Relaxing house style music played in the background as I prepared dinner. I wasn’t a world renowned chef, but I did know my way around a kitchen. Currently, I had the penne pasta boiling, the chocolate cake baking, the freshly made salad mixed, the white wine chilling, and the well-seasoned marinara sauce cooking. Everything was going quite well. I had set the dinner table, which was also the breakfast and lunch table, just an hour prior to beginning the dinner. The table was neatly covered with a white cotton table cloth, a bouquet of orange blossoms in a clear vase centered in the middle of the table, two silver antique candle holders on each side of the vase of orange blossoms, and of course, the elegant looking plates and silverware. I had everything planned out to the very last detail. I was going to make sure everything was romantic as humanly possible. After all, this was all for Logan. He had been working long hours this week, and had been coming home completely exhausted. Of course, this was typical of someone in Logan’s position. He worked as a financial analyst for a major insurance company. I’m sure anyone who dealt with numbers would be the same way. As it was, I wasn’t much for math, and just the thought of investments, clients, numbers, and figures made my head hurt. Luckily for me, I was a newspaper columnist. So none of these things ever came into the equation. As jobs went, mine was pretty easy. I got to work from home, and I got paid pretty well.

It was close to six-thirty when I glanced up at the kitchen clock. I quickly rushed to get everything finished and ready for when Logan came home. I drained the pasta, mixed in the marinara sauce, dressed the salad, and took the cake out of the oven. I was quite proud, as everything smelled and looked very delicious. All that was needed now was for me to get cleaned up. Being that Logan would be home in about twenty-three minutes, I had more than enough time. I raced to the bathroom located within the master bedroom. I quickly retouched my makeup, shook up my blonde curly hair, and changed into the outfit I’d wear for dinner. The outfit was just a plain red dress that pleated out at the hips, with a thin black belt around the waist. I made sure to pair it with my black heels, as well as the black lacey underwear I had. I wanted this night to be special, and so I made sure to pull out all the stops. After I changed, I twirled and posed in front of the full length mirror located in the bedroom; I pondered on whether my facial features more closely resembled that of Amanda Seyfried, or of Jennifer Morrison. When I went back to the kitchen, I once again glanced at the clock. I only had fifteen minutes until Logan would be home. Knowing I had plenty of time, I relaxingly brought the food to the table. I went back into the kitchen and finished decorating the cake in chocolate icing, and topped it with chocolate covered strawberries. Everything was going well, thus far. I then went back to the dinner table, with the white wine and glasses in hand, and sat.

I slowly counted the minutes till Logan would be home by gazing out the dining room window. The view, was as usual, incredible. Our loft had an amazing view of the Phoenix cityscape. This wasn’t all that surprising being we lived on the seventh floor of the loft high-rise. In some ways, this was like a favorite past time of mine. I enjoyed looking out at the Phoenix landscape. The desert mountains, the vast sky above, and the immense city below. Being that it was close to seven o’clock, the view looked even more intense. The night was lit up by the lights of street lamps, cars, and buildings. The lights seemed to go on for miles and miles. Even though they were pretty bright, the stars in the sky were still visible, as well as being quite bright themselves. Just then it hit me. I had forgot to get out the candles, put them in the candle holders, and then light them. I rushed back into the kitchen and grabbed the two white elongated candles out of their draw, but not before I grabbed a box of matches to light them with. I hurriedly placed the candles into the candle holders, and lit them. I then raced to turn out all the lights within the loft. Once I finished, I took a detour to the stereo where my iPod was plugged. I swished through my many playlists, and selected the playlist that featured nothing but ambient, somewhat chillaxed type music, ironically titled “The Sounds of Romance”. I quickly hurried back to my seat at the dinner table, and with just enough time, as I heard the elevator ding outside in the hallway, announcing that it had reached the seventh floor. I heard as Logan shuffled for his key to the loft. I remained quietly still, awaiting for the look on his face when he’d walk in. I glanced around and realized that the candles did a very good job of setting the romantic atmosphere, as well as lighting up the place so that it wasn’t too dark.

