat sideways facing me. We continued our conversation including a little flirting.

“Are you and the man I saw you with a few times together?” He asked.

“Umm, sort of together I guess. Depends on when you ask us.” I responded.

“Oh… Ok.”

“Sorry, that probably needs some explaining. We were serious for a while but it was a disaster. Now we’re together but take breaks occasionally. There’s no expectations, it’s an open relationship.” I explained.

“Huh, sounds interesting.”

“It works for us now. We share time together without letting things that happen other times affect it.”

“Cool, glad it works for you.” He placed his hand on my thigh as he said it. My leg was cool from the pool water evaporating from it. His hand was warm and felt comforting on my skin. I put my hand over his and rubbed his skin with my thumb before pulling his hand higher on my leg. He smiled and leaned in for a light kiss. It started light but soon turned passionate. He kissed me deeply. I welcomed his tongue deep in my mouth meeting it with my own. I felt his hand slide higher on my leg, going under my board shorts. I moved my hand to his leg feeling his soft skin and dark hair. His hand brushed my balls as he moved higher still. I sucked on his tongue as his fingers gently rubbed my balls. I knew my shorts wouldn’t allow him any better access. I was almost ready to take them off here at the pool. I moved my hand further up his leg to caress his balls. I was at a good angle for access. His hairy sac was exciting to feel. I moved further and was able to wrap my hand around his cock. It was hot and hard and I needed it. We had to get to his room. I interrupted our passion.

“Can we go back to your room?” I asked.

“Yes, let’s go.” He grabbed our towels and his shirt and took my hand. Leading me to his room we stopped at his door to resume making out. I broke it again telling him we need to get inside. We were both tenting in our shorts and needed to get them off. He unlocked and opened the door. As soon as we were inside we resumed making out a third time. I created some space between us and pulled his shorts off. I was careful to hold his cock back so the elastic would pass it easily. Then I let his glorious seven inch cock fall to where it poked me just below my stomach. I pulled my shorts off and directed him to the bed. He moved back to lay down. I climbed over to straddle him. Our cocks rubbed together softly and my balls hung down on his. I was getting really hot from our skin on skin contact as I let myself rest on his naked body. I kissed his neck before lifting myself up to resume our passionate kissing. His tongue greeted mine again as our lips approached. Our kiss had to end because I wanted something else on my lips.

I kissed and licked my way to his legs. I went to his knees and started working my way back up. He spread his legs giving me complete access. I kissed his inner thighs as I moved to his balls. I paused momentarily as he moved a couple of pillows below his lower back. Normally I won’t rim a guy but he had just showered and swam in a pool. It was obvious he wanted it so I decided to make my way there. I started kissing, licking and caressing his balls. I held his cock in my hand softly sliding it on his shaft. I kissed slowly down to his exposed hole. His breathing sped up in anticipation. He pulled his legs up a bit just as my lips met his hole. I could smell faint chlorine from the pool as I put my tongue on it. I licked around it a bit listening to his moans and approvals. I teased it directly before moving my tongue around in circles. After another minute I pushed my tongue in. He clenched around my tongue as I slid it in and out a few times. His breathing was faster as I circled his hole a few times. I did this to him a few more times before moving back up to his balls. I played with them for a minute before moving higher to my original goal.

I licked the front of his cock from balls to tip before swirling my tongue around the head to lick all his precum. I slid one finger in his saliva lubricated ass in conjunction with sliding my mouth onto his cock to the base. My effort was rewarded with his body stretching and legs flexing. His verbal approvals became much louder. I was happy being able to take his entire cock in and resting my nose on his skin through his pubes. His cock head was down my throat blocking my ability to breathe. I made sure he felt my goatee rub his sac. I waited until I needed air to pull back, then breathing through my nose. I started moving my finger in his ass to match the movements I was making with my mouth. I enjoyed the flavor even more when his precum started flowing faster. I slowed once I felt he was going to cum. I moved down to caress his balls before moving back to his cock. As soon as I started bobbing on it again I knew he was still close. I went with it knowing that another attempt to delay it wouldn’t any better. I kept a steady pace taking his cock into my throat and fingering his ass.

