Keith and I have been together a little over three years. It’s all good, but he and I don’t want the same things in life. I dream of having a husband some day, a house and kids; he dreams… well, I don’t think he dreams all that much. He’s happy just being Keith. We’re lovers, of course, but it’s sort of casual. I’ve had a few boyfriends/lovers in my 23 years; some good, some not so great, but Keith has been the steadiest by far. I’m really not sure what we have in common besides a love of surfing and pot, but we’ve stayed together through some hard times. My parents wouldn’t like him much. I think they’re glad to see me out of the house and earning a steady income, but they probably wouldn’t think it last, if they ever met him. And it probably won’t. Keith will always be doing lawn service. I hope I won’t, though I love the smell of freshly cut grass and the sight of a well-manicured grounds.

It’s hot work, but it has its perks. We usually smoke a joint during lunch, which leads to a lot of laughs. When it’s rainy we all hang at the apartment and mess around. The guys, being guys, are always horny, and there are usually dirty jokes or comments about my tits, which are small but, as Keith describes them, “adequate”.

I guess you’ll want a brief description, since I haven’t put up a profile picture yet: I was born in Georgia, but moved with my family to Florida pretty early. I shot up to 5′-9″ my freshman year in high school, so I’ve always been kind of gangly. I stay around 115 pounds most of the time. I’ve never been real comfortable in my skin, until lately, I guess. I’ve always been kind of a tomboy. I love anything that involves being outdoors, from sports like volleyball to surfing, and I’m good at most anything I do. Lawn care is my passion at the moment. I have what’s been called ‘cornsilk’ hair, tanned skin and blue eyes and freckles across my nose, which always seems to be a little sunburned. I don’t have much in the way of hips because my legs are so long. I have a small mouth but a big laugh, according to my crew! They like my mouth, though; especially on rainy days. This is how all that got started.

There are three guys on our crew, besides Keith – Randy, who is a redneck Floridian to the core, James, the self-described “black man of the crew”, and David. David is older, 37 or 38 I think, and the only married guy on our crew. He loves to burn one with the rest of us, though. He’s stringy and muscular and works harder than anybody else, Keith included. He calls us ‘kids’. He used to be a union plumber, but the union is all but gone and he had to feed his family, so he came to us a year or so ago. He’s the one that first suggested to Keith that he let his girl use her “god-given skills”, as he calls it, for the benefit of the crew. Keith, and the weed I suppose, persuaded me.

I was feeling particularly horny that morning. It had been raining most of the night, so we both figured the guys weren’t even gonna show up. Keith and I made out for a while before he nudged my shoulders downward; his signal that he wanted a blowjob. He was already hard when I took him into my mouth. His hips bucked slowly and his breathing escalated as I sucked him, letting me know I was doing all the right things. The taste of his cock was especially nice after a session of wine and sex the night before. I moved to straddle his legs, my bare ass in the air and my lower legs still wrapped in the sheet. I didn’t even hear the knock.

Neither did Keith, but the door was unlocked and David came right in. He saw us through the open bedroom door. He didn’t say anything, but moved to the doorway where he could get a good view of me, and where Keith couldn’t see him. I was going to town, slurping my way up and down Keith’s dick and moaning like a whore. Keith was moaning too, by then, and when his hands went into my hair I knew he was about ready to blow his load. I like it in my mouth, so I bobbed my head faster, loving his feverish sounds of pleasure above me. It didn’t take long. He bucked upward, stiffened, and I felt that first gush of cum shoot into the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly, and I was already sucking when his dick throbbed again and another load flooded across my tongue. Another swallow, and then a third as his contractions continued, but by now I could contain it in my mouth, and I lay prone between his outstretched legs, happily feasting on his morning gift to me. When I swallowed the last mouthful I sighed, wishing I could have gotten there myself, but feeling his hands brushing my hair back from the sides of my head and his contented intake of breath made me feel good. That’s when I heard David’s voice.

“Goddam, that was hot as hell,” he said. The sound of his voice was like a rifle shot in the silent morning air. I jerked upward, reaching backwards for the sheet, but it was knotted around my feet by then, so I flattened myself over Keith’s legs again and squealed, turning to glare up at David. Keith laughed as David sauntered in through the doorway, taking in my naked back and ass. David said, “Hey, surfer girl,” as if it was any other morning. I closed my eyes, trying to disappear. “I waited until you were done,” I heard him say. “Hell, it’s just good manners.” Both guys laughed, oblivious to my discomfort.