“Arlo? Are you home?” Logan said as he entered into the loft.

“Surprise!” I said jumping up to a standing position, and then running into Logan’s arms.

“Well, hello to you, too.”

“I was hoping you’d be surprised,” I said smiling. “I made us dinner, as well as dessert.”

“I can’t believe you went through all this trouble, just for me.”

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Logan. I love you. Plus, I thought it’d be a great way to relax after a hard day at work.”

“Well, you’re definitely right about that,” he said with a sideways wound smile. “But, first, I think I’m gonna go change out of this stiff suit.”

“Ok,” I said taking his black leather briefcase. “But, hurry, I don’t want our dinner to get cold.”

Logan smiled, then headed down the hallway to the bedroom. But then he suddenly stopped halfway.

“I love you, too.” Logan said before heading back toward the bedroom.

I tossed Logan’s briefcase onto the couch and went back to my seat at the dinner table. As I waited for him to change, I reminisced about how we had met. It was a rainy night, and I was coming out of one of the libraries located on campus. I stupidly ran right into him, while trying to open my umbrella, and knocked us both down to the ground. He started laughing, while I felt like a complete idiot. But, I guess it’s true what they say about laughter being contagious, because I began laughing, too. We got up, wiped ourselves off, and then introduced ourselves. He was twenty-six and a graduate student majoring in business and finance. I was twenty-three and an undergraduate student majoring in english literature. He ended up buying me a coffee at the nearby campus coffee shop, where we just talked for hours and hours. Eventually, I told him that I was transgendered, and he was neither bothered nor concerned by that fact. Instead, he asked to see me again, and we’ve been together ever since. It has definitely been a wonderful five years together. Especially, when we’ve been married for the past two of them. I was twirling my wedding band around my finger when I realized Logan was already sitting at the table across from me.

“What were you thinking about just now?”

“About how we met,” I said with a joyful sigh. “And about how much I love you.”

“This all looks really good.”

“Well, I’m glad you think so. Let’s dig in,” I said passing him the bottle of white wine.

As we ate, Logan talked about the happenings of his day, as did I. Several times I found myself just staring at his handsome face while he talked. It wasn’t out of the norm, as I usually would get lost in his bright green eyes and squared off chiseled out chin. Logan looked like one of those male models featured in a Dolce and Gabbana campaign, and I always made sure to let him know.

“Do you think you still have room for dessert?” I said as I watched him down the last bit of penne covered in marinara sauce on his plate.

“Oh, I think I have room,” he said with a big grin.

“Honey, you have some marinara sauce on your beard,” I said laughing.

As he tried to wipe away the sauce, but to no avail, I got up to help. I took his napkin from his hand, and slowly wiped away the marinara from his neatly groomed beard. As I giggled about helping him out with the sauce in his beard, he pulled me in for a kiss. His lips were soft, but firm, as they entangled themselves with mine. Like every time we kissed, I felt a shiver of electricity tingle down my spine and through my body. I returned the favor by moving my lips sensually in between his as I ran my fingers through his thick dark brown hair.

“So, would you like to have dessert?” I said pulling myself up for air.

“Yea. Bring it on!”

I picked up our dirty dishes as I headed into the kitchen. An idea came to mind as I put the dirty dishes into the sink. I immediately unbuckled my belt, and unzipped myself out of my red dress, letting it fall to the floor. I grabbed the cake stand that held the chocolate cake I had decorated, and walked into the dining room in my black lacey underwear.

“Ready for dessert?” I said holding the cake in my left hand, and swiping a sample of chocolate icing with my right pointer finger.

Logan, who was taking a sip of his white wine, looked utterly shocked. But, of course, a good shocked. His eyes swelled as he gazed at my almost naked body. I could tell he was definitely enjoying the view. I then touched my right pointer finger to my mouth, and licked off the sample of chocolate icing.