I felt his sac tighten, pulling his balls away from my hand. I lined his cock up over my tongue keeping my lips sealed on the head. I pushed my finger in his ass again just as his cum started coating my mouth. His cock pulsed repeatedly as he shot one of the biggest loads I have ever experienced either in person or seen in porn. I swallowed several times before he finished. His ass slowed its clenching of my finger and his body went limp. I swallowed the last cum I could squeeze out of his cock before moving up on the bed to lay next to him. I laid watching his face as he came back down from climaxing.

“That was ridiculously good, thank you.” He said after we had rested quietly for a bit.

“You’re welcome. You have a nice cock.” I said.

“Thanks again. It’s been a few weeks since I had any release.”

“Well you had a big one just now.” I reached over to massage his chest and tease a nipple. I hoped to get his cock in my ass today too.

“Mmmmm. I like that.” I moved my hand to his far nipple and put my mouth on the closer one. I left the nipple to reach out to his cock. I was surprised to feel it returning to full mast so soon.

“Looks like you’re ready to go again.” I said as flirtatiously as I could. “You want to fuck me?”

“Yeah I do want to fuck you. I don’t have anything to lubricate with though.” He replied. I stood up picking up my shorts and towel. I pulled my room key out of the pocket to have it ready.

“Grab your shorts and room key and follow me.” I said. I was so anxious to get to my room that I neglected to check for anyone in sight when I opened the door and walked out. No other guests were there but a gardener was shaping shrubs down the breezeway and across the pool. He was looking down so I took the chance continuing towards him and the door to my room. Alex following directly behind. I opened the door to let Alex enter before me. The gardener made eye contact with me just as I started walking in. We almost made it undetected.

I shut the door behind us then turned see where Alex went. To my surprise he was right there again. He leaned in starting our make-out session again. He ended it quickly this time and headed over to the bed. I pulled the bottle of lube from my travel case in the bathroom and squirted some in and on my hole. Then I went to the bed to sit with Alex. I noticed immediately his cock was completely limp and his face had changed a bit. I gathered he was having second thoughts, probably from having tasted his cum in my mouth when we kissed. Taking a chance before losing him completely I asked him to lay back. He did so I went straight to working on his cock. I put my mouth over it working my tongue as well as I know how hoping he would get back into it. Luckily for me he got hard again. I worked his cock for several minutes longer before asking him again.

“So, do you still want to fuck me? It seems your cock wants to.” I said.

“Yes, I want to fuck you.” that’s all I needed this time. I climbed over to straddle him. I lifted myself over his cock and then moved back to line him up with my ass. I moved back until his cock pushed on my entrance. I pushed a little more, just enough to pop his head in me. He closed his eyes and groaned. I could see the ecstasy on his face as my ring gripped his cock. I rolled his nipples between my fingertips as hard as I could as I finished impaling my ass on his cock. He let out the loudest groan yet nearly yelling. I’m sure the gardener heard that one if he’s still there.

I started riding his cock in earnest. It felt so big stretching me as I fell down on it. I rode him until my legs were ready for another position. I climbed off telling him to get behind me. I was on all fours. I leaned forward surrendering my ass to him. He moved behind me and shoved his cock in again. I gasped as he entered my ass, pushing in until I felt his hips pushing on my ass cheeks and his balls resting on mine. I pushed back to meet each of his thrusts. I reached back to feel his balls just as he landed his cock hard in me holding me tight. I felt them tighten and his cock throbbed shooting cum in my ass. Feeling his pulsing cock completely in my ass brought me to the edge. I grabbed my cock just as I started squirting my own cum on the sheets under me. We collapsed on the bed, his cock still in me, his body heavy and sweaty on mine. We stayed like that until his cock softened and retreated from me.

Alex stood quickly once his cock softened completely. He put his shorts on and headed back to his room. I think he quietly said thanks as he left but I can’t say for sure. I wiped the sheets as well as I could before straightening them out. Martin would be home soon. I pulled my shorts on and went for a quick swim. When Martin got back we went for a nice dinner before coming back to the room.

