“Hey! This is Kelly…Jordan told me about you and he thought we might hit it off”, I rewrote that line about ten times before hitting send. I anxiously await a response, seconds felt like days. Jordan, a friend of mine, and apparently also a friend of Crystal’s, gave me her number and told me to message her. He said he told her about me and thought we were a good match. I can’t help but wonder if he has an ulterior motive. He probably wants to have a threesome, I smirk to myself.

My marriage has been seriously lacking affection and intimacy. My husband of twenty years has become complacent in our relationship and our sexual encounters are wham bam thank you mam’s. I am left very unsatisfied and unfulfilled, meeting Crystal could get me into a LOT of trouble!

My phone beeps with a new message, “Hi Kelly! How are you?”

My mind is spinning. What do I say now? It has been a long time since I have been with a woman, I mean a long, long time…like 20 years! I feel out of practice. I remind myself that woman are actually easier to communicate with, so I decide to just be myself with a little playfulness thrown in. Although I had been in a ten year relationship with a woman prior to meeting my husband, times have changed and I am older now. I have to admit the excitement at the thought of kissing and making love with a woman again arouses me to say the least. I take a deep breath and text back.

“Hey! How are you? Glad you texted back! Jordan told me about you and I just wanted to say Hi. Maybe we could do lunch sometime?” I hit send, my heart beating fast in my chest.

“Sure, how about tomorrow? He told me about you too, sounds like we have a lot in common 😉 “

Tomorrow…wow, that’s fast! The butterflies in my stomach are swarming. It’s now or never, I think to myself. Don’t over think it Kelly, just do it!

“Sounds GREAT! Jordan tells me you are cute and sexy, can’t wait to meet you” I hit SEND without thinking this time.

“Ditto! 😉 “She replies with a winky face emoji and I smile to myself …hmmm…I wonder what Jordan told her about me.

The rest of the day all I can do is think about meeting her tomorrow. I wonder what she looks like. Will she find me attractive? Jordan swears we are a perfect fit but I am very picky when it comes to woman. Besides the obvious physical attraction, there has to be a sort of kindred connection as well. I wanted someone I could be comfortable with. A friendship with benefits…really nice benefits! I have found since being with both sexes intimately, that woman have more emotional sex. They connect mind, body and soul. It is really a beautiful thing. So far things were looking good, but tomorrow will tell.

I wake and already have a message from her. My sleepy fingers fumble as I try to get my damn phone to work.

“Good Morning, I can’t wait to meet you, hope we are still on for lunch today!”

“Definitely! I can’t wait either!” I text back, smiling and feeling a bit like a teenager. I primp a little more than usual for work, trying to keep the shit eating grin off my face as I prepare. I fix my hair, apply light makeup, make sure my legs are shaved and my outfit is professional for work but sexy for her. I want to give Crystal a good impression, I want to turn her on.

The morning at work drags but an occasional text message back and forth with Crystal makes it bearable. We keep the messages fairly clean with some casual flirting. Just before noon a message comes in.

“I’m not really hungry, do you just want to meet and talk instead? It’s up to you, let me know.”

“Sure that’s fine, I will see you in about 15 minutes, and I’m leaving now.”

“Ok perfect, me too!”

My stomach is doing flip flops, I couldn’t eat if I were starving. I’m so excited, the butterflies intense as I get in my SUV and drive to the restaurant. It’s only a mile from my job so I arrive before she does and text her one last time.

“I’m here, parked in the back in the black Ford Escape.”

I squirm in the seat as I wait for a response, hoping she isn’t going to chicken out, hoping I wouldn’t either! After all we are only meeting to talk, so why am I squirming? I feel like I am going to pee my panties, I am so anxious, she really needs to hurry before I do! I touch up my lipstick in the visor mirror while I wait, trying to distract myself. I can feel the moisture building between my legs as I wiggle in my seat, pressing my thighs together in a futile attempt to extinguish the throbbing.

A silver car pulls up beside me and I casually look at the driver. A Cute little brunette with big brown eyes is smiling at me. I knew immediately it’s Crystal. Damn! She is a cutie, big check on the “I’m attracted to her” box. She motions for me to join her in her car. I get out of my truck slowly, making sure she has a nice view of my legs. I purposely turn around, bend over and reach for my purse in my passenger seat so she can also get a nice view of my ass. I love teasing and hope she does too, anticipation is a huge turn on. I slowly slide into her passenger seat and we give each other a quick, friendly hug.