“Tastes good,” I said setting the cake on the dinner table. “Want some?”


“It’s quite delicious. Very velvety smooth going down,” I giggled.

Logan smiled, and stood up from his seat. Walking to my side, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight into him.

“Why, Mrs. Prescott, I do believe you’re trying to seduce me.”

“Why, I guess I am,” I said taking my left pointer finger and once again sampling the chocolate icing.

I giggled as I put my left pointer finger up to Logan’s lips.

“Try it. It’s delicious.”

He kissed the chocolate off of my finger so passionately that I once again felt the electricity surge throughout my body. Before I could say or do anything, Logan picked me up and heaved me over his shoulder. I laughed as he hurried us into the bedroom.

“I must have you right now, Arlo,” He said gently laying me onto the king size bed.

“Well, I’m all yours Mr. Prescott,” I said lying back as if I was some helpless damsel.

He lightly laid on top of me, and began kissing alongside my neck. I could feel as his hands groped around my shoulders and arms, while his lips sensually pressed against my skin. They were soft to the touch, and every inch of my neck he kissed felt like a raging fire. His lips eventually made their way to mine. As they did, I grabbed his hair to hold him in place. I could feel as the heat between us built. We’d eventually come up for air, but would immediately go right back into entangling our lips together. After several minutes, I rolled us into a new position. One where I was on top, and he was underneath. While we remained kissing, I began to slowly unbutton his light blue dress shirt. I then pulled myself away, and sat up on top of him. Logan sat up as he took off his black casual blazer jacket before then removing his light blue dress shirt. As he swung them onto the master bedroom floor, I pushed him back down on the bed. I slowly pressed my lips to his neck, kissing my way down to his lower abs. Logan had a very sexy body to go with his very handsome face. He had eight pack abs to go with the rest of the muscles on his body, a nice amount of chest and body hair, perfect olive toned skin, as well as an above average penis size. As I began to kiss even lower down his stomach, it became very clear that Logan was very sexually excited.

“Hmm? I wonder what’s in here?” I said looking into his bright green eyes. “I guess we’ll just have to see. Won’t we?”

I began unbuckling the black belt he had around his navy blue straight leg jeans. Once I got the black belt unbuckled, I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I then got off the bed, and helped him pull of his white ankle socks and jeans, where I then let them fall to the floor. The only piece of clothing Logan had on now was his black boxer briefs. I climbed back onto the bed, and began kissing Logan’s chest. I enjoyed the sensation of his chest hair rubbing against my face. Meanwhile, Logan laid back with his hands cupped underneath the back of his head. I traced my lips over every inch of his chest. Every so often I would slowly kiss his nipples, which were getting harder by the second. As I lingered on either one of his nipples, he’d slightly moan in pleasure. His erogenous zones were located on his neck, his chest, his ears, and his pelvic area. While kissing his chest, I caressed my fingers around his arms.

“Does that feel good?” I said raising my head from his chest.

“Yes. It feels fantastic.”

In that moment, I felt as Logan’s penis swelled to twice the size it was before. Logan’s penis wasn’t just a subtle protrusion from his boxer briefs, this time it was a very noticeable and prominent erection. I then slowly kissed my way back down to Logan’s lower abs, making sure to be as soft as possible. Once I arrived at his pelvic area, I sat up and began to massage his penis from the outside of his boxer briefs. Doing so made Logan even more excited. I could feel as his penis would jump every now and again as I massaged it.

“Keep doing that. It feels good,” he moaned.

As I massaged his penis through his boxer briefs, I could feel myself becoming erect. In comparison, my clit, which was what I called my penis, was nowhere close to being the size or girth of Logan’s. I started out slowly massaging his erect penis, and gradually began massaging faster. As I did, Logan’s penis began to jump more and more in excitement.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” he said in a slightly hushed voice.