Tuesday Martin had more meetings. He woke me up by putting his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth letting him use me again. His cock felt so sexy sliding through my lips and across my tongue. I think I actually enjoy it more than he does. Soon his cock shot his familiar cum in my mouth. Half of it went straight down my throat before he pulled back to leave some in my mouth. When he pulled out one gob dripped onto my lips and chin. Martin went to shower. I fell asleep with his cum drying on my chin.

I slept in before showering and heading to the pool. I swam for a bit then slept on a chaise in the shade again. I started waking up and quickly felt a presence around me. I opened my eyes to find Alex sitting and looking at me.

“Sorry if I freaked you out. I know you were sleeping.” He said.

“No worries, you’re forgiven. Are you leaving?” I saw his luggage next to the chair.

“Yeah I’m heading home today. I’m married.”

“Oh, really. I looked for a ring before we hooked up though.” I said. I know, stupid to assume but still thought I knew.

“Yeah I put self tanner around that part of my finger to hide the evidence. I was going through some issues and thought I needed a change. She is on a business trip and doesn’t know I’m here. You are the first guy I’ve been with. You’re the first I’ve even touched, kissed or any of the other things we did. I don’t regret what we did but I’m sorry I lied to you about my commitment.”

“Ok. Well I hope you are able to work through everything if that’s what you want.” I said. I wasn’t the one who made the commitment to his wife so I wasn’t too concerned, just a bit dejected.

“Thanks. Maybe we will meet again.” He said. I smiled back. He stood up and left, heading back to the life he was vacationing from. Ok, I needed a drink. I went back to the room, dressed and headed to the trendy bar down the street.

The bar was a mistake. I was definitely not in the right state of mind even after a couple mojitos. On the way back to the hotel I picked up a bottle of vodka. I poured a glass before changing back into my board shorts. I headed to the pool to get my mind off of things.

A long swim helped and I went to relax on a chaise. This wasn’t helping. I decided to change and find something to do. I walked back to the room. Before I unlocked the door the gardener from the other day caught my attention.

“Excuse me,” he said. “would you mind giving me a hand for a minute or two?”

“Sure, I’d be happy to.” And truly I was. Anything to distract me from thinking about Alex.

“Thanks.” He said as he led me to “A” room. It was warm in the room, I guessed the AC had been turned off since Alex left. He led me to the bathroom where he had some plumbing under the sink disassembled. When he had everything reassembled he stood up to test it. Everything was good. He washed his hands and turned to me. I was standing back, closer to the bath tub.

He thanked me again for the help. I thought this was my cue to leave. He stood blocking the door. When I went to one side he was there looking down into my eyes. His dark brown eyes looked deep into me. I moved to the other side and he was there again meeting my eyes with his. He was much stronger than I am so I was concerned what would happen if I was misinterpreting his intentions. I stepped closer to see what he would do. I was close to touching my chest to his as we continued looking into each other’s eyes. I watched his dark eyes close as his mouth moved to mine. His soft lips touched my lips lightly before building pressure. I felt his warm tongue on my lips soon parting them. I willingly allowed it in my mouth to play with my tongue. I reached around to use his ass to pull us together. I felt his muscular ass flex as he shifted closer. His cock felt large pushing on me through his clothes. Suddenly without breaking our kiss he picked me up. I put my legs around him while he carried me the short distance to the bed.

I unbuttoned his shirt feeling the hair underneath with each button. Our lips stayed connected when I slid it over his shoulders letting it fall to the floor. I quickly pulled my shorts off and moved my hands to his waist. I unfastened his belt and the button on his pants. They fell to the floor when I unzipped them. I felt his ass through his boxers then moved to the front. I reached through the fly to feel his cock. It felt large and hot in my hand. It was thick and must be over eight inches. He moaned when I touched it and again when I gave it a slight squeeze.