It was obvious David didn’t intend to step out of the room, and Keith didn’t seem to care. I swept my arm backwards again, but finding no sheet there, I got scrambled up and got off the bed. Keith had kicked the sheet off the bed, I was certain. I leaned over and grabbed it up and covered myself, but by then any ‘mystery’ had pretty much dissolved; David was staring at me as if there was no sheet there at all.

“You shave your pussy, huh?” he asked. “I like that; wish I could get my wife to shave hers.”

He was so casual, so nonchalant! My clothes were in the other room, so I sidled past him and swept the sheet around behind me as I yanked it from under the mattress. Keith yelled, “Hey!” but I wasn’t worried about his modesty; his softening dick was of no interest to David, who turned to follow me with his eyes as I bent to scoop up my shorts and top from the floor and retreated to the bathroom off the living room.

I heard David say, “She sure ain’t got no fat on her, does she?” to Keith, who agreed in a mutter. I shut the bathroom door and leaned against it, mortified but also a little aroused; if I had to admit it, I was still more horny than embarrassed. Hell, they’d all seen my shirt get soaking wet from sweat, and comments about my nipples would always ensue, so this was no big deal, was it? I could feel dampness on my thighs. That should have bothered me; I was sure David could see the sheen of wetness on my labia as I got off the bed. Damn! I thought, not sure of my reaction to that realization, but suddenly aware of their voices in the adjoining room.

“Stacy give you head every mornin, boss?”

I put my ear against the door. Keith told him no. “Just when I make her,” he said.


I could feel the blood rise to my face as David laughed. Son of a bitch, he acts like I’m just around at his beck and call! Well, that’s a guy for you, I thought. I took a deep breath and imagined it as David must have seen it – me with my legs spread and my ass in the air, my hungry mouth full of Keith’s cock, and him holding my head and apparently controlling my movements – and I smiled. I couldn’t help but think it probably looked like a pretty good porn movie to David. I wondered if he got hard, watching; I hadn’t thought to notice at the time. The hand not holding my clothes slid across my belly and my fingers, without my forcing them, dipped down over my mound. I was still wet; even more so as I softly probed the space between my labia. I wished I could have gotten fucked.

Dressed in last night’s yoga pants and tank top, I still felt mostly naked, but I ventured forth, prepared to suffer the inevitable jokes and David’s stares. Keith was wearing only his boxers. He and David were just lighting up a bowl, and Keith offered me first toke. I accepted, drawing deep. David smiled at me.

“God, that’s my kind of girl,” he said wistfully, gazing at me with a new appreciation, I’m sure. I winked and exhaled slowly. I was already feeling my body relax. I passed the bowl to him.

“Here,” I said, “you look like you could use some chillin’ out after this morning’s show.” I squatted on the floor before him, knowing he couldn’t help but stare at the soft sheer material of the yoga pants, and enjoying the feeling of being enjoyed that way. Sure enough, his gaze was steady on me as he inhaled, then passed the pipe to Keith.

“You know, there’s no good reason to be hoarding all that talent,” he said to Keith, then nodded toward me.

Keith took a deep drag, held it for a few moments, then smiled. “Hell, I’m not hoarding it,” he said, “Stacy’s the one that controls that. If she wants to spread it around, that’s her decision.”

That surprised me! Was he giving me ‘permission’ to mess around with David? I stared at him, but he avoided my gaze and looked off in the distance. David pressed on.

“Well, I gotta tell you, man, this girl has got some god-given skills,” he enthused. He turned to look me in the eye. “That was some awesome blowjob, Stace,” he said. “You wanna give an old married man a first-hand taste of that some time?”

I looked at Keith, but he was still staring at nothing, as if he wasn’t even involved in the conversation. I looked back at David and nodded slightly, thinking he was just talking; he wouldn’t dare go through with it with Keith right there in the room! I was wrong. He stood up and held out his hand to me.

I hesitated. “You’re so full of shit,” I said, grinning at him.

Just then Keith held the pipe up toward David. “Here,” he said, “shotgun her first; makes it sooo much better.”

“Hey,” I protested, “if you have to be high to enjoy it, maybe you don’t deserve it!” I slapped at Keith’s arm, but David had taken the bowl from him and was beginning to inhale.

“C’mere, Stace,” he said in a tight voice, holding out his hand again.

I took it and let him pull me to my feet, then moved into him. “Okay,” I sighed, sliding my hands around his sides. He tilted his head and his mouth closed over my open lips as I tilted my head to match his. His hand went up behind my neck and he held me there, exhaling a long slow breath of pungent smoke into my lungs. The effect was immediate. I felt like I was melting into him, and my hips moved forward until I felt the material of his shorts against my tummy. I pulled his hips toward me at the same time, practically cementing us together at the groin.