Logan sat up and pushed my hands away from his penis. He then rolled me over, so that he’d now be on top of me again. He thrust his body against mine, and I could feel as his erect penis pressed up against my stomach through his boxer briefs. Logan began kissing my neck, and as if copying me, slowly kissed down my beige hued body. Once his lips reached the top of my chest, he held me up with one hand and with the other unclasped my black lacey bra. He then laid me back down upon the bed and threw my bra somewhere on the floor behind him. Logan’s mouth made its way to my breasts, and began sucking on each of my nipples. As he kissed them, I could feel his tongue sloshing over my nipples, making them harder. Soon, Logan’s hands were joining in on the fun. He’d kiss one of my breasts, while squeezing the other in one of his hands. The feeling was pleasurable and exciting. With each kiss, and with each squeeze, I could feel myself becoming even more erect. Eventually, Logan noticed how erect my clit was, too.

“I see I’m not the only one coming out to play,” he said smiling.

Logan’s hands then made their way to my black lacey panties. But, instead of massaging my clit from the outside of my panties, he gently pulled them off of my body. I laid completely exposed on the bed. I was aroused, and Logan was in control. He ran his right hand down to my clit, and began massaging it softly. All the while, he never once broke our locked eyes. He stared into my hazel eyes while he stroked my clit in a uniform pattern. I could tell he enjoyed pleasuring me. Gradually, he picked up the pace. As he did, my breathing became heavier and heavier. Eventually, it was like I was trying to gasp for air. Logan would slow down as I began to breathe deeper. But, once my breathing became shallow, he’d quickly pick up the pace again. I could feel as my body became like a raging inferno of pleasure. The fire would build within me, but before I could succumb to the flames, Logan would smother the embers. His building of pleasure, as well as his dashing it, was almost unbearable. But, in all honesty, I liked it.

Logan, without hesitation, bent down and began sucking on my clit. As he had done before, he started off slow, gradually going faster. I could feel as his tongue swirled around the head of my clit. Before long, I was not only squirming underneath him, but I was moaning loudly.

“Logan, I’m really close,” I said feeling the raging inferno again. “I’m so close!”

But, unlike last time, Logan picked up the pace even more. As the raging inferno began to consume me, I raised my head and looked into Logan’s bright green eyes. Once again, our eyes were locked. It wasn’t long before I felt myself ejaculating into Logan’s mouth. As I did, Logan held down my legs and thighs as I squirmed in complete and utter pleasure. The pleasure was so great that I found myself clenching onto the bed covers with both hands. A couple of seconds after the orgasm subsided I could feel a second orgasm of pleasure rushing back through me. Logan had always been good at giving me multiple orgasms.

“Did that feel good?” Logan said as he swallowed my ejaculate.

All I could muster was a simple nod yes. Logan then came back up beside me, and began kissing my lips tenderly. Our lips massaged, and intertwined with, one another. I enjoyed feeling his neatly trimmed beard hair graze against my cheeks. As he held my face, his hands felt like fire. It looked like I wasn’t the only one that had a raging inferno inside of them. We laid kissing one another for what felt like hours. Time always appeared to slow, if not completely stop, when Logan and I were together. As we kissed each other, it began to feel as if Logan and I were merging into one person. No longer Logan and Arlo, but rather, the better of us both put together.

“Arlo, I love you,” Logan said as he moved a strand of my curly blonde hair from out of my face.

“I love you, too, Logan.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for about a minute or so before Logan leaned down and began kissing me once more. I raised my hands to his head, as if to once again lock him in place. Our kisses seemed to begin a fiery inferno of their own. Eventually, I rolled myself back on top of Logan. This time Logan’s erection felt like hard steel beneath me. I sat up and slowly began to gyrate my hips over Logan’s penis, while clasping my hands in his. Each time I gyrated my hips forward, I could feel Logan’s penis as it jumped beneath his boxer briefs. I could tell he enjoyed the motion of it all, as every time his head laid back on the bed his penis would jump beneath me.