I was already naked and wanted him to match. I took the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. As I stood I licked his cock from the base to the head. I teased just below the head and licked the precum before kneeling down to give his cock a proper blow job. The precum on my tongue motivated me to deep throat him. His thick cock was over eight inches now fully erect. I put the head in my mouth closing my lips over it. I used my tongue to play with it before taking more in. It filled my mouth before half of it was in. I worked it a few more times. I pushed more of it in. His cock started filling my throat. I pulled back and pulled him in again. This time I pushed until my nose pressed his skin and his cock was fully in. He moaned as I held him in. I started blowing him as he leaned his head back. When he looked down again I held eye contact with him. I watched the ecstasy in his eyes when I had his cock deep throated. He soon started to orgasm. I continued my pace on his cock feeling it swell in my throat. I pulled back to use my hand on half of his cock when he started shooting in me. He covered my tongue with his cum. I swallowed several times as his pulses of cum squirted over my tongue.

When I let his cock slip out he moved to the bed. I moved to lay next to him while he recovered. I massaged his chest lightly and occasionally teased his nipples. I ran my fingers through his chest hair while we relaxed there. I ran my hand down to check on his cock. I was ready for him to use me. I took it in my hand. It was semi hard. I started rubbing it slowly. He lifted himself over me to kiss again. His wonderful cock rubbed on my stomach as we resumed making out. I felt it hardening, poking against me harder. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant from his pants and kneeled on the bed between my legs. I pulled the pillows down, putting them under my lower back. He began lubing his cock and moved to my ass. He squirted some in me then started stretching me with his fingers.

“I need your cock.” I said. Knowing it would hurt I needed it more. “Just get it in me.” I was becoming short of breath anticipating him in me. He put the head on my hole.

“Are you sure? It’ll hurt.” His concern was nice but I needed to be filled. The only time things seem right is when I have a cock in me.

“Yes.” I could barely get it out because my breathing was getting ragged. I pushed my ass on his cock. He finally accepted my actions and pushed in. He pushed in all the way in one movement letting out an appropriate groan. I was completely taken over by the pain and pleasure from his cock filling my ass. It was exactly what I needed. I just had to ignore the pain until it subsides. I felt stretched more than ever so I was sure he was dealing with the tight grip of my ass. He pulled back and slid in again adding more lubricant as he did. It stretched me again. He started working my ass really well with his thick cock. The pain disappeared quickly and I was able to enjoy the pounding he had started. I was getting really turned on feeling his balls slap my ass with each thrust.

We were both getting sweaty from the work he was putting on me. I saw his sweat start to drip from his nipple onto my chest. The feeling was truly erotic as his cock continued to work my ass. I felt a drop on my face. I looked up to see sweat accumulating on his nose. I lifted my head to kiss it tasting his salty sweat and skin. We kissed again before I put my head back. I laid back to enjoy his huge cock pumping my ass, his balls slapping my ass and his sweat landing on me. I was feeling my own climax closing in as his cock rubbed me.

I saw his orgasm start to show on his face. I groaned as he was getting me really close. I was trying to delay it because I wasn’t sure I could handle his cock after I came. My attempts had the opposite effect and I started shooting pulses of cum over my stomach and chest. A couple were strong enough to land on my face. It was amazing as I felt my ass squeezing his cock tighter. He let out a loud groan and shoved his cock in a last time. I felt every detail on it when he did. His cock swelled in my ass when he started coming. I watched his face as his body twitched. I finally felt satisfied again. He collapsed on me to catch his breath. The weight of his body pressed on me while our sweat mixed with my cum. I relaxed feeling his heartbeat while he caught his breath. What an amazing afternoon this had become.

“Housekeeping will be by in a few minutes to clean the room. We should go.” He said. I pulled on my shorts. When he was dressed he walked with me back to my room. We shared another passionate kiss when at my door.

“Thanks, that was perfect.” I said. He smiled and walked out to his truck. ‘What a cock he has’ I thought to myself as I stared at his ass when he walked away. I stepped inside heading to the shower. I was still covered with drying sweat and cum.

I started Wednesday blowing Martin. His cock wasn’t in the same league as my experience yesterday though I wouldn’t change our time together. I played with his asshole a bit before he would cum for me. When he did he held my head on him while thrusting his hips. It was a wonderful feeling when he shot his cum. When he got up to shower I laid back to enjoy the taste lingering in my mouth. I slept for a while before showering and heading to the pool.