When he had blown all the breath into me he could, David pulled back and took a massive gulp of air. “Fuckin’ A,” he said softly. I held what smoke was in my mouth for another moment, then moved my head forward, my lips opening again. When I put my mouth on his he slid his hands down over my backside and took it back. We shared the same smoky breath again as his fingers rode down the crack of my ass.

I broke the moment by putting my hands against his chest and softly pushing. “Okay,” I said, “sit down and let’s do this.” I didn’t even look Keith’s way, but stared directly into David’s now-glassy eyes. Fully committed now, I didn’t want this moment to slip away by seeing any doubt on my boyfriend’s face. David sat back heavily in the chair behind him, and I sunk to my knees between his outspread knees and reached for his waistband. He started to say something, but I shook my head once, and he laid his head back and let me take his shorts loose. The rain hammered away outside.

The thing I like about giving a blowjob is the control I have. I’ve given plenty to boyfriends, and I love that most of them allowed me to control the pace. I guess I’m a little dominant that way. Not that I don’t enjoy being on my hands and knees or occasionally being bent over the side of the bed, but for the most part I enjoy being on top. Keith is so laid-back, sometimes, I think he prefers it that way. David certainly wasn’t arguing; when I said “scootch up” he did so, and I pulled his shorts down his legs. Then I set to work.

David’s dick is about the same size as Keith’s; maybe a little slimmer, but it makes a left turn just under the head. I couldn’t help wondering how that must feel to his wife. When I took it in my mouth it was a little unnerving, like it wanted to poke out my cheek, but it wasn’t so strange that I couldn’t enjoy it. He must have showered that morning; he smelled like soap, but there was no bitter taste. In fact, it didn’t taste like anything, much. I ran my tongue down the side of his cock, cupping it as I sucked him, and he groaned out loud. His hips were starting to move. After a couple of minutes I heard Keith moving off to my right. I pulled my hair back with one hand so I could watch him out of the corner of my eye. He leaned over, watched me for a moment, and smiled. God, he must be stoned! I thought. I began to bob my head faster. He said, “go, baby,” and walked away.

David wasn’t going to last long. I was putting a lot of effort into it, sucking so hard that my cheeks were caved in, and he was taking short little breaths and squirming around in the chair. I decided to make it last a little longer, as long as Keith didn’t seem to care. I cupped my lips lightly around David’s shaft, but I didn’t go near the head, hoping he wasn’t too close. It worked. I heard him take a deep breath after a few seconds, and I knew he was trying to get himself under control. I slowed way down behind the curtain of my hair, barely holding him with my lips, enjoying the fact that I could make him cum, or prolong it for him. I settled into a slow rhythm, occasionally flicking the head with my tongue and noting his intake of breath each time. His hands pushed my hair back so he could watch my face, and I smiled around his cock.

“Holy shit,” he gasped.

As enjoyable as it was to hold him in my power, it was time to end this. I’d had my fun; David was sure having his. I wanted to taste his semen, to feel it coating the surface of my tongue. Pursing my lips around his shaft, I wrapped the head of his cock with my tongue and rubbed it over his glans, and I saw his eyes close and his head rock back. His hips tightened. I began to stroke him with my mouth again, sucking harder. He squirmed like I was holding a taser to his balls. Within a minute he groaned, and then he was blasting the inside of my mouth with his seed.

It was a nice first load, not real sticky or thick; it ran across my teeth in a wash as he tried to pull out of my mouth. I moved with him, taking him deeper as he throbbed and pulsed a few more loads onto my tongue. I don’t waste a drop if I can help it – it’s sacred fluid to me! He put his hand on top of my head, but he didn’t push me away, just steadied me as he pumped the last few drops into my throat. I swallowed it in one big gulp, then sucked again, milking his dick for more. There wasn’t any, but the sensations must have felt awfully good; he giggled and flinched as my tongue swept across the head. At last I put my hands on his legs and leaned back, looking up at him. He had a crooked smile on his face.

“I’m gonna go home and divorce my wife,” he said, and we both laughed. I looked around; Keith was nowhere to be seen. Then he came out of the kitchen, just as David was pulling his shorts and underwear up.

There was an uneasy silence for a few moments. David stood up, fastening his fly, and I got to my feet and turned toward Keith. I swallowed hard twice, trying to erase David’s taste from my mouth. He noticed, and grinned at me.