It feels like we are instant friends or friends from a past life, it is so easy and familiar. We carry on a conversation like we had known each other for years. She shares personal information with me about her past and current relationship and I sense an immediate mutual respect and connection because we have so many things in common. I miss parts of the conversation because I am busy checking her out and day dreaming about her lips feel like. She is so cute and petite. I feel like I am staring at her lips and she surely knows what I am thinking right now. My cheeks heat and she smiles at me knowingly. Even though we are meeting to see if we can develop some sort of connection, and ultimately have a naughty sexual fling, it doesn’t feel weird at all, in fact it all feels so natural with her.

She had me under a spell the minute I laid eyes on her. She looks so sexy and smells delicious. Her hair about shoulder length, straight and shiny. I want to touch it, run my fingers through it as I taste her mouth. Her fingernails are short but manicured and painted a pale shade of blue. She is a little thick, which I actually prefer in a woman and her tits were a C cup easily, possibly a D. They taunt me, her cleavage peeking out of the top of the V neck of her dress. I silently wonder what color bra and panties she has on and I notice she is squirming now. I smile to myself…mmmmmm…she feels it too! She mentions an appointment to have her pussy waxed after work and from that moment forward I am a goner. I have to have her, kiss her, and taste her, lick that freshly waxed pussy for her until she cums in my mouth. She was checking me out as well, I catch her from time to time, her eyes surveying me inch by inch. She keeps licking her lips…those sexy fucking lips …damn it…she is driving me crazy!

I want to kiss her so badly but I just can’t seem to muster the guts. Every time I think the timing is perfect, I bail at the last second. I can tell she wants to kiss me too and is having a similar internal struggle to make the first move. I know our time was cutting short as I glance at my watch.

“What time is it?” she asks shyly.

“It’s almost 1 already” I answer with a pouty lip.

My lips are one of my best assets and I think I’m secretly hoping she will pull me in for that kiss.

“Yeah, I need to be getting back to work too” she seems sincerely disappointed our time has gone by so quickly and I take that as a positive sign… kiss or no kiss.

“Well it was so nice to meet you,” I say with a smile as I opened the passenger door, purposely pausing before closing it back and looking at her.

“I was really hoping for a kiss but I’m not sure if you want one too,” I say holding my breath.

“I’m so glad you said that, because if you hadn’t stopped just now, I was about to stop you!”

“Breaking the ice is the hardest part.” I laugh.

That was all it took! I could see the hunger in her eyes and I knew she wanted and needed it as badly as I did! I turn in the seat so I’m facing her. I place my hand under her hair on the back of her neck and I lean in as I pull her to me, her mouth to mine. A soft peck at first, her lips are so soft and sexy. Well defined and plump with want, slightly slick from licking them and so damn feminine. She kisses me back with a soft peck of her own. Before she can pull away I gently bite and pull her bottom lip into my mouth. She tastes so sweet and her mouth is so warm and inviting. I am quickly reminded of all the things about being with a woman I love. I also realize I miss it a lot! She just feels so right. One of her hands tangled in my long blonde hair and she kissed me back with intent. Our tongues danced and teased, exploring and savoring the moment.

We gently sucked each other’s lips and tongues. I wanted and needed so much more. I hover over her lips with mine and breathe her in, I can hear her breath hitch and I smile against her mouth as our foreheads rest against each other. Her free hand finds mine and we lace our fingers as we kiss again, this time she is taking the lead. It was such a sweet gesture and although we have literally just met, I feel so connected to her in this moment. I can tell she doesn’t want the kiss to end, nor did I, but we both have to get back to work.

I touch her face and kiss her one more time and then without saying a word I slip back into my truck and head back to my office. Before I can park, my cell beeps…a text… I smile knowing it’s her.

“That was HOT, I would really like to get to know you better!”

“Ditto 😉 “I reply, my pussy throbbing at the thought of that.

“How about next week?” I ask, not wanting to sound desperate, although I truly was.

“I can’t wait that long!” she answers quickly.

Oh my! Thank goodness, because I didn’t want to wait that long either. The sooner I could get my hands and mouth on her in a more private location the better!