Sitting on the chaise I watched a gay couple check in and be led to “A” room. They appeared to be close in age to myself. Both were very attractive. I blocked out any sexual thoughts after what happened so far. A married man sneaking here and the hotel’s handyman making up for it should be enough extracurricular sex for this trip.

When Martin and I went to a restaurant for dinner we ran into them. They waved to catch my attention as we walked into the bar. They introduced themselves as Tony and Chris. We accepted their invitation to join them. Tony was a little taller than me and had dark hair. Chris was my height and had dusty blonde hair. They mentioned they got the room when a guest canceled half of their stay. ‘You’re welcome!’ I thought to myself seeing that Alex’s leaving was largely because of me. After several drinks and lots of great conversation I felt Chris’ hand on my leg. He massaged my thigh as we talked and drank. I know I should have moved it back but it felt nice, and I really needed the attention.

Tony and Martin led us on the walk back to the hotel. They were talking while Chris and I followed having our own conversation. Just as I noticed they had made it through an intersection that we stopped at Chris took my hand to hold it. We held hands the rest of the way to the hotel. Walking through the breezeway of the hotel Chris pulls me to the side and kisses me. I was a caught off guard but instinctively returned his kiss. I had my hand around him feeling his firm ass. I broke our kiss.

“I can’t do this, you’re here with Tony. Martin is just down the way.” I said pushing enough to create some space between us. I saw the lust in his eyes. We stood locking eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

“Ok. Maybe we can all get together tomorrow.” he said.

“Yeah we can do that.” We walked to our rooms and said goodnight.

Thursday morning brought another day of meetings for Martin. I started at the pool again. I had planned on leaving to visit a museum today before Tony and Chris made to the pool. I waited too long and they showed. They swam for a few minutes before sitting with me.

We talked for a while. When it changed to flirting then to unmasked dirty talk I was surprised. I guess I shouldn’t have been but I had no idea they wanted to add a third to their bedroom. It quickly became clear that they wanted me there.

We went straight to “A” room. It felt weird to be there again just days after spending time here with Alex, and then the handyman whose name I wished I asked. I hid it as well as I could so I wouldn’t have to explain it to them. We quickly stripped getting to our business at hand. Tony was first naked since Chris was closing and locking the door. He kissed and held me tight. Our bodies pressing together made me forget the history I had with this room. Tony loosened his grip on me letting Chris take it over. My mouth went straight to his. I reached lower and put my hands on their cocks. Having a cock in each hand is an awesome feeling. They made it even better by coming in for a three-way kiss while they groped my ass and cock.

Chris moved to the bed to lay down. I followed getting on my knees on the bed. Starting at his lips I kissed him down to his balls. I played with them for a moment before moving to his cock. His cock was nice. It was almost six inches and a good thickness which would let me blow him long and slow. I looked over briefly to see that Tony’s cock was the same in size, maybe a little thicker. This is going to be fun.

I took Chris’ cock in my mouth and put my ass up in the air for Tony. Chris’ cock felt perfect in my mouth. I dropped my head on it, taking him down to the base. His cock perfectly filled my mouth, the head just slipping into my throat. Just as I was starting to remember how similar this felt to being here with Alex I felt cold lube dripping onto my hole. I continued working on the cock in my mouth. I settled into a relaxing rhythm of bobbing my head on it while occasionally pulling it out to lick down and caress his balls.

Meanwhile Tony put two fingers in me to lube and stretch me. I was ready soon after he started. Tony moved behind me putting his cock to my hole. The anticipation was torturing me. I pushed back but Tony wanted to be in charge. After I waited patiently sucking Chris, Tony pushed the head of his cock in me. Tony pushed in until his hips pushed hard on my ass. I let out a loud moan. Being filled at both ends is about as good as it gets. Tony started pumping my ass so I matched his pace on Chris. When Tony pushed in I took Chris in my mouth. Being pushed by the thrusting made his cock hit my throat quickly each time. Tony’s cock was hitting my prostate with each thrust bringing me closer to coming. It brought me to the edge and my moans reflected it. Soon my cum started running out of me. When it did I felt my ass contracting around Tony. It lasted for at least thirty seconds and brought Tony closer. He started thrusting fast and harder. His breath was fast when he warned he was coming. He sped faster pushing hard against me with each thrust, pushing me harder and faster on Chris. Tony pushed deep in my ass one last time and held there. I felt his cock throb and swell in my ass. His hot cum was shooting in me and I loved it. I pushed my head as deep on Chris as I could. I felt my mouth vibrating on him from the moaning Tony pushed me to. I swallowed and rubbed my tongue on Chris making him cum too. Feeling two cocks cum in me at the same time is a wonderful feeling that never gets old.