“Got something in your craw?” he teased, “A hair or something?” He walked over to me and put his hands on my arms, then leaned into me. “That was fuckin’ hot,” he whispered.

David heard him and began to talk in an excited tone. “Holy crap, man, she’s a fireball!” he enthused. “She like to sucked my brains out through my dick! Man, if I had that all the time I wouldn’t get nothin’ done. Jeezus, Stacy,” he asked me, “you got a sister or anything?”

He started to say something else, but Keith silenced him with a look. “Take off, man,” he told David. “We ain’t gonna work today.”

David beat a hasty retreat, but not without a huge smile on his face. Before leaving, he leaned toward me as if to kiss me, but thought better of it. I wouldn’t have kissed him anyway. “Okay, boss,” he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hesitated only a moment. “Thanks,” he said to both of us, and eased out the door.

“C’mere,” Keith said in a soft voice, “I got somethin’ for you.” He was hard beneath his boxers, threatening to pop out through the open fly. He put out his hand, I took it, and he led me back to the bedroom. My arousal skyrocketed as I followed obediently. My little show must have gotten to him, I thought, and smiled. As we rounded the corner into the bedroom he produced the pipe with a flourish, the bowl already full. He lit up, took a long drag, and held it out to me. I took it without a word.

We smoked the whole thing, looking into each other’s eyes. Stoned to the bone, I stood still while he raised my top over my head. My nipples were hard little cones atop my breasts, and his fingers went right to them, twisting and pulling as I inhaled sharply. “Ooooh,” I moaned, as little lightning bolts coursed through my body. Keith leaned over and put his mouth on my neck, and I slumped into him as he sucked at the tender skin there. He was marking me, I knew; the hickey would be there for days. I reached for his boxers.

When I pulled them down his dick sprung upward. Even stoned, he was jazzed and ready. He spun me around and pushed me forward onto the bed, and I landed on my hands and knees. I moaned excitedly. “Yeah,” I urged, as his hands went to the waistband of the yoga pants I wore. He yanked, and they rolled down over my ass; another yank and they were at my knees. I started to raise one leg so he could take them all the way off, but he was already behind me. I felt his cock against my pussy as he moved into me, and then it was in.

I grunted as he forced me onto my chest and my face hit the mattress. His hands slid over my upper arms, then downward, and then he was pulling my arms backward. I said, “Baby…” but that was all I got out before he began to fuck me, hard and fast. My arms hurt; he was holding them tightly, but the feeling of him inside me was heavenly. I gave myself over to his domination.

That position lasted only a few minutes, but I climaxed twice, or maybe it was one time with two distinct peaks of pleasure. Either way, it was pretty amazing! At some point Keith released his grip on my wrists and I grabbed at the sheets, twisting them into crazy patterns as he continued to thrust into me. His hands went to my waist. His breathing grew more hoarse behind me as he pulled my hips upward, until I found purchase with my knees and was on all fours again. Oh my dear god! He had never felt so deep. He hammered away, driving me from one orgasm to another, almost without a break. I was having a hard time staying upright, but his hands on my waist wouldn’t let me slip to the bed unless I just threw my hands out and flopped. I didn’t, and within another five minutes he was there. He let go inside me with a mighty roar, and we both collapsed to the mattress, with him still thrusting and grunting.

I was gasping for air, literally close to passing out. If I thought I’d been horny, he must have been twice that, but now we were both sated. Or so I thought. Keith got his wind back before me, and the first thing he said was, “Girl, I’m gonna fuck you all day long.” All I could say was, “You’re the boss.”

He managed one other time, this time with me on my back beneath him, and I got my fourth load of the day, before noon! As we lay cuddling afterward, he said, “Well, I guess you know what you gotta do on rain-out days, huh?” I looked at him.

“Seriously?” I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not, but I was up for it if he was. He said he didn’t mind; it was my life, too.

That was on a Tuesday. Wednesday, no one mentioned anything until the last yard was done, when James looked up at the sky and said, “Damn, I wish’t it’d rain again.” I looked at David, then Randy, and we all broke out in laughter. Keith smiled, his eyes red-rimmed and watery. He’d been burning one while we put the last of the equipment up.

It didn’t rain again for almost two months, but the next rainy morning there was a knock at the door. Keith said sleepily, “It’s probably for you.” Sure enough, three smiling faces filed in when I opened the door…and thus began a ‘tradition’ that has continued for the past year. Things have changed in my life, recently. I will have more to say about that later.

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