“Let’s get a room tomorrow. We can have an extended lunch…a couple of hours maybe, are you able to get away?”

I am the boss at work so getting away when I want is not an issue for me.

“I can!” I reply back, biting my lip and remembering how hers felt when I bit it.

“Awesome Kelly! I can’t wait!”

“Mmmmm…and I can’t wait to see what the rest of you tastes like!”


Black pencil skirt, lavender blouse, black heels, long wavy hair and a fictitious dentist appointment to account for my “long lunch” are all in place. As I pull into the motel parking lot, my heart is pounding and my panties are already wet. I have not been able to stop thinking about our encounter yesterday. I can’t believe I was actually going through with this but I wanted her bad! This time she arrived before me, I hope she is as excited as I am.

“Room 228”

“On my way up, just pulled in” I reply back, pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

My legs are shaking as I make my way to the elevator. I check my appearance in the stainless steel doors as I ride up to the second floor. The door to room 228 is slightly ajar. I pause outside and take a deep breath before knocking.

“Come in!” She says, sounding peppy and cheerful.


“Hi!” she says as she walks over and kisses me. She is much shorter than I realized yesterday but in an adorable way. Standing about 5 feet tall, making her about 4 inches shorter than me but about 7 inches shorter with my heels still on. She pulls off her dress and stands before me in just her panties and bra, obviously not wanting to waste a minute of our time together today. She is truly a goddess, perfect in my eyes and an amazing turn on. I am feeling slightly shy but I am determined to overcome and have a good time with this amazing woman.

She doesn’t have a hint of insecurity or shyness as she seductively crawls to the center of the bed and pats the mattress with a come hither look in her eyes that has me creaming in my already wet panties. I kick off my heels and join her.

I snuggle up to her and make my move. I kiss her like I did yesterday, savoring her lips, tongue and mouth. She tastes so fucking good, I can’t wait to taste that sweet pussy of hers but I want to take my time and tease her until she is begging me to cum. I trail my fingers across her cleavage, taunting and teasing. My fingertips tracing the top of her lacey bra, dipping just under the seams edge on occasion. I watch goosebumps form on the skin of her bosom and I lick and kiss them as she throws her head back and arches her hips. Oh no princess, not yet, I am going to lick you from head to toe until my tongue hurts!

I straddle her and take off my own blouse leaving the rest of my clothes on and lean down to kiss her. She is squirming underneath me and I know she wants this as badly as I do. I trace her lips with my tongue and then kiss her neck, nipping and licking along her pulsing jugular. She reaches up with her hands but I quickly capture her wrists and raise them above her head, pinning them to the pillow.

“Un uh! It’s my turn, just enjoy and feel” I say with a smile. I don’t want her to have to worry about reciprocation, at least not right now, I wanted it to be all about her.

She whimpers and relaxes under my touch. I continue kissing and teasing her breasts and neck. When I make it to her ear, I softly moan, bathing her with my warm breath as I whisper…”I am going to make you feel so good baby.” She moans back and whispers, “Fuck yes, PLEASE”.

I work my way back down her neck, down the inside of her upper arms and shoulders, her cleavage heaving as she pants under me. Her skin so soft and smooth. I reach behind her and her remove her bra, her heavy breasts fall free and I drink her in, she is exquisite. Her nipples are hard little nubs and they are begging to be sucked into my hot mouth. I sit straddle above her and caress the fullness of them, avoiding where she needs me to touch the most. I kiss her everywhere my fingers trail until she is grinding against me. I take her nipple in my mouth and then the other, the cool air in the room hardening them even more after I release them. I pinch them lightly between my thumb and forefinger, rolling them gently. I can smell her arousal now and I can’t wait to taste her.

As I work my way down her tummy, her stomach muscles quiver under my kisses and licks. I nibble her hip bones one by one. She moans and wiggles in a futile attempt to get her pussy closer to my mouth, I smile and think …almost baby…almost. I have some more teasing before the pleasing, I want her so horny she screams my name when I finally make her cum.

