I had a dream last night. Want to hear it? ha ha, I know you do :-p You are a bad “Daddy.”

First some background. At night, I wear one of my Daddy’s old T-Shirts. They are comfortable and don’t bind me as I try to sleep. When I was younger, Dad didn’t want me to wear his shirts, then he sorta stopped worrying about it when he knew I wasn’t going to stop. Once I started College and started talking to my roommate Jill and my other friends, they convinced me that there was no need to wear panties to bed.

“If you put on a clean pair for bed, and then in the morning you have to put on another clean pair, that’s twice as much laundry.” Jill said.

They are right, huh? It does make sense, and it is more comfortable. Just don’t tell my Mom and Dad.

Last night my dream, I am sure, was a result of all the sexual energy surrounding our sexy emails from earlier that day. For that reason, I promised myself that after answering emails today, I would go do something other than, ya know, that. I was pretty worn out by the time I went to bed.

In my dream, I was in a bed, but not sure where. It might have be at the dorm, my house, or Jill’s house. I really didn’t know. I was not quite asleep, but close to it. I was laying on my stomach, as I always do, T-shirt and no panties. It was completely dark and couldn’t see anything. After a few minutes I heard the door open. I lay very still hoping they would go away and not try to wake me up or talk to me. After a few seconds, no one spoke; however, I felt the sheet being pulled away from me and I’m somewhat confused, but still too groggy to worry about it. I felt a strong hand on the back of my leg. The skin was rough, so I knew it wasn’t a woman. It was firm and unyielding. My heart started to race, and I was now wide awake, but too frightened to move. Who was this man, was he going to hurt me?

It didn’t take long for me to realize what he wanted. His hand began to move up the back of my leg to my butt. It squeezed one cheek then the other taking time in between to run a finger down the crack of my butt to just where my pussy begins. As his finger touched and lingered on my ass hole, it jolts of electricity surged through my body. I never realized that spot on my body was so sensitive to touch. Soon he placed one hand on the back of each leg. He began to separate my legs and although I wanted to stop him, I didn’t want to anger him. Did I know this man? Could I be guaranteed that he would stop if I made such a request? Did I want him to stop?

Then it happened. He separated my pussy lips. They were stuck together because I had masturbated before falling asleep and didn’t dry the sticky moisture I had created, instead I started dozing off to sleep. When I first felt his touch, I had squeezed my legs together in fear, and to protect my most private part. It was like they had been glued tight. I let out a moan of pleasure as the cool night air hit the inside of my still moist pussy. He started rubbing around it and dang if my pussy didn’t betray me as I started to get wet again. I was suppose to be afraid, but my pussy was enjoying the attention it was receiving. He slowly inserted a finger as deep as it would go. I could feel him exploring the inside of my pussy. He moved his finger from side to side, top to bottom. He wiggled it back and forth and made circular motions with it. He touched and explored every inner inch. In many ways, it was similar to when my gynecologist gives me an exam. Then he started moving in and out with his finger. My pussy contracted as he made movement to remove it. A natural reflex to keep it inside of me which was the best feeling. SUDDENLY HE STOPPED! WHY DID HE STOP? DON’T STOP! My mind was screaming.

I couldn’t understand why this man would invade my privacy, AND my pussy and then not finish the job of making me cum. After all wasn’t that why he was doing this? After a few seconds my mind started wondering. Was it because access to my pussy wasn’t the most convenient. No longer in control of my own common senses I pulled my knees toward my chest with my legs slightly apart so that my butt and pussy were in complete view and access of this intruder. I still pretended to be asleep, but unless this man was a total idiot, he knew I was awake and silently begging to be satisfied.

Again, I felt his rough hands on my ass cheeks. Feeling relieved that I hadn’t fallen out of favor with this intruder, I let out a sigh. His silence had to be was because he was someone I knew and I would recognize his voice. Suddenly I heard a humming noise. I remembered that noise from Jill, my roommate. At night when she turns on her vibrator and starts using it on her pussy, I just use my fingers on mine waiting for her to cum so we can do it together 🙂

Within seconds of turning on the vibrator I felt it being pushed into my pussy. Gently at first, but then quicker. My heart was racing and although still somewhat scared, I felt myself close to orgasm. Just as I started to cum, my body started shaking. Almost uncontrollably I pushed my ass back toward the vibrator to get it deeper inside of me. I lost my mind temporarily. I felt a sharp pain as my hymen was broken and screamed into my pillow biting it in the process. I didn’t intend for that to happen it just did. Suddenly I felt a large amount of fluid seeping out of my pussy. I was later to discover it was blood from the tearing of my hymen. My intruder must have freaked out because I was left, knees to chest, ass completely exposed to the cool night air, vibrator buzzing deep inside my pussy and virgin blood dripping down my legs from deep inside of me.

I woke up. Or was I really asleep? What do you think?

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