“That feels good,” Logan said clasping my hands tighter as I gyrated.

“I think it’s time for those undies to come off. Don’t you?”

I then began sliding Logan’s boxer briefs off of his body, slowly revealing his hard erection. Once his boxer briefs were off, I tossed them into the air behind me.

“That’s better don’t you think?”

“Much,” Logan whispered.

Logan’s penis was circumcised, and slightly darker colored than his olive toned body. As penises went, his was very arousing to look at. His penis was about eight inches in length, and about five inches in girth. Like his trimmed facial hair, his pubic area, too, was trimmed. I began stroking along the base of Logan’s penis, slowly working my way to the head. As I stroked it with my right hand, I began to massage his testicles with my left. Logan’s testicle sack was about the same color as his penis. Logan moaned slightly as I massaged each of his testicles with my left hand. Each testicle felt about the size of an egg. With my right hand, I began to pick up the stroking pace. As I began stroking faster, I could feel Logan’s penis jump within my hand. Each time his penis would jump, Logan would moan slightly. I could tell he enjoyed having his penis and testicles played with.

“Does that feel good?” I said just slightly picking up my pace.

“Keep going.”

Eventually, I began using both hands to stroke his penis, working both in unison. I would build up speed then slow down, like he did with me. It wasn’t long before I stuck the head of his penis in my mouth, and began sucking on it. As I both stroked and sucked on his penis, I’d also flick my tongue along the back of his penis head. Each time I did so, I could see the pleasure it caused in Logan’s face. After a while, I stopped stroking his penis, and only focused on sucking it. I, too, started this out slow, while slowly building up the tempo. Every so often I would take Logan deeper into my mouth. Once I quickened the pace, I could feel as his penis would jump and touch the roof of my mouth. While I sucked Logan’s penis faster, I could tell he was getting closer to ejaculating, as his penis was jumping more frequently in my mouth.

“Honey, I’m really close to cumming,” he moaned softly.

This is when I sped up my pace even more. I wanted Logan to ejaculate into my mouth, like I did him.

“I can’t take it anymore,” He said pulling his penis out of my mouth. “I got to have you now!”

Logan sat up, and then maneuvered me onto all fours on top of the bed. He then kissed his way from the back of my neck down to the base of my back, stopping once he reached my buttocks. He then began licking and biting my left butt cheek, while squeezing the other one with his hand. I could feel the vibrations he made as he both grunted and nibbled on my left butt cheek. It was as if he was no longer Logan the man, but Logan the instinctual animal. He continued in this fashion for several minutes, switching from one butt cheek to the other, before he began licking down the crevice of my buttocks. His tongue felt soft, wet, and firm. Each time he went down the crevice of my buttocks, I became more and more aroused by the sensation of his tongue. Initially, his tongue was barely penetrating into the crevice of my buttocks. But, after some time, he began to move his tongue deeper into the crevice. Eventually, he was spreading my butt cheeks apart with his hands so that he could better reach my anus. I could feel as his tongue glided over the top of my anus, and then proceeded to penetrate into my anal canal. As he did, I could feel the pleasure expand throughout my body. It felt amazing. With each swish of his tongue, the pleasure in my body seemed to double. It wasn’t long before I realized my clit was fully erect again.

“That feels good,” I moaned. “Please, don’t stop!”