I savored Chris’ cum, feeling the silky smooth texture against the roof of my mouth. Tony’s cock slipped out of my ass leaving me feeling empty. Tony laid down on his back and I moved next to him. I was on my side with my arm over Tony. Chris moved behind me. I felt his soft cock nestle between my slippery ass cheeks. I felt so completely satisfied that I fell asleep. I think we all did for about half an hour.

When I woke up I moved my hand to hold Tony’s cock. It was semi hard and had a big bulbous head. Feeling it made me hard. I had to get my mouth on it. There was one place his cock should be right now. I lifted myself to lean over him. I started licking the front of his cock. He started stirring so I buried his semi hard cock in my mouth. He moaned, waking up as his cock hit the back of my mouth.

“Oh shit, that’s, ohhhh shit that’s good.” Must have been a good way to wake up.

I kept on his cock, licking and sucking. I felt Chris’ hand reaching around to my chest to pinch my nipples. He alternated between them as I gave Tony head. I needed more though, I was ready for Chris’ turn behind me. I wiggled my butt on him hoping he gets the hint.

I felt Chris’ hard cock pushing at my entrance. With as used as my hole was he slipped in easily, pushing in until his balls pressed on my leg and his hips hugged my ass. I was trying to focus on Tony’s cock sliding on my tongue as I moved my head taking him in. Chris was working my ass well, making concentration difficult. Chris’ pushing on me was forcing my cock to rub on Tony’s leg. It felt great with my precum lubricating my cock rubbing his hairy skin but it would take over too quickly. I pushed back on Chris so I would have enough space.

Tony’s cock tasted wonderful. I could taste his cum from before mixing with his new precum. I concentrated on massaging it with my tongue. I really wanted to taste his load, to feel it coating my tongue. I was getting really worked up about receiving it while Chris was taking care my other end. His cock filled my ass perfectly. He kept a slow pace pumping me. Soon he had pushed me closer to Tony so my cock was grinding his leg again.

It was Tony’s turn first. He climaxed filling my mouth with his cum. He shot a huge load that I savored for as long as I could before swallowing. I was getting close too from Chris’ consistent pumping. Not only was his cock working on my prostate but my cock was rubbing on Tony’s hairy leg being lubed by my own precum. It became too much for me to handle and my orgasm took over. I flexed my ass just as Chris was pushing in, triggering my own cum to squirt on Tony. I caught as much as I could in my hand. Chris was climaxing too. I relaxed and felt his cock throbbing in my ass and his hips and leg held tight against mine. His balls hung down on my leg. He moved his head to my neck and I felt his heavy breathing. Tony brought my hand to his mouth to take my cum. It was so sexy seeing this I climbed onto him for a long passionate kiss. I saw it was nearing dinner time so I broke from them pulling my clothes on. I thanked them for the perfect afternoon. I headed back to my room leaving them spent and sprawled out on the bed. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get both of my openings filled at the same time twice today. It is the most complete I’ve felt in a long time.

Martin returned just as I stepped out of the shower. We went out for dinner before settling in back at the hotel.

Friday was our last morning at the hotel. It started with Martin’s cock down my throat again. At the end of the week I realized that the familiar feel of it always made me happy. I knew every bit of it from the veins and hair to the way the head rubbed the roof of my mouth. I sucked him like it was our first time, trying to impress him with every skill I had. I took it down my throat enough times that I felt the head expand in preparation for his release. I held him in while he started coming. After a couple shots I pulled back to collect the rest of it in my mouth. I laid back when Martin went to shower. When we left I looked back one time at the door to “A” room.

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