I settle between her legs and trace my fingers just under the seam of the crotch of her soaked panties. Her scent has me heady, I place my mouth right in the center and breathe her in. I can feel her wetness on my lips and when I lick them and get my first taste of her sweet cunt, I can’t resist her any longer. I trace my tongue along the seam of her panties avoiding her core. She is so hot and writhing beneath me. I guess I haven’t lost my touch, I think, as I watch her body respond to me. She rolls her pelvis, chasing my tongue, so desperate for my mouth to touch her bare swollen flesh. I cup her ass in my hands and push her hips up toward the ceiling, her legs fall open wide as I bury my face in her cunt. I lick and suck her through her lace panties. She is moaning so loud I think the people in the next room must hear her but I don’t let it stop me, I continue my assault and savor her sweet nectar.

I flick her clit with my tongue and push her panties into her hot hole as I fuck her with my tongue. I stop and alternate between teasing her, licking just under the edge of her panties, and softly biting her inner thighs. I slide a finger under the edge and run it slowly and softly down her soaked slit. She is so fucking wet! I pull the crotch of her panties to the side but leave them on. Her tissue is swollen with want and glistening with wetness. My French manicured nails look so sexy running through her cunt. I slide a finger deep inside her, slowly pulling it in and out as I watch her buck. I lick and finger fuck her, first with one finger then with two. I arch my finger and stroke her G spot as I suck her clit into my mouth.

“Oh my God, oh fuck YES Kelly!” she half screams.

“Mmmmm…cum for me baby!”

My fingers fucking her fast and hard as she presses against my palm grinding herself into my hand. I flick her clit and suck it into my mouth again and I feel her muscles start to quicken. I watch as her cunt pulses around my fingers, pulling me deeper into her and then she squirts! Her pussy flowing with a milky white nectar pooling on the bed between her legs. She is panting so hard she can barely breathe. I slow my pace but continue to slide my fingers in and out as I lick and taste her. She is twitching and moaning as she rides out her orgasm.

I slither up next to her and hold her against my chest as she catches her breath. I caress and kiss her face and her hair as she melts into me. She feels so good and looks so sexy freshly fucked.

After a few minutes she begins to kiss and play with me. She undoes my bra and sucks a nipple into her mouth. Her tongue is so soft and hot, she feels amazing.

“This need to come off, now!” she points to my skirt.

I raise my ass and shimmy as she pulls my skirt and panties off. I am now naked and so turned on and horny for her touch. She smiles at me as she meets my gaze and reaches down between my legs. Her fingers run up my wet pussy and she brings them to her mouth and tastes me. Oh fuck that’s so HOT.

She kisses me and says, “You taste so good Kelly. It’s, my turn to make you cum now.”

She pulls me to the side of the bed and gets on her knees on the floor. I put my legs on her shoulders and her tongue finds my sweet spot. She licks and sucks me with passion and it feels so much better than I remember. Her tongue is so soft and hot and she knows all the right spots and the amount of pressure to use to make me squirm.

“Oh fuck yes baby, lick that pussy.” I say as I wiggle beneath her.

She has me ready to blow already but I want to savor the feel of her for a while longer so I resist. She must sense that I am close and she too has not have enough yet so she changes her game to put off my orgasm a bit longer. She puts her hands on the back of my thighs and pushes them towards my chest, I wrap my arms around my legs and hold them for her. My pussy and ass are now spread wide open for her and she takes advantage of it. She smiles as she looks down and admires my goodies. Licking her lips she dives back in. She starts at my puckered ass and lick me from bottom to top. Her tongue flat and soft and so fucking hot. She repeats this a few times and them lets her tongue slide deep inside my cunt. She fucks me with her tongue as her finger swirls around my asshole. The sensation is so intense. Her other hand finds my clit and she uses her fingers to jack my clit. I cannot stand it for much longer, my breathing is rapid and my pussy is throbbing. She continues to stroke my clit and tongue fuck my pussy as her finger slowly slides up my ass.

“Oh my God!” I scream as white light flashes behind my eyelids. My pussy and ass clamp down onto her tongue and finger as they both cum independently of each other. Each hole is pulsing with ecstasy as I cum so fucking hard.

I don’t even notice that she has snuggled up to me and was kissing and stroking my face and hair as I did her until sometime later. I was completely in a zone, an amazing zone that I never wanted to leave.

Unfortunately, we both had to get back to work though. Crystal has to dry her panties with the motel hair dryer they were so soaked and we both left a puddle of wetness on the bed for the maids! We got dressed, said our goodbyes and promised to do it again real soon!

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