Logan continued to pleasure in and around my anus with his tongue, but also alternating between licks and kisses. Before I knew it, he was inserting his right pointer finger into my anal canal. He gently pushed his way in, massaging along the side of my prostate. He started off with a soft tempo, gradually rubbing my prostate quicker with his finger. Increasingly, I could feel the raging inferno build up inside of me, like before. Only this time, instead of beginning in my clit and working its way throughout my body, it began deep inside of my pelvis. I clasped onto the bed covers with my hands as the pleasurable feeling escalated. Soon, I was leaking a clear prostate ejaculate from my clit. Seeing this, Logan turned me over onto my back. He then hopped off of the bed, and walked over to the nightstand next to the right side of the bed. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a gold colored condom. He stood as he opened the condom, and then perfectly rolled it out onto his erect penis. I began massaging my clit as I watched him shut the nightstand drawer, and hop back onto the bed.

“Are you ready?” he said getting himself into the missionary position.

I nodded as I felt him slowly penetrate into my anal canal with his eight inch erect penis. Logan then slumped over me as he began thrusting into my anal canal. I could feel as his erect penis slid back and forth across my prostate. My arms held him by his shoulder blades as he thrust deeper and deeper into me. Each time more pleasurable than before. Soon, I wasn’t just holding his shoulder blades, I was digging into them with my fingers. I couldn’t help but lay my head back on the bed, in complete and utter pleasure. Logan was grunting as he kissed along the clavicle of my neck, and I could hear as our breath began to match in harmonies.

“Logan that feels so good!” I moaned into his ear.

“Do you like that?”

“I love it,” I said suffocating from the raging inferno inside me.

Logan quickly pulled himself out of me, and once again turned me around so that I was on all fours. He then wrapped his left arm underneath my breasts, and lifted me close into his body. With his right hand, he began massaging my clit. I leaned the back of my head upon his chest as I succumbed to the pleasure of him massaging my clit, and thrusting his erect penis deep inside of me. It was quite obvious he was succumbing to the pleasure, too, as I could feel his erect penis jump inside of my anal canal. Logan then repositioned his hands so that each one was firmly grappling onto one of my breasts. He massaged into my breasts with each hand as he hurried the thrusting pace of his erect penis inside of me. I could feel his hot breath flow across the clavicle of my neck as he grunted. I had my left hand placed upon his thrusting buttocks, while I massaged my clit with my right. It wasn’t long before I realized that we were both close to the apex of our pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned with the back of my head still rested upon Logan’s chest.

“Just wait,” he said thrusting into me harder than before. “I want you to cum with me!”

As I tried not to succumb to the blazing heat of the raging inferno inside me, Logan took his right hand off of my breast and began massaging my clit to the pace of his thrusts. But, I could feel myself inching closer and closer to orgasm. All of a sudden, Logan pulled himself out of me, and removed the condom he’d been using. He then began rubbing his erect penis upon the crevice of my buttocks, sliding it up and down at a fast pace.

“Logan, I can’t hold it. I’m gonna cum!” I breathed out almost consumed by my pleasure.

“Cum for me, Arlo,” he whispered into my ear.

It was then that I gave into the raging inferno, and ejaculated into Logan’s right hand. As I ejaculated, I could also feel as he, too, ejaculated onto the lower part of my back. We each were motionless as our orgasms flowed throughout our bodies. After several minutes of complete stillness, Logan took is right hand and licked my ejaculate into his mouth. As he swallowed it, I collapsed onto my stomach from pure exhaustion. Logan then began licking off his own ejaculate from the base of my back, before collapsing next to me on the bed.

“I’d say this has been a great start to a wonderful weekend,” he said grinningly.

“I think I agree with you,” I smiled.

For about five minutes or more, we just locked eyes. Him staring into my hazel eyes, and me staring into his bright green ones. But, Logan eventually broke the locked stare by leaning in for a kiss. Once our lips touched, he began softly intertwining his with mine. Within that moment, it was hard to tell where I began and he ended. I then pulled myself away and hopped off of the bed.

“Still want dessert?” I giggled.

“I thought we just had dessert?” he laughed.

I then reached out for Logan’s hand with the widest grin on my face. When he clasped his left hand into my right, he hopped off of the bed. We then nakedly walked, hand in hand, to the dining room for our chocolaty dessert.

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